Till death do us p@rt Episode 3 & 4

Episode 3.
“Before you continue grandma, is this Silas my grandpa or another Silas?” Asked Hellen.
“It’s your grandpa dear” granny said.
“Okay. Am glad. Continue now” Hellen said.
The goodness Silas showed me when we were at those steps was so heartwarming. I didn’t know whether to trust him or not because we have known each other for less than an hour. The only things I had known about him by that time was his name and that he had rescued me from that hoodlum.
I started stealing some glances at him. In that my game of stealing glances, he looked at me and our eyes met. He was so handsome with his fair skin as a little beards were covering his chin and cheeks.
The weather started changing to a little bit windy. The stromg breeze started b!owing towards where we sat.
“It’s getting a bit windy” he said to me.
“Yes, it is.” I answered.
He then started engaging me into some talking ma-king me to feel comfortable with him.
“This university is really an interesting place to be at. People who are here have different personalities which we nee-d to know in order to live accordingly with them. I have liked your personality and I nee-d to commend you” Silas said.
“Like really? Thank you. But you ha-rd ly know me.” I said.
“I have known a big deal of you so far.” He said.
“The moment you got into that hall, I saw how you were walking and how you pres£nted yourself. I knew that there is a calm and unique personality in you.” He said.
I can to un-derstand that he had really observed me because the personality in me then was really calm. My personality was also unique to that of Serah and her friend.
“I guess you are right. Are you doing psychology here?” I asked.
“No, I am doing civil engineering. Am in my third year. What about you? What have you come to study here?” He asked.
“Business administration” I answered.
“Oh that’s lovely. I can imagine how you will be handling your customers. It will be good.” He said.
We went on chatting until we fully got absorbe-d into it. Since he was so funny and jovial, I even forgot what happened at the hall.
He cracked a joke which I don’t even remember what it was about but I laughed so had that I ended up leaning on his shoulder. In that laughing, Serah popped up at where we were.
“Hope am not disturbing anything?” Serah said.
“No, you are not disturbing anything” I answered as we both stood up from the steps where we sat with Silas.
“This is Silas, Silas, this is Serah my roommate” I said introducing them to each other.
“Oh it’s wonderful knowing you Silas” Serah said.
“It’s my plea-sure meeting you.” Silas.
“Let me not plunge into your chatting. I will be inside our room.” Serah said.
“Actually, we were waiting for you to bring the keys” I said.
“Oh sorry. Let me just get my hoodie i Let the two of you here” said Serah.
“No. You don’t have to go anywhere.” I said.
“Why?” What about him?” Serah asked referring to Silas.
“Actually, he was keeping me company as we waited for you” i said.
“Yeah, i was keeping her company” Silas said.
“Okay, then you will find me inside” Serah said going into the room.
“Thank you for everything” i said to him as I gave him back his leather coat.
“You are welcome. I will take my leave now” he said.
“Have a goodnight” i said.
“Goodnight too. I hope we could meet again during the day we catch up.” He said.
“Yeah sure. No problem” I said.
I then went into our room where I found Serah waiting for me.
“Hey, its like someone is falling I love.” She tea-sed me.
“No, he is just a friend.”
“Yes from friend to friendsh!p, then love-sh!p” she said.
“I don’t intend to do that with him” I said.
“I didn’t say you will but all am saying is that this what happens sometimes.” She said.
“Whatever, let me rest” i said.
“plea-se rest as you think about how good that guy is. You must be very unfortunate. On your first week at this university you have alre-ady found a good guy”
“Serah, you are taking it all wrong.”
“I didn’t say anything. Let me go and shower before I rest” she said.
I also went to shower before coming to retire in be-d as well.
I l@yin the be-d thinking about how wonderful it was chatting with Silas. I had a lot of male friends but the chat I had with Silas was extraordinary. His companionsh!phelped me to forget all the pressure I went throu-gh with the costume I was made to wear. It also helped me to forget about the nas-ty experience with the goon at the dance.
As days went on, we got meeting and chatting. We then slowly started developing some special feeling for each other. As time went on we got into the loveboat in which we were really enjoying.
In his final year, he finally did what I had been looking forward to. He proposed to me and I gladly accepted.
The year in which I completed my course of training, we had our wonderful wedding. These are the pictures which we are looking at right now.
“Wow you had a great love story. But there is one thing which I didn’t get from your narration” Hellen said.
“Mmmmm Hellen, what now?” Grandma asked.
“What is it exactly that attra-cted you to grandpa?” Hellen asked.
