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April 23, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Till death do us part Episode 11 to 13

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11 – 13


Episode 11.




Hellen didn’t like the idea of RAM running down his hands over her. She remembered what her mother and grandmother taught her about self respect. They taught her that there are parts on her body which no one is supposed to touch her, not even her relative. That’s why they are called private parts because they are private. They also taught her that if any person touches her anywhere on her body which makes her feel uncomfortable, she should tell that person to stop as it is sexual harassment.

“Sir if you know what is good for you, you better stop what you are doing” said Hellen seriously.

“Oh come on Hellen. It’s not as if I will get these from you” said RAM touching her breasts as he said ‘these’.

“I said, Stop it!” Shouted Hellen as she stood up.

“Hellen don’t be so dramatic. It’s just the two of us and no one has to know about it” said RAM.

“Don’t you know that what you are doing is sexual harassment? And you as a teacher, then me being a pupil, this can coat you your job?” Asked Hellen.

“Hellen, do you really know what sexual harassment is?”

“Exactly what you have been doing is what

we call sexual harassment”

“You are misinformed. How can something feeling so good be sexual harassment? I could see how you were enjoying my hands running over you. Why do you girls like pretending like you don’t want when you are really dying to have it?”

“Sir, I am not cheap girl who can be laid anyhow. Even if I want a man, that can never be you because you are not my type.” Said Hellen.

“Hellen I will not tolerate you insulting me. Leave my office.” said RAM getting angry.

“I didn’t insult you, you started insulting yourself by touching these childish breasts. Look at you no shame. Do you think the little me is for your consumption?” Asked Hellen.

“I said leave my office before I do something bad to you”

“I am leaving because my mission has been accomplished. I was looking forward to this day when you can get exposed.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I have been hearing how you have been abusing young girls here. Now I will teach you a lesson.” Said Hellen as she walked near the door of the office ready to run in case of anything.

“You can’t do anything silly girl. No one will believe anything that will come out of your mouth. It’s my world against yours” said RAM.

“Really? I have evidence of everything that has happened here. I have recorded everything here on this phone” Hellen said getting the phone which was tucked in her skirt and showing it to her.

When RAM looked at the phone

he saw on the screen that it was recording there conversation. He couldn’t believe that Hellen could be so smart. What really confused him was the fact of where he could have taken the phone since phones where not allowed in school.

“What? Where did you get that phone?” Asked ram in surprise.

“Let me tell you” Hellen said.


The moment she met with Mr RAM and sent to buy airtime Hellen knew that something would happen when she was told to go to his office. So instead of going to the tuckshop, she first ran to the matron.

“Madam, I really need your help” said Hellen to the matron.

“What is it Hellen?” Asked the matron.

“I am asking for your phone. I want to use it to expose someone who is not fit to be here” said Hellen.

“Who is it? What has that person done?” Asked the matron.

“Madam I will explain everything to you when I come. Kindly unlock your phone and put it on recording for me” said Hellen.

“Okay, here you are” said the matron after doing as Hellen asked.

“Thank you. I will be back. Don’t go away from here” said Hellen as she tucked the phone in the waist of her skirt and covering it with her jersey.

She then rushed to the tuckshop, got what she wanted and the talk time for RAM. She then rushed to RAM’s office with her phone still recording.


“So that is how I have this phone” said Hellen.

“Hey bring it here” said RAM dashing at Hellen.

Hellen swiftly dashed out of the office at high speed and ran away. RAM went back into his office and started panicking.

“If that recording is heard by the head teacher, I will be finished” ram said to himself.

With these thoughts,he started sweating profusely that he even removed the necktie he was wearing to allow for some fresh air to cool him.

“What will I do?” Said Ram.


Hellen continued running until when she got to the office of the matron. She was panting heavily due to her running.

“Madam…. madam…. here” Hellen said handing her the phone.

“What is it?” the matron asked.

“It’s a …. It’s a ……” Hellen said failing to finish sentences due to her heavy breathing.

“Okay, drink this glass of water and tell me what happened” said the matron giving her water.

Hellen then explained everything from the point she was sent to the tuckshop and invited to the office, through how she got the phone to point of where she was.

“Wow! Who told you this plan?” the matron asked.

“I made it myself” Hellen said.

“It was so brilliant. This is excellent, keep it up my dear” said the matron.

“Thank you madam. Now I need your help to expose him” said Hellen.

“Okay, let me just listen to the recording” matron said.


The matron played the recording and heard how ram went on trying to ask out Hellen. The matron was impressed with how Hellen was tactifully answering him.

“Wow. This was so good. I am proud of you.” Said the matron after listen to the recording.

“Thank you. So what do we do now?” Asked Hellen.

The matron had her hands and legs tied up at this moment. This was so because RAM was engaged to her cousin. If this matter was revealed, he could get fired which will in turn make her cousin suffer due to RAM’s unemployed status. If not that, her cousin can break the engagement which she (her cousin) worked hard on to be achieved. So the matron really was in that line state of mind trying to figure out what to do.

“I don’t want to bring chaos to my cousin. She can’t bear to hear that I had to do with his dismissal” the matron thought to herself.


Episode 12.


The matron was really depressed as thoughts kept coming to her of what would happen if she went ahead helping Hellen expose Mr RAM.

What made this really difficult was the fact that her cousin had been single for a very long time. She had even lost hope of ever getting married in her life. She reached an extent of feeling so worthless and wanting to commit suicide when her younger sister got engaged before her. The matron knew that revealing that truth would create wrangles in their relationship causing it to shutter, this would in turn occur badly on her cousin.

