The Vampire Princess

Season 2❤

Episode 11/12💖




“Now Mr Kendal read my lips..

The Pregnancy led to a Miscarriage..

I am not releasing any child to you..

Infact there is no child any where”…

He stood up from his knees walking straight to me..

I also stood up moving to the back as he increased his steps…

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I got to the wall and can’t move back any longer but he kept moving forward… and very close to me now

“Zoey look into my eyes and tell me you don’t have my child with you…

“I don’t…His lips glued on mine cutting of my sentence

I deepened the Kiss wrapping my hands around his neck..

Our Kiss became Intense..We exchanged Saliva and the battle of t

wo tongues was at it peak..

Those lips I lasted tasted 19 years ago..

Our body was pinned to each other and I couldn’t control my surging emotions..

He went down to my neck then whispered

“Zoey is my baby with you…


I couldn’t help but to moan..His kisses has ever remained my weakness..

“Zoey pls my baby..He whispered again

“He is at California”I replied in between moans..

“I love you ❤ Zoey..I still do”He said trailing back to my lips💋💋

His tongue slipped into the Intimate warmth of me

His hand located the zip of my dress and he began to unzip it

My hands slipped into his chest as i tried removing his shirt

Just as I succeeded in pulling off his shirt..He was about unbuckling his belt when A knock came on the door

“Dad”The voice called

We disengaged from the close contact and arranged ourselves..I never believed this just happened

Axel ran his hands through his hair as he opened the door

“Why taking so long to open the door Dad”The lady asked with a Smirk

“Just Settling something”He replied

She introduced herself as Lisa

Axel Creggs will be badly worried by now..I have to give him a call



~Axel Creggs~

“Good morning..How are you feeling now?”I heard Mira voice from my sleep

“I am feeling better”I replied then she gently caressed my cheeks..

I ain’t feeling pain anymore,I wondered how i recovered so fast

“How about taking Coffee”She asked

“I would love that❤..I sat up sipping the Coffee she offered


She watched me intensely..I really love Mira,I can’t deny that fact

She went to the mirror trying to style her hair

Seems she didn’t get the way she wanna let it be

“I can help”I said walking up to her

I styled her hair like my mom own and she really look more like my mom

“You look really beautiful😘…

“Thanks”She replied ruffling my hair

“How are we gonna go about looking for mom”I asked

“I overheard them talking about Mellington..So we are going to Mellington by next week,I promise you I will search for her with my last breath”She replied

I couldn’t help but to kiss her..


She held the back of my neck with her hands and the kiss became Intense

Our tongue battled and our body glued

Adrenaline pumped into our veins and none of us could control our surging emotions

My hands moved to undress her and she did the same

Moans filled the room and soon we were on the bed

I felt the sudden urge to stop but I just couldn’t control myself

“Do you think we are doing the right thing..”I whispered

“Yes we are”She whispered in return fixing her lips on mine




I regretted everything💔

I regret saving Axel life💔

I regret protecting him💔

I regret the fact that i didn’t kill him when I had the chance to😡

I regret the fact of not marrying Kayla😔

I regret not going back to Xaxie to live my life as a Vampire that I am👹

I regret the fact that I did all this because of love because the person I love doesn’t love me back💔

My Family is Collapsing and Axel keep saying he is fine😭

My patience has reach its peak..I think I know what to do..Even the Innocent one won’t survive it.


Episode 12

Deep in the Cave (Xaxie👹)


“Mum I am so sorry for all I may have done..I am sorry for betraying the Vampires..I am sorry for the death of my father and I regretted everything”Meravera pleaded at the foot of her mother

“Stand to your feet Princess,I have really longed for your coming back and why are you here?”The Queen asked

Meravera took her sit and start explaining in details

“Mum I am loosing my marriage😭..I am loosing it to a woman called Zoey😔…

She already bore a son for him and you know I have no male child

I am really scared at this point,I can’t harm Zoey or her son Coz I know Axel wont take it funny with me

He is the most powerful of all💪💪..

What do I do mom??”

