The wanted v!rg!nepisode 24 – 26

The Wanted vir-gin💖

(First to sleep with her)🤤


Genre: r0m@nç£/complicated❣️

🌞 Chapter twenty-four🌞

The king saw Rachel standing far.

“Rachel dear, come your mother is back” he said calmly.

“Yes, I see that… welcome Mom” Rachel greeted as she majestically walked towards her mother.

But her mother didn’t answer her.

“Tony, why isn’t she responding?” She asked.

“Mom can’t talk for the meantime. She can’t even move her b©dy” Tony replied.

“That’s good…I mean, that’s not good…” Rachel stammered.

“Dad, only Irene can take care of her in this her condition. plea-se re-lease her” Tony said.

“Why should dad re-lease her? She poisoned my brother…our brother” Rachel yelled.

“And so… Do you have any evidence for that?” Prince Garrett asked as he and the other prince walked into the hall.

“Why asking stupid questions? You all are just blinded by her love, she has hypnotize you all so that you all can love her and trust her. Well I’m glad the charm didn’t catch Dad and I” Rachel yelled.

“Dad, why don’t you pas-s your judgement today? We have proof on who the real culprit is” Leo said as he crossed his arms staring coldly into Rachel eyes.

Rachel laughed loud…

“Oh my gosh, proof?? Well, I’d also want to know who the real culprit is” Rachel said.

“Guards!! Bring the girl… Irene” the king ordered and went back to the throne, he sat comfortably and waited till they bring Irene.

Immediately, she was dragged into the hall. The guards pushed her as she fell on her knees on the cold tiles.

Irene, despite the situation on ground. She still greeted the king.

“First of all, let me hear what you have to say… Irene..” the king spoke calmly.

“Dad, you don’t have to listen to her. She is guilty” Rachel said to her father.

“Keep shut Rachel and let her speak!!!” King Zen yelled at Rachel.

Rachel frowned and crossed her arms.

“I hope they don’t have any proof against me. Did they…? No, no they can’t find the poison in my room. I never left my room after that…wait…I went shopping earlier.. hope they didn’t search me room…” Rachel was lost in her own thoughts.

“My king, I don’t have anything to say in this matter except that I’m innocent. I didn’t poison prince Fredrick, I take him as my brother. There’s no reason why I could have tried to kill him” Irene said sobbing.

” The princes have some proof against the real culprit. If you are the real culprit, what do you think I’m going to do to you?”

“My king, you can do anything you want to do to me. I know and I believe that I didn’t do such dubious act” Irene said again.

“Fine, you have spoken. Can you step forward and pres£nt your proof?” The king said.

Garrett stepped forward holding the bag that Irene brou-ght that day.

“I saw this bag with Rachel the day I brou-ght Irene from the hospital. And it was the same day everything happened. The poisoning and mom rolling down the stairs” Garrett said coldly as he stared at Rachel.

Rachel laughed…

“It’s a medicine bag and so…how does it explain that I’m the real culprit” she asked.

Then Leo stepped forward…

“This was the poison that she used to poison Fredrick’s medicine” Leo handed it to the king.

As he smelt it he quic-kly drifted his nose away.

“It’s real poison…” The king spoke softly.

“Dad…don’t believe them. They are lying, they must have done this. All of them, so that they can get rid of me and bring Irene in” Rachel said.

“Not only that father…” Casper said..

He looked at the entrance of the door and whistled.

Suddenly, the young medicine man walked into the hall.

“This…is the man that sold the poison to her…you can ask him”

Then the man fell on his knees and started pleading for mercy.

“I’ll not do it again my king. plea-se spare my life” he cried out.

“I’m not gonna kill you…is it true?” The king asked.

“Yes my king. I sold a poison to her” he stammered.

“Don’t listen to them. They are lying” Rachel yelled.



“I know Rachel wasn’t capable of doing this” king Zen spoke with a serious voice as he walked down from the throne.

“Thanks dad…” Rachel sm-irked.

Suddenly, a sl@p landed on her face….

Rachel held her face in confusion..

“Why…why did you do that dad?” He cried.

“Can you explain what you were doing in this video?” He asked.



.The Wanted vir-gin💖

(First to sleep with her)🤤


Genre: r0m@nç£/complicated❣️

🌞 Chapter twenty-five🌞

Rachel eyes wi-de-ned as she saw the video.

Her heart was pounding.

“That isn’t me…” She said.

Then King Zen paused it when she was staring at the door, checking if there was someone there and zoom the face.

He showed everyone…

“The real culprit was my daughter and I arrested an innocent person. If I didn’t do this, you mother wouldn’t had been in this condition now” he yelled at her.

“It wasn’t my fault that….”

Before Rachel could finish, another sl@p landed on her face.

Rachel fell on the ground. She was still acting stubborn.

“I don’t care if you are my daughter or not. The fact is that I will still punish you for doing this….”

As the king continued talking, Irene was staring at the queen.

She saw a drop of tear falling from her eyes.

Irene stood up, with her hands still tied behind.

She slowly walked towards queen Anne and knelt down in front of her.

“Untie her…” Casper yelled at the lazy guards.

They ran to Irene and untie her hands.

Irene wiped the tears from her eyes. But the queen diverted her gaze to Rachel.

Irene followed it..

“Are you trying to tell me something my queen?” She asked slowly.

The queen didn’t talk.

Irene held her hands, she also wanted to cry.

“If you can hear me, blink twice”

Then the queen blinked twice.

“Do you have something to tell me? Blink twice if yes… blink once, if no” she said softly.

Then the queen blinked twice.

