The wanted v!rg!nepisode 22 & 23

The Wanted vir-gin💖

(First to sleep with her)🤤


Genre: r0m@nç£/complicated❣️

🌞 Chapter twenty-two🌞

The sun has fully ris£n in the sky. Rachel woke up late around 10am.

She yawned tiredlessly. She walked towards the bathroom.

The she heard a knock on the door.

Rachel gro-an ed and walked towards the door.

She flung it open and saw Leo standing by the door smiling.

“Hey sis, get re-ady, we will be going for shopping” Leo said.

Rachel face brightened up.

“Really??” She asked.

Leo nodded.

“Okay…” Rachel closed the door and quic-kly went to bath.



Prince Garrett went to disguise himself like a guard. He walked up to the guard that was guarding Irene’s room.

“I’ll take it from here” he said faking his voice.

The guard nodded and left.

Garrett stood for some time and entered the room.

He saw Irene standing close to the window sobbing.

Garrett slowly walked close to her.

“Irene??” He called out.

Irene turned to see a guard.

“What do you want?” Irene asked.

Garrett re-moved his helmet.

“My prince..” Irene bowed.

As she raised her head, she started crying.

Prince Garrett went close to her her and hvgged her.

“St©p crying…we know you are innocent” Garrett said as he smoothened her hair.

“I promise..I didn’t do anything” Irene raised her head.

“We know..I know. I trust you Irene..we know who the real culprit is” Garrett said.

“Really.?” Irene eyes wi-de-ned.

“Yes, it’s Rachel and we are looking for a way to proof her guilty” Garrett said.

Irene shook her head.

“That’s cruel of her” Irene said.

“I know” Garrett whispered.

He cl@pped his hand and two maids brou-ght tray filled with food and kept it on the be-d. They bowed and left.

“Eat..I know you are hungry. Don’t cry again okay..” Garrett said and left the room.

“Garrett..” Irene called.

Garrett stared back.

“Thank you” Irene said softly.

Garrett smiled and closed the door.



Leo and Rachel went for shopping.

Tony and Garrett went to Rachel room and searched for the poison.

They searched everywhere in the room but didn’t find it.

As they turned to leave…

“The bathroom…” Tony said and walked towards the bathroom.

They opened it and saw a white box.

Tony opened it and sniffed it.

He quic-kly re-moved his nose…

“This is it..this is the poison” Tony handed it Garrett.

Garrett also sniffed it and quic-kly re-moved his nose.

“Disgusting…” Garrett gro-an ed.




Casper drove his car to the medicine shop. He saw it written on the bag that was in Rachel room.

He looked at it and stared at the shop.

Casper c@m£ down from the car.

He angrily walked towards the shop and entered it.

A young man c@m£ to him.

“Welcome sir” he greeted.

“Do you sell poison??” Casper asked.

“Yes, which one do you want? The one minute death or slow death? Or just the long time unconscious one?” The man asked.

Casper stared at him angrily. He looked round the shop.

“You know what?? I want this shop locked in an hour time” Casper ordered.

“What??” He asked

“You heard me…lock it up or go to jail???” Casper yelled.



.The Wanted vir-gin💖

(First to sleep with her)🤤


Genre: r0m@nç£/complicated❣️

🌞 Chapter twenty-three🌞

The young man fell on his knees and pleaded.

“plea-se, this is the only means I have to support my family. I’ll be a dead meat once my wife finds out about this. plea-se” the man went close to Casper and t©uçhed him.

“Don’t you dare t©uçh me, do you know who you are dealing with??. Guards!!!” Casper shouted.

The young man was surprised that he was the prince. No one really know the prince or how they looked like.

A guard matched into the shop.

“Yes my prince” he bowed.

“Take this filthy thing away from here, lock the shop….and give him a job in the palace” Casper said.

The guard arched his eyebrows….

He knew the normal Casper would have told him…

Drag him out and burn down this shop…but never to give him a job in the palace.

“Yes, my prince..” he bowed again.

“Thank you my prince, may you live long…” The man praised Casper as he walked out of the shop.

Casper went to the car and sat, waiting for the driver.

He thought of his decision…

“Wow, I’ve become soft..I nee-d to go to the club today or… Josie” Casper smiled as he brou-ght out his phone and wanted to call Josie.

The ball was in two days time, the palace was rather busy..

Decorations had started. The ball has to commence even without the pres£nce of the queen.

