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All the wrong reasons Episode 20


After breakfast, Adrienne remembered that no matter
how [email protected] she tried to avoid Troy and Kim, she has nothing to
wear for the rest of the weekend. And she couldn’t go
buying stuff from the h0tel shop. Yes, Justin could afford it,
but she wouldn’t allow him to keep buying her clothes.
“I’ll pay up for your room till noon,” Justin offered. “I
don’t want Troy to think you owe him anything when you
leave. You will be staying with me now.”
“I’ll pay you back.”
“Useless. Come on, it’s a small price to pay for
spending the rest of the weekend with you.” He k!$$£d her.
Justin went to the reception and she went up to her
room to get her stuff and say a few things to Kim, if
When she got to the room, Kim wasn’t there. She
started gathering her things. But after a minute, Kim
entered, with Troy.
She swallowed.
“You’re leaving?” Kim asked in a bored tone.
She shook her head. “No. Justin checked out this room
alre-ady. It’s paid up until twelve. You guys can just rebook it
if you want.” She tried her best to be casual.
“Who is he, Adrienne?” Troy asked quietly.
“None of your business now, Troy,” she said angrily.
“Sue him if you want, I could always go on the witness stand
and say that he just [email protected]£ before you beat the life out of
“I’m not stupid, Adrienne,” Troy responded. “I know
what I did. And even if you don’t believe me, I am sorry. I didn’t mean for things to get out of hand. I didn’t mean to
get too drun!k.”
“So you mean to tell me, you can beat a helpless girl
and the fact that you are drun!kgives you the right to do
She stared at him. His nose looked broken, and he had
a shiner on both eyes. He did look pretty beaten up. And she
didn’t feel the least bit sorry for him. In fact, she suppressed
the urge to laugh.
“So all along there was another guy lurking in the
shadows?” Kim asked.
Oh, really? She’s going to pin this on me?
She couldn’t even begin to decipher what a sorry
piece of trash her sister really was. How did I end up with
this family? She felt fury coming back to her.
She took a de-ep breath and st©pped herself before
she could cross the room and haul Kimberly by her pretty
blond hair.
“Just like there was another girl lurking in the shadows
all along, right, Troy?”
Troy closed his eyes. He fell quiet.
Guilt! Guilt! Guilt!
“Never mind. We didn’t need to cheat on each other
to realize that this was going nowhere. We were nothing for
a very long time. But you know what? Yesterday, before I
broke up with you, I still hoped we could at least be friends.
But I guess that’s out the window now!”
“Fine!” Troy threw his hands in the air. “Who is he
anyway? What kind of guy did you replace me with? Can he
even give you the life your mother wants for you?”
She wanted to laugh. Clearly, Troy thought his
profession and wealth was a trump card. “This is not about
money, or profession, Troy. This is about dignity and fidelity.
Don’t you get that? But I guess you wouldn’t. For you it’s all
about prestige and fame and success. Regardless if there’s
misery un-derneath! You two really deserve each other.”
Troy stared at her. She couldn’t make out the
expression on his pretty ban-ged up face. And she didn’t
“It was over even before I found you humping my big
sister. I had decided to end us. It was over a long time ago.
And not just because of him.”
Adrienne turned to Kim. “You know I only made Mom
proud just once. And that was when I [email protected]£d Troy. And you
weren’t happy about it. You always made sure you made
better choices than me. Now, go ahead. You can have Troy.
You didn’t have to steal him so deceitfully, you know! You
could have just asked! I would have given him to you on a
silver platter!”
“And what will you tell Mommy? I took the surgeon
away from you, that’s why you ended up with that guy…
who looked like a [email protected] model? Come on, Adrienne. I will
not let you make me look bad. If you were ending things
with Troy, I won’t let you tell our parents that it was because
I sle-pt with him!”
She laughed sarcastically. “No. Don’t worry. I won’t do
that. Nothing I say can taint your sp©tless reputation in
Mom’s eyes, anyway. But you’re filthy, Kimberly. And
someday, all of this hypocrisy is going to bite you in the
Adrienne finished packing her bags.
“You know what? I can forgive Troy for cheating on
me. Hell! I was cheating on him, too! At least I was [email protected]
enough to admit that. We never sle-pt together, anyway. We
pretended to be in a relationsh!p. And it wasn’t going
anywhere. But you? I could accept it if he sle-pt with any
other girl. But my own sister? While we haven’t broken up
yet? That’s too damn low, Kim. Even for you!”
She [email protected]£d her stuff. “And since I have always been
the villain in mother’s eyes, I would just tell her that I didn’t
really want the surgeon. She wanted him for one of her
daughters. She wanted him for you, I remember. But I ended up with the trophy, didn’t I? And I bet that was killing you,
huh, Kim!”
For once, Kim didn’t have anything to say to her.
Adrienne saw guilt cross her face, confirming what she
alre-ady knew. Kim had always been out to get Troy…
because she couldn’t admit that she lost him to her.
“Don’t worry. I will tell Mom I am so sick of everyb©dy
around me being a doctor! And I found a man who is a
hundred times better than what she could have imagined
for me.” She turned to Troy. “I hope you manage to hold on
to Kim after I’m gone. I think… and this is just a hunch…that
she was only interested in you because you were mine! But
how will you manage to keep it together this time?” The
concern on her face was fake, and she was taunting him
with something that he might have alre-ady known.
Both Kim and Troy looked away from her. They also
refused to look at each other and Adrienne knew she hit
them sp©t on!
