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Through the shadow 2 Episode 11 – 13

Written by:💞 Angel Louis 💞
😔 Episode 11 & 12😔
“My parents died without celebrating my birthday. We never accomplished what made us leave the house.
I ca—caused their death’s. I k-killed them both seon. I…”
She g@sped out crying on his laps.
“You didn’t kill anyone have to get that in mind. Honey you didn’t. Don’t let that thought dwell in you.” He tried consoling her.
“I did…”she sniffled out
Louisa wiped her puffy face with her back palm and continued.
“….after their death, Mrs bucks , my dad’s younger sister took me in.bshe was a nurse and without a child. She lived alone at the moment cause her husband wasn’t around.
Most of the time, she’d do night shifts at the hospital leaving just me alone at home.
She made me miss my Mom. My parents. They never made me felt lonely. They would never leave me all by myself.
It wasn’t up to a month stay with her when her husband came back home from his trip. At first, I didn’t know he was Mrs Buck’s husband because he was on a Military uniform. I got to know later from her.
Jonathan Bucks was his name. And he looked scary to me.
He Retired weeks before coming home so he’ll be staying with us as time goes on. After all, it’s his home.
The couples were distant from each other. Unlike my parents.
Mrs bucks on her own turned her shifts to something casual.
In a week, she’d show up twice or once with an excuse that she’s muddled up with office work.
Jonathan cared less.
As time progressed, Jonathan changed towards me. He became aggressive and strange.
He’d stick up cigarette in my mouth and force me to smoke. If I refuse, he’ll bruise me with his Rockey hands and I’ll bleed.
I held on to the pains cause I had no one to complain to. He change his lessons to alcohols. He derived pleasure forcing me to take in toxic substance.
He turned me into a d@mπ smoker. Whatever I am today is his fault! I never wanted any of this. My system only adjusted to his mean treatment.
He turned me overnight to his doll. I became a puppet which did all his bidding…”
Louisa sniffled her nose… letting all these out isn’t so easy…. She sobbed and continued.
“…three months later his wife, Natasha Bucks died of Lung cancer. Hell went loose after her death. He actually saw no limit to this mean treatment towards me.
He would beat be up at any slight mistakes. I always went to bed with a broken nose. I just didn’t know why he was so aggressive towards me.
One thing that made me a little Happy was the fact that I still schooled. At least,he didn’t stop me from doing what was entitled to every child ~Education~
You can call me a part time student cause he frustrated my school days. I’d go to school anytime he wished. Most of the times I’ll stay at home all through the week just to be taught his odd lessons.
I hated him each p@ssing day.
The only person that came to check on me anytime I default in school was Bayley.
I confided everything thing in her and she consoled me, telling me I should be strong that I’ll get over it…
I clinged to her words and slowly, I adjusted to his lessons and perfected it.
But still, he wasn’t pleased.
Until one very Night.. he walked up to me and told me my smoking and drinking lessons we’re over and I needed to Learn w new trend.
He then….”
Louisa found it h@rd to complete her statement as she shuddered on his laps.
“Did h-he? OMG! He raped you?” Seon exclaimed angrily. Boiling already with rage. How can someone be this ruthless?
Shame on him! He cursed within himself.
“Yes. He forced himself on me” she comfirmed.
“Not once, not twice, countless times….
He turned me into his s£× toy saying he has lost his wife and needed someone so satisfy his urge so bad.
I endured every pain he meted on me ..”
“Until that very day ” her eyes turned dark.
“The day he broke the last straw.
Bayley Came visiting.. he wasn’t at home. Just me alone as usual. She actually came to lend me notes cause I’ve been abs£nt from school for some while.
We chatted in the sitting. And not quite long, the gate creaked. It was my uncle. And he’d be mad if he sees bayley. He might even take advantage of her too and I can’t bare to watch him @ssault my friend.
So I quickly hid her in one of the empty wardrobes close to the sitting shelf. I left her with a warning not to make sound and she nodded vigorously.
Moments later, the door opened startling the h£ll out of me.
He came in. But he wasn’t alone. His three military friends too accompanied him. I could tell they were retired militants like my uncle cause this isn’t the first time I’m seeing their faces. They fondly came around when Aunt was alive.
He introduced me to them as his pet. One that satisfies him all way round….
They weren’t English men. They spoke in French and I could understand little From their accent as they spoke with my uncle. My mama thought me a little about French before her death.
The four of them were drunk. They laughed and chatted in their usual way with me sitted like a statue before them.
Suddenly, one of them said something that made me c0ck my head in fright.
He said he wanted me…..
