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Through the shadow 3 Episode 17 & 18

Written by 💞 Angel Louis 💞
💫 Faith Louis Ebirim 💫
✨ Episode 17 ✨ ( 58 )
🎲9: 15 @m🎲
Louisa stood on the podium, shaking underneath her as she stared at the multitude that gazed at her with scornful eyes. She never really expected to see a lot of people today… How much they want justice 😢
She turned to her side and saw bayley who gave her a reassuring smile. Louisa could tell that underneath that smile, she’s just as nervous as her….
And beside bayley stood a woman who calls herself Mrs Zilia …. The source~
Louisa then turned her gaze to the press that stood behind her with their cameras and microphones focused on her…. They all want justice..😔
She’s been standing there for more than ten minutes without saying a word. And it’s obviously getting on their nerves as she could tell from their eyes.
“She’s Guilty! That’s why she can’t say anything”
A man shouted from within the crowd and the others cheered in support.
“Yeeeaaahhhh! Arrest Her. She’s wasting our Time” a woman added and they also cheered aloud in support.
“No .. please wait, I’ll say something” she choked. Crying out loud.
” I’ll say something… Just plea…..
“Get that murderer away from there!” Someone instructed…
” Yeah! We want justice!” The crowd chorused.
“Jonathan Bucks fought for this country. He was a good and selfless man .. and you killed him in cold blood… You are evil!!!”
A woman shouted
“Yessss! Arrest her. We want justice” they chorused again.
“No wait, you don’t understand…” Louisa cried out inaudibly as she watched them rant into her ears.
“Please listen to me ….” She begged for their attention as Bayley watched in tears.
These fvcking people isn’t giving her the chance to break this through.
She wept bitterly for her Friend.
“Arrest her!” They screamed in unison.
Louisa stood there, sweating @nd crying uncontrollably as she listened to their inhumane comments.
“Let me explain please” she requested inaudibly as her voice was overshadowed by her prosecutors.
” Where the hell is Seon????” Andrea shrieked when she couldn’t find him
“He’s supposed to be here !” She added in Anger stepping down from her car with her white dress.
She saw the guest patiently sitted and waiting for her and her husband to be.
,”We do not know Ma’am. He isn’t here yet”
A lady replied.
“What do you mean by that??? Where is he??? And besides, where the Fvck is Ciara!” She asked staring daggers at everyone.
As they muttered indistinctly.
“Somebody talk to me or I’m gonna do something stupid!” She cussed. Creating a scene.
“Andrea!” Her dad called from behind
“Oh daddy” she retorted, running to him…
“I can’t find seon… Dad I can’t find him! What do I do daddy??” She asked almost in tears
“Calm down .. calm down… It’s gonna be fine. He’ll be here. He’s on his way with your brother. Do not panic okay’
He consoled her, patting her gently on her shoulders
“Dad I’m scared. I’m so scared” Andrea Cried hugging his dad so tight.
“He’ll come. Don’t worry… But for now, you just calm down as i find a way to entertain the guests. So they wouldn’t notice anything Rusty” he added and Andrea nodded.
Her mind going wild!.
Damon’s dead. And Seon is nowhere to be found… Seon is her hope… If he doesn’t show up that means she’s shattered. Cause everything she has planned so far will turn to null…
Louisa managed to get their attention. Swallowing a heavy lump down her throat, she began.
“… Jonathan was my Uncle… But trust me when I say he was never good to me. He was a very mean and wicked person… He acted beastly towards….”
She hadn’t finished her statement when she was stoned with a soured fruit which made a mess on her dress.
“Shut up! She’s a list!” Someone screamed from behind.
“You don’t have to blaspheme in order to justify your evil actions.” He added.
“You are guilty and a murderer” Another added.
“Yeahhhhh” they chorused.
Booing Louisa who gasped in horror.
Mrs Schwezilia stepped into the podium with a wicked smile pushing Louisa aside as she began her own speech.
“We just can’t let a Murderer” pointing at Louisa, ..” ruin the name of a once prestigious citizen of this great country.
Though I’m an Italian, I stand for the truth as always. And the truth here is,… Louisa Sullivan must pay for the death of Jonathan Bucks….”
“Yeaaaahhhhh! She must pay”
They cheered on ..
Louisa gasped in shock at the woman before her…
“Who the Fvck are you? You know nothing about me ” She gave out a fuss.
“What are you gonna do about that huh?” Mrs Schwezilia tsked in mockery returning her gaze to the crowd.
“Jonathan Bucks was a brave and selfless man… He had a heart of Gold… So pure ..
