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The virgin story of funbi episode 3 & 4

I left for work that Monday morning feeling optimistic only for me to get to my office and meet an envelope lying on my table. I tore it open and discovered that it was a termination letter.
I ran to my boss office to ask him what my offence was then he said since I have chos£n to repay the Pastor and his family with disgrace then there was possibility that I would bring disgrace to the company. He warned me to leave before he ask the security to throw me out.
With depression written all over me, I took my bag and walk out of the company dejectedly. My Secretary who was moved embraced me and told me to be strong.
On my way to my apartment, I bought a strong rope and went home with the plan to commit suicide as I was fed up of everything. Getting home, I tied the rope to the ceiling and was about to hang it around my neck when a call came into my phone.
I stopped what I was about doing and went ahead to answer the call. It happen to be one of the sisters in the ushering department who I don’t relate with.
Sis Clara: Sis Funbi, please don’t do that which you are about to do. Please, God hasn’t forgotten you, there is a reason for everything you are going through now. Please, don’t take your life, your miracle is around the corner.
Her words made me weep uncontrollably, I was sppechless. She requested for my address which I gave to her without wasting time. After about a hour, she got to my house.
Instead of castigating me, she embraced me and prayed for me from the depth of her heart. She wiped my tears and told me that the Holy Spirit s£nt her to me. I opened up to her and she encouraged me and gave me Bible scriptures to read.
When she got to know that I had no money to use for feeding, she gave me some amount of money. Before she left me, she encouraged me to submit my credentials in order organizations.
Her words and coming really uplifted me, I ask God for forgiveness for thinking of committing suicide and decided to begin life afresh. Two days later, I made photocopies of my credentials and submitted it to different organizations and even schools.
While waiting for an employment offer, I spent most of my time reading the Bible and praying. One day, I came across a verse that said ‘For your shame, I will give you double’. I claimed that promise of God and prayed for the manifestation.
Caleb: No Lord, I can’t do this. What do you want people to say?
Holy Spirit: is it people’s words that matters or mine?
Caleb: Your word Lord but this is a lady that has defiled herself and every one in the church is aware. Lord, this is shame. It’s not as if I am asking for a v!rg!n because I am not a v!rg!n but the news is all over the church
Holy Spirit: if you don’t want to be caught in the web of a wrong marriage then be ready to go with my choice but you can still go with your choice but be ready to bear whatever consequence that comes with it.
Holy Spirit: I gave Funbi to Moses because she has what it takes to take the ministry I gave him to the next level but the moment he broke up with her, I gave the ministry to someone else as I can’t allow my name to be mocked by the. ungodly. You see, the manifestation of his destiny is tied to the ministry and the devil who doesn’t want that to be achieved decided to come through this way.
Caleb: hmmmmmm
Holy Spirit: Funbi has a great ministry and you also have a greater role to play in that ministry that is if you follow my leading by getting married to her
Caleb: does that mean you are giving me the ministry you collected from Moses?
Holy Spirit: I never said so. I will tell you more when you decided to follow my leading.
What I have come to realize that God can give a promise but the manifestation can be delayed. I actually thought the manifestation to the promises I came across in the Bible will manifest immediately but I got it all wrong.
After two weeks of not hearing anything from the organizations I submitted my credentials, I made more photocopies and went in search of other organizations with vacancies. After a futile search, I got home only to realize that my cell phone was missing.
I searched thoroughly for it but didn’t see it. I felt so bad because that was my only hope of getting a job. When the issue of my cell phone wanted to bring depression, the Holy Spirit ministered to me and I felt encouraged.
I lost a lot of contact including that of Sis Clara, I remembered that she gave me her house address so, I decided to go see her and inform her about my missing cell phone only for me to get there and be told that her mother needed an urgent kidney transplant so she traveled out of the country with her sick mother.
Being discouraged was an understatement because my only hope of getting help was dashed. When I saw that jobs weren’t forth coming, I decided to go in search of supermarkets and stores in need of sales girls as I was ready to do anything just to provide my daily bread and to be able to save for my next rent.
