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Through the shadow 2 Episode 14 & 15

Written by 💞 Angel Louis 💞
💅 Faith Louis Ebirim 💅
📍 Episode 14 📍
“You don’t mean it. That’s too sudden Don’t you think? Why not wait till tomorrow before you tell him.
Besides how do you plan to tell him. You haven’t even composed a lyric.”😕
“Jinkies🤦. You are right I guess. I’ll wait till tomorrow” Louisa nodded and sat back on the couch.
“What are you doing here? And how did you find…
“Will you just stop your questions and let me in? I am your f°°king guest okay.” Andrea forced herself in without seon’s cons£nt.
Her eyes darted the nooks and crannies of his apartment. She scoffed out in disgust.
“So this is the hole you finally dug yourself in” she rolled her eyes glaring at his things.
“Answer my question Andrea… How did you find me? I thought I warned Aiden not to tell you a thing?”
“Stress not. Aiden never disclosed sh°t to me. He even deniedflat knowing about your whereabouts.
But you know, Nothing sl!ps through my nose. Twas really h@rd finding you though. But somehow I am here.
From Italy to New York. Now tell me seon, what really is the color of your problem?
Why did you leave everything and settle in a sh°thole like this?”
“What do you want Andrea?” Seon asked tryna keep his cool.
“Aren’t you gonna offer me a seat? Not like you have any” she scoffed out in mockery
“But at Least you need to acknowledge the fact that I am still your girlfriend.
And I know you have really missed me.must be Really h@rd to stay all these while without me” she grinned trying to hug him.
“Stay away from me you pest. ” He flinched, pushing her away from himself.
“You are one of the reasons I left Italy” He scorned. Eyeing her.
“Don’t you get it yet? We are inseparable. You don’t have to push me away.
Besides you weren’t like this before. If it was then, we’d have jumped into action with our bodies…. I really missed you” she smirked.
“I didn’t miss you! You better find your way back to Italy.cause Coming here was a total waste of Time.
I don’t love you! I never did! And you act like you love me just because of my Money. You love my Ego not me.
We are done with each other. Let’s just pretend like we never saw today. My door is wide open for you. You can leave now.
Cause the seon you came looking for is long dead. I am no longer the party-seon , I’m no longer the club guy you fell for. I have successfully scrubbed those things out of my life. It’s a new seon who doesn’t know you, you are staring at. Not your highschool sweetheart or Money-in-the-Bank dude”
He blurted out, staring daggers at her.
“It’s obvious you have changed 😒. But you have to know you can’t just walk out of my life. Remember the times we spent together. The memories we shared? The future we planned. What Happened to those? You can’t just throw all that away. I won’t sit back and watch you crawl out of my sight again.
You are mine and I’m yours. A perfect match made from heaven and there’s nothing anyone can do about that!😒”
She stated Matter of factly. Before storming out of his room.
Seon stood there in dilenma. What’s all this?
For the love of pete! What does Andrea want this time?
He doesn’t want her. Not now, not ever!
He’s found his Love. The woman of his dream and that is Louisa Sullivan.
How would Louisa feel when she gets to know about Andrea?
Coming back into his life and wanting him more than ever..What’s she up to?
Louisa must not get to know about this. He can’t manage the risk. It might shatter his relationship with her.
He loves Louisa and nothing can change that. Not even Andrea can come between them.
He finalised!
Andrea Got into her car in Anger. She hit the steering. Cussing relentlessly.
What is up with seon?
Coming all the way to New York City just because of him wasn’t enough. Now he’s rejecting her?.
He must be nuts!
Her dad wants her to get married. She’s twenty-four and has successfully rejected all her suitors. No one is saucy enough to her taste. Unlike seon! He’s hot, handsome and Rich..she’s gotta win him back.
She’s a city girl and bit©h£s like her don’t take sh°ts from boyfriends.
Or wait😕..
Is Seon seeing someone else? Is he into another girl? Why is he rejecting her?
It better not be what she’s thinking! He can’t be with someone else. She’s only gonna show him how tough she is.
She’ll only choke that bit©️h out of his life.
But she isn’t sure if really he’s into another girl.
Patience Andrea. Patience.
She calmed her nerves.
She won’t stop watching his movements. No lady better fall into her trap. If they do,
Heads will surely Roll.
Seon is going back to Italy with her. One way or another.
Their years of courting won’t be in vain.
She finalised and sped off.
Her mind dinging on what next to do😒.
Episode 15
~~Few hours later~~
After her chitchat with Bayley, Louisa escorted her out. It was getting late and bay needed to go home…
Bayley was up for a party which Louisa had also turned down the invitation. She’s gradually loosing interests in those things.
“Good night Bayley. Can’t go further” Louisa waved at her friend.
“Alright. Sleep tight shugar. I’m gonna drop by tomorrow to tell you how you’ll go about your love quote to seon.
You know it’s gonna be your first Time to profess love to a man. So you need a perfect rhyme”
Bayley said and left in a hurry.
