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The virgin story of funbi finale

The news of Caleb’s discipline made me sad. When he noticed that I became sad, he cheered me up and told me not to take it to heart. We did our best to cheer each other up. We watch movies together before packing our load in preparation for our honeymoon.
I kept on asking Caleb the venue of our honeymoon but he refuse to answer till the morning of the day we were to leave. I woke up that Monday morning only to see a cup of tea and a plate of food beside me. I sat up and was about to take a sip from the mug when Caleb walked in shirtless. His bare chest was something I loved staring at.
Caleb: will someone stop staring at me and drink her tea?
Me: (became shy) hmmm? Good morning dear
Caleb: Morning my Queen, trust you had an amazing night
Me: Sure and you??
Caleb: why won’t my night be awesome when I had a beautiful woman lying beside me
Me: my husband and his sweet mouth
Caleb: yes o, drink your tea before it gets cold
Me: alright, my cute husband
I continued sipping my tea while Caleb was rounding up the packing. I opened the @ssumed bowl of meal to eat instead, i found some papers in it. I took the papers, read through and was surprised to see that they are tickets to travel to Dubai.
The happiness in me made me scream loudly, I stood up from the bed and jumped on my husband where he was sitting. He grabbed me and reciprocated with a klzz. I was so happy as in, I have never imagine myself traveling out. I started worrying about P@ssport since I didn’t have one, Caleb shocked me one more time by bringing it out for me to see.
With happiness written all over me, I ran into the bathroom to freshen up than came back into the room to dress up. In fact, I started urging Caleb to hurry up so that we won’t miss our flight.
We left our home and drove to the airport to board a plane to Dubai. Since it was my first time of boarding a plane, I was afraid when the plane was taking off, Caleb had to hold me to himself so that I won’t scream.
After some hours, we got to Dubai, you can imagine how excited I was. My husband was so surprised to see how excited I was. Coolval stories Our lodge was another thing that gave me joy, it was a sight to behold. Before we retire to bed that night, I couldn’t stop praying for him.
We took time to explore beautiful places in Dubai, we tried their meals, went to movies, tried skating and many more. I had a wonderful time with my husband. We danced together, sang together, bath together, cook together, played together.
I did want to come back to Nigeria again. I was so surprised that our two weeks leave had come to an end quickly. I even tried pleading with my husband to extend our stay but he made understand that our job need us. I could remember the kind of look on my face the day we were leaving, Caleb had to give me a promise that we would come back for a vacation before I cheered up.
On getting to Nigeria, we resumed work and began to live as couples. My colleagues and even boss couldn’t stop saying i look more beautiful.
Two weeks after we returned home, I suddenly realized that Caleb was always receiving calls privately and he even p@ssworded his cell phone which annoy me. This went on for almost a month and when I couldn’t take it anymore, I reacted to the issue.
Caleb came home that day worn out, he had earlier called to tell me to prepare food for me but me wanting to revenge didn’t bother to prepare the meal. When he asked for his meal, I simply told him that I didn’t feel like cooking that day and made to leave his pres£nce.
In anger, he blocked me and lashed me knowing fully well that I hate people lashing me. I slapped him and he reciprocated with another slap. I was dazed as in, I never imagined that Caleb would ever lay his hands on me.
Furiousy, I went into the room, pick two of my clothes and cell phone then left the house. Caleb, realizing what he had done started pleading with me not to leave saying he is sorry that he had a bad day.
I was too angry to listen to his plea, I walk out on him and left the house that night as I just wanted to be out of his sight. I was walking on the road in tears that I didn’t know when I walked into the road. Within a twinkle of an eye, I was s£nt to the floor by a vehicle I never saw coming.
As I lay on the floor, all I could say was ‘Caleb, I love you’ before I went into the world of unconsciousness.
Caleb’s Point of View
Seriously, I never had the mind of laying my hands on her but she pushed me to the wall. For some months now, she has been misbehaving but I kept on overlooking because of the love I have for her. Still, that doesn’t give me the right to return her slap.
My wife is a combination of cool, emotional and stubborn personality. Coolval stories She is very sweet but can decided to be stubborn when she wants to. Now that she left the house at this hour of the night, where will I go to search for her? What if she gets harmed? Ohh, who is this person calling me now?
Caller: Hello, am I on to Mr. Caleb??
