The vampire princess season two finale

👽👽The Vampire Princess👺👹
Season 2
Episode 21
Zoey l@yon a mat breathing heavily
I ru-b my hands on her tommy then looked at my f!nger..It clasped out immediately
“Are you sure you can do this?”Axel asked
I nodded,I have never done something like this but I know I have never fail in anything I do ..
I used my f!nger to cut the lower p@rt of Zoey stomach..Fresh blood gushed out freely..
“Get me a bottle of blood”I cursed
Axel gave me one and I consumed it which reduce my urge for blood at that moment
“Ahh..Ahh..Ahh”Zoey shouted breathing heavily😣
I di-p my two hands in her stomach trying to locate the wo-mb
If I want to kill Zoey then it is now😏 but there is no how Axel wouldn’t know that I intentionally killed her..
He is gonna be really mad at me and I dont wanna see his bad side again
“We are almost done..Axel whispered c@r£ss!ngZoey hair softly..Tears flow from her eyes😭
I finally locate the wo-mb..I to-re it out with my f!nger then held the baby
The toe to the n£¢k was out but the head was stuck in the flesh
I tried really ha-rd to re-move it but all was to no avail and Zoey is loosing a lot of blood within seconds
This time..She couldn’t shout she was just breathing slowly..I am scared she will die,I dont want her to die because I know her death will affect my marriage
Axel will have an emotional pain which he wouldn’t get over in time and it will affect the Marriage I am rebuilding
Axel seeing the situation on ground was sweating really badly
“The head is not coming out😣😣”I said wiping the water dripping from my flesh
Axell-ips was shaking like he couldn’t say anything ..Others were waiting outside for a positive response
“God..I am doomed”I cursed trying to re-move the baby
Zoey breath c@m£ down..
“Give her a de-ep bite on het n£¢k”I shouted
“I can’t..
“Shut the fv¢k and Initiate her”I shouted again
Axel bite her on the n£¢k and somethings changed about her
Her breath went back to normal..Her eyes were opened but she l@ylifeless not moving any p@rt of my b©dy
“Axel I think you should try removing it..I am famished..
He walked towards me trying to fight against his tears..
He de-ep his hand into her stomach then her blood boiled out smoke..He brou-ght the baby out almost immediately and to my surprise the baby has matured pangs
“Come stitch Zoey up..”Axel said dropping the baby in a big bowl
I pick a tiny nee-dle and human veins stitching every torn p@rt
Finally I am done but Zoey is not saying anything not even a word
“Zoey”Me and Axel said simultaneously
“I am famished😭😣😣”She replied trying to close her eyes only to see the baby grow up and turn into a lady justy within minutes
“Off to Revenge”The lady said
“Thanks Miss for bringing me into the world”She added then disappeared into thin air
We all wi-de-ned our eyes in shock..
“So is this what I have been carrying for good six months😭
So this is the result of the endless pain😭😭
Why does this have to happen to me 😭”She said slowly with tears dropping from her eyes
Axel also start sobbing😭😭
You know what?..I can’t cry for Zoey even though she is in hell
“St©p crying Zoey..It is all fate”I said frankly😏
“Nothing to show for the pregnancy”She replied between sobs
“We will tell everyone the baby the baby is dead”I said walking out to spend the stupid rumour
“How come the baby died”Lisa and Axel Creggs said simultaneously
“I mean the baby disappeared”I replied with a shrug
“Mrs Zoey will be in so much pain😣😣”Lisa said sympathizing
Axel Creggs wore an Expressionless look then buried his hand in hair
You can all sulk for all I care
I went to take a cool shower,Change my dress then went downstairs to the living room
I am a kind of movie freak
Pregnant Mira c@m£ in Actually coming back from the hospital
Mira is never getting married to her brother..She is only allowed to give birth to the baby because it c@m£ for a mission and she will die if she ab-ort it
Hours later,Axel Creggs joined us then my husband and Zoey also walked downstairs
Zoey alre-ady cleaned up but the pain of what happen was clearly written on her face
The door creaked open then we heard his voice
“Guess I have missed a lot😏..
“Dave”We all echoed..
