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To k!ssa prince Episode 23 & 24

🌠To k!ss
A Prince 💏
(Just one freaking mistake changed her life, FOREVER)
Written by Author Jedi
Chapter 23
😍 Karina😍
“Wow, I see you re-decorated it.” I said looking around the h0tel suite. Yup, I’m back for my honeymoon.
“Well, I had to. Anything to make my queen smile.” He says with a grin, pe-cking my cheeks. I blu-shed, ever since George [email protected]£ back home to me, he has been really sweet. I know I used the word *home* instead of *palace* but you see now, I now see the palace as my home, besides that’s where my husband is from, and where my husband is from, is my home.
“I’m not a queen George, I’m a princess. The princess of Monaco.” I drawled arranging my husband and my clothes in the drawer.
“Well, to the city of Monaco, you might be there princess but to me, you’re my queen. And because of the fact that you’re my queen, I really wanted to give you the queen treatment by taking you to the pri-vate island but you just have to refuse my offer. You know it’s not to late, we could still go there.” He rubs his hand soothingly on my back. Here we go again, he has been trying to convince me all night, for us to hold our honeymoon in the pri-vate island owned by the royal family, but you see i want us to continue our honeymoon right were we started it.
“If you’re trying to s£dûç£me into submission then I’m gonna tell you this my prince, that won’t work on me.” I said turning around to face him. “Are you sure about that.” He asks with a sm-irk, grinning at me. Of course he still has his arrogant sides attached to him and it’s kind of weird that I find it really attrac-tive.
He lowersl-ips on my b©dy, k!ss!ngthe curve of my n£¢k, his softl-ips grazing my soft skin. Myl-ips open against their wish, and [email protected] s out in plea-sure.
His soft hands goes un-der my shi-t, feeling up my br£a$t, his hands twisting and drawing my n!ppl!s. “Oh godddddd.”
His ton-gue bite myl-ips, ma-king my cries of plea-sure increase in volume, gosh I want him.
His hands left my br£a$t and travels down to the opening of my pu$$y, his f!ngersruns along [email protected], tea-singly. By now could feel myself getting really w€t, gosh I want him.
George hits the wall besides me, I jo-lted in fear. “I’m sorry if I got you startled. The thing is, I want your first time to be really special and I have everything planned out alre-ady, Karina.” He utters, “I do really want to have you un-der me right now, having my d!ck buried de-ep inside of you but I have to do it the right way.”
“Hey, hey, it’s okay. I’m totally fine with it, so you don’t have to kill yourself over it, do you know what, let’s go have some breakfast.” I said, smiling brightly at him.
“Breakfast, that works. so shall we, my lady.” He takes a de-ep bow, stretch his hand forward and I placed my hands on his.
“Since when did you become so charming, my prince.” I ask him with a pointed look.
“I have always had a charming side, my princess but you just didn’t notice.” He replies with a sm-irk.
“Yeah, whatever, Mr Charming.” I said rolling my eyes, the both of us walking out of the room.
“Now, that’s a name I like.” He says, ugh.
⚕️ George⚕️
“plea-se sit, my lady.” I said charmingly, bringing out a seat for my Karina, to sit on.
“Thank you my prince.” She replies me, sitting down gracefully. I turned around, and sat down opposite her.
“So.. what would my princess have for breakfast this fine morning.” I said in de-ep American fine accent.
She chuckles, takes the menu and looks at it intently, “I think I’m in the mood for bacon and fried eggs.”
“Hmm, then I will have what you are having then.” I said, she rolls her eyes, “Waitress.” I called.
“Good morning my prince, welcome to……”
“There’s no need for the welcoming and all that, I just want to have breakfast with my wife here.” I said cutting the waitress off, st©pping her from ma-king any other more flir-tatious move at me. Right now, my eyes solely on one pretty girl, my Karina. I know it’s [email protected] to believe, even I can’t believe it but yes I’m in love. And I’m not going to fight the damn feeling.
“Ohh, sorry my prince. plea-se, what would you and your wife have for breakfast.” The waitress asked.
“We will both be eating the same thing, Bacon’s and egg, also with fresh apple jui-ce or what do you think honey, it’s that okay with you.” I asks Karina, straight at her.
“Yeah, I’m totally fine with apple jui-ce.” She replies me.
“Great, then we are both having bacons and eggs with apple jui-ce.” I informed the waitress, she jo-lts everything down on her small note, smiled at me then said, “I’ll be right back with your orders, your highness.” With that said she left.
I chatted with Karina as we waited for our breakfast to come, we just talked about basics stuffs like growing up, childhood fun, “I know you’re a v!rg!nKarina, but have you [email protected]£d someone before.” I asked out of a blue, throu-gh out tons of discussion.
“Nope, I’ve never had a b©yfri£nd.” She says simply, I stared at her, my mouth hanging low.
“Wow, how is that possible. You’re really one beautiful girl Karina, who wouldn’t want to [email protected]£ you.” I exclaims, staring at her.
“Well, I just wasn’t into guys. Okay.” She replies.
“Hmm, but then why did you k!ssme, if you weren’t just into guy.” I asks her really inquisitive, I’ve been wondering why she k!$$£d, since she actually k!$$£d me.
