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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The way to a man’s heart Episode 8 & 9

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The Way To A Man’s Heart💌💌

💌💌By Hossana Isaac O.

(Hossy Short Story Series)

Chapter 8💌




I fanned myself with my hands and blew out air from my mouth nervously. I was standing before the mirror and I was quite nervous. I knew I was looking good already but that wasn’t my problem. My problem was that I was going to a large party, I don’t even like attending small parties that I knew everyone. But this particular party, I don’t know another person apart Jesse… And Alyson who doesn’t like me neither do I like her.


I heaved a sigh when I heard a knock on the door. I knew it was Jesse


“come in” I yelled

He opened the door and stepped in. I was looking at him through the mirror

He was wearing a well fitted blazers suit. His hair was stretched and gelled to the right. He looked good too.


“hey” he said and I turned

“hey” I replied


He began to walk towards me

“how do I look?”


“you look like my Cinderella. So pretty” he cooed and wrapped his hands around my waist.

My hands rested on his shoulders and that was quite an uncomfortable position for me.


“are you okay?” he asked

“I’m nervous”

“oh come on, you need not be” he said


“don’t worry, I’ll be right beside

you okay?” he assured


I nodded and breathed out. He smiled at me

“we should go now”

“okay, let me get my purse”

He released me and I went to take my purse from the bed


“let’s go” I said and walked in front of him, out of the room and the house. We got to the car and he opened the door for me. I got in and so did he. He drove off to his company where the party was taking place.


When we arrived, he made me tuck my arm in his and we slowly walked into the hall. It was a bright place with people standing and talking in groups. Stewards and stewardess’ walked around with drinks.


“wow” I muttered as I saw the beautiful outfits each person wore. And the way the obviously ‘models’ paraded every corner with their half-naked outfits was quite amusing.


“Jesse” someone called out. It was a short lady, wearing a red dress. She was putting on heels but she still was shorter.


“hey” Jesse said. She looked at me

“hello” I greeted. She just smiled, obviously a fake one. She looked at Jesse again. Probably she needs introduction


“well uhm, Louisa… This is my secretary” he said

“it’s nice to meet you” I said to her

“nice to meet you too… Louisa… So are you his sister cause you really look alike. And you’re Italian, you must be his sister” she said


“oh I’m just his…”

“—girlfriend. She’s my girlfriend” Jesse butted in


The lady’s face changed and Jesse looked at me with a ‘play along’

kind of look


“ohh. So you’re his girl?” she asked

I smiled and flapped my lashes.


“uhm please excuse Louisa and I, we have to go greet some other people” Jesse said and pulled me gently. We moved away from the lady and he chuckled quietly


“your secretary is pretty” I said and he chuckled again

“yeah… Artificial..” he muttered


“so you brought me here to make me pretend to be your girlfriend?”

“no. That was just for her. She’s a pain in my ass” he said and I laughed

“why didn’t you tell me her name?”

“I call her secretary. Nothing more nothing less”


We went ahead to greet other people. And the party was actually getting interesting.

I felt freer and Jesse never let go of my arm.


People were still coming in. The CEO of the company came upstage and there was a loud applause. I couldn’t clap because Jesse held my arm and the other was holding a glass of champagne.


The CEO announced that some people were being promoted because of their hard work and diligence to the company. Jesse was amongst them. He was promoted to a higher level with a better pay. He was still the treasurer but he now had other treasurers under him. In fact he had his own department in the company now. The Treasury. And he was the director.


When he came down from the stage after his recognition and award-giving, I hugged him happily

“I’m so happy for you” I said and he smiled.

“you know you’re my good luck charm” he said and I laughed and hugged him again. I was so glad.


When the CEO left the podium, I saw some of the people who were promoted going to the CEO to probably thank him with their partners


“Jesse aren’t we going to talk to the CEO like the others are doing?”


He looked towards his direction for a long time.


