The wanted v!rg!nepisode 27 & 28

The Wanted vir-gin💖

(First to sleep with her)🤤


Genre: r0m@nç£/complicated❣️

🌞 Chapter twenty-seven🌞

Irene rolled her eyes and looked away.

“I’ll sit with Tony cos he invited me to the game” she said and sat close to Tony.

The remaining prince sh0t Tony a glare.

“What?” He asked.

“You got a lady to sit you and we just sit alone” Leo said.

Then Casper’s phone rang….

“Ohhh, my queen is calling I nee-d to pick this call. Excuse me…” He said and stood up.

“Let’s start the game. I’m re-ady to kick some as-ses” Irene raised her hands up.

“The only as-s that would be kicked is you…” Garrett said as he shuffled the card.

“Let the game begin…” Irene said slowly looking at Garrett.

“Wait… Irene said she could defeat us in this game. We are going to show her that we can beat her. We are gonna finish you Irene..” Leo said.

“Fine…if I win what will I get?” Irene asked as she took a bite out of an apple.

“No no…if you win you will give us something for winning” Garrett said.

“That isn’t fair…” Irene frowned.

“It is… Well, if you win. You are going to give me a mas-sage cos I nee-d it badly” Leo said.

“You just take care of Mom and Fredrick for me…and be my best friend” Tony said and ruffled her hair.

Irene smiled.

“That is really easy..”

“Well…for me. You would have to k!ssme” Garrett said.

“Ewww… I’m not doing that” Irene said and covered her face.

“Well, you just have to allow us to win if you don’t want to k!ssme”

“Let’s just start alre-ady…” Tony said and they started the game.



“No Josie come on, a lot of things have been happening in the palace that’s why I couldn’t come. I would be on my way now trust me. Yeah… I never t©uçhed your sister. Fine, I’ll be there in an hour time.. love you” Casper disconnected the call and walked towards them.

“Uhh, hey guys. I have to be somewhere urgently. I know I’ll miss the game but I’ll make sure that I don’t miss it the next time” Casper said and shook his head.

“Okay..” leo said and he ran out of the lobby.


“He is either going to the club or a p@rty” Garrett whispered.

“How often do you pl@ythis game?” Irene asked as she furrowed her eyebrows.

“We pl@ymore of truth and dare when our baby is around” Tony said.

“Who is your baby?”

“Rachel…” They chorused.

Irene lowered her gaze.

“I really don’t want her hand chopped off. I’ll try to communicate with queen Anne about this”

“I don’t un-derstand how you could un-derstand mom…it’s still mesmerizing’ Tony said.

“I learnt it actually from the doctor after my dad did a surgery. He was taking oxygen and couldn’t talk. The doctor had to use that method” Irene said smiling.

“That’s very bad. I hope he is better now” leo asked

“Yes he is…” She answered.

“Hello… We nee-d to pl@ythe game” Garrett announced then they started pla-ying the card.

“’s between you and me” Garrett said to Irene.

“Bring it on big boy…”



Casper got to the club. His eyes scanned the whole area. He was looking for Josie.

He saw one of her friends.

“Hey.. where is Josie?” He yelled because of the loud music.

“You are Casper right?” She yelled back.

“Prince Casper..” he corrected her.

“Yeah.. whatever. She said you should meet her upstairs. Room 4” she replied.

Casper didn’t even say thank you. He found his way upstairs.

The girl looked at him.

“Handsome freak…” She rolled her eyes and continued smoking.

Casper didn’t knock, he just entered the room.

“Hey there…” Josie greeted. She was lying on the be-d.

Casper just stood there looking at her.

“Are you gonna come here or keep standing there looking at me like a dimwit?” Josie asked.

Casper took off his shi-t.

“I thought you would ask. I’ve been hungry for you since when..” he said and walked towards her.



The first round, Irene defeated Garrett. He didn’t agree, he decided to pl@yanother round.

The second round, Garrett won. Irene didn’t agree. She decided to pl@ythe last round.

“That’s a five… Last card” Irene said as she dropped a card.

“I’ll drop a ten… Pick… Cos you are going to lose this round” Garrett said.

Irene heart started beating fast. No because she was going to lose, because she was going to have to k!sshim.

“pla-y… We are waiting” Leo said.

“You win…I’m not pla-ying anymore” Irene said and stood up.

