the unwanted marriage 61 & 62

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{ In Love With My Maid… }

CHAPTER 61????62

THEME: His Heart’s Desire
By, Naomi Cindy B.


“My baby!!!! AHHH!!!!!” Aphrodite cried, clutching tightly at her dress. Her nails wounded her skin as a result of the tightness.

Doctors rushed into the place, and unconscious Alfred was placed on a stretcher which was wheeled into the ER immediately.

He was transferred to the bed, and when his heartbeats was felt with the stethoscope, the doctor’s eyes widened.

“Defibrillators!” He shouted, and the pair was passed to him.

“Charge!” He ordered, rubbing them together.

He pressed them to his chest, but no response after clearing.

“Charge!” He shouted again…

Meanwhile, Aphrodite was still crying in the hallway when Yvonne squatted beside her.

“I don’t think your daughter is dead” she said, and Aphrodite looked up quickly, her eyes deep red.


“We only saw the splash of blood, the camera left Kristen’s neck before we could see him cut it, and I think I heard a gunshot back then” Yvonne replied, and Aphrodite spranged up.

“What do you mean?”



“Cut!” Dante said, and a sharp gunshot followed his voice from the door.

Rita’s hand shook fearfully on the camera as the bullet flew straight to River’s hand on Kristen’s neck, and his own blood splashed on his face.

The camera fell from Rita and broke.

“F**k!!!” River screamed painfully, staggering around in blood.

Two of his fingers got cut by the bullet, and he fell on the ground with them.

Rita quickly ran to Dante and hid behind him as several armed cops rushed in.

“What the hell! How did this happen!” Dante said shockingly.

“Hands on your heads!” Their captain ordered, and Dante tried to outsmart them by running out through the side door, but he was shot on the leg, and he fell beside River who’s still rolling on the ground in pains.

“How dare you shoot me bastard! Aarrgg!!!” He screamed, holding his bleeding leg.

Rita was shaking already, but her eyes widened when Minaj came in last.

“Min…aj? It was you?” She stuttered in shock, and Minaj smiled victoriously before starting to walk to her.

“I warned you about it , didn’t I? I told you to leave Alfred and his maid alone! Must everything work in your favor? We’ve been friends for years but you’ve never listened to me for once! I’ve been tolerating you but I guess it’s over now. They did nothing wrong to deserve this! She did nothing wrong!” She shouted.

“How dare you!!!!” Rita screamed and started running to her, but she was blocked by the cops who started handcuffing her.

“Let me go bastards! How could you do this to me Minaj! How could you betray me!! Minaj!!!” She screamed, and they began dragging her out with the other two.

Minaj walked to Kristen whose eyes are still closed. She untied the ropes on her and held her hands.

“You can open your eyes now” she said gently, and she opened up slowly. Tears fell from her eyes immediately.

“Wh… what happened?… Wh…

“Shh… You’re free now” Minaj smiled, and she broke into tears for real.

Minaj hugged her and started patting her back.

“It’s fine, you’re alright”


“Did you find anything yet?” Abel asked Alphonse on phone.

He’s home with Queen and Bright.

“Not yet, but I’m sure we’ll find something soon” Alphonse replied.

“You have just twenty four hours Alphonse. Clinton mustn’t spend more than that in that filthy place” he said.

“Trust me, boss” Alphonse replied, and he hung up

He actually told him to search for the CCTV footage of the restroom which disappeared since the rape case.

“Daaadd! The news!” Bright screamed from the living room, and he quickly went down there.

“The news!” Queen pointed at the TV.

“Italian model, Rita Byram arrested with two others some minutes ago for the attempted murder of Kristen, the girlfriend of Alfred Jenkins. Another model from Regalia, Minaj Joe gave the cops the information about…

“Thankfully” Abel smiled and got his car keys.

“You going somewhere daaadd?” Bright asked.

“We’re all going together” he replied, carrying the two of them in his arms at once.

They were giggling as he walked out and placed them in the car, but when he made to get in with them, a car stopped beside his, and Dennis came out.

He walked straight to him and punched him hard on the face.

“Motherf**cker! You killed Hazel! You killed my wife to be! You killed her!!!” He screamed in tears

Abel wiped the blood on his face and smiled before facing him.

“Want me to kill you too so you’d go get married to her in hell?”

“Bastard!!!” Dennis shouted and made to punch him again, but Abel caught his fist and twisted it, breaking another bone.

“AHH!!” He cried, and Abel kicked his @ss.

He landed heavily on the ground, unable to stand.

“You really won’t learn your lesson till I break all your bones, right?” Abel smirked, bending in front of him.

He shifted back on his butt fearfully.

“If you have no evidence that I killed her, then it’s best you leave the country, cos I don’t even know when I might change my mind and kill you too” Abel muttered coldly and smiled dangerously before standing.

“Adios, let’s not meet again….if you’d love to live long” he said and got in his car.

“You rock daddy!” Queen and Bright shouted, and he laughed as he bumped his fist with theirs.

“I love you both” he chuckled, driving away.