“Jesse” I called out and he looked at me

“I’ll go alone. You be careful and stay at that corner” he said and pointed to a corner which was a little scanty of people


“why? Why can’t I go with you?” I asked

“cause you’re like the prettiest lady here tonight” he said and I rolled my eyes. He should quit flattering me already. It’s becoming unnecessary.


“that’s not the reason Jesse”

“sincerely, it is. The CEO doesn’t see pretty women. He’s a freak. Don’t worry I’ll be right back” he said and kissed my cheek then winked at me and left.


I sighed and began to walk to the corner. A steward was passing and I took another glass of champagne. That should be my third glass tonight.


I stood at the corner for just few minutes before I heard my name


“Louisa… Louisa the perfect cook. What is the cook doing here? Or did you miss your way to the kitchen? Let me help you, the kitchen is that way”


I rolled my eyes and decided to ignore her. I sipped my drink and she chuckled


“you really got people talking tonight. The way you screamed and hugged Jesse was so native and embarrassing. Did you have to do that? Plus your native Roman accent that totally blew your cover, why didn’t you just lay low”


“don’t talk to me that way Alyson” I said and she gave the most hideous laugh I’ve ever listened to.


“I know where you study. I’m hoping to give you a surprise visit someday after or during your class” she said and turned to walk away. Then she stopped and looked at me again


“you see those ladies over there? Just so you’d know, they’re mocking you” she said and left


I looked at the direction she pointed to and truly about four ladies were talking and staring at me. When they saw I was also looking at them, they quickly looked away.


I felt bad all of a sudden. Did people really see my action towards Jesse as naive? No wonder Jesse didn’t really react back. He was acting quite cool. Did I embarrass him?

Oh God! What have I done?


I gulped down all my drink in one shot and just then another steward passed. I quickly dropped the glass on his tray and grabbed another glass. I gulped it down and dropped it on the high table beside me.


My eyes were closing and I held the table for support


“why’s the prettiest lady here without a guard huh?” someone said beside me

I opened my eyes and stared at him without even knowing what he looked like. My vision was blurry


“hi” I managed to say

“hey” he said and held me. I staggered and leaned on him


“hey easy baby” he said and I leaned back on the table and touched my forehead


“what’s your name beauty?” he asked

“Louisa” I replied


“Louisa… Did you come with Jesse Mariano?” he asked


“yeah I did” I replied and coughed a little


“uhm, you seem pretty tipsy. I’ll go get him for you” he said and I saw his image going.


I opened my eyes wider and saw another steward


“hey I need drinks” I said to him and he lowered the tray. I took two glasses and gulped down the both of them in seconds

I dropped the glasses and he left



Sanjay came to tell me that Louisa was waiting for me and that she was getting drunk.


I never knew she could drink much. I excused myself from the CEO and went to the corner I asked her to stay. She was holding a guy and getting too close to him


“oh my God!” I exclaimed and ran there


“what’s happening here?” I asked with a coarse voice


The guy just looked at me


“get the bloody hell out of here! Now!” I scolded and Louisa flinched. The guy just looked at me and at her then left


“Jesse” she said and threw her arms around my neck


“where have you been?” she asked

“Louisa you’re drunk” I said and she began to kiss me


I was surprised. So surprised.


I kissed her back and placed my hands on her waist then pulled her to me.


She ran her fingers through my hair and suddenly disengaged from me


“I want you” she said



She rubbed her hands seductively on my chest


“I want you” she repeated and started kissing me again. She began to unbutton my suit.


“hey, hey Louisa be careful. We’re in the public” I whispered


“I don’t care” she whispered back and held my face in her palms, planting kisses all over my face. I wouldn’t deny the fact that I was turned on.


“let’s… Let’s leave here. Let’s go home” I said and held her. We walked out of the hall and entered the elevator.


Louisa wouldn’t stay inches away from me. She kept kissing and touching me in all the wrong places. I seriously didn’t want to do whatever was going to happen but this is what I would say, the spirit is weak and the flesh is willing. Because my spirit can’t do anything, but my flesh is willing to do everything.


