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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

To kiss a prince Episode 1 & 2

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💏To kiss
A Prince 💏

🌹Just one freaking mistake changed her life, FOREVER 🌹

Chapter One.



🏵️ Karina🏵️

“Karina! Karina! Karina!.” Ugh, what does she want now. I grimaced sitting up on my bed, I stared at the door for a few seconds then laid down back on my bed. I had a hectic day at my work today, I’m definitely not in the mood for any chit chat.

“Karina! Karina, I know you’re inside and you’re definitely not sleeping. Stop pretending and open this door, right this minute!.” I should have know the only person who would dim it fit to knock on my door like a crazy woman is Sylvia my best friend. Even though she knows I will be tired and I would really need my beauty sleep or should I say my resting sleep, she would still disturb me.

“Karina! Karina!.” She growled her voice higher than before. Is it so bad I wish she could just disappear to Mars or even Pluto, I don’t give a f!ck where she goes.

I buried my head deep into my pillow and said a silent prayer to God who’s in heaven to please send my best friend away, to wherever he wishes.

“Karina, if you do not open this door right this minute, I swear I’m gonna bring it falling down.” She threatened, I rolled my eyes. She can’t bring the door down, nah she

can’t. That girl is as lazy as an a$$. Does that make sense, geez, now I’m speaking gibberish.

I heard her sigh exaggeratedly, “okay, I just realized that I can’t bring the door down so this is how it’s gonna be. I’m not leaving here untill you open the damn door. PS, I will be knocking like this until you open the damn door, let me see how you’re gonna get that rest sleep.” Now, this is what I call pure wickedness. She knows I need my rest sleep and she still goes ahead from stopping me to have it. Ugh.

I groaned annoyed, then got up from my bed. My best friend Sylvia might not be able to bring down my door but she can knock on it all night if she decides to do it. Yeah, that’s how persistent she can be.

“So, I have to threaten to knock on your door all night before you open the door for me.” Sylvia says the minute she walked into my room.

“What do you want Sylvia, this is 10pm. You should be in your house resting.” I said dryly, sitting on my bed.

“Well, I heard you said no to Austin. How could you say no to a perfectly handsome guy as Austin. What the heck is wrong with you.” She exclaims. Is she being real, she left her house at 10pm in the evening, to tell me this gibberish.

“First of all, how did you even know I said no to Austin. Secondly, what’s

the big deal if I said no to Austin.”

“It’s a small town Karina, and have you forgotten that everybody in lake City loves Karina. You’re like a celebrity here. To answer your second question, there’s everything wrong with you saying no to Austin. That guy is not just handsome, but he has money.” Sylvia utters throwing her hands up in the air.

“And that’s why I had to say no to him. All Austin ever thinks of is money. Money this, money that. He can’t complete a sentence without the word money being in it.” I don’t want to marry a guy, that thinks only of money. Austin is as proud as a peacock, he is the richest bachelor in lake City, it is every girls dream to get married to him but gets what, Austin is not my dream. Nope. I just want a simple guy, who would love and cherish me, that’s all I ask for in a man. I don’t care if he is poor or rich.

“Aghh, I can’t believe you right now. Do you know how many girls wish to be in your…”

“I know, okay. I know a lot of girls wish to be in my place right now and have handsome rich Austin, ask them out but guess what? I don’t give a f!ck. Now kindly please leave my room, I need to have my rest sleep.” I laid down on my bed, ignoring her presence in my room. I don’t need to look at her, to know she’s actually glaring daggers at me. The good news is, my body is bullet proof.

“This is not the end.” She said angrily, stomping her feet on the floor.

“No it’s not. You still have to leave my room.” I drawled, she stomped her feet on the floor one more time before marching out of my room. Finally, I can have my rest sleep.


🎯 George 🎯

“F!ck. Argh, please more. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” The bitch beneath screamed, her body bucking widely as she cums in full force. What can I say, if there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s f!cking a girl real good.

I got up from the bit*h body, walked to the bathroom and got myself cleaned up.

“Your services aren’t needed anymore, get out.” I said, my voice void of any emotion.

“What! You can’t possibly mean that, I thought…”

“You thought after pounding into your little cn*t I’m going to run to your father who’s a governor and asks for your hand in marriage. Well guess what, I aren’t doing that shit. So get your a$$ out the hell, out of my room.” I yelled, the girl shrieked back in fear then quickly gathered every of her things, and ran out of my room. You want to know who I am, the name is George Anderson, prince of great Monaco. PS, note the sarcas.


