To k!ssa prince Episode 11 & 12

To k!ss
A Prince 💏
Chapter 11
🍁 George 🍁
I stared at Karina (yeah, I know her name now.) che-st, my hands itched to take off the towel. I can tell you this wasn’t in my plan when I decided to come to her room, I just wanted to rattle her but every single plan I had change when I saw her in the damn towel, her long legs on full displ@yfor my eyes.
My hands reached out to take off her towel, she gulps. I li-cked my l!pin anticipation to see what’s un-derneath the damn towel, “arghhh. What the heck Karina.” I gro-an ed loudly falling to the floor, my d!ck is on fire. She just kicked me. Argh.
“If you don’t get out of my room right this minute, I’m going to break this on your skull.” She threatens standing right above me, lamp in her hand.
I stood up still holding my d!ck, “I will get you back Karina.” I said to her.
“Oh plea-se go put some ice on your ba-lls, oh, and happy wedding day in advance hubby.” She smiles at me wi-dely, I glared at her then left her room to go get some ice.
👰 Karina 👰
I stood in front of the full length mirror, staring at myself. I look different, really different. The wedding go-wn is just simply gorgeous, not to talk about the glas-s like silver shoes.
I can’t believe I’m getting married today, well this wasn’t how I had envisioned every detail of my wedding but I guess I will have to take everything the way I see it.
“Oh my daughter, you look extremely beautiful.” My mum voice comes behind, I turned around in shock and yes, it’s my mum. “Mum.” I cried out.
“Yes my daughter.” My mum smiles happily at me, tears dropping from her eyes. I don’t know if it’s tears of joy, or sadness.
Tears equally drops out of my eyes, as I rushed into my mother’s arms, finding peace and strength in her hvg.
We both stood there crying in each other arms, “I didn’t know there was some crying p@rty I was missing.” A voice says loudly, dad.
“Dad!, You c@m£.” I g@sp in surprise, seeing my dad standing right next to the door.
“You thought I’m gonna let some old dude walk you down the aisle.” He asks in a duh tone, I chuckled. “Wow, I never knew my daughter could ever look more gorgeous than she alre-ady is.” Dad says, I smile shyly.
“Come here little flower.” Dad says opening his arms wi-de, and I wasted no time to get in his arms.
“You know, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. I and your mother would always support you.” Father says k!ss!ngthe t©p of my head.
“No dad, I want to do this. I want to get married to him.” Yeah, I want to do everything possible to change George, even if it means me getting married to him.
“Well, I will respect your choice. But if he ever treats you wrongly, call Dad and dad would kick his a$$ for you, okay.” I laughed, I guess I got kicking spirit from my dad.
“Hey, hey, what’s going on here. Why are you ma-king my bride cry, Mr and Mrs Collins.” An excited Sylvia walks into the room, she just can’t wait to address me as your Royal Highness. Chuckle.
“Before some people get too impatient, shall we.” My dad stretched his hands forth, and I placed mine in his.
I took in a de-ep breath, looked at my father and said, “let’s do this.” I’m re-ady to get married to a stupid, pompous j£rk.
🤵 George 🤵
I stood by the alter nervously, wondering if Karina would ditch me at the alter. Half of me wanted her not to show up, and my pompous side wants her to be here. I do not want to be tag the prince who got ditched by his fiancee at the alter. Since I’m a very popular person, that news would really travel fast.
A soft Melody of, here comes the bride begins to pla-y. Little flower girls comes first, then Karina follows in her gorgeous wedding go-wn, her father by her side. I must confess, she looks gorgeous even without seeing her face.
Karina reached the alter where I was and her father I suppose hands her over to me with this words, “Take care of my little flower, she’s all I got.”
“Yes sir, I will.” Those words were an empty promise I know, I can’t take care of his daughter. I dislike his daughter.