Alfred’s monitor was beeping just fine, and he’s currently on IV, laying unconscious in bed.

It took a lot of efforts from professionals to bring him back earlier, he was already gone as a result of shock.

Abel is beside him with his kids. Yvonne left to stay with Tamara some minutes ago

“Are you sure he doesn’t need blood transfusion?” Abel asked the doctor who suddenly came in to check on him.

“Nope, the IV is ok for now, till he wakes” he replied, feeling Alfred’s temperature.

He was still on it when his eyes opened, and he sat up immediately.


“Homie you’re back!” Abel stood.

“Krissy! Where’s she!” Alfred shouted, trying to get down from the bed, but the doctor held him back.

“You can’t walk without eating” he said.

“Get your hands off me and bring me Krissy!” He pushed him away and finally got down.

Kristen rushed into the ward immediately, and his eyes widened.

“Krissy… You’re…

“Won’t you hug me?” She widened her arms, and he walked briskly to her, wrapping her up in his arms so tight.

“You’re alive, Krissy you’re alive” he cried, stroking her hair as he pressed her body on his own every second.

“I couldn’t leave you nor Clinton” she replied, letting out her tears too.

“Don’t ever leave me. It’s impossible to breath when you’re not around so please…. Don’t abandon me, little missy” he sniffed, closing his eyes.

“I won’t, I’m yours” she hiccupped.

“You’re mine” he replied, hugging her tighter.

“Will you do this with mummy later?” Queen asked Abel.

“Of course, but without the tears” Abel smiled.

“Yes, without the tears” Bright said.


Metawin’s burial ended some minutes ago, but the mourning is still on.

Tamara is sitting beside the wall, hugging the urn containing Metawin’s ashes to her chest.

Her black gown was already soaked with tears in the front, and she’s still on it like everyone else.

She requested to be left alone like this, no one must come near.

“Didn’t you say you wanted to become a father? Then why did you leave when it was months away from happening? Huh?” She muttered, her shedding lips shaking.

“You said you’d love me till the end, you said you’d stay with me so we’d fight our family differences together, you said you loved me… So why!!! Why did you leave me!!! Why did you leave me alone with our baby!!!” She cried.

The urn was already wet with her tears too, she’s literally crying on it intentionally.

She lost a lot of weight within the two days, she’s so lean that one would think she’s not Tamara.

Her arms were shaking on the urn, and she was trembling sorrowfully.

“Win!!!” She cried again, and Elsa suddenly walked past her

She’s with Santos, going out of the place.

Tamara stood and rushed to her, locking her collar in her palms tightly.

“What are you doing!” Elsa shouted.

“I know you killed him! You killed my Win! The car that ran into him was driverless! The car ran into his car on it’s own so tell me who else I’d suspect when you’re the alpha and Omega of cars in this country! Tell me witch!!! I know it’s you!!!” Tamara screamed, shaking her violently. Her cloth shredded in the front as a result.

“Tamara get back to your senses and stop being delusional!” She shouted.

“Shut up!!! I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you!!!” Tamara screamed, locking her tighter.

Alfred joined hands with Santos, and they were able to take Tamara away from Elsa.

“I’m gonna kill her I swear! I’m gonna kill her! Elsa!!!” She screamed as they took her away.

Santos left her for Alfred, then he left the house with Elsa.


Tamara gently placed the urn on her bed, then she kissed it deeply, and a melancholic smile occupied her face.

“I love you so much Win, and I won’t stop, I’m not gonna stop doing that” she whispered and kissed it again, then she hugged it.

“I promise to bring everyone involved in your death to book, trust your smart Mara” she sniffed.

Yvonne came in. “Chairman Jirawat and his wife are here” she said.

Tamara kept hugging the ashes without moving for two minutes, then she stood , and Yvonne took her out of the room.

Metawin’s parents were really waiting when they arrived.

She stood in front of them without a word, and chairman stood .

“I told my son to get a divorce, but he was totally against it. If he had listened to me, I wouldn’t be mourning right now” he said, bringing out his hanky to wipe tears from his red eyes.

Tamara looked away from him immediately.

“Do you have any evidence to prove that it was Elsa’s doing?” Mrs Jirawat asked, and Tamara’s expression turned mean as she faced her.

“I have none, but with your help, I’ll get a solid one” she muttered.

“What do you need?” Chairman asked.

“A gun” she replied, and Yvonne gasped.


“It’s my husband we’re talking about! None of them will live!” Tamara snapped icily.


Alphonse ran into the house, meeting Abel in the living room.

“Got it?” Abel asked, and he smiled.

“Yes, thanks to a nurse in the hospital who saw everything and made a video”

“Nurse?” Abel said, and a lady came in.

“She is” Alphonse said.

“You have a video? And you kept mute! Clinton is in jail!” Abel shouted, and she flinched before going on her knees.

“Please forgive me Mr Keys! I was just scared! I wouldn’t want to die young and…

“Cut it and show me” Abel interrupted, and Alphonse passed him the tab.

