The vampire princess season two episode 9 & 10

👺👹👽The Vampire Princess
Season 2
Episode 9 and 10
We kept k!ss!ng.We continued moving slowly
No one dare break the k!ss
We k!$$£d like our life depended on it..
Finally I got to the Highschool p@rty Music was booming everywhere,girls were cheering🍻
Some are chatting in group…Some are enjoying their privacy but Mira and Axel are nowhere to be found…
I have checked the Walters Room,The Bar and The Main floor..I am on my way to the Dance floor with the hope of seeing them
As usual,People are dancing and rolling around with different dancing steps😘
I sighted a couple I think…Dancing as slow as ever,I overlooked them and continued searching for Mira
Did she follow Axel home or what?
Mira never listens to simple instructions…I turned back to see the people i thought were couple k!ss!ng@s the girl m0@n softly
No wonder they are moving slowly😞
Wait! Are my eyes deceiving me..Isn’t this Mira and Axel
“Mira”I called but they kept k!ssing💋💋
“Mira”I called again walking closer to them
“Mira are you out of your s-en-ses?”I said as they dis£ngaged from the k!ss
I am trying my best not to create a scene here
Mira used her thumbs to wipe thel-ipstick on Axell-ips
“I am Sorry”Axel muttered to Mira
“Mira are you outta your mind?”I asked slowly
“Are you blind Lisa?..Don’t you see he is apologizing..That means I am not at fault😏”She snapped
“It’s a pure mistake”Axel said slowly
“Axel you dont have to explain”Mira snapped walking away from the dancing floor dragging Axel along..
I don’t know where they are heading to..
I have to act really fast coz i am really scared
Love can be blind at times❤
I called my personal as-sistant
📞Hey Tom..How far have you gone
📞We will strike soon…
He replied then hang up the call..I called my doctor immediately
📞Have you gotten the poison and the antidote
📞Sure Miss Kendal..Come take it whenever you nee-d it
📞Will hit you a call soon…
Everything is going according to plan except from the fact that Mira and Axel are in Love❤😞
It will break their heart both if they happens to be sibling
I angrily went back home..Guess they don’t try anything stupid throu-ghout the night
Mira c@m£ home late in the night and the next morning she went out of the house saying she is on her trip to California
Dad was badly worried but i did everything to as-sure him that all will be fine soon
General pov
Mira Kendal and Axel Creggs flight arrived at California at night..They boarded a flight straight to Axel Creggs house
They got down from the cab and Zoey ran out hvgging her son excitedly…She hvgged him so ti-ght not wanting to let him go😘😘 then she sighted a lady smiling gently beside him
“Who is she??”She asked
“Who is she??..His mom asked referring to me
“ meet my best,one and only friend her name is Mira”
“Nice meeting you Mrs Creggs”I said with a smile
“You are welcome sweetie💋💋”She replied pe-cking my two cheeks
“Darling❤..I prepared your favourite food”His mom said leading us to the dining table
“I love you mom💖”Axel said pe-cking his mom
His mom giggled
“Ever since you went to Mellington..It has been lonely”
Seems Axel doesn’t have a sibling..It has been he and his mom all throu-gh
We ate dinner together and I can’t help but to watch Mrs Creggs as she stuck pasta in her son mouth and at the same time ruffling his hair😘..
Axel pouted like a baby
“Do you want me to fill you with more”His mom said with a genuine smile over her😊
“I have you missed you mom💖”Axel replied while his mom buried her hand into his hair
“I love you son💓..
Seems she caught me staring
“You aren’t left out Dearie should I fill you with pasta😊”
We all bur-st out laughter and soon dinner was over
“We have two rooms in the house..One for Axel and One for me So you are gonna sleep with one of us”His mom addressed me
“I will stay with Axel”I said ..I could see Axel eyes wi-de-ned
“Okay…Goodnight”She replied
Me and Axel Creggs went into the room together..I cu-mddled around him so as to feel warm then I allow sleep take over..He pe-cked my temple saying
“Goodnight Dearie ..
Waking up the next morning Axel wasn’t by my side ..I sat down imagining How kind Mrs Zoey is..Then I sighted Axel coming out of the bathroom
Some drops of water drip down his che-st and his hair fell over his face
I can’t help but to admire his glorious abs and Straight Masculine Jaw..He is really cute💓
“Are you gonna keep staring at me with admiration or get into the bath and have shower coz we are going to the farm house
“Arrrrrgh..Who is admiring you”I rolled my eyes entering into the bathroom,All he did was to smile
Axel Creggs,His mom and I went to the farm house
Mrs Zoey was ma-king heaps and at the same time cracking jokes
Me and Axel laughed while we uproot weeds
Me and Axel eyes do meet several times then we smiled each other
We finished all the farm work then we went into the farm house to take shower and relax
We went home by 7pm
Mrs Zoey went to the kitchen prepare dinner
“Guess you must be really tired”Axel said removing hair strands from my face
“ohh..yes”I replied burying my head in his che-st then he soothed my hair
“I love you Mira”He whispered lightly
“What do you say??”I asked Pretending not to hear what he said
“I said nothing..
“Dinner is re-ady”Mrs Zoey shouted
“Love birds “She added then Axel ran his hand throu-gh his hair more like Dad
After dinner we all went to sleep
Some Hours Later
As Usuals, I was slee-ping coz it was late in the night then I suddenly felt a sharp nee-dle pierced into me and I went blank
I heard some awful sounds from my sleep Like some suspicious signs…
Axel hands was wra-pped around me..I gently re-move his hands then called
“Axel..I shouted
He ru-bbe-d his eyes sleepily
“Axel I am suspecting some unusual movement downstairs Let’s go check”
We got downstairs only to see men with mask and one of them was carrying Mrs Zoey Creggs…
They wanted to made their way out when Axel shouted
“Do you think you are gonna take my mom just like that😏”
Mrs Creggs was looking lifeless and hands were fallen
“Watch your steps Man..Stay off our back😡”One of the men shouted in return as he brou-ght out a gun
Those men are nothing for me to handle but revea-ling my powers in front of Axel Creggs seems really weird..I do leave Axel Creggs if the sun is almost down so as not to transform into a wolf before him..Immediately I transform into a wolf i will gently change back into a Human before going back to him
I will not reveal my power to him Not Now,Not Ever..
Before I know what was happening..Axel ran to his lifeless mother😐
Gunsh0ts was all I heard as Axel Creggs Staggered to the back and fell to the floor badly
“Axelll..I shouted as I ran towards him..