“Okay” Louisa breathe out as she headed back home.
She walked down a lane which had a perfect memory in her head.
She turned to the Same spot where it all happened.
She shuddered.
This was same spot she saved her from that f°°lish fvcker.
Oh God😥. How she misses that kid.
There’s still a vacuum in her heart for her abs£nce.
The FBI’S are just bunch of Incompetent s¢vmbags!.
They aren’t doing a great job at all. Well it isn’t really their fault. Ma’am Schwezilia sure seems like a smart woman.
They’ve searched the whole of St Lucas and no one goes by that name. Neither did anyone lift a brow that they knew her.
Or did Ciara fake up her story? Her story about KAC and TAC?
Did she do all that just to find someone she’d stay with for a period of time?
Anyone would do what she did for survival! Especially street kids.
Everything is just so confusing. She isn’t sure Ciara would lie to her.
She is so innocent to even think of lying.
Louisa just hopes she’s okay where ever she is
It hasn’t been easy for Louisa too to live without the person who gave her reasons to be Happy.
No matter how long it takes, Ciara must be found.
Nothing’s gonna give her more happiness other than the rescue of Ciara Cole. Her little Chump.
She’s Among the two persons that gives her reasons to smile.
Ciara and Seon.
Speaking of seon, she blushed at the thought of him as she locked her gate behind and began walking towards her door.
He’s a good man.
He’s nice, smart, loving, caring and handsome.
No man has ever caught her heart unawares.
Her cheeks suddenly turned pinkish red☺️. She blushed h@rd remembering what they shared a few nights ago.
He has been on her mind all day. A flashing thought of him anywhere she goes. Isn’t this strange?
First Time she’s feeling this way🙃. She’s in love with a Man. …
Her seon😚….
And besides she hasn’t seen him for the past two days cause she felt however shy to look at him in the eye after what transpired between them.
And he didn’t bother to visit her😒. She frowned.
Or was he shy too? To look at her? His boss.
Anyway, Tomorrow’s gonna tell if he’s shy or not.
But one thing’s sure, she’s gonna tell him how she feels about him.
Seon Laid flat on his bed. His laptop still on, on top his table. He isn’t done with the search if Louisa’s little girl.
But something else was in his mind. A trace of worry on his face.
Who wouldn’t be worried about right now?
All he’s tryna do is to be alone with the Love of his Life and here comes a kil’joy trying to ruin everything he has planned so far.
Besides, what does Andrea want with him? Coming to see him after so many months…
She must be up to no good.
Andrea can’t sabotage his relationship with Louisa. And he can’t let Louisa know about her.
He doesn’t want anything that will make her have doubts in him. He can’t bare such.
If only Louisa would just say those words already. How wish she’ll just tell him straight away that she Loves him too, then they would be even.
But facing the fact. Does Louisa feel anything for him??
Louisa isn’t the one getting him worried now. It’s Andrea.
Only if she’ll just disappear from his life and never ever return He’ll be the happiest man alive.
Hope she doesn’t show up here tomorrow.
But there’s one thing he’s gonna find out tomorrow.
He can no longer wait for alouisa to tell him how she feels about him.
He’s gonna give her a lead by asking her himself. Since it’s taking too long already.
He’ll ask her and know what’s gonna be her response.
Paying her a visit tomorrow is gonna be a surprise package…
He chuckled out.
Planning already how he’d go about it.
Andrea typed furiously on her laptop. Sh was running through seon’s online profile. She needs a proof to her thoughts.
She wanna Know if he truly has someone else in his life other than her.💔
She continued her research for some minutes until something interesting caught her eyes.
She clicked on it and within seconds, it came to a full view.
Her eyes darted on it. It was seon’s online post some weeks ago.
“Muddled up right now.
Wish she’d feel Same for me💔.
Andrea read out in puzzlement. “Who’s she?” She asked and quickly scrolled down until a picture came to view.
“Louisa Sullivan. Isn’t this her picture? The wierdo and bossy lady? What has seon got to do with her???” She asked no one in particular.
“Maybe I’m getting this wrong” she thought. As she clicked on Louisa Sullivan’s profile and read out the views and comments below 👇
She just hope it isn’t what she’s thinking 😒.
“Can’t believe Louisa’s making out with her employee”… She read out a comment.
“Is Louisa really dating her worker?” Another comment followed 😒
“I can’t believe sh°t. Louisa can’t date [scoffs] freaks don’t date. She can’t be into him. No man in his right s£nses would date a freak…..
Andrea’s eyes almost popped out it’s socket.
She has questions that she can’t answer. And the comments of their followers still doesn’t have the tangible answers too.
Follower’s views can’t be trusted. It’s based on falacies.
She’s gonna check this out herself.
She’ll personally ask questions from around.
She has her way of doing things yunno.
Her new search on the ‘She’ on Seon’s profile.
If the ‘She’ is Really Louisa Sullivan.
That won’t be a problem to her …
TBC ✍️
Hmm-mmm 🤒.. this is getting Risky o💔💔..


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