“The Vampire Kingdom can’t help you fight Zoey or her son,You know your husband is the most powerful of all Clans💪💪 and he can crush us with the tip of his finger”The Queen Replied

“I am really scared Mom”Meravera said with an expressionless face

“I will advise you to Visit Meribella,The Queen of Mermaids💦..She will be of help

You know you are also a powerful woman so Meribella is just at the tip of your finger”The Queen advised

“So Meribella will be of help??..

“She will not help you to harm Zoey or her son coz she will never want death in Mermaidia Oceanus but I am sure she will help you in your marriage problems..You will know if your husband really loves you or not”She explained further

“Okay mom..I will make sure I visit Oceanus💦”Meravera Replied

“And dont forget you are the heiress to throne of Xaxie….




I have been eating my breakfast,Lunch and Dinner in a room

I haven’t seen Vera ever since i got here

My Son contact Isn’t going through which got me more worried

Axel entered suddenly saying

“Zoey we need to talk

“I am in all ears”I replied

“I want my son to live with me here at the Kendal house while you go back to California”..

I sprang up angrily

“Are you out of your senses Axel😡

Ever since you left me..It has been me and my son

I never remarried because I want to give him all my attention

So now if you keep him to yourself

Who do you want me to love??

Who do you want me to Care for??

Who do you want me to ever cherish??

Tell me who??😏..I shouted

“Zoey keep cool..

If you dont wanna release the son then I am fine..Just make me know him..

You know I still love you❤and I will ever do but we can’t be together..I am married with two children and I love my wife 💓💓”He replied

Anger😡rage in me at the mention of the statement he loves his wife

“And that is why I warned you to stay away from me and my son

live your happy family with two kids and leave me and my son alone”I shouted

“That son is all I have ever have”I added

“Zoey just chill..Before i let you go,We will make an agreement on how I will get to see my son from time to time”He replied

“I know you dont love me💔😭 and the child is all important to you

I know you have been searching for me and Kidnapped me because of that same child..You kissed me a day before yesterday just for me to confess about that child👄😭..You know I will say the truth when I am emotional..You dont Value me”I said with tears dropping from my eyes 😭

“I value you because you are the mother of my only son

I always loved you because you are my first love💓”..He replied wiping my tears

“You dont love me 💔Axel or do you??”I said unable to control my unstoppable tears

“I do love you❤”He replied then I hugged him crying on his chest …He soothed my hair

“Please dont take my son away from me”I pleaded

“I wont..I promise to check on both of you from time to time”He replied

“I love you Axel💖”The words slipped out without control

“I love you too”He replied hugging me tight

I really wish I could have him back..

I have really missed him

yh I decided to stay far away but my heart always remained with him💓

He will and Forever remain My Heartrob😘



~General pov~

Mira and Axel Creggs decide to travel back to Mellington for the search if Miss Zoey Creggs and to return to school

They have really missed a lot of lectures

Their plan was to settle at the Kendal house before proceeding on their plan to find Mrs Zoey




I sat down watching movie in the living room

Mom have been so dull these days

She hardly smile and you hardly see her at home.. I just wanna settle this missing Kendal Issue then I will bring her and Dad back together

She is supposed to understand her husband..She is supposed to grow the love between them but NO..She put on unnecessary argument and let her husband see more to Zoey.

The door bell rang suddenly


Checking who is at the door,It happens to be Mira and Axel Creggs

“I am exhausted”Mira said then sank into the chair

“Just get us cups of water”Axel Creggs added

I went to the kitchen..Filling in two glasses of water and poisoning one

This may be the only chance I have got to carry out my plans

Soon After Axel Creggs started coughing out blood

Mira Cried uncontrollably like a baby then she sent me some ‘What have you done’Kind of Stare


“Lets rush him to our hospital”I shouted pretending to be frightened

“I dont use different hospital,Take me to Benedict hospital that is the hospital where I registered”Axel said slowly with blood hoozing from his mouth

“You are going to our family hospital for better treatment”I replied trying to lift him up

“I rather die than changing hospital”Axel Creggs said again slowly loosing his breath

“Are you out of your senses Lisa..We are taking him to the hospital he just mentioned”Mira shouted between tears

Oh my God! What if they dont have the Antidote😣

How will I go about the DNA test

I am doomed!!!..




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