In the course of the search, I saw a canteen that was urgently in need of a sales girl. Read more of these from our WhatsApp and telegram platform through ohene ome on+233544142683. I went in hurriedly and was taken to meet the owner of the canteen who promised to pay me a thousand naira per day.
Though it wasn’t encouraging but it was better than sitting at home with no source of income. I resumed immediately with the mind of quitting once I get a better offer.
Working in the canteen wasn’t an easy task, there were times when I would be insulted by the customers and even by the boss. Other times, the male customers will want to fondle with my body part in exchange for money but I stood my ground.
Despite the harsh treatment from the boss and customers, I continued with my work as I was able to take care of myself and also save part of my earnings. Sometimes, I just can’t believe that I that earn almost eighty thousand naira per month now earn a thousand naira per day.
I kept on encouraging myself that all will be fine one day, I just hope it comes sooner.
While going to give a customer his order one day, I accidentally spilled the content in the tray on a woman who was putting on white attire. The truth of the matter was that I was kind of depressed and lost it thought that it was after the content fell on the woman that I realized the gravity of what I had done.
The woman who appeared to be very rich was enraged, she stood up furiously and gave me a deafening slap. I fell on my knees apologizing but that didn’t help matters.
My boss was informed and that wors£n the situation as she gave me another slap just to appease the rich woman. Aside from the slaps, I was insulted. The only thing I could do was to shed tears.
While the insult went on, a young man suddenly appears and tried to salvage the situation.
Young man: Afternoon madams, I have been watching what was going on and I feel this lady made a mistake but that should not give room for the inhumane treatment that you guys are giving her
Rich woman: Inhumane treatment you say?? I don’t blame you, if you know the cost of my attire, you won’t open your God-forsaken mouth to tell me trash
Young man: I am sorry what I said sounded like trash. What I mean is that this lady has received more than her offense, you should tamper judgment with mercy
Rich woman: I won’t let her be till she pays for the cloth
Me: (in tears) haa, please have mercy on me, mommy, I don’t have money
Young man: how much does it cost?
Rich woman: (speaks with pride) Well, I decided to put on the cheapest of my cloth today so it cost just thirty thousand naira only
Young man: just that? Give me your account details
Right there the young man transferred the thirty thousand to the rich woman. Immediately she received an alert, she took her bag and walked out of the canteen without paying for her food.
After the woman left, the young man pulled me up and took me out of the canteen. All this while, I had been on my knee so I wasn’t able to see his face properly. Getting outside the canteen, I discovered that his face looks familiar.
Me: (went on my knee) thank you very much, sir, I don’t know how to repay you but I know that God will surely repay you
Young man: stand up jare. Just give God the glory, it’s a privilege to help people. So tell me, what are you doing here? Like, why is a graduate working in a place like this?
Me: excuse me?? Do you know me before??
Young man: Wait! Does it mean you can’t recognize me??
Me: I can’t, please, can you introduce yourself??
Young man: Wow! This is Caleb, I am an usher in Grace Tabernacle, your guardian’s church
Me: OMG!! Bro Caleb is this you??
Caleb: sure, I am the one
Me: thank you so much for coming to my aid, God bless you, my brother,
Caleb: it’s alright. Come, let’s sit in my car so that we would be able to talk better.
Getting to his car, I wasted no time in narrating all that led to me working in the canteen. He felt for me and asked me to forward my credentials to him. I told him I had no cell phone to forward the credentials, he then gave me his email address and told me to go to cyber cafe to do the needful.
He further informed me that my face wasn’t in good shape and the need for me to get treatment. At first, I promised to take care of myself but he insisted and took me to a nearby pharmacy and got me drugs. Being surprised was an understatement as I never expected to be well cared for by someone I h@rdly relate to back then in Church.
He told me to stop working in that canteen as it was degrading coupled with the fact that I was being treated like a slave. He said he was certain that I would get a job that week.
I appreciated and prayed for him before we part ways but I wasn’t ready to quit till I get a new job. I went early to work the following day and went on my knees to apologize to my boss. She forgave me but used the payment of that day for the rich woman’s meal which she didn’t pay for.