I took Louisa to the car and began to drive.


When we arrived home, I carried her and took her to the living room. I dropped her on the couch


“are you okay?” I asked. She just stood up and tried to kiss me again


“no, no, stop. Louisa you’re not the one doing this. You’re not doing this Louisa” I protested and pushed her down.


She gasped and suddenly began to cry


“Louisa. Louisa stop crying” I said and walked to her. I pulled her up


“go upstairs and shower, okay?”

I let go of her and she staggered and fell on the floor.


“God” I mumbled and picked her up. This girl is a terrible drunk


“take me up. I can’t see clearly” she said and I pulled her up on my shoulder and took her to her room. I dropped her on the bed and looked her over.

I sighed and turned to go but she pulled me and I fell on the bed. She sat on me and kissed me again.

Well this time, I’m not saying no to her

But I hope I don’t regret this because this lady right here isn’t Louisa.



Chapter 9



I sat on the floor crying with my head

buried between my raised knees.

I didn’t expect this to happen. What was

I even thinking? Why did I take too much

alcohol that night? How would Jesse

see me now? A lady who can’t control

herself by getting drunk at a classic

party and forcing herself on a man

who’s supposed to be her boss.

It’s totally my fault. I went too far with

him. I took him for granted. I wasn’t

supposed to be hanging around him like

he was my husband.

My dad would be so disappointed with

me and what about Mrs Mariano who

trusted me and chose me above all

those girls in Rome who badly wanted

to be chosen. According to her, those

girls just wanted her son and not the job

but she chose me because I was

decent. What is she going to think of

me if she finds out I was the one who

forced Jesse to sleep with me.

That thought made me cry even more.

That wasn’t me. I would never do such a


I raised my head and wiped my tears. I

looked at the clock, it was past 10 in the

morning. Jesse must have gone to

work. I remember what he told me about

his secretary, that he doesn’t hold girls

who can give sex anyhow with high

esteem. And it was that same night I did

exactly what makes him downgrade a

lady. No wonder he just left me in bed

and hasn’t even come to check on me.

I tiredly got up and went to the

bathroom. I washed my face and

brushed my teeth. I was having a

terrible hangover and I needed to sleep.

I strolled to the living room and cooked

something simple. I hurriedly eat and

took some pills.

I went back to bed and slept off.


I woke up and saw Louisa lying totally

naked, cuddled up with me and our legs

intertwined. I myself wasn’t wearing


I looked at her beautiful face and smiled

“I love you” I muttered and kissed her

lips. She stretched and hugged me with

her hand. She was still sleeping.

I looked at her clock and it was almost


“oh my God” I whispered. I needed to be

at the office right now. We’ve got an

important orientation from the CEO.

I gently slipped out of bed and took my

clothes in her room. I hurried to my

room and got ready for work. I went to

the kitchen and took coffee and crackers

then went to work.

Throughout the orientation, I couldn’t

stop thinking about Louisa and I…

Together as a couple. We would be so

good together. I wish I could ask her to

be my woman. I really want to prove to

her that I love her… and her meals. And

last night proved she was more

delicious than her meals.

Then my conscience said I was just

after her body.

“no” I replied myself.

Everyone in the boardroom looked at

me. I was confused as to why

“you disagree with it Mr Mariano?” the

CEO asked

Disagree with what? Gosh, I can’t

believe I said the No out loud

“I am with Jesse. We shouldn’t close by

4pm too. Because we have less work

now. And more meetings to attend. We

can’t get stuck up in the company for

hours when there are very important

things to do” Sanjay said. He was also

promoted but I was still higher than him

“he’s right. I agree with him” Mr

McCarty said

“okay then. You all will close by 2pm.”

“great” Sanjay said.

“well gentlemen, this meeting is over.”

CEO said and stood up. The rest of us

stood up too. I took my laptop and

turned to go.