“Family and friends we are gathered here today to witness the joining of two souls.” The priest starts, whatever he said after that I don’t really know, cause I wasn’t listening. I had thought, what would my life be with Karina, once I’m tied to I won’t be able to continue my lifestyle, I can’t continue d@t!ngother girls. I might not like Karina, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know the real significant of vows. Hmm, I will have to divorce her at some point.
💖 Karina 💖
“Prince George, do you have your own vows or….” The priest asks but I think prince George didn’t really heard what he said, cause he looks really lost in thought.
“Prince George, prince George, prince George!.” The priest calls snapping George out of his thoughts.
“Yes, yes.” George answers.
“I ask if you have your own vows.” The priest repeats his question.
“No I don’t.” George answers.
“If so… then repeat after me. I prince George Anderson.”
“I prince George Anderson.” The prince repeats looking into my eyes throu-gh the veil.
“take you, Karina Collins to be my lawful wife.”
“take you, Karina Collins to be my lawful wife.” Prince George repeats.
“To have and to hold from this day forward.”
“To have and to hold from this day forward.” Prince George repeats.
“For better, for worse.”
“For better, for worse.” Prince George repeats.
“For richer, for poorer.”
“For richer, for poorer.” Prince George repeats.
“In sickness and in health.”
“In sickness and in health.” Prince George repeats.
“Until death do us p@rt. I will love and honor you all the days of my life.”
“Until death do us p@rt. I will love and honor you all the days of my life.” Prince George repeats, his eyes still staring into mine. I said my vows also. We exchange rings, then the priest says, “I now pronounce you man and wife, you may k!ssyour bride.” Oh God, I did not think of this. How could I have forgotten he is going to k!ssme. Oh geez.
He sm-irked at me then unveil my face, I took in a really de-ep breath, close my eyes and awaited the damn k!ss. The k!ssnever c@m£, actually it did come but it was placed on my cheeks.
I opened my eyes surprise, “there’s nothing special about yourl-ip, so why should I k!ssit.” He says with a smug look. Okay, that hurt a little bit, I guess a little p@rt of me wanted that k!ss.
George and I marched outside the church hand in hand, then I threw my bouquet and that was it, I’m officially married to the rude egocentric prince.
Chapter 12
😑 Karina 😑
“Wow, your parents really go out, this room is a wow.” I g@sp in surprise, staring at the beautiful suite in amazement.
“Yeah whatever.” George says boredly walking into the room, he pu-lls of his tuxedo then plops down on the be-d.
I stared at him in disgust, walked into the bathroom and had my bath. I must confess, getting out of that wedding go-wn wasn’t easy, who the heck sew this heavy go-wn.
I stepped out of the bathroom fully clothed in my PJs. I’m not giving any chances to George, there’s no way I’m letting that rude prince t©uçh me. Never.
“George, George, George!! George!! Wake up.” I yelled angrily tapping George back. The idiot has spre-ad his b©dy all over this big be-d, and now where am I supposed to sleep.
“What the hell Karina, why are you waking me up from my slumber.” George utters annoyed, sitting up.
“Sorry I woke you up but hey, where am i supposed to sleep if you are going to l@yon the whole damn be-d.” I questioned, giving him a pointed look.
He stares at me with a bored look, “Do I look like I care.” He says then goes back to slee-ping. Argh, he’s got to be kidding me!
“If you don’t give me some pace for me to sleep in, then I’m going to sleep on your b©dy.” I said stomping my feet on the floor angrily.
“Is that a way of saying you want to us, to do what married couples do on their wedding night.” He asks sm-irking.
“Never, that’s not happening. It’s definitely not happening in this life.” I replied, glaring at him.
“Come on Karina, we are married now. And married couples roll on the sheets, on their wedding night.” He sits up having a smug smile on his damn face.
“Do you know what, forget it. I will sleep on the couch.” I glared at him one more time, then walked over to the couch and l@yon it. Well, the couch it’s not as comfy as the be-d but it’s better, than slee-ping next to a per-vert prince for the night.