“Shut up!” Louisa shrieked, covering her ears
Mrs Schwezilia scorned… “You see what I mean, Louisa Sullivan doesn’t want to hear the truth… She’s an alien, a psycho… And…”
She wasn’t able to finish her statement when bayley pulled her by the hair from behind.
Mrs Schwezilia screamed in pain.
She never saw bayley climb the podium.
“You don’t talk about my friend in such manner you piece of sh!t!” Bayley cussed. Landing a dirty punch on her face… Causing Mrs Zilia to spit out blood.
“Why you!!!!” She cussed bayley in Anger… Rubbing her bruised cheeks…
“Dare me!” Bayley threatened, about landing another punch on her face… But she was quickly held by some journalist..
“Leave me let me teach this treacherous f00l a lesson” she struggled to break free… But their grip was stronger as they dragged her from the podium giving her a bottled water to calm her nerves…
Louisa stared Daggers at Mrs Zilia…
“You have no such right to judge me… You are a weakling… Just like your wreched daughter… You two are bunch of Incompetent Rascals”
Louisa spat out…
“You little weasel….,” Mrs Zilia raised her hand up to hit Louisa…
“You dare not touched HER!”
A voice called from within the crowd……

18 ✨. ( 59 )

The crowd began to part way for someone to pass as he pulled along a little girl.
Louisa’s eyes widened. She just can’t believe what she’s seeing…
“Seon??? Ciara???”
Mrs Zilia’s eyes almost popped out it’s socket the moment she sighted seon and Ciara.
Seon walked to the podium.. standing before Louisa as her eyes welled up in tears.he gave her a warm smile…
A smile she has Missed so much
A smile she thought she’d never see again…
Her seon is here…. And he didn’t come alone… He’s here with her Ciara..
Little Ciara without wasting time jumped on Louisa in excitement… She has so much missed her savior… Her sister, her mother and her friend… All in Louisa..
Bayley ran over to their gathering and carried Ciara too. Placing lots of kisses on her face.
Seon later on returned his gaze to Louisa who couldn’t take her eyes off him. Louisa still can’t believe seon is here.
Seon walked over to the pulpit and glared hard at the crowd. He drew his mouth closer to the microphone and sighed out in defeat.
“You all are here to crucify the woman standing before you. Cause you heard a motherfvcking story saying she Murdered Jonathan. You’ve refused toet her explain her side of the story and yet, you speak of justice…. What’s the justice in that?” He paused. His countenance showing how angry he is.
“Now you all are gonna shut the Fvck up while she tells her story!” He announced, stepping aside for Louisa to take over.
“It’ll be alright Louisa. Just spill out everything” he urged with a whisper as everyone stared eagerly at them.
Louisa nodded, took a long deep breath as she walked over to the pulpit…
She stared nervously at everyone and prays whatever she say helps her out.
“I was just fifteen when Jonathan started living with us .. I swear to every one here that Jonathan was never good to me ….”
She paused her speech when she began hearing mumblings amongst the crowd.
She turned her teary eyes to seon who in turn smiled and nudged her to continue.
“… He forced me into smoking and drinking then he’d beat me up if I refuse his offer and later on threaten against telling his wife”
She sniffled as the crowd gasped to what she just said.
“…three months after My aunt’s death,…. He he ….” Tears slide down her puffy cheeks..
“He raped me” she trailed off with a cold look .. as she remembered that ugly night..
“O’my God!!!” The crowd gasped out… Shaking their head in disbelief..
And then …. Louisa went on narrating everything that happened to the hearing of everybody…. How she got brutally raped by him and his three friends..
She hid nothing from their hearing… Spilling everything out in hot tears….
“… if you’re all gonna punish me for my action… Please do😔. I did whatever I did for my safety, for my own defense. I had nobody to turn to. No one to share my pains with… I knew nobody would believe me
So I had to take actions into my hands .. which I now know is wrong 😢.
But someone as inhumane and cold as Jonathan never deserved to be a man living amongst men.. cause he was nothing but a beast! A monster that ruined my life 😭😭.”
Louisa paused .. releasing her heavy breath. As she couldn’t help but cry uncontrollably to her horrid past.
Seon held her into his arms.
“It’s okay sweetie. Everything is okay. You’ll be fine” he muttered pecking her on her hair.
She has said Enough already… He doesn’t want her to continue or she’d break down.. he has to take over from here.
“Honey” he drawled. Louisa looked up at him…
“Step Aside please. Let me address them myself. You are too broken to go any further”
Louisa nodded and did as he instructed.
Seon smiled at her before turning his gaze over to the crowd.
