The v!rg!nwidow Episode 1 to 3

1 – 3
THE v!rg!nWIDOW.
{The fire that never quenched}
In a small town of Magnolia, a girl named Astera fell in love with a man way out of her league named Stefan.
He loves her too…or so, she thought in her young mind.
Everything went downhills the day Stefan suddenly stormed into her house and accused her of so many horrible things.
He called her a liar, a cheat, a who-re and a lot of other names best left unmentioned. He didn’t tell her the reason for his anger, instead he told her that he never wanted anything to do with her again.
Left with a shattered heart, Astera married Daniel….a man/friend that loved her.
On her wedding day, Stefan left town and never c@m£ back. And that was three years ago.
Astera’s P.O.V.
The black go-wn was suffocating, although it was just a simple go-wn. Only the priest’s voice was heard in the vicinity as he said prayers for the dead.
I tried to ignore the cynical glances of people….the mockery…accusing f!nger.
I can practically see the rumors in their eyes. The famous rumor around here that I killed my husband.
I stared upon his coffin but no tears c@m£ to my eyes. I’ve not shed a single tear since he died and even as I stand upon his dead b©dy about to be placed in the ground, no tears c@m£ to my eyes.
Oops. I must be confirming the rumors.
But I can’t bring myself to f0rç£ tears just to defend myself. I can’t f0rç£ tears to prove to the world that my husband’s death hurts me.
Because that would be a lie. I’ve never been more happy seeing someone in a coffin.
My back prickled. Someone is staring at me.
Hell, a lot of people are looking at me here, but I can’t seem to get off the feeling that someone—
I froze.
My eyes found his and held.
I feel like someone has kicked me in the gut, seeing him again. The prodigal son finally returns…three years later.
His eyes was filled with hatred and disgust.
Like he heard the rumor.
Like he believes the rumor.
Like I am everything the gossips has called me and more.
Like I am everything he called me, three years ago.}
EPISODE 2 and. 3.
Astera’s P.O.V.
I turned and walked to my room, ignoring the angry glare of Stefan to my back. I entered my room and locked the door.
Then, my shaky legs gave out and I fell to the floor. Tears filled my eyes.
For the first time since Daniel died three days ago and was buried today, tears fell from my eyes in waves.
Let me tell you a little about my dead husband.
Daniel was an abuser. A wife beater. A man who c@m£ as a friend….who pretended to love me….only to turn beast after we got married.
The first time he sl@pped me, the sl@p blinded one eye. He cried and apologized, saying it’s the devil.
The second time….he sl@pped, kicked and beat me around. I ended up in the hospital.
He c@m£, he cried, he pleaded. He blamed it on the devil. He promised that he’ll st©p.
He didn’t. And that was how my three years of marriage was. It was hell, tartarus and the abyss all jammed together.
Our marriage be-d…. Oh, God. I can’t think of that now!
I couldn’t leave, he always found me. He made sure that nob©dy found out what happens behind closed door. To the world, we were happily married.
To the world, Mr Reeds, is a good and honourable man here in Magnolia.
Only Maria, my housekeeper, knows the kind of devil my late husband is.
So why will I cry for his death? Why would they expect me to f0rç£ tears for him just to flush out their s-en-seless rumors?
Stefan. That bastard….how dare he come into my life after three years to make such accusations.
I wiped the tears but more kept coming.
Why does Stefan still have the power to hurt me after all this time?
💖Stefan’s P.O.V💖
One month later.
“Will you be going to the ra-phels with us later in the day, sir?”
I st©pped typing and stared at my housekeeper. She had coffea at hand, I watched as she dropped it on the desk.
“What’s happening at the ra-phael’s?” I asked reluctantly.
“There is a child dedication ceremony going on there and every household was invited. His wife gave birth to a child after years of searching for one.”
“Good for them.”
“Are you going? Everyone will be there, including that witch that killed her husband. It’s the first public appearance she’ll be ma-king after Mr Reed’s burial.”
Astera. It angered me greatly that my housekeeper referred to her as a witch but I didn’t refute it.
I’ve not seen her since that encounter in her house and I’m still angered that she’ll dare to keep feigning ignorance after all these years.
A woman I loved so much. I thought she loved me too but she didn’t.
Three years ago, Astera was a vir-gin. I never wanted to t©uçh her until marriage. I was thinking of proposing to the woman I love….a woman I thought loved me back.
I didn’t know that Astera was cheating on me behind my back with Daniel!
She claimed that she was just friends with him but they were slee-ping together and she was even thinking of marrying him!
She pla-yed me all along!
Daniel felt guilty and confessed it all to me when he couldn’t take it anymore. He even showed me pictures of him and Astera in be-d.
I closed my eyes against the familiar wave of pain. You’d think that after three years the pain would be better, but it isn’t.
She took me for a fool, won my heart, only to crumble it un-der her shoes.
When I broke up our relationsh!p, she feigned tears and ignorance. But then, she married Daniel soon after we broke up.
“Sir? Are you still with me?”
My housekeeper’s voice brou-ght me back to reality. “Yes?”
“I’m asking if you’ll be going?”
I started typing again to shove off the painful memories best forgotten. “Yes, Sellia. I’ll go.” I replied