Everyone watched…

“How can she un-derstand her?” The king stared at Irene.

“I know you can’t talk…but I know you have a way to tell me, my queen” Irene added.

The queen stared at the staircase…

Irene followed her gaze.

“Do you want to go to your room?” Irene asked.

The queen blinked once

“That’s a no… Do you…? Wait, do you know who made you fall down the stairs?” Irene asked.

Then the queen quic-kly blinked twice…

Everyone smiled….

“Who? Prince Garrett?” She asked.

The queen blinked once..

“Hey… Why did you mention my name first?” Garrett asked jokingly.

Irene sh0t him a glare, then he kept quiet.

“Prince Casper?”

She blinked once..

“Tony? Leo??”

The queen blinked once.

“Princess Rachel??”

Then the queen blinked twice…

All eyes angrily fell on Rachel.

“Wait… I can explain. I didn’t mean to do that. It was an honest mistake..” Rachel cried out as she crawled back on the floor.

“You… you made your own birth mother fall down the stairs” Tony asked as he angrily walked towards Rachel.

“Bro…it’s not what you think actually…I…I…”

“You did what??”

“Your punishment will be given to you…” The king said.

Then the maid that told the queen about Rachel and Irene’s issue c@m£.

“Can I say something your highness?” She bowed.

“Go on…”

“The queen has a punishment for the culprit alre-ady..” she said.

“What punishment is that?” Leo asked.

“The person f!ngerswould be chopped off” she said.

Then Rachel eyes wi-de-ned…

“No, no…don’t listen to her… she’s lying”

“Thank you, you may leave”

As she walked out of the hall…

She looked at Rachel and smiled..

“That’s serves you right” she whispered.

Rachel was sweating profusely…

She sat in the floor like a widow.

“plea-se dad…I promise I will change. I won’t do it again… believe me”

“You deserve a big punishment…well, it’s not me. It’s the both of them to give you the punishment. But first, apologise to them” the king crossed his arms.

Rachel crawled towards where she and her mother stood.

“I’m sorry Irene, I was so jealous of you. plea-se forgive me…don’t let them chop off my f!ngers. Mom, plea-se find a place to forgive me. I’ve been a very bad daughter. plea-se forgive me” Rachel sobbe-d…

“Irene ask the queen if she still wants to continue with the punishment…” Zen said.

Irene bowed and faced queen Anne.

“Do you want to carry on with the punishment?” Irene asked.

Everyone was waiting for the queen to blink her eyes…The Wanted vir-gin💖

(First to sleep with her)🤤


Genre: r0m@nç£/complicated❣️

🌞 Chapter twenty-six🌞

The wanted vir-gin

The queen kept everyone on suspense till she blinked her eyes twice…

Rachel stood up and ran to her mother..

“Mom plea-se, have mercy on me… plea-se”

“Guards!!! Take her to the same arrest room till her f!ngersget chopped off. She will not attend the ball in two days time” the king ordered.

Rachel was dragged to the room.

As she left, she continued pleading.

“I’m so sorry Irene. I thought you were against my sons. Thanks to you, they worked together to achieve something. This is the first time something like this is happening”

The whole prince smiled, so as Irene.

“Now I have a request to make”

“Anything my king..”

“First of all, I s£nt the girls to wren uncle’s house because of everything that was happening in the palace and they were always asking about you and the queen. So, you will have Fredrick, back to your care, the children back to your care and finally…”

“The queen…” Irene said.

“Yeah, how do you know that was what I wanted to say?? Whatever the case may be… plea-se do take care of them. I can’t trust the other maids with them…but the queen does”

Irene bowed.

She took the queen to the room.

It was difficult to go up the stairs but the did.

She la-id the queen on the be-d and she fell asleep.

She strolled to her own room where she kept the remaining bag of medicine.

She prepared it and threw the poisoned one away.

As she opened the door, she saw Fredrick lying on the be-d, but wasn’t slee-ping.

“My prince…” She said.

Fredrick j£rked up and quic-kly sat up.


“I brou-ght your medicine. This one isn’t poisoned don’t worry” he said.

“I knoow yoou didn’t do anytthhing Irene” he said.

He knew what happened in the palace. Even what Rachel did.

“I neever knnew she woouuld do that to me just to exxact her reveenge” Fredrick said slowly

“She made a mistake trust me…” Irene said.

Fredrick collected the medicine and gulped it down.

He was alre-ady used to the bitterness.

“You should rest now..” irene said and walked towards the door.

“You will come back once I wake up…”

Irene nodded and left the room.

Immediately she stepped outside.

She was st©pped by Tony who was holding the game in his hand.

“Hope you didn’t forget our game…” He said.

“Oh of course not… Let me drop the glas-s I’ll come back to defeat you” she said.

“We’ll be waiting” he said and went downstairs, heading to the lobby.



Tony sat down waiting for the remaining prince.

Garrett c@m£ in with pizza and popcorn.

Leo held the glas-ses and a napkin.

While Casper held a bottle of alcohol and fruit jui-ce.

“Welcome dudes, we are having an important guest”

“Who is that?” Leo asked as they all sat down.

“That would be me…” Irene said as she catwalked into the scene.

“Yooo!!!!” They cheered.

“My girlfriend is here…” Casper said jokingly.

“Keep shut, she is my girlfriend” Leo slowly pushed Casper.

“Will you both st©p acting like a j£rk? Come stay with me my love” Garrett said.

Irene stood confused…

“Where am I gonna sit?” She asked.

“Here!!!” They all chorused except Tony who was just smiling at their childish behavior.




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