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August 1, 2021


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Till death do us part Episode 28 & 29

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Episode 28.



Hellen was feeling what she had never felt before in her lifetime. She felt like a swarm of bees where crawling inside her skin wherever Lawrence ran his hand on her. The touch of his lips on her sent some rhythmic spasms from the spot of kissing to her entire body.

Hellen didn’t even know that she was making noise with her moaning. Thanks to the Bluetooth speaker which was playing in the room!

“Lawrence, I need more than this now” she whispered into his ears.

“Really?” He whispered back.

“Yeah. I want you to destroy my mass media complex like a nuclear bomb would” she whispered back.

“I have bad news though”


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“I am not going to do it with you”

“Lawrence this isn’t time to joke. Be serious”

“I am serious. Just wake up”

Lawrence then stood up going to the Bluetooth speaker as he played the next song.

Hellen went direct to Lawrence.

“Lawrence, am I not good enough for you?” She asked.

“You are so beautiful and very good for me.”

“But why do you want to leave me in this condition?”

“It’s revenge. I wanted you to make you feel what I feel when you stopped me to do it in your room” he said.


“Yeah, do you know how it feels now?” He asked.

“What?! This is unbelievable!” Shouted Hellen.

Lawrence broke into a loud laughter seeing how mad she was.

As he was still having his eyes closed while laughing, Hellen threw a nasty slap to his face which made him stagger on his feet trying to catch balance.

“You are so stupid. I was here ready to know how it feels and you come with your revenge nonsense!” She shouted.

“I am sorry Hellen”

“I hate you. Don’t you ever call me again” she said going to the door then banging it behind her.

Hellen was so angry with Lawrence. What made her very angry was the fact that she had comprised her moral standards for him only to be told that he wanted revenge.


Just then Lawrence’s course mate came to his room. He knocked then entered.

“What did you do to make her so furious?” The friend asked.


“No wonder. So as grow up as you are, you were in a room with a lady who happens to be your girlfriend and you did nothing! You are really a disappointment. You were supposed to do something” the friend said.

“Listen to me, i respect her and I want to enjoy with her when we get married.” Lawrence said.

“So are you saying that she will wait for you to marry her before she does it?”

“Of course. Why not?”

“Listen to me my friend. These girls you see are like mangoes. While you are waiting for them to ripe, others are eating them with salt. Open your eyes and give her what she wants.”

“I don’t want to do it against her will. You won’t understand what happened between us a week ago,”

“Oh! Okay, then am not interested. By the way I came to ask for your modem. Mine is misbehaving and I really need to finish what I am doing”

Hellen went and got to her room very angry with what happened. She got threw her phone on bed and went to the bathroom to shower. She then came and got into her beddings. Her friend Cathy noticed the change in her mood.

“Hellen, is everything okay?”

“Yeah everything is fine”

“I know you. Something bad has happened.”

“Cathy let’s not talk about this today. Goodnight” she said covering her head with a bedsheet.

Cathy didn’t want to force things but just went on doing what she was busy with.

“How dare you Lawrence!” Hellen thought to herself as she slowly fell asleep.


In the morning of the next day, Cathy made an effort to find out what went haywire with her friend.

“Cathy it’s not something you need to know” Hellen said.

“Then it shouldn’t make your mood so moody that I also get affected.”

“No problem”

“Hellen, a problem shared is a problem half solved.”

“Cathy, I agree I don’t have much experience in dating circles but I have to keep my relationship issues private unless there is need to open up. I will tell you if I need your help just like I always do. I am fine” Hellen said.

“Yeah you have a point here. I was just worried.”

“Don’t be worried am a big girl”

“Okay. See you then”

When Cathy went to open the door so that she could leave, she found someone.

“Hellen there is someone here for you” Cathy shouted as she left.

Hellen went outside and found that it was Lawrence.

“What do you want?” She asked.

“You look so beautiful when you get mad. I just came to say hi” he said.

“You fool come inside” said Hellen.

He went inside where she was. He sat on her bed while she sat on the Cathy’s bed opposite hers.

“Tell me exactly why you are here” asked Hellen.

“I came here to apologise for yesterday. I am really sorry.” He said.

“Before I forgive you, I need to hear the main reason why you did what you did”

“What I know is that you have kept yourself for so long and you want to be pure for your husband. After my pressure you compromised your stance. At that point you proved to me that you really loved me. You can do anything for me”

“Okay, but was there no any other way to find out if I love you?”

“They are there but that was the simplest. What I am proud off is that I didn’t make you do what you never wanted until the set time”

“You are unbelievable!”

“My grandfather told me that ‘marry a woman who loves you not the one you love’ and I am now fully convinced that you love me. So I have a simple question for you”

“What question?”

Lawrence knelt down and got out an engagement ring from his pocket, slowly opened it and popped that auspicious question.

“Hellen, will you marry me?” He asked sincerely.


“Yes, marry me”

“O M G!”