Leo pu-ll-ed her back.

“No giving up. If you lose just admit it. Let me see what you have there…” He took her card.

His eyes wi-de-ned…


Tony peeped and smiled.

“She wins…”



.The Wanted vir-gin💖

(First to sleep with her)🤤


Genre: r0m@nç£/complicated❣️

🌞 Chapter twenty-eight🌞

Irene laughed for some seconds and suddenly st©pped when she saw nob©dy was laughing with her.

“I won… I just did” she whispered.

“Yeah… So do you know what that means?” Tony asked.

“I don’t know and I don’t care…” She said as she swiftly stood up.

“You have to do it…” Garrett replied to her when he saw that Irene wanted to leave.

“I can’t…” She said again.

“It’s a deal…”

“We didn’t sign any deal…. Besides I wasn’t in full support of this… Prince Garrett” she added the last word so that he could remember his position.

But Garrett doesn’t care.

“Besides, I’m just a maid in the palace and nothing more than that. I apologise.. but I have to go” Irene said softly and quic-kly left the lobby.

Garrett threw his cards to the floor angrily.

“$h!t…” He yelled.

“I didn’t even get my mas-sage” Leo frowned.

Tony stood up and put his hands into his pocket and brou-ght out his handkerchief.

“You may nee-d this… Both of you”

They both sh0t him a glare.

“Seriously… Is that all you can do?” Garrett asked.

He sighed and smiled at them.

“The ball is in two days time… You should be prepared. Remember dad’s word… Find the wanted vir-gin, that’s the only way you could be the next king. Well, good night” Tony said and walked away.

“I’m not even concerned about that… I don’t want the throne anyways” Leo sm-irked and left.

“The wanted vir-gin… I nee-d the throne. But where do I find the girl… Argghhh”



As Irene returned to her room, she heard her name.

She turned only to see Zoe and Wren running towards her.

“How did you girls grow so big?” Irene asked as she hvgged them.

“We just got a little bit fat” Wren said.

Irene laughed.

“I’m glad you are back… The ball is in two days time. We have a lot of work to do on you both. You have to look like a princess”

“I miss you big sis..” Zoe said.

“I miss you too… Let me take you back to your room. You nee-d to sleep early”

Irene took them to their room and pat them to sleep.

As she slowly closed the door she bu-mped into Tony.

“Ohh, we have to do something tomorrow. It’s for the ball”

Irene nodded.

“Have you taken your drugs?” He asked.

“No… My prince” she replied as she bit herl-ips.

“You should take it and go to be-d. You don’t nee-d to wake up early tomorrow” he said.

Irene smiled and walked away.

She entered her room and locked the door.

She walked straight to the bathroom and la-id in the tub that was filled with warm water.

She relaxed her back and shut her eyes.



“Having a nice time there huh?”

As she heard that voice her eyes sh0t wi-de opened.

She saw Garrett standing by the door staring at her.

Irene heart started racing. She was totally n-ked. She don’t know whether she should run or just sit there.

She knew that if she’d stood up, he would see her b©dy.

“plea-se leave…” She said gently.

“What if I don’t want to?” Je asked as he walked towards Irene.

Unfortunately, her towel was far from her.

“I’m begging you to plea-se leave… Or I’ll scream”

“I’ll leave when I get my k!ss…”

He was alre-ady close to her. He stood opposite her.

Irene didn’t want to look up to him.

She kept her gaze low.

Garrett drew his face closer to Irene’s face.

She squee-zed her face and closed her eyes.

As hisl-ips got close to her.

“Boom!!!” He whispered.



“Ha!!!” Irene shouted as she woke up from her slumber.

“It was a dream.. a dream. Thank goodness” she said softly as she was breathing ha-rd .

She quic-kly got out of the tub and dried herself.

She c@m£ out wearing her pyjamas.

She took her medicine and sle-pt off.



The next morning… Irene woke up feeling much better than yesterday.

But a little bit bother about today.

She hoped that what she dreamt of, doesn’t happen at all.

She isn’t interested in getting into any relationsh!pwith any of the prince.

She wore a blue polo and a jean trou-ser.

She tied her hair into a ponytail.



She stepped out of her room and walked straight to the king’s room.

She knocked softly and waited for the door to open.

After some minutes, the door flung open.