At first Jonathan shook his head in disapproval but later on agreed when the other two suggested same that they’ll pay him a huge amount.
At the mention of Money, I saw Jonathan grin widely at them. And without hesitation, he agreed to their treacherous demand.
One by one each of them raped me. They took turns in damaging my V and I haven’t been that used in my life. The four them were way to big for me to take in all of them. But something they found a way to shove it all into me and watch me suffer as they pounded my flesh.
Bayley was opportuned to watch me from her hideout. She sobbed silently seeing me in so much pain and not able to do anything.
After they were done with me, they left the house. Leaving me there in pains and pool of my own blood…
Bayley quickly ran out of her hideout towards me. She cried at the sight she was seeing. I was too weak to say anything. I was too weak to cry.
‘he is evil!!!’ those were the words bayley repeatedly cry out.
I couldn’t take any more of it so I p@ssed out.
Bayley cleaned soaked me in a hot bath to reduce the aching pain. She cleaned up the mess and never Missed a cussed for Jonathan.
After bathing me, she dressed me and placed me on the bed. She was d@mn scared to leave me in that state, but she had no choice.
Jonathan would be back soon and she can’t risk being seen.
After that day. My hatred for Jonathan grew rapidly. I always felt like slitting his throat for what he was doing to me.
I secretly went for training’s. Where I learnt Kung Fu. Taekwondo and other defensive skills. I wanted to be strong for myself.
I had big plans for Jonathan. He won’t know what hit him till it’s too late.
I already planned what I’ll do to him and I confided in bayley. Though bayley warned against it but I cared less. It was too late already cause the deed’s already done.
Before leaving my house for Bayley’s that day, I prepared his meal as usual and dished out his portion on the dinning.
It was my plan. The moment I’ve been waiting for….”
Louisa paused and sat upright from his thighs.
“You poisoned him?” Seon arched.
“Seemed to me like the best idea ever. The quickest and slowest way to do it. I killed him and I never felt a remorse. He deserved whatever he got”
She retorted, returning her head placing her head on his shoulders.
“That’s okay honey… Jonathan was a cruel man. You did what you thought was best for you. It’s okay.” He consoled her. Still nurturing the anger he has for Jonathan. Good thing he’s dead. If not, he’d be answering to him. And swears,he won’t let him go Scottfree.
“Now I understand why you feel so much hate for men. I’m really sorry for the wrong judgements. You are really a strong woman to have p@ssed through such and still keep on with life.
You have been fighting to overcome your shadows. And I promise you… you will get through it” he @ssured her patting
“Seon… Apart from bayley. No one knows about this. Now you know I killed a man. You’ve got to keep it to yourself. It’s my secret. If this get leaked out to the notice of the public, I’ll be answering to the press. I’ll be tagged a murderer and my company might even be shut down cause people think Jonathan was a good man. So it’ll be very h@rd for …
” I won’t tell a soul! I promise you” he cut her off
“I’m just happy you trusted me enough to confide this in me. It gladdens my heart honey. It really does. Everything you’ve said to me this morning won’t leave this room. I promise you again and again”
He klzzed her hair afterwards.
“Thank you so much Seon. For making me let out those horrible memories. It really had eaten deep into me. It changed my lifestyle and the way I interacted with people.
Always letting my horrid past be the judge of my pres£nt action. I always fought to defend myself cause I couldn’t imagine going through another round of hell.
I am happy I shared my heartaches with you. Thank you so much for hearing me out and not judging me like I had expected”
“You are Loved honey. The pleasure’s all mine….now all you have to do is take a shower. You need it to relax your nerves.
I can see you’re tired …
Take today off for yourself and I’ll cover up your schedule”
Seon stated out his favors.
“I’d really love that. Thank you”
She commented strapping the duvet across her n@k£d body as she made way into the bathroom.
🎌 Episode 13 🎌
~~Sunday Morning~~
[Few days later]
Seon sat in his room typing on his laptop. He’s still on the case of Ciara. He promised Louisa to do something about it and he won’t fail her. The police isn’t doing a great job either. No one has a trace of Ma’am schwez nor Ciara.
He’s been disturbed about this for weeks now cause his search has been Futile. He hopes to get a good result soon.
Hours past and he still got his @ss stucked on the chair. He’s so exhausted. All he’s tryna do is get Ciara’s location. If he’s able to solve this Ciara’s case. He’s good to go with Louisa. Maybe she’ll finally let out those words he’s longing to hear.
Ciara just have to…
There was a knock on the door.
Seon frowned.
And who’s that at his door?😕 He grunted ignoring the door.
The knock came again and again..and..
“Crap!” He sighed in defeat. Lamenting as he headed for the door.