She took her bags and started for the door. But before
she went out, she turned back to them.
“And oh, by the way…his name is Justin Adams. He
does look like a model. But he’s not [email protected] He’s a
straight A Harvard graduate, a Wall Street genius, and soon
he’s going to be the CEO of Adams Industries.” She couldn’t
disguise the pride in her voice. “And Kim…if you ever, ever
s£dûç£my b©yfri£ndlike you did with Troy, I swear to God, I
will make sure you won’t be able to attract another male in
your entire life again! And too bad for you neither of our
parents are plastic surgeons!” And then she closed the door
behind her with a ban-g.
She took de-ep breaths. She was reeling with anger.
She didn’t know where she got the courage to say all the
things she said. But she was glad she said them. For once in
her life, she stood up for herself in front of Kim and Troy.
When she looked up, she found herself staring at
Justin. Suddenly, she felt nervous. She told them who he was. It sounded like she was [email protected] about who he was.
She didn’t know he was listening outside the door, which
was left ajar by Kim and Troy when they entered.
He stared at her seriously, and Adrienne feared he
would get mad at her for involving him in the conversation.
Then he said in a sober voice, “Number one, I don’t find
your sister half as attrac-tive as you are. Number two, I’m
not as dumb as Troy. Number Three, I may have the
reputation of a pla-yer, but I never cheat.”
She stared back at him. “Justin, I’m sorry…”
He smiled at her. Then he pu-ll-ed her into his arms.
“Sorry for what?”
“For involving you in the conversation…for telling
them who you were…”
He shook his head. “It sounded to me like they were
pinning the cheating thing on you, and overlooking the fact
that you caught them in be-d together.”
She nodded. “Oh God Justin, how could I feel this
much hatred for two people who I thought were very
important to me?”
“Sshh…sometimes, you have to see that you matter
more than anyone else,” he began softly. “Especially, when
you weren’t treated with the love and respect you deserve.
And I’m proud of you, honey. For standing up for yourself.
For fighting back. And it’s good to hear you stake your claim
on me for a change. And God, your feisty self is so damn
They went to their room holding hands.
Justin k!$$£d her thor0ûghly as soon as he closed the
door behind him. And true to his word, he made love to her
When they went down, Adrienne met Mike and James
at the lobby.
“Guys, this is Adrienne,” Justin said softly.
“Finally! I have been wanting to meet the woman who
achieved something we thought was impossible.” Mike sm-irked, teasing his friend
“Which is?” Adrienne asked curiously.
“Giving in to the pu-ll of attraction. Defying the rules of
gravity.” James had joined in on the teasing.
“Ha-ha! You’re very funny,” Justin said sarcastically.
He gave James a murderous look and before Adrienne could
react or ask further, her friends made an appearance.
She introduced Yuan and Jill to Justin’s friends.
They spent the whole day with Mike, James, Yuan and
Jill. They swam on the beach, pla-yed volleyball and pool.
That night, they [email protected] in the bar.
She had the time of her life. She felt freer than before.
She loved being able to hvg Justin anytime she wanted. And
it looked like he felt the same. He seemed keen on showing
the world what they have. That they belong together. When
she went to the ladies’ room, he walked with her and waited
for her at the door. Then they walked back hand in hand
towards their table.
“Do you always do that?” she asked him.
“Do what?”
“Wait for a girl outside the ladies’ room.”
He shrugged. “Probably. But you never gave me
plenty of chances before.”
She smiled and pinched him on his side jokingly.
“Owww!” He laughed.
That night, they made love slowly, [email protected] Like
they were savoring each second that they had together.
She went throu-gh the whole week with a smile on her
face. She asked Jill and Yuan not to say anything about
Justin to their other friends. She wanted to keep it low-
profile. He was still somewhat a celebrity. And the last thing
she wanted was for rumors to ruin what they had.
She’d been slee-ping over Justin’s [email protected] since the
night they returned from the resort. They were spending
each and every night together.
He took her to the office and picked her up every day.
He would take her out to dinners, sometimes fancy,
sometimes fast food. He took her to the movies one time,
and that Friday, they returned to Gypsys.
“Now, we arrive together. I hope you don’t mind if I
buy you a drink, flir-t with you on the dancefloor, k!ssyou
and take you home with me again.” His eyes twi-nkled
mischievously, reminiscing the first night they met.
She laughed. “I would love that.”
She had seven sh0ts of tequila. He took her home on
his Ducati motorcycle, just like the first night they met.
“This is very familiar,” she tea-sed.
He laughed. In the elevator, he took her in a
[email protected] k!ss. They half-ran to his [email protected], and as soon
as he shut the door behind him, he [email protected]£d her by the [email protected]!st
and k!$$£d her again.
After a few minutes, they were in be-d, n-ked.
She smiled at him. “This time, you can’t hurt me.”
He nodded. “You’re not a v!rg!nanymore, honey. And I
intend to give you only plea-sure.”
And he kept his promise. When they were done, she
felt completely satisfied. She felt beautiful. She felt like a
It felt like reliving the memories of that night. But this
time, she knew the man. She trusted him. She was
completely in love with him.
She also felt glad that she wore Jacob’s outfit that
very first night she went to Gypsys. That she had decided
not to be prim and proper for once.
She may have done all the things she did that night
for all the wrong reasons, but at that moment…she knew
that she’s in Justin’s arms for all the right ones.


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