“This girl! At your age?”
“Yes grandma, I nee-d to know as much as I can when you are still around” Hellen said.
“Hmmm, okay, I will tell you what made me marry your grandfather” grandmother said.
Episode 4.
“My daughter Hellen, in a man you want to marry, you nee-d to look for things which will make your marriage a better one. Since there is no perfect marriage, you nee-d to look for these two things in a man, Responsibility and love. A responsible man will make sure that he provide for his family amd protect his marriage. He will not allow anything to come in between him and his family or marriage. A man who loves you will also create a mini paradise here on Earth. Not that he will be buying you anything you want but that he will make your stay will him an enjoyable one.” Grandmother said.
“Okay so you married grandpa because he was responsible and Loved you?” Hellen asked.
“Of course. He is still responsible and loves me upto now.” Grandma said.
“Wow. I won’t suffer then looking for a husband.” Said Hellen.
“I will marry grandfather who is responsible and has love” Hellen said.
“Look at you. If you are here to get my husband, I will kill you. Go and find yours” grandmother said as they both broke into laughter.
“Grandma, grandma” Hellen entered the living room shouting.
She looked so excited that her grandmother knew that she had some good news.
“Hey girlfriend, what is it?” Asked grandmother.
“I have pas-sed to go to grade eight” Hellen said.
“Yes. I am from talking to mum. She has told me that I have been selected to go to Banani girls Secondary school.” Hellen said.
“Wow. That’s a great school. I am happy for you. Congratulations” grandma said.
“Thank you granny”
“Your grandfather and your brother Ackim are in the garage, should I go and tell them or you will tell them yourself?” Granny asked.
“I will tell them myself” she said as she went outside heading to the garage.
She found her grandfather, her brother Ackim and two workers changing oil of a van. She went directly to where her grandfather was standing and gave him a ti-ght hvg.
“Hey, Hellen, what is it now?” Grandfather Silas asked.
“I have pas-sed my grade seven exams.” She said.
“Really?” Asked grandpa.
“Yeah of course, and guess the school I have been selected to” she said.
“Mmmmmm, Matero boys secondary school.” Grandfather said.
“Aaaah! Grandpa, Matero boys? Am I a boy?” She asked.
“I thought your results took you to boys boarding school because the girls ones couldn’t handle you” he said.
“No, i have been selected to go Banani girls secondary school” she said with excitement.
“Oh Banani. It’s a lovely school in Chisamba. I once went there.” Grandfather said.
“Went there to do what? Learn?” She asked.
“Hellen with your questions. Can grandfather go to a girl’s school to learn?” Asked Ackim who had been listening to them.
“Mr Ackim, I don’t remember asking you anything. Don’t involve yourself in this family matter” Hellen said.
“Hellen are you saying Ackim isn’t p@rt of your family?” Asked one of the workers.
“Uncle, right now family is grandfather and I. So he is an outsider.” Hellen said.
“Eh! Okay” said the worker as he continued with what he was doing.
“Yes, grandfather tell me, how doe it look like?” She asked.
“As you can see we are busy here. We will talk when am done with what I am doing.” Grandfather said.
“Okay. You will find me with Grandma” Hellen said. Shared on whatsapp by Martino.
“Yes. Congratulations by the way.” Grandpa said.
“Thank you Grandpa” Hellen said.
“Even if I didn’t want to say this, Congratulations anyway” said her brother Ackim.
“Hey Mr big bully, don’t think your congratulations will accord you a chance to taste the cake granny will bake for me. You won’t see it” Hellen said.
“Grandfather, I nee-d your permission for something” Ackim said to Grandfather.
“Which is?” Asked grandpa.
“Let me just give Hellen two nas-ty sl@ps. I nee-d to show her that am her elder brother” said Ackim.
“You don’t nee-d to use violence to prove a point Ackim” said grandfather.
“I have tried everything but to na avail. I think sl@ps can resto-re her to default factory settings.” Ackim said.
“As if you can manage sl@pping me” said Hellen.
At that Ackim started chasing Hellen at which she ran whilst calling for her grandmother.
“These kids are something else” said grandfather as he joined the workers.
“Sir, where did this girl get her talkativeness? She is too much” asked one worker.
“Mmmm I even don’t know. Maybe from the cartoons she watches.” Grandfather said.
That evening there was a p@rty held to celebr@te the pas-sing of exams by Hellen. They cooked a lot of delicious food. The workers were all pres£nt to celebr@te that nice occasion with them.
