Till death do us p@rt Episode 9 & 10

Episode 9.
Cathy was worried seeing how static Hellen was. Hellen was standing looking at the wall without blinking or giving any clue on her face.
“Hellen, Hellen” softly called Cathy as she shook her.
“Oh hello Cathy” Hellen answered.
“Are you okay?” Asked Cathy.
“What?” Said Hellen.
That was when Hellen c@m£ to realise that she was extremely de-ep in thoughts. Her journey to RAM’s house, beating him and insulting the madam was all in her thoughts. She went this far in thoughts as she thought of what she would do if it c@m£ out that her friend was done bad.
“You have been standing here not saying anything” sad Cathy.
“Oh okay, I was just trying to think of what to do to make you talk to me” said Hellen.
“Tell me Cathy, what is wrong?” Hellen asked again.
“I am sorry Hellen. I should have listened to you.” Cathy said as she started sobbing again.
“Don’t worry my dear about that. Tell me what happened” Hellen said.
“First promise me that you won’t tell anyone about it.”
“Cathy! You are crying and you don’t want to seek for help?”
“Then I won’t tell you a thing” Cathy said looking away.
“Okay, i promise not to tell”
“Okay, after we were done with inspection, I sneaked out of here” Cathy started narrating.
As she was starting, a fellow pupil pas-sed by where they were going to her room.
“Cathy let’s go we sit where it will be just the two of us. Someone might by eavesdropping what we will talking about” Hellen said.
“Where do we go?”
“Let’s go to the corridor of the science laboratories. It’s quiet there and people seldomly pas-s there” Hellen said.
As Cathy stood up, Hellen noticed how uncomfortable her friend was walking. They slowly walked to the laboratory corridor and sat there.
“Tell me now everything” said Hellen.
“I sneaked to Mr RAM’s house and I found him alone there. We ate some stuff after which he started telling me some sweet nothings. Before I could think of what was happening, we were in be-d doing it” Cathy said as she looked at Hellen to see her reaction but she was emotionless.
“After that I c@m£ back here but I am feeling so guilty of what I have done” Cathy lamented.
“So you are crying because of the guilty or pain he has made on you?” asked Hellen.
“Am guilty because of what we have done.”
“Cathy am your friend and am sorry to say this that you are a fool. And a bigger fool for that matter”
“I was there cracking my head thinking you are in physical pain because he is older than you. I saw how uncomfortable you were when you stood up and you are here telling me this nons-en-se of guilty? You should be ashamed of yourself.”
“I agree I was foolish but the pain was just when he was starting. During the course of it, I also started enjoying” Cathy said looking shyly at her friend.
“O M G! God, I asked for a normal friend, see what I got!” Exclaimed Hellen.
“Hellen I thought you wanted to hear everything”
“Yes, but I didn’t expect this p@rt where you are saying you also enjoyed. Anyway, did he use a… a…. a CD?” Asked Hellen.
“Which CD?”
“A c0nd0m?”
“No, he didn’t”
“What?! Were you out of your mind? How can you allow a man to enter you without protec-tion? We have been learning this since we were in grade five. What if you get pregnant?” Asked Hellen.
“He gave me some tablets which am sure prevent pregnancy.” Cathy said.
“And did he also give you tablets to st©p HIV from entering you?” Asked Hellen really pissed though she didn’t show all her anger.
“Don’t be silly Hellen.”
“Cathy you nee-d to be careful wirh your life. My grandmother told me that if you are not careful with your life, the time you will start enjoying life for real that is when illnesses will start on you and die prematurely.” Hellen said.
“I un-derstand that”
“Okay so what do you intend to do now? Should we inform the matron?” Asked Hellen.
“Maybe we should wait.”
“Listen to me Cathy, he is older than you and your teacher for that matter. He can not abuse you and you say we wait. If he continues with this, he will abuse a lot of girls here.”
“Hellen you promised not to tell anyone, so plea-se keep that promise”
“Why do you want to hide this? Did he give you anything?”
“No, I don’t know but I don’t feel like telling anyone”
“You have just told me meaning you nee-d help. So as a good friend, I will do what I ought to do” she said.
After sometime and Cathy got into a bit relaxed mood, they started going back to the hostels.
After having their lunch, Hellen dodged her friend and went to meet the matron. She wanted to talk to her.
“Hey Hellen come in” said the matron.
“Thank you madam.” She said.
“Actually as it is weekend I just c@m£ to get my charger. Is everything okay?” The matron asked.
“Yes, madam but I just nee-d a favour from you” Hellen said.
“Okay, what favour my girl?”
“Am asking for your phone, I would like to call my mother and ask her about the welfare of my brother Ackim”
“Is he sick?”
“Not really. I have just been dreaming about him.”
“Oh brotherly love, i see. Okay here is the phone just make it snappy.” Said the matron giving her the phone.
“Thank you madam. One more favour”
“Mmmmmm Hellen, okay whatt now?”
“Can i go outside I speak to her? There is something personal, plea-se”
“Just hurry up”
“Thank you madam” said Hellen going outside away from the matrons office.
She dialed her mother’s number until she picked.
“Hello mummy, it’s me Hellen call me back” said Hellen.
In a split second the matrons phone started ringing with a song ‘muliloshi’ by Suwilanji pla-ying as a ringing tone.
“Hello mummy” answered Hellen.
“Hello darling, how are you?” Misoh, Hellen’s mother asked.
“Am fine how are you and dad?”
“Am good dear. And your father is fine too though he went to Chibombo yesterday”
“Oh okay.”
“Is everything okay there?”
“Yes mummy, I just nee-d to ask something from you”
“Okay go ahead.”
“Mummy my friend here has been abused by a teacher now she feels like she doesn’t want to tell anyone about it, what should I do?” Asked Hellen.
