The vampire princess Episode 17 & 18

The Vampire Princess 👹👺
Episode 17
I watched as he hvgged her..
“You have really changed Axel😘
I remember those days when I do hvg you
Your masculine scent is now different
Those time when I hvg you..I do feel your none but now I just felt you around me”The lady said cu-pping Axel cheeks
“You know people do change😊…Axel replied with a genuine smile
“Who is she??”I whispered to Dave
“She’s Em…She is Axel Girlfreind”He replied running hand throu-gh his hair
Now I un-derstand
“I was scared,I was worried
Where have you been and why do you leave for too long🙄”Zoey said dragging Axel cheeks
“It was just Adventurous…Will gist you later”
“And who is she???…Zoey asked referring to me as we all went in
“Sorry for ma-king you go throu-gh all this”Axel replied ignoring her question
“Okay..Who is she??🙄…Zoey asked again
“Cherished💓💓..I wanna see you”..I interrupted
“I am talking to him😏”Zoey retorted dragging Axel back
“Just give me a minute”..Axel said to Zoey then followed me upstairs
“Who the hell is she??”I shouted
“She’s my Ex girl…
“Or your girlfriend😏😏”I cutted him off
“Let me just admit the fact that she’s my girlfreind coz we never broke up,I am just planning to break up with her
Just give me sometime”He explained
“Axel!”I shouted looking straight in his eyes
“Vera just calm down,I guess you saw her some minutes ago😏..She alre-ady cried her eyes out all because of me so I will have to find the best way I will put this break up of a thing to her”He explained further
“Just pls let me spend this night with her to tell her about the breakup💔…He said with a pleading eyes me
“That I will not allow “I replied turning my back on him
He placed his hand on my shoulder then said
“Just this night plsss….
“Seems I got my replacement..I replied walking back downstairs
“You are Irreplaceable💓💓…He said but I ignored him
If Axel choose to spend his night with Zoey
I will not forgive him until he fall at my feet
Seeing Zoey today come to my greatest surprise
I don’t believe she could be so caring so she has been crying all throu-gh because of me while I totally forget about her
We all sat at the living room to watch Movie
Immediately it’s 9pm I said to Dave and Vera
“Me and Zoey are going to spend our night together at a Suite ”
I can see Dave eyes wi-den in shock
I can also see the Deadly glares Vera s£nt to me
“Shall we ..Zoey said giggling
“Goodnight Pal …I said to Dave and Vera then went out with Zoey
Getting to the h0tel Suite..Zoey wanted to k!ssme but I turned myl-ips away
“What happen??..Don’t you miss me”She said fluttering her hand on my che-st
“See Zoey..We nee-d to talk”I replied frankly
“I am in all ears”She said sitting down on the be-d..I sat beside her
‘I left for a very long time and you see me again alive right??
What if it was my corpse you saw….
“I reject that”She replied
“That lady you saw with me is the Reason why I am alive today
She protected me with every of her breath💦
She was banished from her hometown and disowned by her father because of me”I explained then Zoey g@sped
“That’s very nice of her”….She whispered
“She saved me from the land of death👹and during that process,I loved her and she loved me💗”I explained further
“What! you know what you are saying 😣”Zoey shouted
“Without doubts I think she is carrying my baby😘”I added then she g@sped again
“You betray me…She seethed
“I will advise you to move on….
“Move on??
“What if I am dead won’t you move on?”I snapped
“I will certainly move on but I love you💗”She said
“I love you too💖 but I just have to do this”I said cu-pping her cheeks
“I un-derstand it all,You will never want to be ungrateful to her after all she did”She replied..Tears drop from her cheeks then she gave a small smile
“We are still friends💓”I said hvgging her ti-ghtly
Zoey’ s good,Kindhearted and she has all qualities you will ever want in a girlfriend but for now I have to let her go..I have Vera
She cried in my arms then I pe-ck her forehead saying
“You still remain dear to me ”
Dave crushed on Zoey first but I was fast in asking her out but to be Sincere Zoey is p@rt of the wonderful being I have ever met💋💋
I couldn’t sleep throu-ghout the night…I kept tossing and turning
My mind began picturing and imaginating different type of scenes
Can’t believe Axel could ever do this….
Anger rage in me😡and I don’t even know what to do
He left me here lonely and went to sleep with that bit-ch 😡..saying he wants to break up with her
Does he think he could decieve me
Immediately the door bell rang the next morning…I rushed downstairs but before I got there,Dave alre-ady open the door
Was he in the Parlour all throu-gh the night??