“Mariano… Wait”

I turned to him

“yes sir”


I walked over to him

“I really want to commend your work.

Since you started working here, every of

our funds have been intact. No

misplacement. I really appreciate that”

he stated

“thank you so much sir”

“and… Who’s that pretty girl who

accompanied you to the party last

night?” he asked. I almost rolled my

eyes. I hope he doesn’t ask for anything

stupid, there’s no way I’m releasing

Louisa for him. That would be so gross,

imagine Louisa under this freaky man.

“she’s my girlfriend. I’m hoping to

engage her soon” I said with a beaming


“wow. She’s really pretty. And I heard

she’s Italian just like you”’

“and a great cook too”

“wow. Beautiful! I love women that can

cook their own meals. They make the

home lively with their beautiful cooking.

Please take care of her okay. She’s rare.

Women who cook well are so rare


“I will sir. Thank you” I said. He patted

my shoulder and left. I heaved a sigh

and left the boardroom too.

Sanjay was outside of it.

“hey man” he said


“thanks for raising that suggestion. I

didn’t want to start first. I wanted

someone to raise a notion”

“what suggestion?”

“when you said no to us closing the

usual time”

“ohh… That”

“are you okay?”

“yeah. I’m fine”

“how’s Louisa doing? I’m guessing you

guys spent the night together because I

saw you two kissing and then few

minutes later, I saw you zooming off

with her in your car”

I smiled

“yeah. We did” I replied and he laughed

and punched my shoulder lightly

“I’ll see you around bruh”

“sure bruh”

He walked away and I walked to my

new office. I settled down and Louisa

sunk into my mind. Her beautiful face

last night was so electrifying. And the

way she held me like no one else

mattered, I felt like that moment

shouldn’t end.

“I love you Louisa. I really do” I said

aloud and buried my face in my palms.

But didn’t it seem like I took advantage

of her. Of course I know she doesn’t

know I have feelings for her but I know

she has none for me. I know she

doesn’t love me so why would she want

me. Was it the alcohol in her? She was

so drunk and I barely agree she knew

what she was doing.

Oh God! What have I done? What would

she think of me? What if she thinks I

raped her? Why didn’t I control myself?

Why did I not even reject her? What is

wrong with me?

“I’m sorry Louisa. I never wanted to take

advantage of you when you couldn’t

think straight. It’s just that I have been

longing for you to be in my arms

someday and that day was yesterday.

I’m so sorry” I said loudly.

I really felt bad. I really needed to

apologize to her and beg her to forgive


I looked at my wristwatch. It was just

few minutes after 9am

I banged my fist on the desk

The time is so damn slow!


I woke up few minutes to 1pm. I was

feeling better but I still felt guilty. I

needed to talk to someone. I didn’t want

to face Jesse. I couldn’t hold in that


I dressed up and packed a few things.

Where should I go? Should I run back to

Italy? What about my studies? I know

Jesse might not care about me again

because I showed that I was a cheap

whore and don’t deserve his help

I picked a note pad and wrote down

something. I took my bag and left the

house because I couldn’t face Jesse. I

once suffered severe depression and

low self-esteem and I haven’t even

recovered fully and this has come? I

can’t face it. I just can’t!


Finally it was 2pm. I drove home and

rushed to the door. I badly wanted to

see Louisa, to apologize to her and beg

her to forgive me. Then I take her out for


I rung the bell and she didn’t open even

after ten minutes. I just opened the door

with my key and called out to her. No


She must be sleeping because this isn’t

the usual time I return from work. I

raced upstairs and decided to go to my

room to drop my suitcase and probably

shower first. I didn’t want to come to her

looking tired. As I came to my door, a

note was tagged on to it.

I read it and shouted “what!”

I ran to her room and it was empty. She

wasn’t there. Most of her things were


“no no no. This isn’t happening. Louisa


This is all my fault.