Chapter 2

😉 Prince George 🤴

“Another broken heart “‘ My best friend said boredly walking into my room. He shook his head disappointedly, plopped downed on the couch, still giving me the disappointed look.

“Well… It’s not my fault she’s a whore, is it?.” I asked him with an eye roll.

“Seriously, there’s no need arguing with you. Anyway your parents called for you.” He informs me, I sighed.

“Tell them I’m busy.” I said to him laying down on my bed, I closed my eyes ready to go to sleep but then of course the idiot sent from hell won’t let me sleep.

“You’re busy doing what actually. Let me think, you’re busy banging a girl.” He asks looking at me with disbelief. Why won’t he just take the hint, and go away. He did not go.

“Are you going to continue ignoring your parents, all they want is the best for you. Stop being an ingrate and go see them.” I raised my head up, glaring at him angrily. Did he just call me an ingrate.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized, taking full aware of the fact he just crossed the line.

“Just because we are best friend, doesn’t mean you should forget where you stand. You are not the one who experienced what happened. No! You did not, so you have no freaking right to judge me.” I growled angrily at him. No one, has the freaking audacity to talk to me, in anyway they feel, not even my parents.

Call me disrespectful, I don’t give a damn about your opinions.

“I’m sorry. I will make sure I watch my words from now on.” He apologized again.

“Better, now please leave my room.” He sighed heavily then proceed to do what I, instructed him to do.

😌 Karina 😌

“I enjoyed the choice of cake you made for me Karina. I really find it delicious.” Mrs grace appreciated. I smiled at her, she always comes to Dina Cafe to have lunch or breakfast, whenever she doesn’t see me she wouldn’t have anything to eat, until i get to the cafe. I know it’s weird but she always enjoys my choice of cake then any other waitress choice. Mrs Grace, lives down the road not to far from Dina’s cafe. Should I add she’s a widow. Her husband died three years ago, and ever since then she would always come to Dina Cafe to have her breakfast. Well, when her husband was alive the both of them would always come to have breakfast here once in a while, and now that her husband is late she turned it to a frequent routine.

“I’m glad you find it delicious, Mrs Grace. I have to get back to work, have a wonderful day Mrs Grace. She smiles at me, I returned the smile then walked away to my duty post.

“Karina, the manager sent for you.” Bella my co-worker informs me. I nod my head at her, then walked straight to the manger office. I hope I did nothing wrong, I hate to always make mistakes.

I knocked on the door of the manager softly, wondering why Mrs Kate called me.

“Come in.”I heard her voice behind the door.

“Sir, Bella told me you want to see me.” I said nervously walking into the manager’s office.

“Yes, that’s true. Here, take this.” Mrs Kate says, handing me a piece of paper. I looked at the paper a little bit confused, wondering why she’s giving me an all expenses trip paid, to Monaco. Okay, I know this is a country I’ve been really wanting to tour but what I don’t get, is why Mrs Kate is giving me this.

“I noticed how you’ve being working so hard around here, I want you to accept this and take a break.” She informs me. I know I should have been happy jumping for joy, but what if she cuts my pay for this month because I went on a trip. I really need the money.

“Karina, I know you’re thinking I won’t pay you, your next month pay but I’m happy to announce that I will. So stop being a sad butt, and get out of my office. I have work to do.” I smiled at her really happy, I can’t believe I will be touring the country of Monaco. Gosh, I’m so freaking excited.

“Thank you so much ma’am, thank you ma’am.” I appreciated happily.

“It’s fine Karina, please leave my office, I told you, i have got work to do.” She says dryly, I appreciated her one more time before leaving Mrs Kate office happily.



“What is this new I’m hearing. You’re going to Monaco.” Sylvia asks in disbelief walking into my room, with angel another best friend of mine walking besides her.

“Okay…. Seriously, how did you guys find out.” I asked the both of them, shocked by their quick knowledge of me travelling.

“Are you seriously asking me that. This is a small town Karina, words travels faster than you think.” Sylvia says, with an eye roll.

“Okay, now that you guys find out I’m travelling is there anything the both of you want me to do for you, at the city of Monaco.”

“Yeah, we are coming with you to Monaco.” Sylvia replies simply. Ugh, why didn’t I see the bags on their hands.

“The all expense trip paid, is for me only, I can’t bring anybody along and definitely not the both of you.”

“Don’t worry about that dear friend, we already paid for our flight and sort out everything we will need. So pick up your bag and let’s go, Monaco awaits us.” I stared at the both of them for a while frowning, little by little the frown on my face curved into a smile. I guess there is nothing wrong with bringing them along. Well the city of Monaco awaits.




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