Caleb: Yes, how can I help you?
Caller: My name is Jide, I just called to inform you that the owner of this phone was knocked down by a moving car and has been taken to Omajuluwa hospital at federal junction
Caleb: Jesus! She is my wife. Please, wait for me, I will be there in the next thirty minutes.
Oh God! What have I done to my wife? What have I done to myself? I should have just walk away from her. Father, have mercy on me and keep my wife for me, Please, don’t let me be put to shame.
I drove furiously to the hospital and met with Jide who took me to where my wife was. I appreciated him and gave him some money. I sat beside my wife and couldn’t stop blaming myself for slapping her back. I know women can be so annoying but I should have controlled myself. I took hold of her right hand and kept apologizing to her unconscious self.
I was still tendering my apology when the Doctor in charge of my wife’s case walked into her ward to check on her.
Doctor: Hello! you are??
Me: Good evening Doctor, I am her husband
Doctor: ohh, nice meeting you
Me: Please, how is she doing?
Doctor: She lost a lot blood but we have been able to stabilize her and also made sure that her pregnancy is safe
Me: Pregnancy?? Is she in any way pregnant??
Doctor: ohh, so you don’t know? Well, our test shows that she is six weeks pregnant.
Me: Wow! Thank You Jesus, thank you Doctor but when will she come around?
Doctor: very soon
With that the doctor left to attend to another patient. I was so surprised and elated to hear that my wife was pregnant, what surprised me greatly is that I didn’t notice any signs of pregnancy or is the pregnancy responsible for her recent misbehavior.
I laid my hand on her flat stomach trying to feel my unborn child and was also whispering sweet words into her ears, nature kept calling then i slept off.
Funbi’s Point of View
I opened my eyes only to see myself in an unknown room different from my matrimonial room, i tried to recall what brought me to this strange room but I couldn’t think as my head was banging. I tried to sit up then I noticed a hand on my stomach, I looked around and saw Caleb sleeping while sitting on the chair beside my bed. Immediately, I laid my hand on his, he opened his eyes.
Caleb: Thank You Jesus! How are you now dear?
Funbi: what am I doing here?
Caleb: Babe, you are in the hospital. We had a disagreement yesterday and you left the house in anger only for you to be knocked down by a car which led to being here. I suddenly remembered all that happened but kept quiet.
Funbi: okay
Caleb: My love, I am very sorry. I never had the mind of laying my hands on you but I didn’t know what came over me. Please, forgive me my wife
Funbi: your wife?? Better go and meet your concubine
Caleb: concubine??
Funbi: isn’t it obvious that you are cheating?? If you are not then why do you p@ssword your phones and keep receiving calls secretly
Caleb: ohh sweetie! I am not cheating and can never cheat on you. I actually didn’t want you involved that’s why I kept it away from you. I was actually working on getting who was behind your breakup with Moses and how the issue of you not being a v!rg!n came up
I had to p@ssword my phone so that you won’t know what I was up to plus, I know you won’t let me embark on this journey if you were aware.
Me: OMG! I judged you wrongly and even slapped you
Caleb: the reason why I was depressed yesterday was that the guy working for me s£nt me an SMS yesterday that he wasn’t interested in the job again after collecting the sum of two hundred and fifty thousand naira. I went to his apartment and was told that he has relocated.
Me: Jesus!!!
Caleb: the news of his disappearance weakened me and all I needed was a show of love and care from my wife but got a slap in the face
Me: Sweetheart, I am very sorry. Please, forgive my childishness, I promise never to lay my hands on you again. I promise to love and respect you more
Caleb: it’s okay, I forgive you because of my unborn baby
Me: which baby??
Caleb: Well, the doctor claimed that you are six weeks pregnant
Me: (touched my stomach with surprise written all over me) Pregnant? Like, I am carrying a baby as in your baby?
Caleb: yes darling, we are going to be a parent soon
Me: wow! Thank You Jesus. Can you please call the doctor? My head is banging seriously
Chapter 8
After spending three more days at the hospital, I was discharged to go home. On getting home, my husband treated me like an egg but in all the love and care he showed me, I noticed that he was worried about something.
When I couldn’t take his worried state again, I had to question him as to what is bothering him.
