The unpredicted love Episode 9 & 10

Tochi j£rked awake in a hurry and glanced at the wall clock.
“Oh my God!” she exclaimed. “7:30am?!”
She rushed to the backyard with a wra-pper tied across her che-st.
“Mama, why didn’t you wake me up?!”
“I wanted you to eat before goin to school. As you can see I’m still cookin”
“I can’t believe this!” she rushed into the bathroom thinkin of the type of punishment s£nior Wisdom will give her. She tried to figure out why she woke up late, then she remembered the ro-mantic dream she had.
Meanwhile, as-sembly was alre-ady on and Wisdom bec@m£ worried for not seeing Tochi. He went to Esther where she was leading the hymn and whispered into her ears, “Have you seen Tochi?”
Esther shruggled her shoulder. “She’s not yet in school” she added and continued her duty. Since then, she couldn’t concentrat anymore. All her thought was why Wisdom of all people asked after Tochi. She wanted to conclude that maybe they have feelings but she gave a weak smile. “Wisdom can’t fall for that girl” she concluded.
As wisdom walked towards the road where Tochi suppose to come from, he met che-ster on the way.
“Guy, you look restless, what’s the problem?” che-ster asked.
“Nothing” he replied.
“But you have been walking up and down like a sheep without shepherd”
“Have you seen Tochi this morning?”
“Now i know why you are restless!” che-ster exclaimed.
“What do you mean?”
“Is obvious”
Wisdom smiled and neglected his suspicions. At that moment, he saw Tochi coming in a hurry. She wore a ti-ght green Sk-irt with a white long sleeve shi-t which she tocked-in properly. The sharp of her p@n-t could be seen throu-gh the Sk-irt. And on her feet were black shoes with white short stockings, then she stood before a prefect who wanted to flog her.
“Hey!” Wisdom exclaimed from a distance. “Don’t flogg her, let her in” he added to the hearing of Esther, Jennifer. All bec@m£ surprise even che-ster who was standing right beside him.
Tochi went to Wisdom and greeted.
“Thank you for not allowing them flogg me” she added.
“What took you so long?” Wisdom asked.
“I woke up late”
“Make sure Mr Anuma don’t hear that from you. He hates undiscipline students”
“I know”
“Then decipline yourself”
“I will, I’m sorry once again”
“I hope you enjoyed your night?” Wisdom changed the t©pic and che-ster stared at him speechless. Even the question reminded Tochi of the dream she had, then she smiled and replied, “Yes, i enjoyed it”
“Why are you smiling?”
“Am i smiling?”
“Maybe that’s because my night was good”
“What made your night good? Did you have a lovely dream?”
Tochi bent her face down and kept smiling without responding.
“Come on guy, don’t ask her such question” che-ster interfered and told Tochi to go in.
All these while the conversion was going on, Esther and Jennifer couldn’t get their eyes off them.
Tochi entered into the as-sembly ground looking like a s£nior prefect and everyb©dy stared at her. She was becoming amazingly beautiful day by day…
Tochi was not only capturing the attention of students, but also the love of teachers especially Mr Anuma. Her illiterate behavior began to disappear gradually as she discovered the little feelings she couldn’t explain who exactly it was for. As usual, she stood beside Linda without minding the students optimism.
After the singing of hymns and prayers, just remaining the national anthem, Wisdom, che-ster and Mr Anuma approached. They stood before the two hundred students excluding the ones on their way coming and the national anthem kicked off. Wisdom stood £r£¢tlike a soldier, his eyes caught with that of Tochi and they smiled.
Tochi was totally lvst at his gaze and handsome outfit remembering all that happened the previous day and her emotional feelings stirred up. Linda could see her smiling while others were singing. She trace her eyes to Wisdom who was also smiling. She couldn’t believe it! Then she cu-mddled her shoulder in a way that shows: What is wrong with you? Before Tochi realised herself.
After the anthem Mr Anuma stepped up.
“Good morning students!”
“Good morning sir”
“Briefly, i have the names of the quiz p@rticip@n-ts. If you hear your name stand up”
He called the names but when Wisdom’s name was called all the SS2 students shouted, “No! no! no!” because they knew just Wisdom alone can win the competition. Meanwhile, he was alre-ady smiling moving to and fro with his hands behind him. He felt like all the power of knowledge was bestowed on him.
“Caleb!” Mr Anuma called. “You have heard what they said. What can you say about it?”
All the students remained quiet to know what Wisdom would say. Esther couldn’t st©p smiling and admiring him. Jennifer’s heart sank into her stomach and Melody couldn’t st©p enjoying his smiles.
“My fellow students” Wisdom began still with his hands behind him. “I will agree on your opinions to deprive me of my right academically. Yes, is my right to p@rticipate on the quiz because i am also an SS3 student. But no problem, even without my pres£nce there, i as-sure you that we are going to win SS2 students. Thanks you”
Tochi began a cl@p followed by everyb©dy even the SS2 students who opposed the motion cl@pped for him because he was absolutely eloquent.
