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Through the shadow 3 Episode 1 & 2

Written by 💞 Angel Louis 💞
🌚Faith Louis Ebirim🌝
🔥 Recollection 🔥
Louisa isn’t who she trained herself to be anymore. Her heart is gradually curving into a perfect shape. To accept people, to love and be happy at all times.
But it sure took a long process. Seon Nicholes is the key to Everything.
And that Moment when she thinks Karma finally smiles at her and brings True Love her way, who is leading her through her thick shadows and fears,
There’s suddenly a crack on the wall. Seon ditched and shattered her hopes.
It’s very h@rd to accept that fact.
Will she be able to go through the shadows all by herself? Or she’ll once more fall right into it……………………🔥LOUISA🔥
THAT Moment he thinks he’s finally found the love of his life.
Andrea came crawling back into the already perfect picture and shatters everything… Shredding it all to pieces all he has worked so h@rd for.
Andrea unveils an unbelievable truth to His and Louisa’s face.
What’s gonna happen to him and Louisa after hearing the truth?
Is he gonna go back to Italy with Andrea?
Seon isn’t ready to let go of Louisa. But will he find a way out of this mess???………………..
Fun seems to be the only thing available on her menu. Ducking around with countless conquests..
She meets Andrea and unconsciously let out a secret about her best friend. All because of her odd habit of drinking too much.
She still doesn’t know the information she gave out but she has a feeling she spilled out something which isn’t meant for the hearing of others.
She has dug a deep hole in her friendship with Louisa…
Will she be able to do something before something unexpected strucks her friend???…………………
No one is smarter than she is, she’s the master of her game. And to her, she’s playing them all. Killing two birds with just a stone. Achieving two goals in just one night.
She has finally pinned down seon with an unexpected truth and the other hand, she has something that within a snap of her f!ng£rs, Louisa’s life will be ruined.
Not now, Not now,… There’s time for everything. she’ll just leave it for her mom to handle.
But for now, she’s having her Seon at all cost…………………..🔥 ANDREA 🔥
Still in captive, she s£nses something fishy.
Normally only two cells exist. The KAC’ s qnd TAC’s.
But now, she isn’t sure if she’s gonna be registered in any of those cells.
She’s been transported to another country entirely and there’s no room for escape.
But there’s one thing boldly on her mind, ….she’s in for a big deal………………..🔥CIARA🔥
She’s wise like a serpent, Evil like the devil😈. And no direction like the wind.
She’s got big plans for Ciara. Just that the little girl doesn’t know it yet. She has already registered her into another cell which is entirely more dangerous.
Ciara’s gonna be her puppet. And no one, no single soul can do a thing about that!……………………….🔥MA’AM SCHWEZILIA🔥
💫 Episode 1 💫
( Chapter-43
Louisa stormed into her office. Tears flowing freely from her eyes as she leaned her back against the wall biting her f!ng£rs. Her cheeks has turned red and sour.
Seon has betrayed her💔
That Moment she thought he was different from others, the truth just unveiled itself.
He was only messing around with her. He touched her, he klzzed her and impregnated her.
Gosh! She g@sped out touching her Tommy with her left hand.
“I’ve ruined my life, I got myself into this mess! ” She cried in regrets.
“Aaarrrghhh!” She shouted pushing down the items on her desk with anger. Clashing and smashing stuffs against the wall and yelling in tears.
Mrs Dawkins rushed into the office , she’s been drawn by the screams and clashing sounds.
“What’s the problem Boss?” She asked running her hands through the scattered items on the floor.
“get out” Louisa said almost in a whisper.
Mrs Dawkins eyes finally met with Louisa’s and OMG! Louisa is in years .. Holy sh°t!
Louisa Sullivan is crying?…..
First record in Lintel Company.
“You are in years Miss Sullivan” she stated the obvious. Her eyes still glued on Louisa.
“What is the problem Boss? Is there…
“I said GET OUT!!!!!” Louisa shrieked causing her to squirm where she stood.
“Okay” she burged in fear making a U-turn to the door. “I’ll just s£nd in the cleaner to Clean up this mess” she stated closing the door as she left.
