The vampire princess season two episode 1 & 2

Season 2 episode 1/2
The Vampire Princess
Season 2
Episode 1💖
I am Mira Kendal❤…The first daughter of Meravera and Axel Kendal
I have a sister called Lisa.. Lisa is a kind of darling but she is strict,Discipline and obviously does her things like a man
Mom pampers us a lot but Dad is kinda strict and at times he always seem worried
I have two kinda power,I discovered it when I was sixteen years of age
I am a Vampire and also a WereWolf
I turn to a Wolf anytime the Sun goes down and I decide if I want to change back to a Human
“Mira Darling❤Are you set for school”I heard mom voice
“Yes Mom”I replied…adjusted my dress then rushed downstairs
I met Lisa downstairs..Sipping her tea hastily
“BbyMira💗If anyone step on your toes,Don’t hesitate to tell me..Remember No one tampered with the Kendal⚘”Dad said
“Bye Dad”Me and Lisa echoed as we went out of the house
And as usual,Girls crowded him😘
I could ba-rely see his face…He really have his way of snubbing people off..
No matter how ha-rd he snubbe-d them🙄..They do cling around him
His broad che-st,Glorious Abs,Sharp Masculine Jaw and he is what you could call perfect😘
Every girls want him😘..Every guy want to be him😘..
I just wanna know about this guy
I want to know more about him
He ha-rd ly smile but I know there is something more than all the things we see🙄
Guys are Jealous of him…some says he is a j£rk,Some says he is a Nerd but I actually don’t blame them
He doesn’t engage in any social activities
He doesn’t attend Highschool Friday p@rty
He is not in any relationsh!p😏❤
Most cute guys like him are always pla-yer but he is actually different
It is a new section so i am moving from 11th grade to my final year in Highschool
I stood watching him as he went into the Clas-s
“St©p drooling Mira…you gat to get to clas-s😏”I said to myself then rushed to the clas-s
“You are 5 minutes late”The teacher said
“Whatever”I scoffed
“Where am i sitting”I added
“As you can see Mira all the sit are occu-pied except the one at the back”She replied
I hissed walking straight to the only sit left
Looking up to see who is beside me
Gosh! He is the j£rk..The one all girls have ever crushed on😍
The Ring dad gave me as my eighteen years birthday pres£nt sparkles unusually
I love that Ring because it looks likes the copy of the one with Dad
“Hii”I said but he scoffed ma-king others laugh
“You are sure a j£rk people do call you”I blurted but he ignored me
“Mirabelle Remember there is a teacher in the clas-s”Mrs Drakes said
“And who fv¢king cares😏”I seethed while others g@sped
Clas-ses went as usual but I couldn’t help but to stare at him…Sad thing I don’t even know his name
Finally it’s break,I was walking throu-gh the hallways when I saw him
“Hey wait up,I want to speak to you”I said as i tried to hold his hands..He pushed me off and I slumped down to the floor..
Everyone g@sped
I was trying to get up when I heard Lisa voice
“Who the hell are you to raise your filthy hands on my sister😡
Who the hell is your Father in Mellington 😡
How Dare you..
You piece of Garbage😡”She shouted
The guy dusted his hands then made to walk away but Lisa pu-ll-ed him back landing two dirty sl@ps on his face…
“I don’t care about who your Father may be😡😡”The guy replied landing numerous sl@ps on Lisa…
Episode 2
Lisa held her two cheeks and her eyes turn red..I manage to get up but this time,I placed my hands on his back…My f!ngernail grew and I pierced it into him
I re-moved it immediately before anyone could notice
Blood gushed out freely
“Holy $h!t”I shouted pretending to be ignorance about what just happened
“Mister your pres£nce is nee-ded at the Administrator office” A teacher said
The guy went downstairs as if he didn’t feel pain but blood kept gushing
“I swear down j£rk is gonna pay for ever hitting a Kendal😡”I shouted
“We thought you hit him first first..You know he is always on his own and never rock and roll with anyone”
I gave her two h0t sl@ps then Lisa held my hands
“Let’s get outta this Highschool right away”She seethed
We both stormed out angrily then sign out of the school
“Where are we going??”I asked Lisa as she drive r0ûghly
“What brou-ght you and j£rk together??..Like how come you negotiate with him?😏😏”She replied frankly
“I just felt like there is a different thing behind that j£rk and someone who never put on a smile that we always see so I wanted to know more about him🙄”I explained
“Do you mean more about a j£rk??