“Alright” Mr Anuma began. “You have heard him, so if you want to challenge his statement study your books, okay?” he gradually stepped down and Wisdom signaled Esther to dismissed the as-sembly.
In the clas-sroom, students began to study their books quietly-but a little murmuring echoed the whole room. Linda occasionally glanced at Tochi. She could s-en-se that she was a bit different than the previous day.
“Is there anything you are not telling me?” she asked her.
“I don’t un-derstand”
“You are different today and i saw you smiling with Wisdom”
“What are you saying? I’m still the Tochi you know” she smiled and tap her shoulder.
“Are you hiding something from me?”
“No oh!”
“What really happened yesterday after school?”
Tochi bec@m£ quiet. “Nothing happened” she replied without looking at her and began to open the pages of her book unwillingly.
Linda s-en-sed that she wasn’t telling the truth, but she allowed her be.
“You can always talk to me, I’m your friend” she concluded.
“Of course i know” Tochi replied.
Before Esther knew it, che-ster had gone out of the clas-sroom. She wanted to find out if he was able to convinced Wisdom. Since she didn’t see him she met Tochi and Linda outside un-der a palm tree.
che-ster called Wisdom in the mist of Jennifer and Calista without noticing the pres£nce of Calista unlike what she expected.
“Hi, bro” Wisdom greeted.
“I’m fine, we nee-d to discuss”
“About what?”
che-ster made sure they moved away from the hearing of Jennifer and Calista.
“I’m beginning to hate che-ster” Calista told Jennifer.
“He isn’t noticing my pres£nce anymore”
“Why can’t you make a move because I’m planning to tell Wisdom today how much i love him”
“Are you serious?!”
“Watch and see”
“What if he doesn’t love you or he rejects you?”
“He can’t! If i don’t have him no one will!”
“Hmm, you talk like you have a skeleton in your cu-pboard” they watched Wisdom and che-ster discussing too.
“I want to know what’s going on between you and Tochi” che-ster began. “I can see how you looked at her this morning and how she melted in your pres£nce. You and i know that Tochi has never been humble to you”
Wisdom smiled. “che-ster” he began, “Tochi and i are just beginning to be friends. That’s all!”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, why are you even interrogating me? You have been the one telling me how beautiful she is, indirectly telling me to make a move”
“Well, that’s true. But why don’t you like Esther?”
“Who said i don’t like Esther? Guy, is there anything you aren’t telling me?”
“No oh. Well, if you say so”
“I’m only following the direction of my heartbeat”
che-ster smiled and sighted Tochi and Esther. “Let’s go and meet them” he suggested…
Students moved up and down the school premises, especially the junior ones who walked with snacks in their hands enjoying their break period. Some greeted Wisdom and che-ster as they walked neatly with their hands in their pockets. che-ster couldn’t st©p thinking about the very last words of Wisdom: I’m only following my heartbeat.
“Who could be his heartbeat?” he thought. Before he c@m£ out from his de-ep thought, he found himself in the pres£nce of Esther, Tochi and Linda.
“Good day s£niors” Linda greeted and wanted to walk away but Wisdom prevented her.
“Good day s£niors” Tochi also greeted without raising up her head. She could feel her heart beating fas-ter than normal.
“Good day” che-ster replied her.
Wisdom didn’t say anything but concentrated on Esther who was glowing with smiles all over her face. He held her palm and squee-zed it softly.
“It seems like you have fallen inlove with my hand” Esther joked.
“Yes, and i will also ask for your HAND in marriage” Wisdom replied and they laughed except Tochi who was becoming jealous. Linda could see it.
“And my father will happily give you my HAND in marriage” Esther said again.
Wisdom didn’t say anything but concentrated on Esther who was glowing with smiles all over her face. He held her palm and squee-zed it softly.
“It seems like you have fallen inlove with my hand” Esther joked.
“Yes, and i will also ask for your HAND in marriage” Wisdom replied and they laughed except Tochi who was becoming jealous. Linda could see it.
“And my father will happily give you my HAND in marriage” Esther said again.
“Then after that, i will just take the other hand in marriage. I will not ask for it, i will just take it by f0r磔 che-ster added and they laughed again.
When Wisdom noticed that Tochi wasn’t laughing or saying anything, his eyes went to her and Esther also followed the direction of his eyes to Tochi who’s face was fixed on the book on her th!ghs.
“Tochi” Wisdom called before she raised up her head and gave a weak smile. “Are you okay?”
“Yes I’m fine, thank you” she bent down her head again and Wisdom stared feeling his heart beating for her. Esther was confused on the way he stared at her lvstfully and gradually dis£ngaged his hands from her palm. Linda and che-ster s-en-sed what was going on, even Esther had the idea but didn’t want to believe it.
“Wisdom!” she called.
“Ehn? Did you call me?”
“What’s going on?”
“Why are you staring at her like that?”
Esther remained quiet and waved it off. She didn’t want to ruin the happy moment, then she placed his hands back to her palms.
“I hope we shall be going home together today” she changed the t©pic.
“Of course” Wisdom replied unwillingly.
“Have you eaten?”