Louisa pulled her hair in Anger. She still can’t process what just happened at seon’s office.
She’s so much in love with seon and she can’t bear the fact that he got her and Andrea pregnant.
She went bitterly. “I ..Love him” she stuttered..
“I love seon and he betra…..” She stopped all of a sudden as her breathe became uneven. She was p@nting fast and Same time g@sping for breathe.
Not here…. Oh no! She held her chest finding it so h@rd to breathe. She was having a panic attack….
She collapsed on the floor and she fought for breathe.. lying helpless on the floor.
“Help” she faintly spoke out .
“H-help me” she struggled the words out of her mouth…
Just then, the door opened as seon entered.
“Jesus Christ!” He exclaimed seeing Louisa in such state, lying and g@sping for breathe.
He bent over and raised her body halfway on his arms…
“Oh’ God what’s wrong Louisa?” He panicked as he began trembling in fear of the unknown
“S-seon… I– I’m having a pan-nick at–tack” she stuttered.
Seon became sweaty all over. A panic attack? He knows about panic attacks…and the only way to get of it to for the victim to hold her breathe for a little while…
“Hold your breath Louisa…. Relax honey, just hold a breath for a little while and you’ll be fine” he said watching Louisa drag in for air ..
“I … I can’t” she cried faintly…
O’gosh!it’s definitely h@rd for her to hold her breath when she’s desperately fighting for air…
He has to help her hold her breath, and There’s only one way to do so…
A klzz!
Without hesitation, he pressed his l!ps and hers and dragged in her breathe for a little while …
Then, he finally let go of her l!ps.
Within seconds, her breath started corresponding.. she gradually became herself as she breathe out with ease.
She sat upright from him looking at him in the eyes..
“Why did you do that?” She asked, shoving aside the tuft of hair that fell over her face.
“That was the only way you could hold your breath. When I klzzed you, you held on for a little while” he replied smiling smoothly at her.
Louisa felt like smiling back at him, bit she restrained herself. She still hasn’t forgotten what’s on ground.
“T-Thanks” she muttered looking away.
“You are always welcome” he retorted, stretching out his hand to help her up.
“No thanks… I can help myself” she replied non chalantly staggering to her feet.
Seon sighed in defeat. “I’m sorry Louisa, it was never my intention” he apologized in regrets.
“Hmm” she started forward, picking a bottle of water and gulping down the contents into her mouth.
“So you admit you are responsible” she said placing the water on her table, walking over to her seat.
“It wasn’t my fault Louisa … Andr.
“No it’s my fault!” She shot back.
“It’s my fault Seon. Everything is clear now. Everything is fvcking crystal clear.
You walk into my life, mend my cold heart just to make a mess out of it again” she added, her eyes turning watery…
“Andrea is the cause of it all. Løūïsã please believe me … She dru….
“Now you wanna explain? Why didn’t you explain things up back there with Andrea. That would have been the perfect time to explain”
Louisa cut in trying to hold back her burning tears.
“Andrea will only make things worse Louisa . Please believe me . Or don’t you trust me anymore?” He asked soberly moving closer to her
” I thought I did. I thought I trusted you” Louisa blurted out, wiping off her face.
Those words really melted seon’s heart. He opened his mouth to say something but found no word…
“Leave my office please” she added , pouring out more tears from her eyes. The hurt look on seon’s Face was wounding her heart.
She wants him out of her sight. She doesn’t want to look into that his pleading eyes or she might just have another round of panic attack.
Here’s the man who made her unleash her darkest memories, her worst fears.
Here’s the man who is helping Candle-Stick through her thick shadows..
Her light in the dark of all times. He has betrayed her, her heart..he has given her more reason not to trust.. cause trust only brings more hurt.
Once more, she’ll be trapped back in her shadows.
Seon tried to place those words right. Louisa was s£nding him out of her office…..
” Louisa I am sorry” he pleaded…
💫 Episode 2💫
(Chapter 44)
“Louisa I’m sorry” he pleaded.
” I never really meant to hurt you. It was never my intention.
I love you and you know that right?” He asked looking at her eyes
Louisa’s face was all puffy. Her cheeks were harsh red and her nose pinkish.