He clicked play on the video, and he smiled as he watched.

Beyonce entered the restroom with him and grabbed his d**k from behind, then she forced him to f**k her after he lost his control.

She allowed him to f**k her for some minutes before starting to scream for help…

“F**k! This b**ch I swear I’m gonna kill her!” Abel got his gun and made to leave…

“Boss no! Killing her means Clinton remains in jail for years. We need to submit this and leave the rest to the cops” Alphonse said, and he stopped.



Kids were pouring out of the school already since it’s closing time, and a lot of them are waiting in front of the gate for their parents.

Tamara’s car halted, and she came out wearing tight jean on a black hood, then a face cap.

She sighed and scanned around for what she came for, then she smiled when she saw it.

She walked to the kid and squatted in front of her.

“You’re Lea, right? Santos’s daughter” she smiled, stroking her hair.

“How do you know my dad?” She blinked.

“We’re friends, and he told me to pick you up, he won’t be able to come” she smiled.

“Dad has never said that” she replied.

“He’s extra busy today, let’s go” Tamara stood, pulling her to the car.

She smiled darkly before getting in too, then she drove off fast.

Immediately she left, Santos car halted, and when he couldn’t find Lea in front of the school, he ran in.

She’s not in class either. “Where’s my Lea! My daughter!” He shouted at the class teacher.

“She left to wait at the gate as usual” the teacher replied.

“But she’s nowhere to be found!!!” He yelled.

“What!” The teacher gasped.

He was about to grab her when his phone rang, and he checked to see Young Miss Tamara.

He got suspicious immediately, and he picked.

“Desperately looking for your daughter?” Tamara’s voice spoke.

“What! Miss Tamara!” He gasped.

“You have just twenty minutes to meet me in the rendezvous I’m sending, and don’t come empty handed. Come with the information I need about my husband’s death, else I’ll blow off your daughter’s skull” she said, and he fell weakly on a chair.

“You’re Elsa’s PA, so I know you’re deeply involved. Call the cops at your own risk, Santos” she hung up after saying this, and he fell from the chair.

“Oh no… Lea!… My Lea!”


Beyonce was dragged in by the cops, and the first person she met was Kristen who was already waiting with Alfred.

She slapped her hard, and she fell from the cops to the ground.

“Told you I’ll catch you, right? How dare you frame my brother! How dare you take advantage of his ailment prostitute!” She snarled, and Beyonce shifted back on the ground.

“You think you’ll go scot free after paying someone to delete the footage? Fool!” Kristen made to slap her again, but Alfred held her hand.

“It’s ok” he said, and she relented.

Beyonce was taken in, and Clinton came out.

“Big brother!” Kristen ran into his arms immediately, and they hugged tightly.

“I missed you!” She gushed.

“If you cry, I’ll get angry” he replied, and she fought back her tears as he hugged her back.

“I missed you more, baby” he replied, and she smiled.

Alfred cleared his throat, and they broke it.

“Homie!” Clinton hugged him tightly.

“It wasn’t hard in the cell, right?” He asked.

“No, my cellmates were friendly” Clinton replied, and they broke the hug to smile at each other.

They left the house at once and met Abel waiting outside.

“Come here homie” he widened his arms, and Clinton hugged him tight.

“Thanks for everything, mafia”

“My baby doll will get angry if she hears you calling me that” Abel replied, and Clinton giggled, breaking it.

“So… You both turned out to be the abandoned kids of billionaire model Aphrodite? Unbelievable” Abel said.

“I still won’t believe till they run the test again in front of me” Alfred said, and Kristen laughed with Clinton.

“The fact that I don’t get the cravings for her is enough evidence, dummies” Clinton said.

“Dummies?” Alfred and Abel chorused.

“Let’s return him to the cell” Alfred said.

“Was just about to say that” Abel replied, and Kristen quickly hugged Clinton.

“Don’t come closer!”

“Someone is being overprotective!” Abel laughed.

“I didn’t give you permission to hug other men like that, Krissy” Alfred said.

“Now that I think about it, shouldn’t you start respecting me as your brother-in-law?” Clinton faced him.

“Brother-in-law my foot” Alfred rolled eyes.

“Baby you can’t talk to him for the rest of today, ok? It’s an order from your brother” Clinton said.

Sure brother” Kristen pouted.

“Baby? Did you just call her baby? Hey Clinton I can kill you yunno” Alfred smirked.

“Can we go? I hate that we’re being happy in front of a police house” Abel laughed.

“Finne!” Kristen giggled, holding hands with Clinton as they turned to walk to the car, but surprisingly, they saw Aphrodite standing there.

“Kris … Kristen… Melvin…

“Let’s go, this woman makes me wanna puke” Kristen muttered, rolling eyes hatefully.

She pulled Clinton, and they walked past her.

Abel exchanged glances with Abel, and they shrugged before walking away too.

They drove away in their cars, and Aphrodite squatted on her spot, shedding hot tears.

She looked at the poison in her bag and closed her eyes, crying out her heart.



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