“That was a dare my friends made me carry out, I don’t really go out k!ss!ngguys George.” She answered.
“Well I guess that was just faith leading you to me, cause you’re mine.” I said huskily.
“Yeah, I guess it’s really faith.” She says also smiling.
Chapter 24
☺️ Karina☺️
“Arghhh, I’m going to sink, I’m going to sink George. I don’t want to learn how to swim anymore.”I yelled out, George is currently teaching me how to swim.
“Jesus Karina, we are in a swimming pool not in the ocean, nothing bad can really happen to you. So st©p that.” George says laughing really [email protected] Ugh, is he really laughing at me. Argh.
“How dare you laugh at me.” I ask pouting, before he could comprehend on my next move, I splashed water on him.
“Did you just splash water on me Karina.” He asks with a grin on his face, why is he grinning.
“Yes I did, what are you gonna do about it.” I sm-irked at him, them splashed more water on him.
“I am going to do this.” He replies me, and before I knew what was happening next, my husband the prince of Monaco, carries me up in his arms and then throw me down in the water. I screamed out really in fear, thinking I’m really gonna die, #sink in the water but he brings me out of the water immediately.
“George!!.” I growled, spitting water out from my mouth.
“Yes my love, what can I do for you.” He answers me, with his own smile. Idiot, motherf!cking idiot. Don’t tell him I insult him, that’s a secret between the both of us.
“Why! Did! You! Throw me into water, like that.” I asked angrily, some people would say I’m putting up a show, which I’m not. I’m really angry at this motherf!cker. Again, do not tell him, I insulted him.
“Come on, don’t be mad at me, I just wanted you to realize that you can’t actually drown with me around.” He says sweetly, too sweetly.
“Well, I am mad at you and I can not stay in this water one more minute, with you. Ugh.” I gro-an ed, stomping out of the swimming pool.
“Babe come on, don’t be mad at your prince.” He yells after me.
“Well, I am mad at you. Maybe if you buy me an ice cream, I would st©p being mad at you. Oh, and I would be extremely happy if you get my favorite ice cream.” I yelled back.
“So, what’s your favorite ice cream.” He asks, right behind me. Ugh, his alre-ady out of the water.
“That’s the thing George, I’m not telling you that. You find out yourself, bye…” I blew him a k!ss, then walked away merrily, re-ady to head back to our h0tel room and have a relaxing sleep.
“Karina! Karina! Karina!.” A voice yells behind me. Now, this is the voice that st©ps me halfway from going back to my room and having a relaxing sleep. I turned around to face the owner of the voice, and it’s nob©dy else but my long time friend josh that I got ph0togra-phed with me.
“Hey Josh, didn’t know you were still hanging around in the h0tel.” I said, exchanging handshakes with him.
“Well, I’m still here, as you can see. I saw the pictures on the internet Karina, and I am de-eply sorry. I really wish I knew who is responsible for the damn ph0togra-phers, then I would have beaten him to a pup.” Well, he isn’t the only one who wants to beat whoever is responsible for the pictures to a pup. I want to beat him, and George wants to kill him/her.
“Thanks for the care Josh, I really appreciate but there’s no need for you to worry anymore, the pictures have been taking care of and I’m safe.” I said, he nods his head in un-derstanding.
“There is something I really need to tell you, it’s about your husband life, it’s in danger.” He says all of a sudden.
“What! Are you sure of what you’re saying, josh.” I asks him, watching him closely.
“Of course I’m sure of what I’m saying. Tell you what, why don’t we go to my room and I will tell you everything I know, the hallway isn’t really safe. There’s [email protected]£ra everywhere.” He whispers, staring at the [email protected]£ras suspiciously.
“I don’t really know about this Josh, after what happened last time. The pictures that was re-leased, whoever that took them, could be following me on something. If you really have information about the prince life, then I say why I don’t I call George on the phone and we all talk in George and I h0tel room.” I suggest.
“Seriously Karina? The first thing your husband would do once he lays his eyes on me, is to kill me. Have you forgotten the position he met us last time? Although I’m sorry for that, I didn’t really mean to do that, I don’t really know what [email protected]£ over me but if this is the reason why you refusing to come to my h0tel room for the second time, then I’m going to tell you, you have nothing to worry about Karina. That sh!t won’t happen again.” Josh says with a rueful smile. Ugh, I guess if this is really about the prince then I need to know what it is. If the prince life is really in danger, getting the information might be the only way to save him.
I took in a de-ep breath, “Fine, let’s go.”
“Now, you are talking.”
😎 Josh 😎
I sm-irked as Karina walked into my room, I walked closely behind her then closed the door right behind me.
“Sorry Karina but this is nothing personal.” I said, she turns around to face me, “What are you…” Karina didn’t get to finish her statement, cause Julia [email protected]£ from behind her and zapped her until she lost consciousness.
“So.. what next.” I ask Julia.
“Take off every piece of her clothes.” She instructs.
“That is something I would be glad to do.” I said with a sm-irk. O carried Karina up in my arms, then placed her on the be-d, time to see what lies behind this clothes of hers
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