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Through the shadow 3 Episode 9 & 10

Written by💕Angel Louis💕
☄️Faith Louis Ebirim ☄️
✨Episode 9✨(50)
*Two Days Later*
Seon sat at the balcony obviously lost in thoughts.. he’s back to Milano city.. ~his home town~
He’s back for some reasons and it’s very obvious that he didn’t achieve anything during his stay in New York City.
No Louisa… No happiness.
He actually came back for two reasons.
One for the search of Ciara. Since it’s clear to him that she is somewhere around Italy.
Second is Louisa.
He never saw a reason to stay back in new York after being fired by Louisa. There’s virtually nothing there to hold on to.
Louisa gave him up and firing him meant she’s done with him.
What happens to the love they shared for each other? He thought she confessed she loves him.
What really happened to that love?
He die she just say it back to him for reciprocation?
He couldn’t tell for now cause he has already cut all links leading to Louisa. He’s so heartbroken and he doesn’t know if blocking her number was the right thing to do.
He should forget about her. Just the way she’s trying to forget him.
It does hurt like hell 🤒
For just two days away from her he isn’t himself. He has bluntantly refused to speak to him parents about anything concerning his stay in New York.
All he needs now is to be alone… All by himself and maybe get along with Andrea who is pregnant for him.
He’s gonna do the needful since he’s responsible…
He suddenly jerked from his thoughts when he felt a touch on his shoulders. He took a glance at the hand before tracing it to the person’s Face.
“Aiden” he trailed off.
“Why did you flinch that way? It’s just me man” he chuckled lightly, taking a sit beside him.
“You look lost seon” he blurted out staring at his friend..
“Is it that obvious?” Seon asked with a slight smile.
“Yes… So what’s wrong? Since you came back from your trip you haven’t really been yourself. You never told me how exactly you spent your time over there.
How you managed to cope managed to cope without any @ssistance…
I really don’t like your mood. It’s ridiculously terrible”
Seon exhaled sharply.
“I got a job at Lintel companies at new Jersey and within some weeks, I was transferred to the headquarters in New York City”
“Whoa! That’s cool man. Hope you made progress?” Aiden asked, snapping into his words.
Seon cackled,. “yes. At my new site, I kind of fell in love with a lady..”
He paused when he noticed the way Aiden winked at him in a mischievous way…
He smiled at his friend’s reaction and then went on to tell him everything that happened there,…. Their love affair and heartbreak.
” Everything started crumbling the moment Andrea showed up ….
I really don’t Know what Happened.. she told she is…
“Pregnant for you” Aiden snapped in, completing his statement.
Seon’s brow furrowed..
“Hey man. Don’t look suprised. I’ve got something with eavesdropping… I kind of eavesdropped on my dad and Andrea last night. And he knows about the pregnancy too”
Aiden added, and then continued…
“Is that why you came back? Because Andrea got pregnant for you?” .
.Seon sighed out, shaking his head.
“Not really. I came back for some private reasons… And also because she fired me.
She wasn’t really okay with Andrea’s pregnancy. I tried to explain things to her that it wasn’t my fault. I tried to tell her that Andrea had practically drugged me and made me get her pregnant.
She wouldn’t listen to any of it”
“Andrea drugged you? Why am I not even surprised” he blurted out…
“The morning she fired me, I kind of bumped into Andrea’ on her way out of Louisa’s office”
“Wait a sec…. Andrea left her office the same morning she fired you. Don’t you think Andrea has a hand in this?” Aiden asked trying to figure a clue.
“I know Louisa . If you’re trying to say Andrea threatened her then you must be wrong cause the Louisa I fell in love with isn’t scared of threats…
What can Andrea hold against her, or threaten her with?” Seeing scoffed.
“Louisa isn’t scared of anything Aiden… One of these days I’m gonna fill you in with Louisa Sullivan’s history” seon added causing Aiden to smile a little.
.”I’m sure you’re aware it’s my sister we are talking about here. You act as if you don’t know her anymore.
Andrea has her way of doing things. She’s got a dirty way of getting what she wants.
She must have done something to make Louisa fire you.
I mean it’s no coincidence. Seeing Andrea leave the office that same morning you got fired.
My sister plays dirty seon!” Aiden commented truthfully.
Seon was getting really confused no, he doesn’t know what to believe anymore.
He knows Andrea’ and her dirty games. But he also knows Louisa.
Louisa isn’t the scared type that will flinch at threats.
Louisa is tough and brave.
~but one thing seon doesn’t know is that, coming into Louisa’s heart melted those tough and bossy attitude of hers. He was gradually turning her heart to be soft as it ought to be~
“I don’t know what to believe Aiden. But there’s one thing I know.
I’m not going back to New York City.
Whatever reason that made Louisa fire me must be best for the both of us. Especially for her.
I respect her decision for that”
“If that’s what you want.. what next step are you taking?”
“I guess I’ll have to stick to the proper arrangements for which has been made by your sister and your dad.”
“You want to pull through with the marriage? With Andrea?”
The concern on Aiden’s voice caused a deep furrow across his brow.
“It’s on Probation. At Least I’m Responsible” seon sighed out in defeat
“But you have no feelings. For my sister. You can’t marry someone you don’t love” Aiden retorted disgustfully.
“I may not love her now, but I’ll learn to…”
“Seon are you sure about this? Do you really want to do this?”
“There’s nothing more to do Aiden. It’s the next step from here. ” Seon concluded..
As his vision turned blurry…. Not knowing if he’s making the right decision.