It was the king I’m his royal night robe.

Irene bowed.

“Good morning my king”

“Come in Irene…” He opened the door wi-der for Irene to enter.

She entered the room and walked slowly towards the queen.

She was lying on the be-d but wasn’t slee-ping.

“Good morning my queen…” Irene bowed.

The queen blinked slowly, showing that she has accepted the greetings.

“I’ll leave you both. I’m in the bathroom” the king left.

There was warm water and a towel beside the be-d.

“Have you had your bath?” Irene asked.

But the queen didn’t blink at all.

“Ohhh, let me get it re-ady then” she said and picked it up.

She wiped the Queen’s b©dy with the towel.

Irene was sad that the queen couldn’t speak at all.

She wished she could talk quic-kly.

She wished her quic-k recovery.

“My queen… I know you are de-eply angry with Rachel. But she is your only daughter and she is going to be a mother sooner or later. plea-se my queen, forgive her” Irene said.

She didn’t know what the queen was thinking about but she had faith that she would listen to her.

“Think about it my queen” Irene said and walked out of the room with the bowl.

The queen wanted to smile but she didn’t know to smile.

She never had any intention to hurt Rachel as a punishment.

She wanted that punishment to scare her so that she could learn her lessons.

The problem was that she didn’t know how to tell Irene about her plans.

Irene returned to the room and covered the queen with the be-dsheets.

“You nee-d to rest. The ball is tomorrow and I don’t like the condition that you’re in. I think you should start taking the same medicine with Fredrick”

The look on the queen’s face changed. She knew the medicine was bitter.

“I’ll go now…” Irene bowed and left the room.

She walked to the girls room.

They were still slee-ping.

She quic-kly made the medicine and went to Fredrick’s room.

She saw him getting dressed.

“Hmm, my prince is looking all good today” she said as she entered the room.

Fredrick smiled as he faced the mirror and adjusted his tie.

“Tomoorrrow is the ball” he stammered a little.

“Yeah… It’s tomorrow. I can’t even wait. It’s my first time going to a ball” Irene said as she handed Fredrick his medicine.

He gulped it down quic-kly and carefully not to stain his white shi-t.

“Why are you dressed today? What’s the occasion for?” Irene asked

“My cousins arre comiing oveer today and I ddoon’t waannt to miiss the chance to see them” he said.

“That’s nice.. well, that’s good for you. I have to work with Tony throu-ghout the day. I’ll see you around” Irene said and gr@bb£d the empty glas-s.

“Bye Irene…” He said and continued with his dressing.



Time pas-sed, Irene and Tony helped the event planners in the arrangements.

They did a lot of work especially in the hall.

As they walked to towards the door checking the works they’ve been doing.

They saw the princes standing by the door.

“Why are they there?” Irene asked.

“Stephanie and Stephen are here alre-ady… Let’s go” Tony said to Irene as they walked towards them.



“Hi Stephen… It’s been a verry long time” Fredrick greeted.

Stephen re-moved his eyeglas-ses.

“Is that you Frederick? Wow.. you’ve grown so big now and you don’t stammer. Too bad,.I can’t mock you anymore” he said and Stephanie laughed.

Stephen and Stephanie are a twin. They were different because they do things in common.

They don’t like hanging out with their cousins or anyone.

They move with people that act like them. They don’t care about other people’s feelings.

“Where is Rachel? I miss her like hell” Stephanie said with her cool voice. She took off her sunglas-ses and continued b!owing her bubble gum.

She had tattoo of a snake on n£¢k and a tattoo of a ride flower on her arm.

They all looked at each other looking for an answer to give.

Suddenly, Tony and Irene reached them.

“Hello…” Tony greeted.

“Good morning your highness…” Irene said and looked away

“Good morning young lady…” Stephen said slowly as he stretched his hands to t©uçh her.

Fredrick pu-ll-ed her back.

“She’s not for you…” Garrett said with anger in his tone.

“Enjoy your stay in the palace” Leo said and they all left.

“They’ve grown up quic-kly…” Stephanie said as she wore her glas-ses back.

“I nee-d that girl… She looks so innocent” Stephen replied staring at them as they disappeared into thin air.

Stephanie sh0t him a glare.

“You should st©p slee-ping around with ladies or you will get infected… Fool…” She said and walked away.




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