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Through the shadow 2 finale

Written by 💞 Angel Louis 💞
💫 Faith Louis Ebirim 💫
Episode 20
Seon paced up and down in his room as he waited patiently for the results on the computer… His search on little Ciara.
He was running out of patience as walked to and fro in his room that night.
Any result now would show the exact location of Ciara 😍.
He smiled to himself. If this works out, he’ll surely be grateful.
He checked his watch and it was few minutes past eight. Hmm… It’s been two hours he came came from work
Besides Louisa wasn’t present at the office today, he’ll call later to check up on her and then tomorrow, he’ll drop by at her house to know what’s wrong.
Hope she’s alright.
There was a knock on the door, interrupting his thought. He shrugged heading for the door..
“Andrea….?” He arched slamming the door on her face …. But not too quick enough before she used her foot to hold it. Making it impossible for him to completely shut the door.
She pushed herself in…
“What do you want ?” He snapped
“I am fine. Thanks for asking” she retorted nonchalantly.
“I thought I made it clear to you that I’m no longer interested in whatever games you are playing…..just screw yourself out of my life..”
Andrea stared at seon with hurting eyes. Look at the guy she spent most of her childhood with. They’ve shared Alot together and yet, he doesn’t acknowledge any of that. All because of Louisa 😒.
Not for long. Not for long.
Everything she need to execute is right here with her.
They think they are smart huh? They leave her no choice.
“Seon, I didn’t come here to put up a fight with you. I’m actually here to tell you that I’ll be leaving new York City for good. Coming here the first place was just a total waste of time. It has done more harm to me than good.
You are right after all, I am truly after your money. Seems you have forgotten there’s no love without money.
Look at me thinking you even had feelings for me😪. Guess I was wrong. I’ll just have to let you be with the woman you chose over me… Louisa….” She paused.
Moving closer to his chair. She stared at the table which his laptop was placed on and a glass cup of water. She chuckled lightly. If it was to be her old seon, it would have been whiskers or any hard drink on the table. Not water.
“Hopeless” she muttered turning to seon, her body resting on the table.
“I don’t wanna ruin your happiness seon. Be with your Louisa while I wander back to Italy” she spoke, walking over to the door.
“Goodbye my love” she quibbled… Shutting the door behind her.
Seon blinked in disbelief. He wasn’t dreaming at all. Did all those words just come out from Andrea?
He couldn’t believe it. He always knew Andrea I
Isn’t the type to give up easily ….
And for her to confess her own defeat out to him?It must be genuine.
Andrea is finally leaving for good. This is a relief to….
His laptop made a ding sound
“Finally!” He rushed over to it.
He sat back on his seat and searched on the laptop.
O’my gawwd!!! He can’t believe this ..
He’s found Ciara. He knows where she is .. this is a great news.
“Ciara is in Italy” he smiled to himself.
That’s the only clue he has for now. He doesn’t know the exact location but he now has a lead.
Louisa must hear of this! She will surely be happy.
He thought within as he drank the remnant water in the glass cup.
He dropped the cup and continued typing on his laptop.
He has to find another it wouldn’t delay his search…
He dabbed his tired eyes which has suddenly turned heavy. He’s starting to feel dizzy.
It’s pretty obvious that he’s tired.
He continued typing,his vision getting blurred.
He dabbed it once more till he couldn’t over the force pulling him to sleep.
He slowly drifted to Oblivion. Resting his head on the desk.
💫 15Minutes Later 💫
The door slowly opened. And Andrea walked in.
She saw exactly what she expected. Seon lying unconscious.
She walked over to him and waved her hand across his face. Just to make sure he’s completely out.
He didn’t move or blink. She grinned mischievously picking up his glass of water…
Her eyes met with the whitish substances that Settled at the bottom of the cup.
And who says she isn’t smarter than clever?..
She had stylishly dropped a tablet of strong sleeping pill into his glass cup the time she walked over to his table.. too bad, he never noticed.
“You really think I’d give up that easy? You’re supposed to know who I truly am. I am Andrea Barclay. Your child hood sweetheart..
And we are gonna get married like it or not. You will never escape this”
she smirked dropping her hand bag.
she pulled him to the bed and undressed him.
“Such beauty” she smacked her lip.
“You are meant for me alone… And no one else” she smirked. Pulling off her own dress too.
“You’ll be so surprised when you wake up the next morning”…
She stated.
Kissing him on his lips….
“You are Mine”
💗Episode 21💗
Seon woke up with a start the next morning. His head hurts so bad. He didn’t even realize the Moment he slept last night or how he even got to the bed.
He turned his eyes just to see Andrea sleeping beside him.
He stared in shock! Andrea was on his bed lying beside him and barely putting on anything apart from the bed sheet that was covering her.
“Holy sh°t!” He exclaimed when he noticed he himself was barely on a cloth.
“Get up you demon! What have you done?” He cussed pushing her down from the bed.
“What have I done ?” She asked feigning innocence.
“Please stop your crappy pretence. You enjoyed last not and yet you can’t admit it” she scoffed in disgust.
“Take your fvcking things and get out of this room!” He shouted to her face.
“Take it easy okay… I’m going already. I can gladly go back to Italy. I already had one last feel of you” she muttered in Anger as she picked up her dress and worn them in haste before leaving with a long hiss.