Me: Sweetheart, I have been watching you for days now and I noticed you have not been your usual self though you are trying to cover up with a smile. What is eating you up and please, don’t tell me it’s nothing
Caleb: I actually don’t want to bother you but since you insist on knowing what is wrong with me, I will gladly tell you. Is this how we are going to let the matter go? As regards your image being dented in Grace Tabernacle
Me: what do you want us to do?
Caleb: You see, there is a reason why that young ma said he isn’t interested again because he has started giving me some information and his next plan was to plant a CCTV camera in the pastor’s house. I felt he was caught
Me: maybe, why can’t we just pray about this matter?
Caleb: Wow! That’s thoughtful of you as in, I never thought in this direction before. We will tell God to expose and disgrace that evil person
Me: Perfect dear
That was how we started the prayer, we decided to wake up every midnight and cry to God to disgrace and expose that wicked fellow. Caleb added fasting to the prayer but didn’t allow me to even when I suggested breaking the fast by 12am.
A month after the inception of the prayer, Caleb received an SMS which says ”Please, ensure you are In church this coming Sunday and try to come with your wife as there is an important information you need get”
The message greatly surprised us, we tried calling the line that s£nt the message but it didn’t go through. Caleb decided to wait for Sunday in order to know what the information was all about.
Sunday came and Caleb was surprised when he saw that I wasn’t preparing for Church. He had earlier pleaded with me to follow him to church but I told him I won’t go. This Sunday morning, he started pleading with me again but I stood my ground.
When he saw that I wasn’t heeding his plea, he suddenly got angry and threatened to do something nasty if I don’t prepare myself for church. I suddenly became scared because Caleb rarely got angry but if he does, hell will be let lose.
I had no choice to grumblingly prepare myself for church. I was purposely slow in preparing for church because I knew he hate going to church late hence, I wanted him to get fed up and go without me. Surprisingly, he waited for me but was giving me an angry stare.
After what seems like forever, we finally set out for church. We were already late and that made Caleb very angry but I cared less, I just don’t want to set my foot in that church again, a church were I was disgraced and punished for committing no offence.
Getting to the church, Caleb carried my handbag which contained only my Bible and purse because I didn’t plan on listening and jotting down message. With Caleb’s hand in mine, we walked majestically into the auditorium. The usher tried to give us a seat but the angry look I gave him explained better to him.
I intentionally went to the first seat with my husband so that the members could see me properly, thank God my baby bump was well revealed. They did and most of the g@sped for breath including the pastor and his wife.
The Sundays school was already coming to an end when we walked in and as it came to an end, the choir sang some songs then people began to share testimony. It was so surprising that Rosaline, the pastor daughter also came out to share testimony.
Rosaline: Good Morning everyone, my name is Jegede Rosaline and this testimony of mine is more like a confession. I am glad to see Mr. Caleb and his wife pres£nt as I invited them over just to witness this confession of mine.
But before I go on, I would like to apologize to my parent for this confession but I will say that My mom is the architect of this.
I was on my own living my life when my mom orchestrated me to take Moses away from Funbi. I refused to go on that path but she threatened to deal with me if I decided to go against her plan. I didn’t know how she got wind that Funbi and Moses were going to the hospital for a checkup then she advised Moses to then conduct a v!rg!nity test on Funbi.
She connived with the doctor and ensure that the result come out negative. After their break up, She told Moses to replace Funbi with me claiming I am still a v!rg!n.
Moses truly replaced me Funbi with me and we began a relationship which was heading towards marriage. Few months into the relationship, Moses started requesting for s£× with the claiming that he wants to know if I was a v!rg!n or not.
At first I refused but when he vowed to break up with me, I opened up to him that I am no longer a v!rg!n. Immediately he to know that I am no longer a v!rg!n, he started sleeping with me with the threat that he would expose me to the church if I refuse to give in to his request.
In order to hide my head, I had no choice but to give in to him. Within four months, I aborted three pregnancies. We got married and started having difficulty in childbearing.
I was already shivering where I sat as the revelation was too much for me to bear. So, the problem came from the Pastor’s family. What a life! No wonder the Bible says a man’s foes are of his house hold.
I told Caleb I had heard enough and wanted to leave but he would have none it, he said we must listen to the end infuriating me. I gave him a bad glare which he returned with a beautiful smile and sudden blew me a klzz not minding the fact that we were in the midst of people. No doubt, the confession made him happy.
