The Vampire Princess 👹👺

Episode 7




I gasped at Kayla words because I am not even sure if I have feelings for him or not

“I want you all to give me some space.. I want to have some personal talk with my daughter” Dad said the they all went out

“Vera Are you out of your senses?😡..What is wrong with your upstairs😡

Why will you ever think of sparing a Human not even just a Human…A Human who offend all the entire Vampire world and deserves to die”Dad shouted angrily

“But Dad he is innocent”I replied defending him

“Shut your Trap the ring was stolen by him😡”Dad shouted again

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“No it was his Dad and I already killed his Parents..He doesn’t know a dime about this all”I defended again

“So are you planning on leaving the ring for him💍💍” Dad asked surprised

“I will look for a way to get it out without hurt…

“Shut up Vera…Everytime a New Vampire is born

The ring will be dipped into the First blood the Baby will take That is to continue the Vampire generation and also empower the Vampire💪

So tell me do you want the Vampire generation to end?”

“But Dad you have never told me about this”

“And I am tell you now” He shouted

“Don’t destroy the Vampire Kingdom l”He added

“Okay Dad..I will bring back the Ring💍💍”I said bowing my head

“Not only the Ring.. I want Axel blood”Dad replied angrily

“But why?.

“Who are you to question me?”Dad asked angrily

“He is innocent Dad”I cried then Dad replied

“Innocent my foot😡

Didn’t they know we were innocent when they came to destroy our cave

Didn’t they know we were innocent when they came to steal the Ring

Didn’t they know we were innocent when they despise us

They hate us and we hate them👾

Vampires don’t forgive Human and Human don’t forgive Vampire..NO FRIENDSHIP

Are you getting that fact into your score😏😏”

“But Dad..

“Keep Quiet and go and do what I ask you to do or do you want me to do it by myself?”Dad shouted

“I will do it…I have heard you”I replied walking out of his presence

How am I going to go about it?

Why did my Dad wants his blood😔

Come to think of it..Why do i refuse to kill him when he deserves to die

Why am I protecting him?…Why do i refuse to harm him

My dad was right:Human beings don’t love us..They despise us like plague

Kayla was right:What if Axel do not have an inch of feelings for me too💔

They are no friendship between human being and Vampires…My parent were right after all..

How am I going to go about it?


I went to see my Dad about the Ring and about Vera

“Dad I have a feeling that Vera is in love with the Human world and she did not feel anything for me again”

“Hmmmmm…My Dad replied

“But Dad let’s talk about the Ring💍What does it entail”I asked

“The ring is clicking 20 by the end of the year

Once the ring clock 20,The one with the ring will stand under the full moon🌕🌝 and a heavy power will fall on the person

The person will become the Powerful of all the Seven Clans💪”Dad explained

“Dad can’t I have the Ring💍

Can’t I rule the Seven Clans

Can’t I rule the Vampire Kingdom 👹”I asked

“You can of course”He replied

“Then I am going to the Earth not because of Vera..I don’t need her anymore

All I need is the Ring💍..I want to Rule,I want to be the most powerful💪”I told my Dad

“Be careful so the King will not suspect”Dad warned

“I am smart Papa”I replied giggling


The day flowed as usual and Finally it’s Friday.. It’s a month and two weeks from the end of the year and my parent are on my neck all in the name of the Ring

I am going to India tomorrow to check on my Axel so we will talk things out

“Make sure you are Present at the Friday Party..don’t disappoint me like the other day😏”Dave said as he dropped me home

“I promise you..I’ll be present”I replied then went inside the house


❤The Friday Party ❤

Music was booming all over..

Highschool students were dancing and most of them are on date

Some sat down..sipping their drinks while some engage in a fun game

Vera was seen at the Back sit talking to an unknown man who does not appear to be a Highschool student


“What’s the problem Kayla and why ‘re you here”I asked

“Don’t play dumb games with me..Do you think I wasn’t monitoring all your steps and you sure know why I am here”

He snapped then I let out a small devilish smile

“Why do you refuse to bring that Ring from the guy legs😏”He asked

“I don’t feel like hurting him”I replied

“Look into my eyes and tell me you don’t love him Vera”

“I don’t love him”I said raising my voice a little

“You are a liar”He seethed

“I am not..