Seon held his head in regrets. He can’t believe he just had an intercourse with that devil.
“But how? The last thing i remember was typing and then…. I blanked out…..
Or wait! The water… That girl must have dropped something into my water”
He got up from his bed and took the glass cup. Confirming his thought.
He’s right afterall. There were some whitish substances settled at the bottom of the cup.
It dawned on him that he was drugged and Raped!
He staggered back to his bed.
“Louisa will not get to know about this! She must not. And I will make sure of that”
He stated in regrets.
💫 A week and some days Later 💫
Louisa felt restless on the couch. Her sickness has started again. She had managed to go to work the past days thinking she has finally rid off the sickness.
She was wrong after all. It’s back again and this time worse.
She’s having a Nusea. she has thrown up her food over three times today cause her body keeps rejecting whatever she takes in.
Her eyes are heavy and she’s feeling dizzy already. She …..
O’ gawwd not now! Not again….
She Rushed to the toilet and emptied her stomach once more.
She wiped her mouth with a tissue and came to a conclusion.
“I have to see a doctor. Can’t take this anymore”
Andrea walked out of the Hospital grinning from ear to ear
“At last” she commented going through the paper on her hand over and over again…
The report says she’s pregnant.
Exactly what she had expected. Seon won’t escape this.
She picked up her phone and dialed her mom’s number.
“Mom, I’ve got the information about Louisa. We’ll push through with the plan whenever you are ready”
Then, she hanged up.
Andrea isn’t that stupid. She never left for newyork city. She isn’t a fool to just go back empty handed.
She still has Alot on her mind.
Bayley racked her head trying to remember what had actually Happened at Andrea’s place the other week she visited.
The only thing she knows for a fact that she got drunk that very night.
She hope she didn’t speak out of place.
“O’God😥 whiskers will surely be the death of me ” she lamented praying and hoping she never spoke out of place.
“Say what??? That’s not possible ❌ it can’t be true doctor” Louisa scoffed.
Mrs lane the doctor who ran the test stared blankly at Louisa Sullivan in puzzlement.
“That’s what the test says. You are pregnant Miss Sullivan”
*O’God* Louisa exhaled sharply.
“Okay Doctor. Thank you” Louisa nodded getting up from her seat.
“…and please doctor, I really don’t want this report to go out of this room. No one should hear of this” she pleaded
“No problem Miss Sullivan. This discussion is officially off the record” the doctor assured her as she left
“Louisa Sullivan is pregnant” Mrs lane swallowed in disbelief.
“O’GOD I’m pregnant. I’ve got to tell seen.. he’s the one responsible and he has the right to know” Louisa concluded entering her car.
She’s heading right now to her Company.
Seon’s office door opened, he looked up at the person.
*No it can’t be her.. isn’t she gone for good already?*
“Happy to see me?” Andrea asked, closing the door behind her.
“What are you doing her? You were supposed to go back to Italy two weeks ago” seon stated in frustration
Andrea Huffed. “I can’t go back without my husband”
“And which husband are you talking about?” Seon asked in irritation.
“You of course.. my Love” Andrea blurted out.
Seon has heard enough already… He’s kissing this idiot out of his office this minute.
“Get out of my office” he pulled her by her arm, dragging her to the door.
“Stop it seon… Stop it! I’m PREGNANT!!!” Andrea gasped out … making seon to stop his movements.
“…and you are responsible for it” she claimed. Pointing finger at him.
“What?… That’s not true.. it can’t be me” he stuttered as his head tried to recap what Andrea just said.
“I’m not kidding seon. Remember the last night we ….
“You caused it! You caused everything!” He yelled cutting her off..
“You drugged me you demon! Now listen you scum slut..” he began gripping her hard by her arm…
“You can’t crawl back to my life and ruin it. You will go back to worthless home and do to that baby whatever you wish…. I refuse to take Responsibility…
“Let me go! You are hurting me” she cried out trying to put off from his grip.
But,he isn’t done with her yet😤
“. And listen carefully… Louisa must never hear of this…! Do you understand?”
“Hear of what?” Louisa asked standing at the door entrance, startling the both of them.
Seon quickly loosened his grip and walked over to her.
“Honey…. It’s nothing.. I was just giving her some Scary-talk so she’d go back to….
“Tell her seon. Or I’ll do it myself” Andrea burst out in Anger.
“”Tell me what seon?” Louisa stared at him with questioning eyes.
“Shut the hell up Andre….! Honey it’s nothing. Like I said before…I ..
“Fine then, I’ll tell her” Andrea cut him off his words.
“I’m pregnant Louisa” she unfolded.
“Pregnant?” Louisa repeated, holding her own tummy.
“..and seon’s responsible ” sh added without flinching an eyebrow.
“What?? That’s not true! It’s a lie. How’s that possible? …
tell me she’s lying Seon… Please tell me it’s not true” Louisa pleaded. Tears flowing freely from her eyes.
“I-I C-can ex-explain” he stuttered
“Explain what? Explain how you got her pregnant!?”
She asked bitterly… unable to believe it true.
“Screw you seon” she added. Bitterness in her voice…
Then turning to Andrea with a teary Face…
“You two look great together…” She said with a mixed emotion.. her voice clouded with both Anger and sorrow…
She stormed out of his office..


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