The vampire princess finale

The Vampire Princess
Episode 19…
“Who’s Responsible??”Mom asked again
“I will take care of myself”I replied
After some minutes,Mom went out of my ward…
I called Axel
📞Hii Zoey
📞Hello Axel…How are you doing
📞M fine…What about You??
📞Axel we really nee-d to talk
📞You can say all on the phone Right away🙄
📞I mean face to face not phone talks😏
📞So where should we meet??
📞Charleston Restaurant by 4pm tomorrow
I was discharged the next morning…
I guess ab-orting the baby will be the best solution
I don’t even know how to tell Axel but I just have to..
It’s Almost 4pm..
“Bbby💓I wanna get to some important place”I told Vera
“Zoey said she wanna see me and I just wanna hear her out..
“I thought you have settled it all yesterday so why did she wanna see you again “Vera replied sm-irking
“I don’t know,Let me just hear her out…I will give you feedback ..
“Okay don’t stay long…
“Yep I won’t”I replied then pe-ck her forehead
Getting to Charleston Restaurant..I saw Zoey..I walk straight to her,Taking a sit beside her
“You said you wanna see me…
“Yh Axel…I am pregnant and you are responsible?… She explained…My eyes wi-de-ned in shock
“Are you out of your s-en-ses??….You don’t really know what Vera is capable of doing or do you …
How am I even responsible for it??
Zoey just st©p this if you are joking…
“I can explain…
I went to Axel house around 6pm in the evening..
On a Normal day,He would have been in the pool,at the gym or at the living room watching movie but he was no where to be found so I went upstairs to his room
I saw him moody and at the same time taking in Alcohol
“What’s the Problem and why are you moody ?”I asked
“Dad’s Frustrating”He replied
I collected the drink from him then said
“What ever you dad might have done,You just have to calm down than taking in Alcohol or Hurting yourself”I advised
“I love you Zoey💓..He whispered
“I love you too “I replied and that gave way to k!sses
Clothes was flung round the room and m0@n s filled the air…
“That was it”I said
“I travelled to India the following day”He replied
“You didn’t inform me that you are travelling,All I heard was that your parent died and you are nowhere to be found…
“But Zoey what happened that day was just a round🙄🙄…
“I know … I didn’t discovered the fact that I am pregnant until now”I explained
“But you see Vera is not gonna take this lightly and I am no longer that Axel that you used to know I have changed…I wish you know the real me”He replied
I am not even interested to know the real him😏😏😏
“So do you think I wanna use this pregnancy to tie you down or scatter your relationsh!p💔💔
Hell NO! The reason why I told you is to inform you that I am travelling to California with my baby,I will arrange my flight and leave before next week
I will nurse this pregnancy and the baby and if he/she ask about you..I would say you are dead and this will be the last time you will hear about me or the baby”l explained frankly
Axel looked at me with an expressionless face then place his hand on my Tommy
I felt a sharp pain
“Arrrgh”I gro-an
“Since that is your decision…I am okay by it”He replied walking out of the restaurant
I place my hand on her tommy to know if she is really pregnant or not but indeed she is carrying my baby…
The Ring bestow a power on the baby that’s why she felt pain
I drove home thinking about everything fromt the very start
Today happens to be a bad day
On getting home,I just opened the door and went straight upstairs
“Why are you moody?…Vera asked
“Did Zoey said anything which actually spoilt your mood??…She asked again
“Guess I just nee-d some rest”I replied laying on the be-d ignoring all other things she said…..
Episode 20…
“Axel what happened yesterday night?”I asked folding my hands as he got up from the be-d
“Zoey said she’s travelling to California..
“So is that why you are so sad…You are gonna miss her right😏😏”I said sm-irking
“The way you do think sometimes do make me pissed off..I just nee-ded rest yesterday and that is all🙄”He replied
“I still have that feeling that something is fishing”I said staring at him
“Let’s talk about my baby in you”He said then I g@sped
“So you don’t know you are pregnant right??”He added then a little smile formed on my face😊
“Do you remember that day when you wore the Pelvic Ring 💍telling me you felt a sharp pain”..
“Yes I do”I replied
“I guess it means some power in the Ring went to the baby💪🤗”Axel said then I t©uçh my tommy
“I can’t wait for my delivery”I said with a smile
He stared at me for a long moment then he smiled too but I know there is something Axel is hiding from me 😏
Living in California happens to be a real fun
I destroyed every possible things and every possible way Axel can use to get to me..
I didn’t live in the City in California but I lived de-ep in California..The Rural area
I just want Axel to live a happy life with his family,I don’t wanna be an Hindrance
When you love someone❤..You give them freedom
I delivered my son 2 months ago..
Yes…He is a boy😘
I named him Axel coz he look exactly like his father and he bring memories to me
He bear both his father surname and my surname
His name is 😘😘
‘Axel Kendal Creggs’
We were both in the room pla-ying games
Her stomach alre-ady grew so big
“Axel”She shouted
“My back…My legs”She added
Guess it’s time for the baby😘
The water broke
“Let me just get you into the car..So we get to the hospital”I said trying to help her up
“The pain is too much and Trust me I am going nowhere😣”She replied still gro-an ing in pains
I have to Call a doctor home for her delivery
After sometimes which seems like hours,Vera delivered safely
It was a baby girl
I was so happy…Vera has given birth
I have been longing for today😘..
She and the Baby later went to the hospital for better treatment
The baby was named
‘Mirabelle Kendal’
Me and Meravera knows that she’s a powerful being💪
She looks different she she cries and Entirely different when she smile
As our first daughter,Mira was bestowed with love and Care
I tried all my possible best to get in t©uçh with Zoey at least to know how my baby is doing but all was to no Avail
She really fulfilled her words when she said that will be the last time I will hear from her and the baby
No one know she was pregnant except from me
Dave tried all his best in searching for her but Zoey is just no where to be found
Dave had to fly to California all because of her but Zoey wasn’t found
Is not that I am really longing to see Zoey but my baby with her is the issue
I want to know about the baby well being🙄,Who the baby is and what the baby is growing to become
I don’t want her to give my baby a silly lie that I am dead …