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August 1, 2021


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Till death do us part Episode 14 & 15

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Episode 14




“Why the phone?” Asked the head teacher.

“That is where the recording of the conversation is” answered the matron.


“Yes sir. Hellen where is the phone?” The matron asked her again.

“I left it in your office” answered Hellen.

“Okay, go and get it” said the matron.

Hellen stood up leaving for the phone at the matrons office.

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“I hope there is evidence because this is a very serious issue. And if it happens that there is no evidence, we can’t proceed with this issue.” Said the headteacher.

“Sir we have concrete evidence which Hellen will bring now.” Said the matron.

“Okay. Mr RAM pray that you are innocent in this because you won’t be spared” the head teacher said.

Ram was so proud of himself knowing very well that he had already smashed the phone which had evidence of the issue.


Hellen made quick strides to the matron’s office. She entered the office and found that the phone was not where she left it. She started looking for it on the table. She panicked when she saw that the phone was no where to be seen on the table.

“Who could have taken the phone?” She asked herself.

After spending some time there she then left the office. She slowly walked along the pavement as she thought of what to do as the evidence was nowhere to be seen. She finally got to the head teacher’s office. She looked so low which made the matron get worried.

“Hellen, did you find the phone?” Asked the matron.

“No, it’s not on the table. Someone must have taken it.” Said Hellen.

“What?! It must be there. Let me go and check” said the matron.

“Madam, the phone was with Hellen so how are you going to find it. We don’t want to delay much here as we have a lot to do.” Said the head teacher.

“But sir, we can find the phone.” Said the matron.

“Yes you can but we don’t have that evidence now which can be defaming the teacher here. Okay, I know this issue has some substance to it because you two seem convinced of the issue. And I am also skeptical about why the teacher locked you madam in his office. The evidence in your phone would have helped but unfortunately it’s not here. So what we will do is that, allow us to scrutinize the issue then we will table it later.” Said the head teacher.

Though the matron wasn’t for the idea, she had no option but to accept as the evidence which would have helped was not there.

“Sir remain behind” the head teacher said to RAM.

The matron and Hellen went outside leaving the office. They were both looking so low as they did not get the results they were expecting.

“So madam what do we do now?” Asked Hellen.

“My dear, all am sure of is he will be caught red handed. Just don’t lose your faith and stance” saie the matron.

As they went on talking, they heard someone calling the matron.

“What is it now?” Asked the matron.

“Don’t be cheeky. I have something for you.” The female teacher said.

“What?” asked the matron.

“You left your phone in your office and it has been ringing since the time I came looking for you at your office. I got it looking for you” said the teacher.

“Where is it?!” shouted the matron asking.

“Here it is” the teacher said handing her the phone.

“How I wish you knew how we have suffered because of this phone” said the matron as she checked in her phone to see the recording.

“Let’s go back Hellen. The recording is here.” Said the matron as they got back to rhe office.

“Sorry sir, we are back with evidence” said the matron as they entered the office.

“Okay, where is it?” Asked the headteacher.

“Here it is sir. You can play it” said the matron.

The headteacher got the phone, looked at ram and then started playing it. The head teacher played till the end with awe in him.

“Sir, what do you have to say now after this evidence?” the headteacher asked ram.

Ram just kept quiet and looked down without saying anything. He was ashamed of himself for what he had done. He knew that all his tricks had failed that day. He even remembered the chewa saying which goes like ‘tsiku lakufa nyani, mutengo yonse imatelera’ (the day for the death of a monkey, trees become slippery). This was so because all his tricks he thought would be of help to him proved futile.

“Sir, kindly give us a moment. Be outside we will call you soon.” Said the head to Ram at which Ram went outside.

When RAM sat on the bench outside the headteachers office, sense started dawning on him.

“Why did I go for her? It was so stupid of me?” He said to himself.

(Back in the office)

“Hellen, I am really grateful for what you have done. We as a school and the government want nothing but the best for all pupils at this school. The government doesn’t condone anybody who takes advantage of a girl child. And a teacher doing this is really bad. I really commend you for the stance you have taken. If not for you, who knows how many more pupils would have fallen victim to him. Please this is really great. Keep it up” said the head teacher.

“Thank you sir” said Hellen.

“It’s us who have to be thankful. But I have to ask something from you.” Said the head teacher.

At this moment, Hellen shook on her seat to try to get a better sitting position so that she could hear what the request was from the headteacher.

“This issue is very delicate so I ask you to keep your mouth shut and not to tell anyone else. Let this be among us only” said the headteacher.

“Okay sir”

“,Good. Madam, thank you for being vigilant on the welfare of the girls. We are really grateful.” Said the headteacher.

“I am just doing my job sir. Though I have a request too. Let justice be done on this issue otherwise it might implicate you in the future.” Said the matron.

“I hear madam. Thank you. We will get in touch with you as soon as we need your assistance” said the headteacher.

The matron and Hellen left the office really proud for accomplishing their goal. They enthusiastically walked to her office.

After Hellen and the matron left, Ram was called into the office.


The decision regarding the case of ram was sorted out. And due to humanity purposes, he was to be transferred from the girl school to a boys secondary school.

Hellen and the matron were so proud of themselves that the thorn in the flesh was done and dusted.