He dialed Josie’s number…

“Hey Casper…” She greeted at the other end of the phone…as usual, chewing gum.

“I nee-d you tonight…” He said..

Them he thought that once Josie comes, she would ask of Irene.

He didn’t want Josie to know about Irene’s condition.

“Or… nevermind” he added.

“Why?? I can come if you nee-d me urgently” Josie said.

“I’ll call you when I nee-d you urgently, don’t worry josie. Have a nice day” Casper said and disconnected the call.

The guard got in and started the engine.

“The man??”

“He will resume tomorrow my prince” the guard answered and drive off.



Leo was tired of shopping with Rachel.

She was picking everything that she sets her eyes on.

“Don’t you think that purse is pretty?” She asked Leo.

Leo gave a fake smile and nodded.

As Rachel continued, he would roll his eyes.

After five hours of shopping, they decided to go home after Leo pleaded with her.

Rachel frowned and decided that they leave.



Leo and Rachel arrived at the palace. The maids helped her to take her bags inside.

“Thanks Leo, you’ve been so helpful. I really wanted this badly. Even mom..” Rachel said and started to make a fake cry.

“It’s okay..” Leo hvgged her.

Rachel sniffed in and wiped her tears.

“Bye Leo” Rachel said and catwalked into the palace.


Leo watched her…

“I nee-d to see Irene. I’m missing her” Leo said and went in.

He secretly took some food.

He got to the room and saw a guard standing beside the door.

“Ummm, you are nee-ded downstairs” he lied to the guard.

“Yes my prince” he bowed and left.


Leo arches his eyebrows…

“We have a lot of foolish guards in this palace” he murmured and entered into the palace.

Irene saw Leo first and sat up from the be-d.

“My prince??” Irene called out.

Leo went to her and sat close to her on the be-d.

“Irene, how are you doing?” He asked.

“I’m fine my prince” she replied.

Leo brou-ght out the food and gave it to her.

“You don’t have to do this my prince” Irene said

“I had to,I was missing you. I wish that we could prove your innocence fast and get you out of here” Leo said.

Irene lowered her gaze…

“I heard what happened to your mother, I’m sorry” Irene spoke softly.

“It’s okay, she is still breathing though” Leo said jokingly.

Irene chuckled as she pla-yed with her f!ngers.

“I nee-d to leave before the guard comes back”Leo said and stood up.

“ take care of…” Before she could finish, Leo wra-pped his hands around Irene.

“Bye…” He whispered and left.

Irene heart was pounding…

No one has ever hvgged her before…

“Why is prince Leo and prince Garrett so concerned about me?” Irene thought.



The king had so many matters to attend to.

As he walked down the hall with one of his guests.

He stepped on something and almost tripped.

“Be careful your majesty” the guard behind spoke.

“I’m getting old…” He said jokingly..



Tony got a call from the hospital…

His mother has woken up.

Tony drove to the hospital without telling anyone.

He saw his mother looking so pale.

“Mom…” Tony called out.

Queen Anne opened her eyes and moved her eyeba-lls to look at her son.

Then the doctor c@m£ in…

“She can’t talk…”

“What?? Why?” Tony asked angrily.

“Well, as time goes on. She would speak. But for now, she can’t talk nor move any p@rt of her b©dy” the doctor said.

Tony was looking sad…

“But can she go home?? My mom doesn’t like staying at the hospital. She can continue her treatment at the palace” Tony said.

“Fine, let me make arrangements for her discharge” the doctor said and went out of the room.

Tony walked close to his mother.

“Mom..” he murmured as he started sobbing.

A year dropped from her eyes…

All she wanted to say was that Rachel poisoned her her brother and not Rachel. Rachel was the one that made her fall.

She tried to tell her son with her eyes but he wouldn’t un-derstand.

Innocent Irene was arrested…



Tony got to the palace with Queen Anne.

Queen Anne was on a wheel chair.

As Tony rode her into the palace hall.

King Zen was surprised to see her.

He ran to his wife and hvgged her.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry Anne. This was all my fault” he muttered.

Queen Anne took his eyes away from him.

That made him want to cry…

Only Irene could un-derstand him.

Rachel was busy with her phone when she saw her mother…

Her heart skipped a bit.

“Why..why is she staring at me?” Rachel murmured…





Rachel…which type of soup have you entered?? Maybe my favorite, MELON SOUP😂😂😂