“Hii Vera”Zoey said with a smile😊
“Don’t Hii me..You bit-ch😡 ..You are nothing but a Slut👙..I hate you😡😡”I shouted as I spat on her
“Are you okay???”Axel asked looking surprised obviously at my action
I ran to him hitting his che-st with my fist then shouted
“You think you could decieve me right😏
You are nothing but a Betrayal😡😡…
Episode 18…
“Take it Easy Vera…Just Take it Easy”Axel shouted holding my hands
I f0rç£fully drag my hands off his
“What’s wrong with you”Axel shouted again
“Ask the Cheap little slut you spent your night with👙😏”I snapped
I can see tears drop from Zoey eyes
Axel held my hand again but this time he was dragging me upstairs
“Vera you got to calm down…St©p creating the type of scene you are not supposed to create”Axel shouted
“You are hurting that girl for crying out loud💔…..He added
“You really do expect ing to calm down when the love of my life❤ spent his night with another lady leaving me to sleep alone”I shouted in Return
“But I thought I explained to you that I want to use the night to plan a break up”
“Only God knows what happened during the night 😏😏”I replied with a sm-irk
“Don’t tell me we are having trust Issues..So You don’t trust me
“I trust you but…..
“But what??…He cutted off s£ntence
Guess he caught me here coz I am speechless
“Zoey is not a bit-ch neither a Slut
She’s just a kinda cool girl
I no longer love her and she alre-ady accepted that fact
We broke up yesterday but she still remain a sister to me
You know break up hurts💔and that pain is still in her
You don’t have to make her cry by calling her a Slut”Axel explained with a straight face
I just kept staring at him since I don’t know what to say
“There is something I want you to un-derstand Vera💓
We are never ending…
That should give you the as-surance that you are always mine ❤and I will always be yours💓
You don’t have to Overreact..Zoey un-derstands it all and she alre-ady let go”He added
“”I replied slowly
I was so surprised to see Zoey yesterday
I have always crushed on her but Axel was so quic-k in asking her out
A sting of hope ride in me seeing her yesterday
Now that Axel has Vera,He will have no other choice than to leave Zoey for me😘
Things eventually took turn yesterday night when Axel said he and Zoey are spending their night together at a Suite🙄
I couldn’t sleep throu-ghout the night coz of two things
Zoey is with Axel and I nee-d blood
Immediately they c@m£ in the next morning,I can see Vera grow nuts
Zoey cried when she was called a slut😭
Axel had to drag Vera upstairs
Zoey slumped on the Chair crying really bad ..
I stood at her front staring at her..I just couldn’t st©p looking at her
She looked up and her gaze met mine …
As if she nee-ded someone to cry on,Someone to console her😘
She stood up to hvg me crying on my shoulder😭😘
“He broke up with me😘”She whispered
“It’s Okay st©p crying”I replied patting her back
Axel and Vera c@m£ downstairs and was somehow surprised to see us in that manner
I dis£ngaged from the hvg then wipe her tears
“I know it hurts💔💔💔…Just get over it”
Vera walk towards us saying
“Zoey I am sorry…
“I un-derstand it all
Leaving your husband to stay in a h0tel suite with another lady will make your mind fly upside down🙄
I un-derstand the face that Axel no longer love me and I alre-ady let him go
I am a lady with my own Principles😘
I stick by my morals😊”Zoey explained with a little smile
“I am just so sorry” Vera apologized again
I guess Axel alre-ady talk some s-en-se into her head
“No nee-d to Apologize
You are just like my sister,Axel like my brother and Dave like my bestfreind💓”Zoey replied still smiling
Everything about her seems to be so simple😘
“What about Richie?”Axel asked walking to us
“Richie is now at college..He come home once in a while and I have really miss my bro”Zoey replied
“Maybe we should go to a Fun Park,A fancy restaurant or A…
“Gosh! Mom is calling..I never told her I am gonna sleep out yesterday
I gotta go…Good bye Pals💗”Zoey said rushing out of the house
“Axel is all yours”I said to Vera
“Don’t mind me I was just being….
“Jealous”Axel completed her s£ntence
“I am not Jealous 😏”She snapped
“You are Jealous”Axel argued and they ended up pursuing each other round the living room
What a Funny couple
“You didn’t call me that you are not gonna come home yesterday,You left me so worried”Mom shouted
“I am sorry mum….It was an emergency”
“Emergency that you cannot even call…even when you saw my missed call😏” Mom snapped
“I am sorry mom”I apologized only to feel dizzy
I slumped down and everything went blank
I open my eyes to meet myself in a hospital room
Mum c@m£ inside with a kind of expression I did not un-derstand
“Zoey you are three months gone🙄… *Who* is responsible???”Mom blurted out
I bec@m£ Damn Speechless
I have been d@t!ngAxel for 2 years now and ever since I started d@t!nghim
I don’t think I have ever cheat on him
I remembered that night when he disvir-gined me…Not long after that,His parents died and he was nowhere to be found…
Tears slid down my cheeks
Axel is the one responsible for my pregnancy…