There is no more about a j£rk than disgracing you😏”She replied then my face fell😔
“So how come he pushed you??..She added
“I only said ‘Hii I wanna talk to you’..All he did was to yank my hands off and push me to the floor….
“So bad..She replied
“Let’s just get home and report him to Dad🤗”I said
“Reporting him to dad means he is hell Dead and I know you don’t want him to die or do you???…
I shaked my head slowly in the negative way
“So what do you want us to do??”I asked her
“You know Mira💖..There are better ways of getting to know a j£rk than this and within months he will be add!çted to you”He explained
“In what way???..I asked Confused
“Trust me Mira..I will give you the procedures
“So where are we going to now??”I asked
“We are going to a hill to have fun and spend pri-vate time together. By 7pm we would go home”She replied
“I love you Lisa💗”I whispered
“I love you more Mimi💗💓”She replied with a genuine smile
~The guy~
At the Administrator office
“Do you know you just got into a fight with the Kendal’s Daughters”The Administrator said staring at me
“I am sorry sir…
“If this repeat itself..i will be f0rç£d to Call off your scholarsh!p”He added
“I am sorry sir…I apologized again
“Make sure you apologize to those girls else the consequences might be worse…Visit the sick bay in order to treat the injury at your back”He advised
“Thank you sir but what is so special about the Kendal’s😏”I asked
The principal stared at me with shock
“Axel Creggs…..You are really a fool from California
Get out of my office,Try $h!t with the Kendal’s and get yourself in a mess”He shouted
Maybe because the Kendal’s are among the t©p riche-st family in Mellington
I walked out of his office
Is there really an injury at my back coz I ain’t feeling any pain
I used to be Axel Kendal Creggs but coming to Mellington..Mum insisted that I re-move Kendal from my name maybe I really nee-d to know more about the Kendal’s
I saw mom call
📞Hello Love💖
📞Hii Mom..How are you doing?
📞I tried your number several times but you ain’t picking up..i was seriously worried
📞I got into a fight like a serious one..
📞I told you to always learn to avoid Fights..I told you to always stay on your own
📞I promise it won’t repeat himself and I will go apologize By the way…Who are the Kendal’s?
Why do you insist that I re-move Kendal from my name
📞Why asking sweetie 🙄
📞I just feel like knowing because things are getting complicated
📞Main reason why I don’t want you to step your feet at Mellington😏
📞What’s wrong HeartRob💓
📞Just make sure you stay away from the Kendal’s and remember all of my warnings
📞Okay mom😘
📞Take care baby😍
Why did mom want me to stay away from the Kendal’s
I am sure if she knows that The Kendal’s daughter are in this school…I will have been back home at California
“Dave how far have you gone??”I asked him🙄
“Swears Axel…I just can’t find her” ..
My face fell immediately
“Why are you so eager to see her??..You have been looking for her for years now “He added
“You have to forget about Zoey,At least you have Vera💖
I alre-ady moved on..Lydia is mine”He explained further
“Guess I have to tell you the truth now”I replied running my hands throu-gh my hair
“The truth??….
“Zoey was carrying my baby when she travelled to California”..I explained
“You mean she was pregnant”He shouted with shock
“Vera is upstairs….She might hear”I whispered covering his mouth
“It is not that I am after Zoey,I am after that baby with her..I just want to know who that baby is🙄”I explained
“So my target should no longer be Zoey Cleggs..It should be anyone bearing Kendal out of the Kendal’s Family…
“Exactly and don’t forget to always put on that stuff before going out because of the SunRays”I said
“I have been wearing that for years and guess what I have been used to it”He replied with a sm-irk😏😏
“See you soon”He added standing up actually taking his leave
I went upstairs
I don’t know why I am concerned about the child but I really want it
“Axel..I have been noticing you for sometimes now..You are always Moody,Constantly Worried and our relationsh!pis not sharp and lively like before😔😔..If anything is bothering you..You can confide in me,I am your wife and we have been married for years ❤”Her voice jo-lted me out of my thought as she ca-ressed my shoulders
I stared de-eply into her eyes then said
“Can I really confide in you with this???…