He hopes they win this case…
“How would you feel if you got to know that your daughter which you left in the care of your brother was going through hell?
How would you react when you realize that she’ has forcefully become a s£x you to someone you trusted so much ?
How would you all feel huh???
And just one day she finally decided to react by fighting for her right,… Poisoning your brother just to break free from his wickedness.. will you then call her a cold-blooded-murderer???”
He asked. His eyes darting everywhere as be wanted for their response…
“I guess not” he added. Seeing how queit they were.
“Louisa Sullivan as an orphan was abused/molested by Jonathan countless of times… The same man y’all claim to be good… I stand here not to condemn anyone, but to speak the truth”
The crowd increased their mumblings…
And then, bayley took over..
“I’m a witness! I’m a living witness.. most of you wonder why Louisa and I are so close. I’ll tell you the reason..
I understand her Feelings. I Know what she went through in Jonathan’s hands .. I witnessed the rape scene😭.. I saw from where Louisa had hid me that unfaithful afternoon how Jonathan and his friends mercilessly raped her..
Jonathan was never a good man…
He was a beast”
Bayley puased, wiping her eyelids with a kerchief.
“Believe me when I say Louisa is a good person.. she has a good heart. Jonathan turned her into whatever she is today. She only had to put on a strong shield so she won’t pass through such again..
I’m a living witness to her abuse. Louisa Sullivan will continue to be my best friend till death. And guess what, if you’re gonna crucify her, you’ll have to crucify me alongside…” Bayley announced. Staring deeply at her bosom
Friend who silently wept.
“Me too!” Ciara added with her sweet little voice.
Mrs Zilia arched her brow in a questioning way. As Ciara gestured seon to Carry her up so she’d attain the height of the microphone.
“I am Ciara cole… And standing here with me is my guardian angel Louisa Sullivan. Louisa isn’t evil’ as you guys claim. There was a time I used to be scared of her cause I thought she’d eat me …”
Ciara stated causing most of them to giggle, while some wiped off their teary eyes.
“I remember clearly the night Louisa saved me from a rapist.
She dealt mercilessly with him that I thought he’d never live to see another day. She saved me cause she didn’t want what Happened to her to repeat itself on me… She has a golden heart…
She saved my life and took care of me even without knowing who I was… I schooled because of her…
Now tell me, will a monster do any of that??”
“Noo” they shook their heads.
Then she continued…
“One thing I’ve learnt in my life is never judge a person so quick with just the appearance.. cause there’s more to it inside than what you can see..
I love Louisa so much.. she’s she mother I lost, the sister I never had, the friend I won’t ever let go.
So if you want to crucify her, y’all crucify me too”
Ciara blurted out within soft sobs.
She came down and hugged Louisa again.. Louisa carried her into her arms and cried alongside..
The crowd was so calm and sober now. Ciara’s words really touched them..
“If it was to be my daughter that passed through all that, I won’t call her a murderer” a fellow shouted from the back causing most to nod.
“Even if my child doesn’t hurt the man, I’ll make sure I kill him myself” Another added.
“I would chop off his eyes and hold it as a medal” another added…
Seon felt a relief inside of him… They ate seeing things clearly for theirselves.
“So what do you all say then, do you still want the arrest of Louisa Sullivan??”
They suddenly became silent mumbling indistinctly to one another…
Mrs Zilia gave out a mockery smile, seon thinks he can buy them over with a c0ck and bull story😂…
They’ll see about that.
Seon felt worried… No one gave a reply.. they only mumbled and he doesn’t know if they still want justice or …
“Nooooo!!!!!” They all chorused..
“What????” Mrs Zilia gasped in shock…
“Let her go!” They all requested…
Louisa tilted her head to their request. What? Are they for real .. please this shouldn’t be a dream…
“We are sorry Louisa… For judging you the wrong way. We never knew what you went through all those years” a lady spoke out to their hearing.
Seon felt so happy… This is so good! He thought within.
“Yes forgive us, we never should have been judgemental” another pleaded.
Mrs Schwezilia stood there as she listened to their pleas one after the other..
What the heck?
This was never her plan… If they finally reconcile with the people… That means she’s finished cause Louisa and Ciara will surely expose her.
“No way” she breath hard .. bringing out her phone as she dialed her daughter’s number.
“How the hell did seon and Ciara get here? What happened to your wedding?”
“I don’t know mom… So they are there? I’ve been searching all over for those two” Andrea cried.
“Stop quibbling and hurry down here .. take a flight… And come here right away”
Mrs Schwezilia demanded before hanging up.
TBC ✍️


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