Before the end of the week, Caleb showed up at the canteen and gave me an employment letter with a brand new phone. I was so excited but after some moment of deep thought, I returned the letter of employment and cell phone to him.
He was so surprised and pleaded with me to accept it but I stood my ground and told him I don’t want anything from any member of Grace Tabernacle. He pleaded and pleaded with me but later left when he saw how unbending I was.
Caleb’s Point Of View
Me: what is even wrong with her? I am trying to help her life yet she is proving stubborn. Is that the kind of woman God wants to give me? A loose and stubborn woman?
Holy Spirit: A loose and stubborn woman?? Do you think I give my children the worst things? Well, you just wrong God by that statement you made
Me: I am very sorry Lord, please forgive me.
Holy Spirit: you should learn how to deal with your wife
Me: wife already?
Holy Spirit: Remember, that woman has now been given to you.
Me: help me, Lord! Help me to love her despite all I have heard about her.
Holy Spirit: My grace is sufficient for you.
For two days, my boss refuse to pay me with the claim that she is using my pay for the rich woman’s meal. Getting home that evening, I was sad. I knelt down and started crying to God for a better job. I didn’t spend up to five minutes before the Holy Spirit started speaking to me.
Holy Spirit: which other job do you still want after rejecting the one I brought across your way??
Me: but Lord, I don’t want anything from any member of Grace Tarbernacle.
Holy Spirit: will you lose God’s provision because of flimsy excuse?
Me: Lord, I am so sorry for my foolishness.
That night, I appreciated God more and asked Him to touch Caleb’s heart so that he would come back to me with the employment letter and the cellphone
I was worried when I didn’t see Caleb the next day but I encouraged myself that he would come the following day. Throughout the remaining days of the week, I didn’t see Caleb.
I had already lost hope of seeing Caleb when he showed up at the canteen the following week. Being excited was an understatement, I ignore my colleagues who were teasing me that my boyfriend was around, i took an excuse from my boss to go meet him where his car was parked.
Me: good afternoon bro Caleb, how are you??
Caleb: Fine, thank you and you??
Me: God has been faithful. As per the job, is it still available??
Caleb: (surprised) hmmm, that is why I am here, my friend called to ask me if the person is still interested before he employ someone else
Me: I am interested, I am ready to resume whenever he want me to
Caleb: that’s a good one. I will inform him, wait let me get you the employment letter.
Caleb went into his car and brought out the employment, he also brought the cell phone with it. I was so excited that I didn’t know when I jumped on him. I kept appreciating and praying for him.
I promised him that I would resume the following day. He informed me that it was a position of a secretary, I was meant to be a secretary to his friend. I was satisfied with it as long as it was a white collar job.
Getting home that day, I sang praises to God and appreciated Him for wiping my tears away and giving me a song of joy. I settled down and took out the employment of the envelope to go through it again only to see a wedding invitation inside the envelope. I guess Caleb forgot the wedding invitation inside the envelope.
A glanced at the wedding invitation revealed to me that it was Moses wedding invitation. Alas, he was getting married to Rosaline, the Pastor’s only daughter. Being surprise was an understatement because I didn’t expect Rosaline to get married to the man I loved.
I wiped the tears that dropped from my eyes and @ssured myself that God will perfect all he has started in my life. I wished them Good luck and kept the wedding invitation on my table with the intention of giving it back to Caleb when next we meet.
I took my new cell phone and operated it, I discovered that there was airtime and data on the line. Since Caleb’s contact was saved on it, I decided to call him to appreciate him once again and ask him how his day went.
It’s never a dull moment
Caleb picked at the second ring and we spent almost a hour talking.
found myself laughing at his words and didn’t want the call to end, I even went as far as asking if he had taken dinner which he affirmed to. I also asked who prepared it and was surprised when he said he did.
That night, I didn’t sleep on time as I was fantasizing about Caleb and I becoming a couple but I quickly shake off the thought because I felt a good looking rich man like that will have a woman in his life.
After a moment of fantasy, I found time to pray and sleep in order to wake up early to prepare myself for my new job.
To be continued


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