On the other hand, she saw how smart and intelligent Hellen was. She was so dear to her and she was trusted by her. So not helping her would ruin her trust in her and that is not what the matron wanted.

“What should I do now?” the matron asked herself.

“Madam what do we do?” asked Hellen seeing her so quiet.

“Aaaaaah. Hellen just give me a minute” said the matron as she stood up.


“Here keep my phone. I will be back soon” said the matron.


“Just keep it” she said.


The matron walked out of the office looking so moody. Hellen remained there still wondering where the matron had gone. She didn’t know whether to leave the office or not.

The matron walked through the pavements quickly as she headed to RAM’s office. When she got there, she found him locking the office about to leave.

“Excuse me, I need to have a word with you.” Said the matron.

Ram stood there for a while without saying anything looking thoughtful. He then opened the door to the office and went inside and sat on his chair.

The matron didn’t even get the comfortability of sitting down .

“Ram I just need nothing but the real truth from you. If you say the truth, the better.” Said the matron.

Ram didn’t say anything but just got his phone and started pressing it.

“Hellen came to me and told me anything about what you have done, is it true?” the matron asked.

“Just tell me what you want, I don’t have time” RAM said.

“Ram, you better respect yourself. This is a serious issue and if you are not careful this could be the end of your career.” Said the matron.

“You connived with the girl to trap me. You won’t succeed with this. I am connected.” Said ram.

“Your connection wont help you on this one. You just need to say the truth to me or else you will be finished.” She said.

“You can’t finish me. Do you know how much was spent on my education? It’s obvious you don’t know” he said.

“If you knew the real value of your education you wouldn’t have done what you have done. You don’t even seem remorseful” she said.

“Remorse? What for? It’s like you have nothing to say which is of value to me. Leave my office” He said pointing at the door.

“Listen to me RAM, I have come here to you because of my cousin you are engaged to. Had it not been for her, right now I would have been in the head teachers office reporting your foolishness.” Said the matron.

“I don’t care. Just leave”

“Like seriously? You are chasing me from your office?”

“You heard me right.”

“Am glad Hellen has shown us who you really are. You are not even ashamed of yourself trying to abuse little girls. I wonder what kind of a husband you would have made for my cousin ” said the matron losing her cool.

“I would have made her see my true colours. I don’t even love her. She is the one who has been all over me. What kind of a lady is she who gives a man money to buy things for her and look like they have come from him? She is so desperate and I don’t like desperate ladies.” Said ram.


“Yes, and i know we won’t have chance to speak to each other, so kindly tell her that I never loved her and that engagement was just a way of making me be authorised to do anything with her. Infact she is not even a pure woman. Her Calabash is so giantic that I feel like it’s a spoon storing sugar when am doing it with her. Who would want to marry such a kamwala flyover bridge tunnel? Not me.” Said Ram.

“Ram, you don’t destroy bridges. You will remember her one day and will want to get back to her”

“Not me”

“See you at the head teachers office. Let me now go to my office I discuss the way forward with Hellen, the smart girl who has caught you pants down” the matron said.

At the moment, ram quickly rushed to the door and locked the matron in his office from outside.

“Ram open this door. Don’t be foolish” said the matron.

“You will be here until I am done dealing with Hellen. I am now going to your office so that I destroy the evidence in the phone.” Said ram.

“You wont get away with this” said the matron.

“We will see” he said leaving.

Ram quickly went to the office of the matron. His heart started racing when he saw the door open as he got sure that Hellen would be inside the office.

“Let me deal with this little foolish girl” said RAM to himself.

He got to the door of the office and burged in then closing the door behind him. He then looked around but to his surprise, Hellen wasn’t there in the office.

“Where is this little fool?” Ram asked himself.

He then opened the door about to leave when he looked at the table and saw a phone.

“Oh so she left this room and left the phone behind? The odds are in my favour” said ram to himself.

He then got the phone without looking at it for a second and left the office. He then went to the toilet and smashed the phone to destroy all evidence.


The matron sat in RAM’s office locked up. She didn’t know what to do as she didn’t have her phone. As she was thinking of what to do, she just heard someone calling her.

“Madam, ba matron” called the feminine voice.

“Hello who is there?” the matron asked going to the door.

“It’s me Hellen.” the voice answered.

“Hellen how come you are here?”

“I followed you when you came here. Let me call the deputy to come and unlock the door for you.” Hellen said.

“Hurry up”

Hellen rushed to the deputy head teachers office to call on her. The deputy head quickly went to RAM’s office to confirm if it was true.

As the deputy and Hellen were in the passage heading to RAM’s office, they saw ram opening his office. When they got there they found the matron manhandling him with slaps.

“I will just beat you up nicely. Let me go” said ram.

“Stop it!” Shouted the deputy head to them at which they stopped.

“I don’t like this. Let us all go to my office.” Said the deputy head.

The deputy head, ram, the matron and Hellen sat I tue office of the deputy to discuss the issue.

“Tell me what happened. I want to hear everything.” Said the deputy.

The matron narrated everything from the beginning to the end of it.

“Wow! Is this true Mr RAM?” Asked the deputy.

Ram didn’t say anything but kept quiet as he looked down.

“This is serious. It has to be handled by the head teacher. Let me just call him to see if we can go to his office.” Said the deputy head.

After the deputy was given permission, they all went the head teacher’s office.

The head teacher was briefed of the issue they went there for. The head teacher just held his mouth as the story was so overwhelming.

“Madam matron, do you have any evidence right now against him?” Asked the head teacher.

“Hellen, where is the phone?” The matron asked the Hellen.


Watch out for episode 14.

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