“Is that a yes or no?”

“No, it’s a yes. Yes Yes” she screamed.

Lawrence slowly shoved in the ring on her finger. During that moment Cathy walked into the room.

“What the …., Oh sorry! what am I looking at? I mean what is happening here?” Cathy screamed.

“She will marry me” said Lawrence.

“Wow. This is so good. Congratulations to you two. I can’t wait to dance” said Cathy.

“Thank you”

Lawrence and Hellen shared a passionate kiss in front of Cathy to celebrate their new step of their relationship. Cathy was busy taking pictures of them celebrating.


Episode 29.


“Wow. I am really happy for you too guys.” Cathy said as tears of joy ran down her cheeks.

“Thank you”

“Let me Leave the two of you so that you can talk out your heart’s to each other.” Cathy said.

“No actually, am leaving as well. I need to prepare for a lecture and I need to make arrangements for our dinner to celebrate our engagement.” He said.

“Oh that’s so sweet of you Lawrence” Cathy said.

“Thank you” he said.

“If I may ask, why didn’t you propose her at the dinner this evening so that a lot of people can witness it?” Cathy asked..

“I will never take that chance in my life. So when a lot of people witness our engagement then what? Or what if she rejects me in front of all those people, how will I be moving about? Real men propose in private” he said.



“Okay, whichever am really happy”

“Hey babe, i will see you later” he said to Hellen.

Lawrence left the room leaving the two of them inside their room.

“You see how blessed you are! Some of us have to meet all sons of pharaoh who will abuse us before someone can engage us. You are really luck. Please take good care of this relationship.”

“Thank you Cathy”

“So, when are you going to tell your mother about it?”

“I can’t tell my mother.”


“I am a cultured lady. I will tell my grandmother first who will in turn tell my mom”

“Which culture? You are just not sure of her reaction.”

“You might be right but I will tell granny first.”

“Okay, you can call her.”

“I will call her when you leave” Hellen said removing the ring from her finger.

“What are you doing?”

“Removing the ring”

“Why? Are you nuts?”

“Listen my dear, if a Bugatti can be put out of road to verify if it’s genuinely accessed, why can’t I remove my ring to first confirm if its a real engagement or not?”

“I don’t understand you. As for me, the day I will receive a ring on my finger, even queen Elizabeth will hear about it”

“Okay. Now go”

“But remember, even if you have been engaged earlier than me, am still order than you.”

“Okay I know, go now”

“Okay, what are we going to eat soon?”

“Cathy go!”

“Eeeh ba miss engagement”

No sooner had Cathy left the room than Hellen called her grandmother.

“Yes granny, I have good news for you.”

“What? Tell me” said grandma Dinah.

“I have been engaged by my boyfriend” she said.

“Wow. That’s so great news. Congratulations”

“Thank you ma”

“You are welcome. But you have to be very careful”


“Some men may engage you of they see that you are obsessed with marriage just to get under your skirt. Close your legs tightly. Are we together?”

“Yes grandma”

“Good. I will tell your grandpa about him losing his girlfriend”

“Aaaah ma okay.”

“Okay bye my dear”

“Bye granny”



The relationship of Hellen and Lawrence was still standing strong and was an exemplary one.

One the other hand, Cathy’s relationship with her boyfriend was growing stronger as well. The guy she met at the field trip proved to be a gentleman for her.

One weekend, the guy came to visit his relatives in town where the university Cathy went to was. They made arrangements to meet that evening.

Cathy, Hellen and Lawrence went to their meeting place where they were to have a double date. When the gentleman came to meet them, Hellen was so happy that her friend had such a handsome guy for a boyfriend.

He was tall with a light brown complexion which complemented well with his muscular body. He was growing a bit of beards which made him an every lady’s desire.

The two couple got chatting as they devoured the meal they ordered.

“Excuse us, I need to talk to my love in private” said Cathy’s boyfriend as he held Cathy’s hand and standing up.


Cathy the guy went up on the balcony of the hotel they went to.

“Come and see how beautiful this scenery is” he said to Cathy as he showed her the glimmering lights in the town.

“It’s so beautiful”

“Yes it is. Now I’m it without lights. It could be so dark”

“Yes it could be”

“That is how my life would be without you, that is why I am asking you please marry me” said the guy as he bend his right leg and opened a ring box to her.

Cathy couldn’t believe that her long awaited time had finally arrived. But emotions strongly came to her that she started crying silently.

“Cathy, are you okay?”

She just nodded in agreement.

“Then marry me” he said.

“I need to tell you something before I agree.”


“I don’t know how to say it. I would have told you earlier.”

“What is it? Tell me”

“I am sick” she said crying.

“Come on. We all get sick”

“I mean, I am HIV positive”

“What?! You must be kidding me! So you have been with me all this while and you couldn’t tell me about this?! You are so selfish” said the guy standing up as he closed his ring box.


Watch out for episode 30.

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