He opened it and suddenly frozed at a spot. His mouth agap as he stared at his visitor in shock.
It can’t be…. It’s not possible…it really isn’t…
“Hello Baby… Long time no see” Andrea pouted giving him a surprise klzz.
Louisa laid on the couch heads up, while bayley sat opposite her. She couldn’t help but watch her friend Louisa who seem lost in thoughts.
“What’s on your mind?”
Louisa smiled and said nothing.
Louisa’s uncalled smiles were creeping her out. Big time!
“Now you’re gonna start by telling me the reason you’ve been smiling. What’s going on in that dirty mind of yours?” Bayley snapped.
“Nothing” Louisa replied. Eyes still fixed to the ceiling.
“Catch!” Bayley threw a pack of cigarettes to her. Louisa caught it in the air. She stared at it for a while and threw it back.
“No thanks”
“Care for whiskers?” Bayley asked lighting her cigarette.
“Nah. I’m good” she blurted out.
Bayley arched. “You don’t wanna smoke. You don’t wanna drink.Is that for real? Since when?”
Bayley asked in amazement.
“Yeah for real” she replied turning to bay.
“That’s it. Tell me why. …You’ve never rejected cigarettes nor drinks. Something’s really off about you. I have been sitted her watching you smile at yourself. You glue those eyes to the ceiling like there’s something up there and smile like a lunatic. It’s so annoying yunno” Bayley frowned.
“There’s no big deal in rejecting a drink…
” It’s a big deal shugar. These things…” She raised up the bottle and her cigarette.
“These things used to be your zone of comfort. Tell me what Happened” she asked placing them down.
“It no longer became my zone of comfort. That’s what happened.” Louisa retorted sitting upright.
“Something happened. Tell me about it. Your mood has been bright for the past two days and you’ve not touched any drink. Tell me the secret” she persisted.
Louisa sighed out… She didn’t know how to put it together for her Friend.
“He slept here in the mashion. Seon p@ssed the night here. Three days ago and we huh..
“OMG Louisa!! Did you guys? Did he? Did you? …..” She g@sped. Her mouth forming a perfect O.
“Yes” Louisa blushed and nodded slightly.
“T-That’s Wow..I-its Amazing. I never thought you’d….”
She paused, drawing closer to her friend.
“Tell me, how was it?” She asked. Grinning uncontrollably.
“It was okay” Louisa’s cheeks heated at Bayley’s question.
“Okay? Just that?…talk to me girlie. I ain’t new to this $hit.
“I enjoyed it..” she admitted. Swallowing a heavy lump down her throat.
“Whooa…I never predicted such . I thought after what that monster did you’d never have anything to do with s£x. ”
“I know Bay. But that was because the act then hurt like $hit. Last three night was the best night ever cause I never for once thought that what caused me so much pain years ago will later on be so pleasurable.”
“Yeah. You are right. You never felt the urge back then, that’s why it hurt you so bad.
The one you had with seon was okay because there was a desire in the both of you”
“Hmmm” Louisa sighed out with a smile.
“You are in love with seon isn’t it?” Bayley gave out a toothy grin.
“Inlove? I can’t say I love someone when I don’t even know what it means. ”
“I can tell love when I see one shugar. And in your case, it’s crystal obvious.
You’ve never tabled a man’s issue before…only seon’s.
No guy has ever taken you out for dinner…. except Seon.
You have never ever accepted a male visitor into this house. Even if it’s business matters, you’d refer them to the office.
Except Seon.
No one has ever occupied your thoughts like seon.
You smile when you’re alone because you can’t help but think of him.
What else do I need to convince you with. That you are head over heels with this dude?”
Bayley listed out. Tryna make her friend see the truth clearly.
“Does Loneliness and moody stuff when he’s not around has anything to do with Love?
I feel warm when he’s around. My heart flutters at the sound of his voice. I feel shy to even look at him in the eyes. I gat myself thinking always about him.
Has any of those got to do with Love?”
Louisa asked in a confused state.
“It all entails love shugar. Those are the features of Love. You are in love with seon. And you aren’t even aware.
You’ve got to register that in heart now and think of a way to tell him. There’s not more time to waste”
“So I’m in love?? With seon? …that’s great! I’ve got to tell him! I’m gonna tell him…
He’ll be so happy to hear me confess my feelings to him…” Louisa exclaimed in excitement. Getting up from her seat.
“Where to?” Bayley arched.
“To seon’s” Louisa replied Rollin her hair into a bun.
TBC ✍️
Bayley thank you ee😌😋…
Wait wait wait…😕.. Louisa is going to see seon. And Seon has an unwanted guest…


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