I called her number and she didn’t pick


I sat down on the floor and red the note

again. This time I read it aloud

Jesse I’m so sorry about what

happened last night. I was so stupid to

get so drunk and even force myself on

you. I understand if you no longer see

me as decent. I understand if you see

me as a whore now. It’s my fault and

I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I had to

leave because I couldn’t face you. I am

ashamed of myself and I can’t stay

under your roof anymore. Please forgive

me. From Louisa

“but it’s not your fault. It’s my fault

Louisa. It’s mine” I yelled and threw the

note away.

But where did she go? Italy? That’s the

only place she knows right? I don’t think

she’s still in England.


I sighed as I sat in Courtney’s couch

“thanks for letting me in Courtney” I

said and collected the cold chocolate

shake she made for me.

“it’s okay Louisa. It’s really my

pleasure” she said and sat beside me

I took a sip from the drink and looked

around. Her room was medium sized

and had lots of large cushion pillows.

“why did you leave Louisa?” she asked

after I had settled in, in her room.

“it’s a long story” I replied and sat down

on the floor then rested my head on the


I actually told her everything and

thankfully she understood with me,

though she tried to urge me to go back

to him. But I didn’t want to.

“don’t worry. You can stay here as long

as you want. You helped me to get this

place so I want you to stay” she said

while stroking my hair.

“thank you Courtney” I appreciated and

she hugged me. We both were sitting on

the floor.

Courtney and I attend the same

university. She’s Jesse’s height and very

beautiful, slender and blonde like most

of the English people. I saw her crying

on a bench in a secluded part of the

school. She told me her rent was due

and she only had half of the money. I

offered to pay it for her because I had

enough money for it. We became friends

since then. And now she’s helping me in



I just took a shower and was about to

take a nap when I suddenly felt dizzy. I

fell down on the floor and winced in

pain. Courtney was just entering the


“whoa. Louisa what are you doing on

the floor?” she asked and helped me up.

“I felt really dizzy and I fell down” I

replied and sat on the bed

“have you eaten?” she asked

“yeah” I replied

“you should rest in bed. I’m going to get

some groceries right now.” she said

“oh. Okay.”

“is there anything I should get for you?”

she asked

“sanitary pads. My period is coming up

next week” I replied and laid down on

the bed.

Courtney was silent for a few seconds

before she spoke “uhm… Are you sure

it’s… Uhh never mind. Take care I’ll be

back” she said and left.

An hour later she was back and when I

asked for the pads, she threw a

pregnancy test strip to me

“what’s this?” I asked

“pregnancy test strip” she replied

“yeah I know what it is. But why did you

give me?”

“go to the bathroom now and use it. If

it’s negative then I’ll give you the pads I

bought. If it’s positive…”

“ugh! You’re so impossible Courtney!” I

yelled and stood up. I went to the

bathroom and used it. I screamed when

it came out positive. Courtney ran to the


“what?” she asked

“it’s positive!” I yelled

“what!” she yelled back

“oh my God! Oh my God what I’m I

going to do?”

“you know what you’re going to do”

“no. I can’t face Jesse”

“it’s been a month. When are you going

to grow up and face your fears”

I sank down and began to cry. How I’m I

going to face Jesse and tell him I’m

pregnant after running away?

I’m so foolish! I’m a stupid girl!

“you have to go and see him” she said

and I wiped my tears, determined to

face my fears for once


I gently rung the doorbell. At first i got

no response but as I raised my hand to

knock, the door opened and I came face

to face with a tired looking Jesse. His

eyes widened when he saw me. I on the

other hand was blinking my eyes

because of tears

“Jes… Jesse” I called out with mild

cries. I was scared he was going to

send me back. He was just looking at

me without a word

“I’m sorry I…” I couldn’t continue

because Jesse suddenly came closer to

me. He was staring at me deep in the

eyes and I shivered as his breath

touched my face. Slowly his eyes moved

down to my lips. He slowly held my

arms and kissed me for a long time. It

was then my turn to widen my eyes

One more episode to round up



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