To k!ssa prince Episode 13 & 14

🌠To k!ss
A Prince 💏
(Just one freaking mistake changed her life, FOREVER)
Written by Author Jedi
Chapter 13
“The both of you should get out of my way, right this minute.” I said angrily, staring at the the two b©dyguard that’s standing in front of the h0tel room like freaking robots.
“I’m sorry my prince, but I can’t do that.” The guard says again. I glared at him, he remained unmoving. I sighed heavily then walked back into the suite.
“Why are you back so early. I thought you were going out, it’s not even up to 30 minutes, since you left.” Karina says, staring at me from the couch she is sitting, watching TV.
“Yeah I was, going out. Maybe you should call my dad and asked him to re-move those two b©dyguards he stationed outside the h0tel room.” I replied her groggily, feeling dazed by what happened a minute ago. I can’t believe my father would do that, arghhhh.
“Wow, well.. since you’re back, what are we going to be having for breakfast, I’m hungry.” She says pouting.
I sighed, I can’t believe I just said all that and all she can think of is food, “Do I look like I care, if you’re hungry.” I ask her boredly, taking the remote of the TV from the center table. Then changed the station from the cartoon station she is watching, to music.
“What the heck, George. Why did you change the station.” Karina yells, gr-abbing the remote from me. She changes it back to cartoon.
“There is no way I’m watching this with you, give me that remote.” I said angrily taking the remote back from her, she eyes me angrily and tries taking it back from me again, I raised the remote right above my head. Karina glares at me, and tries to take it from me again but only ends up falling on my l@p head down. Her mouth on my d!ck area.
She gets up from me immediately, having this awkward look on her face. The room bec@m£ silent, none of us said a thing. The room is filled with nothing but awkward silence and tension.
“So… About that breakfast you mentioned earlier, are you still up for it.” I ask, trying to break the awkward silence.
“Yeah, I’m up for it, I’m totally up for anything right now.” She rambled. And I coughed out awkwardly at the choice of words she used *I’m totally up for anything right now.* It sounded like she is re-ady to actually give me a b!owjob. A pink blus-h appears on her face, realizing what she just said.
“Actually I meant, I’m re-ady to go have breakfast.” She corrects, still blu-shing.
I chuckled standing up from the couch, “are you sure that’s what you meant, I could swear you meant something else, that concerns my d!ck.” She g@sped in horror at the choice of words I used.
“Can we just go and have breakfast.” Karina says tiredly, walking in front of me, alre-ady getting out of the h0tel room. I laughed at her discomfort and followed her.
☘️ Karina ☘️
Ugh, I can’t believe George is ma-king fun of me. When I got to the door, the guards in front of the door moved away, so i can pas-s.
“I can’t believe this, so you let her pas-s without questioning her.” George utters, having a look of anger on his face.
“Why are the both of you following me huh?, We are only going to have breakfast.” George says, when he saw the guards walking right behind us.
“I’m sorry your highness, but the king gave an order not to let you out of our sight.” One of the guards explained, George gro-an ed.
“Don’t tell me you were planning to leave me once we get downstairs.” I asks George angrily.
“Yes of course.” He answers, he can’t even lie. Geez.
We both got to the breakfast lounge, I ordered for omelette. George ordered, muffins and coffee.
“So.. what are we going to do, today.” I ask George nervously, hoping he would say something that’s not hurtful.
“Nothing. Karina, maybe to the whole world, we are married but to me, we are not. So, we are definitely not having any kind of stupid fun in this damn honeymoon, cause we are not a couple.” He says harshly, I knew I shouldn’t have asked such question.
“Okay.” I replied throu-gh gritted teeth. I faced my food and did not talk to him, once we were done eating. I got up and walk away, one of the guards followed me but the other stayed back to watch George.
🎯 George 🎯
I watched Karina walked away, and for some reason I felt some kind of pain in my heart. Ugh, I shouldn’t have said all those stuff to her, but I just want her to wake up and see reality, the both of us can never be a couple.
I sighed and got up, then followed her, the damn b©dyguard watching me like a hawk walked right behind me.
I walked into the h0tel room, only to find Karina crying. “Karina, are you crying.” The minute I asked that, she quic-kly dried her tears with the back of her hand. “I’m not crying.” She lied.
“I just saw you crying, do not deny it.” I said crouching down next to her, i placed my hand un-der her chin then raised her face up so she could look at me and just like I thought, there were dried tears on her face.
“Seriously Karina, you are not crying. Then tell me why are there dried tears on your face. Huh?.” I asked her, she re-moves my hand from un-der her chin, then gets up and walked over to the room window. “It’s none of your business if I’m crying or not besides there is no nee-d to act like you care, cause I know you don’t care.” She says, looking out the window. “Well, you are right I don’t care but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t want to know why a girl that I’m actually married to is crying.” I said turning her around to face me, our eyes meet. My eyes travels down to herl-ip, and i felt this urge to k!ssher and that’s exactly what I did, I lowered my face and k!ssher.
