The wanted v!rg!nepisode 20 & 21

The Wanted vir-gin💖

(First to sleep with her)🤤


Genre: r0m@nç£/complicated❣️

🌞 Chapter twenty🌞

Queen Anne looked at her husband as he walked out of the room.

“3 days??” She murmured.



“I called all of you here. You all know what happened to my son. And I’m sure one of you is responsible for it. If you are the one. Speak up” queen Anne yelled.

The maids continued to stare at the floor.

They have never seen the queen this angry.

“Fine, no one. Once I find out who did this, whosoever the person is, I’ll make sure your f!ngersare chopped off” She said angrily and left.


The maids started to murmur among each other.

“I wasn’t the one”

“Neither was I”

“I feel so bad for Irene, she made good pudding”

A maid went after the queen.



“My queen, I have something to tell you” she said then the queen st©pped.

“Hope it’s something important…”

“My queen, only you and Irene that know where the medicine is kept. But i think someone else knows about it”

“And who is that?”

“She s£nt us out of the kitchen earlier,it was princess Rachel”

“Why would she want to harm her brother?” The queen questioned.

“No, she has a personal issue with Irene and wanted her kicked out of the palace, my queen”

“Thank you, you’ve been useful. You can go” the queen said.


“Rachel, could she have a hand in this? Last time, I saw her with a medicine bag”


The queen strolled to the lobby, where she found her sons.

“Mom, did dad change his mind?” Leo asked.

“No, he didn’t” she replied.

“What happened? You look so worried mother” Garrett said.

“Earlier, you and I saw Rachel with a medicine bag. Do you think, she might have a hand in this?”

“No, mom. Rachel can’t stoop so low” Tony Said.

“Of course she can, Rachel has issues with Irene’s sister at the club. I think, she is pouring down the anger on Irene, what do you think?” Casper said sitting comfortably in the sofa.

“We nee-d to keep an eye on her…” Garrett said.

“Let me check on her, I’ll be back soon” queen Anne said and left.



Queen Anne walked slowly towards Rachel’s room.

She heard laughter.

“Rachel’s laughing in time like this??” She thought.

The queen tried to listen to her conversation.



“Ohh come on, that was the easiest task ever. My mom doesn’t know how to keep the medicine. I found it immediately and poured the poison inside. Right now, the deed has been done. Yes…thank you so much for telling me about that medicine shop, TAD shop…the best!!!” She laughed the more…

“Infact the meaning is taste and die…it worked really fast… Thanks girl, see you tonight. Bye..”


Rachel disconnected the call and turned only to meet her mother staring at her.

“Mom??” She called out.

Queen Anne walked close to her and sl@pped her across the face.

“Mom, what was that for?”

Another one landed on her left cheek.

“Mom….st©p! You are hurting me”

“How cruel of you. To get revenge on irene by hurting your brother.. are you insane?? Your father must hear about this..” the queen said and turned to leave.

“Come on mom, plea-se, don’t do this to me..I did it out of anger and..and.. jealousy. Don’t let dad hear about this” Rachel begged.

“Let go of me…I’m going straight to him” the queen left the room and Rachel ran after her.

“Mom…mom!!” She shouted.

Rachel kept panicking, she knew what her dad was capable of.

She saw the rug that led from her doorstep down the stairs and to the hall.

As the queen reached the first step,

Rachel pu-ll-ed the rug ha-rd , queen Anne fell.

She rolled down the stairs, hitting her head and her back.

She finally landed on the floor, lying unconscious.



.The Wanted vir-gin💖

(First to sleep with her)🤤

Genre: r0m@nç£/complicated❣️

🌞 Chapter twenty-one🌞

Rachel closed her mouth in shock.

“What have I done?” She thought.

She swiftly look round to see if anyone saw her.

No one did.

She ran into her room, acting like she didn’t know about the accident.



The maids and some guards gathered round the Queen’s b©dy.

“Call the ambulance, the queen is down!!” One of them interjected.

They hurriedly left the scene in search of the king and the princes.


Suddenly,a maid swiftly entered the lobby.