There was music pla-ying they went on eating. There was dancing and cheering on the dance floor. The dancing got much when the song ‘chimwemwe dance’ started pla-ying. Grandfather stood up and got the dance floor ma-king the dance moves of the song. There was a lot of cheering as some workers never expected that their boss, grandfather, could have such dance moves.
It was time for the cake to be eaten. The female worker brou-ght the cake to the table where it was supposed to be. Grandma then invited Hellen to cut the cake and have a first piece of it. Hellen went there and with the help of granny, cut the cake. She then tastes the cake to everyone’s cheering.
The cake was then cut into pieces and each one in attendance got a piece of it. They then started eating it.
“Hellen do you have something to say?” Asked granny.
“What? Do you think Hellen ever runs out of what to say? She is a chutterbox. Hope we won’t get insulted here” grandfather said.
“No, she can’t. Come on Hellen” said grandma.
Hellen put down her plate of cake and stood in front of everyone.
“I am really happy that you have all come to celebr@te with me on my achievement. It’s not an ease this pas-sing grade seven exams” Hellen said at which they all cl@pped.
“An exam marked by computers, which you can answer even with your eyes closed, it’s simple” said Ackim as he looked away from Hellen.
“Grandma have you seen Ackim?” Said Hellen.
“Don’t mind him, go on my dear” grandmother said.
“Okay, I really thank you all for congratulating me. I just want to make mention to one person here that, you were refusing to help me with homework but today you are in the forefront eating the cake in a manner as if you have just been discharged from Chainama.” Hellen said looking at Ackim.
“Whatever this cake wasn’t baked by your grandmother” Ackim said as he stuffed his mouth with the cake.
“plea-se thank you much. If I continue talking i might end up beating someone here” Hellen said sitting down.
They all cl@pped for her except for Ackim who was engulfed in eating the cake.
“I have a question for Hellen. Why are you so cheeky to your elder brother Ackim?” Asked one of the worker.
“Uncle, plea-se ask her for me” Ackim said.
“Simple. He is my only brother and friend at the same time. I love him that’s why I trouble him” Hellen said.
“Mmmm okay it seems like you have answers to all questions” said the worker.
The last week of that holiday c@m£. Ackim and Hellen were then re-ady to go back in town to their parents. Their father ran his own construction company while their mother was a medical doctor.
Their father arrived on the evening of a Wednesday. He went there to pick them up. He was to spend a night at the farm and start off in the morning with them.
That evening was characterised with as the kids wanted to have a feel of their grandparents before leaving.
The meal was set and they all went to eat. After saying the grace, they started eating the meal.
“So dad, why didnt you come with mummy?” Asked Hellen.
“She is really tied up with work. She really wanted to come as well” Elmar said.
“Okay, i can’t wait to see her” said Hellen.
“I guess she is also looking forward to meeting you” said Elmah.
“But dad, what about….” Hellen almost said before being cut short by his dad.
“Hellen, you don’t talk with food in your mouth” said Elmah.
“Oh sorry Dad” Hellen.
“You are still talking with food” Elmah said.
“Papa Ackim, let the girl be. She missed you that’s why she can’t st©p talking to you” Grandmother said.
“Mother it’s like you have forgotten how you once sl@pped me for talking with food in my mouth. Why can’t you do the same to her?” Elmah asked.
“That is history” said grandmother.
“Hellen, let me tell you something, this your grandmother sl@pped me for talking with food in my mouth. She said its bad manners. So don’t talk with food in your mouth.” Elmah said.
“Okay Dad” Hellen said.
When they were done eating they went on chatting in the living room.
“Guys, you should go and sleep now. We will start off very early tommorow” Elmah said to Hellen and Ackim.
“Okay Dad, goodnight” Hellen said as they left for their rooms.
“It’s like you are very strict with these kids. Give them some freedom” grandmother said.
“Mother, if you have us freedom do you think we could have been who we are? No. Let me discipline them” Elmah said.
“Yes you can discipline them but not like this much” she said.
“Mother you used to beat us like I don’t know. What happened to you to change this much?” Asked Elmah.
“I un-derstand things more than I did then” she said.
“Okay, I will also change when I start un-derstanding things like you do” Elmah said.
“I now see where Hellen got her talkativeness. That girl can talk” grandma said.
“Yes, she got from you” Elmah said.
“Okay, talking about Hellen, will she still go to Banani secondary school?” Asked grandfather.
“I don’t feel like taking her there. She is just thirteen years old. I feel she is too young.” Said Elmah.
Watch out for episode 5.