Episode 10.
“What do you mean has been abused? She has willingly sle-pt with the teacher or R@p£d?” asked Misoh.
“I don’t know mum if it was r@p£ or she wanted it but what I know is that she has been crying and she doesn’t want to tell anyone.” Hellen said.
“Okay, how did you know about it?” Misoh asked.
“She told me”
“She told you but doesn’t want anyone else to hear about it?”
“Okay out know what my daughter, sometimes people tell you things and warn you not to tell anyone not because they don’t you to but because they think whoever you can tell cannot help them. When they say ‘don’t tell anyone’, what they actually mean is ‘dont tell anyone who will not help me’. So she is in emotional pain no wonder she might plead with you not to tell someone but the truth is she wants help.” Hellen’s mother, Misoh said.
“Mummy, won’t the teacher get jailed for that?”
“How will his being jailed have any negative impact on both you and your friend? If someone does something wrong, they nee-d to face the consequences. If he goes Scot free, can you imagine how many girls he will ruin. He is a teacher who should be like a parent to you and not a monster fli-pping whatever Sk-irt he sees.” Sad Misoh.
“So mum, who can I tell about it?” Hellen asked.
“I know there is a trustworthy adult you can tell there. Don’t you have any in your mind?”
“The matron, whose phone am using?”
“She could be of help if you trust her”
“Okay, I will do that. And one more thing mum”
“After she was abused, she said the teacher gave her some tablets to take to prevent her from getting pregnant, is it true that there aresuch drugs?”
“What?! But this man is a snake!”
“Hellen, yes they are there. They are called emergency pills or morning after pills. They are taken with 48hours to st©p the fertilised zygote from getting implanted in the uterus.”
“Oh okay”
“But they are not good being taken frequently especially by you young ones. Your b©dy system might get used to not having a zygote being implanted. This can be a real challenge when you want to conceive later in life.”
“Okay mum thank you. I will do just like you have told me”
“Anytime my girl and be serious with your studies.”
“Of course I will. And when coming for visiting plea-se bring me a big bowl of ice cream. I have missed it here” Hellen said.
“Okay sure. I have to go now. Take care. Love you.”
“I love you more mum” Hellen said as she hung up her call.
Hellen stood there thinking of what to do next as she held the phone in her hand. She went de-ep thinking that she didn’t notice the matron standing outside her office staring at her.
“Hellen, has your b©yfri£nddisappointed you?” Asked the matron.
“What? No madam.”
“I have been standing here and you couldn’t even notice me even if you were no longer speaking on phone”
“Oh sorry, i was de-ep in thoughts madam.”
“It’s fine. Are you done?”
“Yes madam. Thank you so much” she said handing her the phone.
“You are welcome. See you in the evening at beauty contest” said the matron.
“Okay see you” said Hellen as she went back to the hostels.
Hellen got on her bunker and sat there as she went de-ep in her thoughts. It was Hellen’s custom to stare at something but see literally nothing when she was into thoughts. Her problem solving instincts were so strong in her. She would not do anything until she found a solution to the problem which was beforehand.
“If I don’t tell the matron about this, RAM will continue abusing her and maybe other girls as well will be abused. If I tell her, he will be sorted out and other people will learn from him. Wait a minute, what about my friendsh!pwith Cathy? Will it stand? How about other pupils, how will they view her? As a pupil who sle-pt with a teacher? This is serious. What do I do?” Hellen thought.
“Hellen!!!!!” Shouted Cathy.
“What?!” Hellen answered out of thoughts.
“I am asking how do I look in this dress am planning to wear to the occasion tonight?”
“Wow. It’s lovely but I don’t think it looks nice on you” Hellen said.
“What do you mean?” Cathy said looking low.
“You should give me so that I rock in it. I can look better than you in it” Hellen said.
“Look at you!” She said smiling.
“Girlfriend, it’s so nice. You will look great in it.” Hellen said.
“Thank you”
Hellen looked at Cathy and noticed that her mood had improved. She wasn’t crying or looking affected anymore. It’s like she had not experienced anything traumatising that day.
“She is happy and am here cracking my head as if my Calabash was the one smashed religiously, let me also prepare for the function” Hellen thought to herself as she got down her bunker.
Hellen decided to take her time of not sharing Cathy’s incidence with anyone yet.
Hellen was walking down the corridor going to the tuckshop when she bu-mped into Mr RAM.
“Morning sir” Hellen greeted him.
“Hey morning girlfriend, where are you going?” said RAM.
“To the tuckshop sir” she said.
“Oh am very fortunate, here is the money. Bring me airtime to the office” said RAM as he gave her money.
“Okay sir” she said.
“Hurry up, I will be waiting for the airtime in the office” he said.
“Okay sir” she heading to the tuckshop.
“Girlfriend? Me?” Hellen asked herself as walked.
Hellen got to RAM’s office and knocked after which she entered.
“Hey what took you so long?” He asked.
“Oh sorry sir, there was no change at the tuckshop” she said giving him airtime.
“Oh okay I see.”
“Sir let me rush to the hostel” she said.
“No, just a minute. Sit down there.” He said pointing at a chair to which she sat.
“Hellen do you that you a very beautiful young girl and also smart for that matter?” He asked.
“No sir” she answered.
“Oh you are so beautiful. So as beautiful as you are you nee-d someone to make you feel more beautiful.” He said.
“What do you mean sir?” She asked.
RAM stood up from his chair and c@m£ behind her. He then started ru-bbing her shoulders.
“If you can allow me, the beauty in you can start glowing even outside your b©dy. I guess you know what I mean being smart as I know you” said RAM as he started running his hands down her che-st.
Watch out for episode 11.