I have really been misbehaving these days, I hope it’s not as a result of the pregnancy. Caleb urge me to listen to Rosaline’s testimony-confession.
Rosaline: After a year of not conceiving, he started maltreating me just because I blamed him for our childlessness. He beat me at slight provocation and to wors£n the matter, he brought in a second wife.
When I couldn’t bear the emotional and physical torture anymore, I ran back to God for forgiveness and now, I am a changed fellow. God told me that my only way of having true happiness and peace of mind is confessing my atrocity before the whole church in order to clear Funbi’s name.
Rosaline drop the microphone and came to kneel before me asking for forgiveness. I stood up from where I sat and went into our car which was parked at the car park, Caleb came to meet me and we drove home.
Getting home, my husband and I knelt down and worship God for vindicating us. From the bottom of my heart, I thanked my husband and prayed for Him. I asked God to bless the work of his hands and always make him happy.
Two Saturdays later, Caleb and I were sitting in the living room watching a movie with Caleb m@ssaging my swollen legs alongside when we heard a knock on the door. I opted to go see who was at the door. As I opened the door, I was surprised to see the youths and teenagers of Grace Tabernacle with fliers which some says “We are sorry Sister Funbi, please forgive and come back to us” while others read “Operation bring back our teacher”
When Caleb didn’t see me return back to the living room, he came to the door post to seeing what was going on. Upon seeing the crowd in our compound, he held me by the waist and whisper into my ears that it’s time for me to forgive everyone in Grace Tabernacle. I faced him and cried on his chest, he encouraged me to let go.
With his encouragement, I wipe my tears, faced the crowd and promised to come back to them. They screamed in happiness on hearing that, Caleb had to quickly buy cartons of biscuits and drinks which they took with joy before they finally left.
Later that evening, Pastor Jegede came to my house with six other ministers of Grace Tabernacle. Immediately he saw me, he wanted to go on his knees while claiming he wasn’t aware of the evil atrocities his wife and daughter committed. I forbade him from kneeling before him, I went into his open arms and wept.
He was the father I never had, he gave me the education my blood relatives denied me. This alone can never make me be angry with him, I promised him I will be back to church and resume my role as the @ssistant youth leader while my husband would be restored to the ushering department I prepared a delicious meal for them which they ate before they left.
That was how I returned back to my home church. Getting back to the church, I was told that Moses and his family stopped coming to the church, Rosaline traveled out of the country to pursue her Masters while the pastor’s wife suddenly became sick. Well, my husband and I were always visiting her.
When my pregnancy was due and I was to rushed to the hospital by husband and mother-in-law who was already living with us while awaiting my delivery. It wasn’t a funny experience as I kept biting my husband.
After all the screams and shouting, I finally brought forth a baby girl which gladden Caleb’s heart so much. My mother-in-law was so happy that she was alive to see her first grandchild.
Our baby was named Peculiar, Oluwatumininu, Omotoke, WuraOla. After the naming ceremony, Caleb took me to the compound to meet someone. Getting outside, I was shocked to see Rosaline. I open my arms and embraced her. She said she couldn’t miss her niece’s naming ceremony for anything.
I took her to where my baby was laid and we started talking, she told me Moses p@ssed away some weeks ago after battling with his life in the hospital. She said he contacted a s£×ual transmitted disease which was not discovered on time and by the time it was discovered, it was too late.
While on his sick bed his new wife ran away a huge amount of money and dropped a note for him that her pregnancy was for someone else. The shock of the news fastened his death. She further said she was in a relationship but was taking it slowly. Moses death paid me but he caused everything that happened to him.
After everyone left, I sat beside my baby’s cradle and couldn’t stop thinking and appreciating God for the miracle He gave me. Lost in thought, i felt a arm around me, I looked back and saw my dearest husband smiling.
I stood up and gave me a klzz, I just couldn’t stop appreciating God for giving me such a sweet man. He klzzed me back hungrily, our klzzing section was brought to an end by the pres£nce of my mother-in-law.
Caleb: Mom, you know you don’t have to interrupt us
Mother-in-law: I won’t have interrupted you if you two had gone to your room. Well, I just came to carry my baby
My mother-in-law carried my baby while Caleb and I resumed our klzzing.


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