Zoey ran into his arms and hvgged him as ti-ght as ever
Wow Dave is back..He travelled for his wedding preparation and choose to start a new life there
Lydia should have been pregnant or at least given birth but why is he not with his wife and children??
I hvgged Dave and never want to let him go. Gosh! I missed him
“I missed you”I whispered
“I missed you too”He replied then we dis£ngaged from the hvg
Axel also hvgged him saying “I miss you pal”
“Same”He replied
“What’s up with your sudden visit at California”Axel asked as we took our sit
“What about Lydia and your children
I think Lydia should be a mother by now😘”Vera added
Wow Dave is married
“I regret ever getting married to Lydia..Our son was very ill when he clock a year.
They nee-ded to use my blood on him only to discover that he is not my biological son
She wanted to murder me all because I told her to sign a divorce paper
I had to leave the house for her after terrifying her with my powers
Lydia was a wrong choice indeed😣and I am back to California to start a new life”Dave Explained
“Well that is cool buh I can’t believe Lydia can be Damn Stupid😏”Vera said with a shrug…
“Everything had it reason for everything”Axel said
“I am spending my night here and I will go to Rockfount tomorrow to visit my family..
“The home is always your home”Axel replied
“I am also going to Rockfount..It will be nice taking trip together”I added then he nodded
Everyb©dy went upstairs one after the other until me and Dave are left alone in the living room
“Zoey you are looking sad..What’s wrong?”Dave asked out of the blues with his gaze fixed on me
“Can you imagine carrying baby in your wo-mb for months,deliver it with pain and at the end the baby disappeared”I replied trying to fight against my tears
“It really hurt💔..
“It happened to me”I blurted out letting the tears pour out freely..😭
Dave wipe my tears with his thumb then said..
“Zoey you are a good woman..You are everything a man could wish for has a wife💖
You have a soft heart and you are so loving❤
I have never seen any lady like you…You are a strong woman”He said putting on a small smile
I was speechless
“I have ever crushed on you but Axel asked you out first so I gave up
I guess this is the right time for me to say this…Will you marry me😘😘” ..
This is another proposal and I dont think rejecting it is the best..This is another opportunity of becoming a Mrs
“I will..I replied slowly forming a small smile..At least that will help me get over the pain of the past
“I do love you💖Zoey”He said with sincerity in his heart
“I love you too💖💖”I replied and to my greatest surprise,Hisl-ips met mine💋
I am somehow lazy to get up from the be-d this morning
Axel cu-mddled me to sleep yesterday so I am still in his arms
“Good morning sweetie”Axel said pe-cking my forehead
“Good morning..Hw was your night💋Hope you dreamt about me”I replied giggling
“All my dreams was about no one but you”He replied pla-ying with my hair strands😘
“We went throu-gh good and bad,Ups and Down,Thick and thin..Here we are still together despite all the challenges we remain as one💖 and I am sure we will be forever undividable❤”I said
“I have never regretted any of my moment with you and I am happy to be that man who un-derstands your good and bad side…I really love you Vera💖”He replied
“I love you too Cherished
He took myl-ips in then I wra-p my hands around his n£¢k de-epening the k!ss
Mira Kendal gave birth to a male child which everyone believe c@m£ for a mission
She got married to Ian and get over the love she had for her brother..Axel Creggs also moved on with his life😘😘
Lisa was later discovered to be a mermaid and because of her Xaxianna spared Meribella and her Kingdom from the burning verge of her revenge
Zoey got married to Dave and they give themselves both love and respect..She gave birth to three more children which Dave is responsible
Zoey enjoyed happiness again and enjoyed all her moment with him..Dave treated her like a Queen👑👑
Mr Axel and Mrs Vera Kendal live together in love,happiness and joy
They treated themselves with respect and rule the world as the most powerful of all💪💪
♡FULL St©p♡
The story happens to be a tale where power crashes💪 and Fate happens to t©p all other themes
Sometimes things doesn’t go the way we wants it,Sometimes things doesn’t follow the path we are expecting..They come in the other way and we accept it like that because it is Fate
No matter how ha-rd anything can come..There is always light at the end of the tunnel
Patience and un-derstanding is the key to fight most of out life challenges
At times Fate do bring unacceptable things but we do accept it that way because everything has a reason and there will be all Joy at the end💓💓