Chapter 14
😱 Karina 😱
To say I’m shock would be an un-derstatement, I am more than shock. Never in my life did I expect the prince to k!ssme, I never expected it. I just stood right there, immobile in his arms, not moving.
I guess he noticed I wasn’t returning his k!ss, cause he quic-kly separated from me and without a word he walked away.
I sat down on the soft matress, my hands travelling to myl-ips. Why did I let him k!ssme? Why didn’t I st©p him? Would he think I’m a slut for letting him k!ssme, even though I didn’t k!sshim back. Oh geez🤦
Why I was crying earlier was because I just kind of miss my parents and my two crazy friends, and also because, this wasn’t how I had thought my honey moon would be. I have always imagined, my husband to be a kind, ro-mantic person. He would love and care for me, cherish me not to treat me like a bag of garbage.
Hmm, I better go have my bath and not disturb myself about my stupid marriage with the prince.
🎱 George 🎱
Why did I k!ssher? I shouldn’t have k!$$£d her. I hope she won’t start thinking that I have feelings for her, cause I do not!.
Ugh, how do I go back inside the room now. I don’t think I can face her. I shouldn’t have k!$$£d her, nope I should not have k!$$£d her.
Well, I better go back inside and see if I can straighten some things, I really nee-d to tell her the k!sswas nothing. I do not in anyway love her or have feelings for her, it was just a bloody mistake.
I walked back into the room but st©pped right in my tracks when I saw Karina in just a towel. What the heck.
She noticed my pres£nce and turns around, her eyes bulged out in shock on seeing me. My eyes travels down the length of her b©dy, she has a damn S-xy b©dy. I could just fl!pher around, her as-s facing me, my d!ck ramming into her from behind. Oh geez I shouldn’t be having such thoughts.
“Erm…, I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to walk in on you, I never knew you were dressing. I would just go back to the sitting room.” I uttered, awkwardly scratching the back of my head.
“Yeah, sure.” She replies also feeling awkward. She smiled at me a little and I f0rç£d a smile then walked out of the room and head back to the sitting room. What the heck is wrong with me, I had gone there to give her a piece of mind and this happens. Argh.
🌹 Karina 🌹
I watched the prince as he walks out of the room, I should have locked the door knowing fully well that I’m not the only one in the damn h0tel suite. Geez.
I sighed then went on to put on my clothes before George would walk in to the room again. I felt a tingling s-en-sation in my lower abd0m£n, thinking of how George eyes had roam over me. Oh geez, I shouldn’t be having such thoughts.
After dressing, I walked out of the be-droom and head straight to the sitting room. George was right there sitting on the couch, fli-pping throu-gh channels.
“Hey.” I said lowly, sitting down on one of the couch. He turns to stare at me then looked back at the TV. Ouch, is he ignoring me.
I sit down for a while on the couch, my f!ngerstwisted together in despair. Why won’t he say a thing, this silence is killing me.
I sighed getting up, heading to the door. “Where are you going.” He asked, ohh. Now he can finally speak.
“Somewhere far from you. There’s no way I’m sitting down in this h0tel room with you for even another minute.” I replied him, opening the door. I heard him sigh, but didn’t turn back to look at him, instead I walked out of the h0tel room.
How can she just go out without me, huh? We are supposed to be married, we are a couple.
I thought you said to the whole world the both of you are married, but to you. You’re not married. My subconsciousness asks boredly.
I glared at him with my inner eyes, and shut him off.
I l@yon the be-d, staring at the ceiling stubbornly. There’s no way I’m going after her, why should I go after huh? She chose to go out alone and so I’m going to let her go alone, I do not give a damn.
I resigned to sleep but the damn sleep won’t come. I sighed staring at the door expecting her to walk in, she did not.
She doesn’t even know anywhere here in Monaco, so where the heck is she going to. What if she gets rob or something really bad happens to her.
She’s with a b©dy guard, stupid. I thought I shut this idiot up.
I never asked for your opinion, idiot. I cursed him back, then shut him up.
I stared at the door for another hour, secretly hoping she would walk throu-gh that door, she never did.
“Arghhhh. Fine! I will go after her, but only to make sure she’s still alive.” I said out loud getting up from the be-d.
Again, she is with a b©dyguard. My subconsciousness drawls boredly. How many times do I have to shut this idiot up.
And again, I never asked for your opinion. I retort shutting him up again.
I walked out of the h0tel room and this time the b©dyguards didn’t st©p me, maybe it’s because Karina is alre-ady outside. Whatever.
I searched for her outside the h0tel, the h0tel lobby, the swimming pool, games and fun dep@rtment. She was nowhere to be found. I finally decide to check the restaurant p@rt and there was my Karina chatting freely, like, she was laughing to whatever the motherf!cker was saying.
“That guy is so dead.” I muttered matching over to them angrily.