😪 George 😪
I l@yon the be-d trying to sleep but for some reason I can’t sleep, why? Because my damn conscience won’t let me be. So what if I let her sleep on the couch, huh. Besides the couch is also comfortable. So there’s nothing wrong with her laying down on the couch.
I tried slee-ping again, but arghhh the damn sleep won’t come, I sit up immediately kicking my leg up, “Karina, Karina.” I called.
“What, do you want.” She asks, sitting up on the couch.
“If you still want to sleep on the be-d, then fine you can come sleep.” I said to her.
“Wow, so the rude prince does have a conscience.” She mocks. I gro-an ed inwardly, why do I even care if she have a back pain or b©dy pain from slee-ping on the couch. Like, I shouldn’t be caring.
“Do you want to sleep on the be-d or not.” I asks her rolling my eyes, even though I knew the room is dark and she can’t see me.
She breaths in exaggeratedly, in darkness I could see her getting up from the couch, walking towards the be-d. “just a little bit of warning, if you dare t©uçh me. I’m going to break your hand.” She threatens.
“Ohhhhh, I’m so afraid right now. Goodnight Karina, hope you have a night mare.” I said laying down back on the be-d.
“Goodnight to you to prince George, I also hope you have a night mare.” She replies me, whatever.
💓 Karina 💓
I stared at the mirror brushing my teeth, my mind travels back to this morning. This morning I had woken up in the arms of prince George, his arms around my slender w@!st. I just hope the prince does not know that fact.
“How many hours are you gonna be in there.” George yells, knocking on the door.
“I will be out in a minute, have some patience.” I yelled back.
“I can’t seriously be patient, if I really do nee-d to ease myself.”he yells back. I sighed packing my hair, then rinse my mouth and opened the bathroom door.
“Finally, I was beginning to think you were actually giving birth in there.” he drawled, walking past me into the bathroom.
“Ha, so funny.” I rolled my eyes at his damn back, then kept on walking. Whatever.
“Where are you going to.” I ask George when he walked out of the bathroom all dressed.
“None of your business.” He replies simply.
“It’s my business, if we are married George.” I replied him in a duh tone.
“You called this marriage, news flash, we are not in anyway married.” He says then went on to leave the room, oh geez that hurts. What have I gotten myself into. With what happened last night, I thought we are getting a little bit somewhere with this damn relationsh!p.
👸 Queen Ana 👸
“What troubles my queen.” My husband the king asked from behind me, wra-pping his arms around me.
“I don’t know Anderson, I just feel bothered.” I replied heaving a sigh, staring at the window.
“Don’t tell me you are thinking about Karina and our son.” He asked, he always know what is bothering me, without me telling him, I guess we just have this weird connection.
“Yeah, I’m just afraid Karina might not be able to change him. Like, what if he leaves her in the h0tel and goes to his other girlfriend, what if he cheats on her and all those stuffs. I’m just afraid he would break the sweet girl heart, even before they could fall in love.” I said with a heavy heart.
“Hey, you shouldn’t over think it okay, besides I as-sure you our stubborn son can’t leave Karina alone in the room or even see any of his girlfriends.” The king says with a hvge grin. “Okay, I know that mischievous grin, what did you do.” I ask with a raised eyebrow.
“Nothing much, just a thing or two.” He replies with the same hvge grin. I narrowed my eyes at him.
🤴 George 🤴
I walked towards the door re-ady to get out of this h0tel room. I’m going to be spending the remaining days of my stupid honeymoon, in James house. Only a night we both sle-pt in the same be-d, I’m alre-ady finding her in my arms. Ugh.
I opened the door, to see two hvge b©dyguards standing right outside the h0tel room. “What is the meaning of this, step out of the way. I nee-d to go out.” I said calmly to the two b©dyguards once they refused to leave the way.
“I’m sorry my prince, but we had an order from the king not to let you out unless you are going out with the princess.” One of the b©dyguards explained. Is he for real? He has got to be kidding.