“Forgive me my prince, the queen is unconscious…”

“What?!” Tony exclaimed and ran out of the lobby.

The other princes followed behind.

They all rounded their mother, shedding tears.

“Where the fv¢k is the ambulance??” Casper yelled.

Then, the king speedily walked towards them. He saw his wife as she was breathing slowly, looking lifeless.

“Anne…Anne” he called out in a shock state.

“Have you called the doctor??” He asked.

“They will be here soon my king” one of the guards replied.



Rachel opened her door, all dressed. She wore her sunglas-ses and a brown bag walking down the stairs slowly.

She then saw some people at the end of the stairs.

“What is happening??” She asked increasing her pace.

“Mom?? Mom!!!” Rachel cried out her eyes when she saw her mother on the floor unconscious.

Prince Casper went to console her.

“Calm down Rachel, she will be fine” he said.

“No…no…who?? I mean, how did this happen?” She asked as she cried the more.

Thankfully, little Wren and Zoe were in their room slee-ping. If Wren would have heard of this, it would be too ha-rd to console her.

“The ambulance is here…”

Some nurses and doctor strolled into the hall wearing their white jacket, with their stethoscope hung round their n£¢ks.

“Casper, take Rachel up. I’ll go to the hospital. Leo, stay with Fredrick and Garrett, make sure Wren doesn’t know about this ” prince Tony said following the doctors into the ambulance.



“Mom will be fine okay?? Just calm down..” Casper said as he followed Rachel into her room.

“Here…clean your tears and get some rest or you will get sick” he added, handing Rachel a tissue.

Rachel nodded and pretended to be asleep.

Casper switched off the light and walked out of the room.



Rachel opened her eyes and glanced throu-gh the room.

She threw the be-d cover away and ti-ptoed to the door.

She slowly opened it and peeped, to see if her brother was there.

She slowly closed the door and locked it from behind.


“I hope no one finds out about this..” she murmured and sat in her be-d.



Tony waited by the theatre door, waiting for the operation to be done.


After an hour, the red light went off.

Tony was panicking alre-ady…

All he wanted to hear was good news or more.

The doctor strolled out and signed some papers that was handed to him by a nurse.

Tony quic-kly ran to him looking pale.

“Is my mother fine??” He asked, expecting a quic-k answer from the doctor.

The doctor re-moved his stethoscope from n£¢k and stared at prince Tony.

“I’m sorry…the queen…”

“She is what??”

“She..has a 50-50 chance of living, she suffered a severe inner injury and it affected her br@in a little. She might be in a coma for some weeks or more or if not, once she is conscious other test will be done on her to know if she has memory loss or so..”

“plea-se doctor, do your best.. do everything you can for you to save my mother” prince Tony said.

“Of course we will, it’s late and we don’t entertain late night visitors. plea-se, you can leave. The news will be pas-sed to you if any changes occur” the doctor added.

Tony nodded and slowly left the hospital.



Tony drove into the compound and parked his car.

He was so sad about the accident.

He walked towards his father’s room to tell him the news first.

As he opened the door,the room was dark. All he could see was his father standing beside the window as the moon light shown directly at him.

“Dad..” Tony slowly called out.

“I caused all this…” That word escaped his father’sl-ips.

“Dad, you didn’t do anything wrong” Tony added.

“How’s she?” King Zen asked.

“She might be in a coma for a long time, but she is still breathing. Well, it’s still un-der probability”

“That’s good. I want to be left alone..” the king ordered.

“Yes father..” he said and left.



Tony strolled to the lobby and saw his brothers looking so tired and angry with the mixture of sadness.

“Mom’s fine, she might be in a coma..” Tony added.

“Here..” prince Casper handed Tony a polythene bag.

“What’s this??” He asked.

“I found that bag in Rachel’s room. She might have something to do with this accident and Fredrick’s poisoning” Casper said.

“We have to find evidence…” Garrett added.

“I have just the plan for it..” Casper said.

Leo Chuckled…

All eyes fell on him….

“Irene made us…talk to each other. We were never peaceful..” Leo sm-irked.

A smile planted on the other princes face.

“So..the plan is…”





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