“When are you going to get the Ring out of him when you know it’s One month two weeks to the end of the year”

“If you are sure of the fact that you are not lieing then tell me Where he is at India and the full address

Let me go work on him”

“No I won’t “I snapped

“Then you are a Liar”..He replied tightening his fist

“You can call me all sorts of names for all I care but I am not telling you where he is”I said with a smirk

Anger rage in him then he said

“I will kill him ..Trust me Vera My eyes are on both of you

And you will see my terror when you are not even expecting it…

👹👺The Vampire Princess


Episode 8…


“Don’t you dare hurt him”She shouted on me but I angrily went out

I already studied Vera so well and I know that she go to India every weekend

I already got the passport and Ticket😏

The flight is moving by 9am and it is the only flight that is going to India for the day so we are gonna be on the same flight

“Get ready Kayla..you need to shed blood🤗,Take the Ring💍and Rule the Entire seven Clans💪”I said to myself then I laugh devilishly

❤The next day❤


I woke up this morning getting prepared for the flight

Can’t wait to see Axel..He’s kinda sweet😘

The flight went on smoothly and I slept all through

We arrived at India by 5pm and the cool weather was so fascinating

I took a Cab as usual

After some minutes..The driver said

“That can had been following us right from the Airport..It seems it is trailing us”

“What! Who can that be??” I replied so surprised

“Maybe I should change route”

“Yh good idea😘

Immediately we change our route the car following us was nowhere to be found maybe it was just a pure coincidence

The cab stopped at the front of Axel apartment

I jumped out excitedly rushing towards the door

“Axel”I screamed through the door

“Vera”I heard his voice as he opened the door

“I missed you😘”He said hugging me tight..I gasped as I hug him in return

I wasn’t expecting the hug

“I missed you more”I whispered

Disengaging from the hug I sighted a scar on his left arm

“What happen to you??..I asked as I gently caressed the Scar

“I was bitten


“A beast”He replied

“Why didn’t you tell me or at least Inform me?”I screamed

“I don’t wanna disturb you” He replied

“And who said you were disturbing Me..I snapped

“Okay I am sorry”He replied softly

“How did the beast managed to bit you??

“Because of the Ring💍..it’s just that he can’t kill me ..I am sure of the fact that if the Beast could kill me I would have been Dead”He explained

“Oh..Sorry for making you go through all this”I said with concern written all over me

“Ever since my parents were killed…you are the only one I have been counting on

The only one who care about me💋

The only one I see in time of trouble and I think I am getting used to you 💓

Thank you so much Vera😘”He said staring into my eyes

“It’s nothing..All this challenge will end one day”I replied with a smile

“C’mon let’s have fun…you know you are flying back tomorrow”He said dragging me upstairs

“Let’s go to the Cinema”I said running my hands through his hair

“Ooookay”He replied like a baby

“Yaaay😊”I said hugging him tightly

Going to the Cinema is always fun especially with Axel..


Vera thinks she is smart right

Arriving at India yesterday..I trailed Vera down to Axel apartment..

I watch them closely as Axel followed Vera back to the Airport❤

I know so well that I can’t attack Axel in the presence of Vera that will cause a great War between us so I got a greater plan..

Axel came back from the Airport,I can see the sad mood on his face..Why wouldn’t he be sad Vera is gone

He unlocked the door and was about going in when I Violently push him to the floor and entered after him

“Who do you think you are?”I said with a smirk

“Who are you and Why are you here?”He asked in return

He was about standing up when I Violently step on his chest..I step on him so hard that blood dripped from his mouth👹

“Why are you hurting me”He said..tears rolling down his cheeks😏

“Because you are with the Pelvic ring💍

“The ring 💍”He whispered

“I wish I could kill you👾but I can’t because the Ring is in you,The only one who have the power to kill you is refusing to take action😏

I should have just take the Ring and go in peace but before I could successfully acquire the Ring..You have to Die🤗..

“Plsssss….He begged

I moved close to him then dip my long finger into his chest

Blood rushed out and I kept laughing as he groan in pain then Finally loose Consciousness

I carried his body then disappeared..

Guess where I am taking him to??

SuZuEla…The land of death👾👹

Where he will die slowly..


I opened my eyes slowly when I felt something curl around my body

I met my self in a dark room and I am seeing nothing

Something Crawl around my body Violently..I use my hand to touch it and Gosh it was Snake😭😭

My God! Where am I😭😭

“Veraaaaaaaaa…”I shouted Then I felt a sharp snake bite on my shoulder…



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