“Hellen, it’s like you are so proud of what you did?” Said Cathy as she sat next to her in their hostel.

“What?” Hellen asked.

“Ram issue. You have succeeded in having him transferred.” Cathy said.

“Yes, i am so proud that he won’t abuse girls here anymore.” Said Hellen.

“You should be ashamed of yourself. Are you our spokesperson? Did we say we hated his abusing us? Did we complain about it? You are so useless” said Cathy.


Episode 15.


Hellen couldn’t believe what Cathy had just said to her. What made it very difficult to believe was the fact that she was praising being abused.

“Cathy are you even listening to what you are saying?”asked Hellen.

“I am telling you exactly what is in my chest.” Said Cathy.

“Okay, how do you think I should have handled the issue?” asked Hellen.

“Anyway you wanted except having him transferred.”

“Listen to me Cathy, I don’t care what should have happened to him, all I know is he is a moron. He is even luck that he didn’t get fired.”

“Hellen you are a hypocrite. You seem like you are principled when infact you spoiled. You are calling an elderly person a moron! Look at you, shame”

“Age without moral is futile. If you don’t respect yourself how do you expect others to respect you? He called himself a moron by doing what he did. He can not be going around abusing innocent girls at this school.” Hellen said.

“They are not innocent if they also agree. They do it out of their own will.” Cathy said.

“Okay, whether they do it out of their own will or not, all I know is that the teacher is wrong and he deserves punishment. You don’t even have to waste your time mourning over his transfer. Wise up and be a good girl” said Hellen.

“Are you saying am a bad girl? If you think you are a saint, you better keep your righteousness to yourself. And don’t meddle in other people’s business. I thought I could trust you but you have instead proved to be of no value” Cathy said standing up.

“Cathy sit down!” Shouted Hellen.

“Or else what?” Asked Cathy still standing.

“Oh I will smash you candy butt” Hellen said pulling Cathy forcely to the bed.

Cathy came down with force that she felt some pain on herself due to the pulling of Hellen. Though Cathy was fatter between them and looked giantic, Hellen had a lot of strength. Cathy was also very well of what kind of bearing her friend was capable of giving her.

Hellen stood up angrily as she looked at Cathy. Cathy felt very afraid with how Hellen looked.

“Listen to me Cathy, I don’t care who you are or what you think of yourself. If you want some filthy, old fools to be smashing your Calabash, let them go ahead. But tell all those who are parangashating your Calabash to stay away from me because I will have them transfered or fired. My Calabash is specifically for my wedded husband in future. I won’t give my virginity to any fool because of anything. This is my pride.” Said Hellen while finger pointing Cathy all along.

Hellen then made two steps backwards about to leave the room but she turned back to Cathy again.shared on whatsapp by Martino.

“And let me warn you, next time you come and talk nonsense to me, I will end up getting transferred because of what I will do to you. Your brothers won’t be able to recognize your face. Foolish girl” said Hellen leaving the hostel.

Cathy was afraid of Hellen and she sat there fidgetit with fear. She then started throwing things as tantrums came on her.

“I hate her! I hate her” Cathy shouted as she threw the pillow and her beddings.

“Who do you hate?” Asked a voice behind her.

Cathy turned to see who it was talking to her. She immediately froze seeing Hellen standing.

“I… I… I… Wasn’t talking about” Cathy stutted.

“You better not hate me or else I will straighten you up” said Hellen as she a bottle of juice amd went outside to drink.

From that incidence, Cathy always knew her limits with Hellen. She started holding her in high regard.


Hellen was very active in different school activities. Due to her eloquent speaking, she particularly became an amazing debator. After doing some school competitions, she emerged best speaker.

She was then selected to be party of the school debate team to go and represent the school at the debate fair.

Hellen went to the fair with other debators. On her school team she was the only grade eight as most the pupils in that team were seniors. This made her the favourite of the teacher who went with them.


“Guys, you have to do your best. We can’t afford to lose to this school. We have to go to the finals. Hellen pull your stats on them.” Their teacher said to Hellen and her friends before going into the debate platform.

“Okay sir, we won’t let you down.” they said.

Hellen’s team went and debates to their level best. Hellen proved to be the audience’s favourite as she looked younger and so smart. So whenever she got the floor, the audience we wild. This went on until the debate session came to an end awaiting results.

Hellen became a one day celebrity there as most people wanted to talk to her. Hellen noticed a certain boy from a different school who had been trying to catch her sight.

“My dear, don’t even think of anything. You are wasting your time” Hellen thought to herself referring to the boy.

When Hellen went to the tuckshop to get herself some snacks, the boy followed her up.

“Hello, how are you?” Said the boy.

“Am fine how are you?” Said Hellen.

“Am Lawrence” said the Boy.

“Hellen” she said.

“Oh I already know it. Your debating was amazing. You are a born debator” Lawrence said.

“Thank you”

“Can we walk together to the tuckshop?” Lawrence asked.

“That won’t be bad but unfortunately, No” Hellen said.

“Why?” he asked.

“Because I said No” said Hellen leaving him standing going to the tuckshop.

“I can see you have a bigger sense of humour” said Lawrence after catching after her.

“I am joking. I am serious. Walk alone” said Hellen.


Watch out for episode 16

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