“You know I love you so much right” he asked again waiting for her response.
There was tension in the air. They both stared at each other with hurting eyes for a long while.
“I don’t know seon. I don’t know if your words are true,…..if you really love me as you claim right now, you wouldn’t have betrayed my trust. You wouldn’t have hurt my Feelings.
And most importantly, you wouldn’t have messed with my heart” she replied with soft sobs breaking the choking silence.
“You know I’ll never hurt you intentionally. It’s all Andrea’s plan. You have to see what she’s trying to do”
“I’m not Blind seon. Neither am I daft.
It’s crystal obvious she has won.
She beat us in the game..
…. it’s game over Baby. And I guess we should accept that fact”
Louisa replied nonchalantly wiping her face. She’s trying h@rd to console herself and swallow up her tears.
“You can leave now. Andrea is surely waiting for you at home” she stated in finality.
“….as you can see, I’m about starting today’s work.
You are free to go home. Andrea needs you more than ever considering her condition. You have to be with her in any steo she takes”
Louisa added faking a smile.
Seon was speechless, he can’t believe Louisa is s£nding him out of her office.
He’s such a fool to have let Andrea beat him to zero.
He cursed himself in regret staring at the love of his life.
“I love you” he breathe out before leaving her office.
Louisa Burst into uncontrollable tears. She held her Tommy lowering her gaze to it.
“I’ll keep you safe.. seon and Andrea don’t have to know about you.
No one has to know” she whispered to herself.
The door opened and a female cleaner walked in to clean up the mess in her office.
Seon walked out of LINTEL company with a heavy heart.
Louisa is hurt and his heart bleeds for that.
All because of that flirty b~tch ‘ Andrea’
He is going to kill her one of these days. He can’t do her any harm now cause of her fragile condition. For the sake of the baby she’s carrying, he will leave her for another day😠.
Andrea twisted the door’s knob and slide it open. It wasn’t locked as she had left it.
Something is wrong!
She panicked as she dipped her hand into her bag and brought out a knife.
She always got that for protection.. just in case of necessities.
She tipped toed right into the house and….
“When were you planning to tell me about this?” Damon asked
Startling Andrea who almost jumped out of her skin.
“Damn you!! You scared the hell out of me” she exclaimed palming her chest as she retrieved the knife back into her bag.
“I’m asking you a question Andrea” Damon repeated.
He was sitting on the couch with a piece of paper on his hand which he probably has read.
“Oh…” Andrea arched seeing the piece of paper.
“Remind me to get rid of that” she retorted.
Figures: Damon was with her first pregnancy test paper.
“Answer me” He shot at Andrea’ in a no friendly gesture.
“Well, I wasn’t planning on telling you any time soon but oops, you just found out yourself”
She replied nonchalantly…
“You really think you can snub me out of this?” Damon fumed getting up from his seat.
“I can do anything Damon. What’s the stress?” Andrea’ scoffed, raising a brow at him.
“For your notice, I won’t sit back and watch you deny me the rights to my unborn child.
You won’t take this child away from me. Just as you left me back in Italy.
I’m not a puppet Andrea, at Least I won’t be one when it comes to my child” Damon blurted out almost giving out a fuss.
“Oh please Damon, Don’t be a drama queen. What do you know about children??” She fired back in irritation.
“I may not know anything about them now, but I’ll learn. Andrea’ I’ll learn!”
He replied, swiftly walking towards her.
“Please Damon. Don’t take this harshly. I’m not gonna take this baby away from you, I just kinda have a big plan for it and trust me, you’ll benefit too from it.
That’s a sure thing cause you are the father of this child growing in me…
So please, just roll on”
Andrea Highlighted, taking his hands into hers and placing it on her stomach.
“I have great plans and we are in this together” she added.
Damon smiled in satisfaction. He trusts Andrea’s decisions.
She’s smart and that’s why they roll together.
“There are lot of things we need to do Damon. And we are all going n this together”
She added staring into his eyes
“I trust you Baby” Damon replied
As they crashed their l!ps together.
TBC ✍️
So Seon is innocent after all😠


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