✨ Episode 10✨
Mrs Zilia replayed the audio continously smiling at herself.
Her daughter has done more than a great job for her. With this great evidence she’s got with her. Louisa doesn’t stand a chance to expose her.
Mrs Zilia quickly paused the audio cl!p when she heard footsteps approaching. She hid the phone inside her purse.
The door squeaked and Andrea and Andrea made her way through.
“Hey… Good morning Mom” Andrea greeted beaming with smiles as she planted a klzz on her mom’s cheek.
“Morning Andrea how have you been with your dad brother?”
“Manageable” She loftily replied twirling her eyes.
“Just officially told him I and Seon will push through with the wedding…” Andrea added throwing her bag aside as she collapsed on a chair like a log of wood. Reaching out for the teapot which was placed close to her mom.
She smiled and stretched out for it. Pouring some into a teacup.
“What did seon say about the arrangement?” She asked.
Andrea took a sip of the hot tea b!0wing off the smoke from it.
“I think he’s good with it he has no choice rather” Andrea bluntly replied.
“No choice huh? … The last time I remembered, you mentioned to me that you are clearly one of the reasons he left Italy.
And now you’re comfortably saying he’s got no choice.. do you think seon is a time of guy that’ll jus…
“I’m pregnant mom!” She snapped in.
“I’m pregnant and seon’s Responsible” Andrea blurted out ..
“How…. How did
“I used the drugs I kind of smuggled off your office on him…” Andrea confessed.
Obviously waiting for her mom to shout on her for touching her stuff.
“Whoow” Zilia exclaimed.
“You aren’t mad?”
“Nope I’m not” Mrs Zilia waved off.
“You practically webbed seon right exactly the way you wanted him. You are a genius Andy”
“Seon is perfect for you cause that giy has money. Imagine what you’d achieve with him around. He is the only child of his parents and everything they have typically belongs to him..”
“Thanks Mom” Andrea blushed h@rd at her mom’s words.
It really feels good to know you’re being appreciated for the things you do.
Andrea thought within.
“And that reminds me Andy… Damon came by yesterday and asked of you” she notified.
“Oh… Kay… I see” Andrea shuffled.
Mrs Zilia gazed at her daughter for a long while as if thinking of what to say.
“What’s with the look mom? It scares the Fvck out of me” Andrea blurted out feeling somewhat uncomfortable.
“What have you got with Damon Graves? I thought I warned you to stay clear of him?”
Mrs Zilia spoke out glaring suspiciously at her daughter.
“I’ve got nothing with Graves. I really don’t know what she wants”
Andrea lied biting her l!ps tentatively… Her mom doesn’t approve of her relationship with Damon..
~the man she truly Loves~
” I just hope you’re telling the truth Andy. You ought to know that Damon has nothing to offer you compared to what seon can.
So if you still have Feelings for Damon, I advice you kill it. Cause it’ll only be a waste of Time.
Damon is a nobody. And I don’t want you to mess things up with seon. Don’t ruin your plans Andy”
Mrs Zilia warned sternly.
“Do not panic mom, I have nothing to do with Damon. I clearly understand what you’re saying.” She retorted.
Her mom is really h@rd to get through. How can she tell her stay away from the man she has ever loved?
All because he has nothing to offer yet..
Nevermind, all will soon work out for him.
Very soon her Damon won’t just be an ordinary Man.
Just give her some time to shape her Man😒
Days past by and Andrea and Seon Nichols made plans for their wedding.
They agreed on a Saturday..
This coming Saturday which is just few days from now.
They wanted to get on with the wedding plans before Andrea’s pregnancy bumps becomes obvious.
Andrea felt so excited about everything. Seon wasn’t surprised at her mood. That’s what she has always wanted at the first place.
He’s just going through this plans because there’s no louisa to hold on to.
If not, what’s the threat of Andrea’s pregnancy to him?
Just as everyone made plans, Mrs Schwezilia also made hers.
She pondered on Andrea for a long time.
~Andrea and Damon~
She knows her daughter is lying to her. She knows Andrea sti has Feelings for filthy Damon.
She really can’t risk her daughter’s marriage to seon over Nobody Damon. .
There’s just one way to achieve that….
Damon Graves gotta leave the picture. She has to scrape him out of the picture by herself and if truly her daughter is saying the truth about not having Feelings for Damon, her action won’t have effect on her.
But if she’s lying, she’ll have to bear whatever hit her Lover..
.she thought with an evil grin.
.she then picked up her phone and texted her daughter..
📩: Come right away Andy… There’s something we have to do
After texting that, she dialed Damon’s number and texted him too.
📩: Be at my house by 3pm… On my table at the dinning you’ll find something. It’s for you… Please it’s urgent”
She smiled in satisfaction after s£nding the texts..
There’s just one more thing to do..
“All I need now is a journalist”
She mumbled out and searched her contact for ‘ Robert Kent’
“Hello Robert” she greeted immediately he picked.
“Good morning ma’am” He retorted
“Come to my place tomorrow by 7@m .. I’ve got a great story to tell. And it’s gonna make you Rich”
“A story from what ma?… An incident or…
” Louisa Sullivan… You’re gonna write about Louisa Sullivan”
“Wow… No problem Ma’am” he replied excitedly..
Who wouldn’t be Happy about Such offer?
He just can’t wait to write a story for a prestigious woman like Mrs Zilia…
She’s a wonderful source..
TBC ✍️
Schwezilia is at it again 😱😱😱
What’s she trying to do?


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