“Is he a baby?” che-ster interfered. “Only babies are asked if they have eaten” he added and they smiled.
“He’s my own baby, plea-se” Esther defended staring into his lovely eyes.
“I should be asking you that” Wisdom said. “Let me go and get you snacks”
Suddenly, a junior student c@m£, he greeted them and they stared at him, even Tochi raised up her head in anticipation on what he had to say.
“s£nior Jennifer said i should call you” the small boy told Wisdom.
“Jennifer?” Wisdom repeated.
Esther frowned her face, Tochi glanced at Wisdom and concentrated on her book again.
All waited for Wisdom to say something but he didn’t.
“Go and tell her that his coming” che-ster broke the silence.
“Okay” the boy left.
After few minutes of more jokes Wisdom and che-ster left. Then Esther looked at Tochi who’s head was still bending downward.
“Linda, can you excuse us plea-se” she demanded and Tochi bec@m£ surprise with her head up.
“Okay, s£nior” Linda left.
“Why did you s£nd her out?” Tochi asked.
“Because i want us to talk pri-vately”
“I hope no problem?”
“I think there is a little problem” Esther wasn’t smiling. “Is there anything going on between you and Wisdom?” she asked.
“Something like what?”
“You know what I’m talking about”
Tochi remained quiet still feeling her heartbeat and emotionally taken over by just discussing about Wisdom. But she didn’t show it, rather she smiled just to cover up.
“Esther” Esther interrupted.
“Sorry, Esther, you and i know that i can’t do such a thing to you my friend. Moreover, who can believe that Wisdom of all people could have his eyes on me. I’m not his type, you know. And i have not forgotten that you love him, so why are you asking me this type of question?”
Her words convinced Esther even more than she expected.
“I’m sorry my dear for thinking like that” she apologized. “Just that i can’t stand to see him giving attention to another girl just like Jennifer”
“Don’t worry, he will realise your love for him one day” Tochi gave a weak smiled knowing that she was pretending just to keep the friendsh!pand stay away from troubles.
As Linda sat alone in the clas-sroom spacing out throu-gh the window so as Wisdom and Jennifer sat at the back of their clas-sroom alone.
On the other hand, Calista and che-ster were inside the clas-sroom craking jokes.
Melody, being a girl who doesn’t react much about the little feelings she had for Wisdom was walking from the canteen with a snack for him as an appreciation for the good deed he rendered on her the previous day and also a way of getting close to him. Unfortunately, as she was pas-sing, she saw Wisdom and Jennifer discussing..
Wisdom had everything nee-ded by girls except money. But his future was more than bright which automatically made people believe that he will be rich. None of the girls knew how good he was in be-d but from his charming appearance, they concluded that he will be extra good in be-d. But that wasn’t what they were after. All were responding to their feelings.
Melody wasn’t much jealous when she saw Wisdom with Jennifer, then she gently walked into his clas-s and kept the snack in his locker.
There was no student in the place where Jennifer sat with Wisdom and no one had the right to enter there except bad s£nior students who want to do something bad. MM. Jennifer practically stood up, she sat on Wisdom’s th!ghs and placed her hand across his shoulder.
“What are you doing?” Wisdom asked.
“I just want to tell you something”
“But remember we are in the school premises”
“Nob©dy comes here”
“So you are re-ady to let the cat out of the bag”
Wisdom stared at her mouth. Of course he knew the meaning of her b©dy movement but took it as p@rt of her character.
“By now you should know how much i love you” Jennifer began and ru-bbe-d her hand on his cheek ro-mantically.
“Really? thank you” Wisdom get her hand off and stood up. “Listen my dear, i like you as my friend not as a lover”
“Can’t you see that I’m dying for you?”
“Jennifer, I’m sorry” he began to walk away.
“Don’t walk away from me!” Jennifer exclaimed, then Wisdom st©pped without looking back.
“I know that girl has br@inwashed you” she added.
“Which girl are you talking about?” Wisdom turned.
“Leave Esther out of this! She has done nothing and moreover we aren’t doing anything. So leave her out of this!” he turned to walk out again.
“Wisdom!” Jennifer called and he st©pped again. “If i don’t have you no other girl will, i promise you that!” Jennifer concluded and Wisdom left without saying a word. Immediately the bell rang.
All the students entered into their clas-srooms except Wisdom who resumed the duty of monitoring junior students who still wanted to buy snacks from the canteen. His mood changed after his encounter with Jennifer. Few minutes later he walked into his clas-sroom and his eyes caught with that of Jennifer but didn’t say a word. He sat down and opened his locker just to see a packet of biscuit. He raised his head up and saw Jennifer standing before him.
“I’m sorry” she said with a low voice. “I shouldn’t have said those things to you but you should un-derstand how i feel”
Wisdom didn’t say a word but picked up a paper from the locker and re-ad it: IT’S JUST AN APPRECIATION OF BEING A GOOD BOY. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. *MELODY* he folded the paper and smiled.
“Why are you smiling?” Jennifer asked him.
“Nothing” he replied.
“I can see your girlfriend brou-ght you a gift”
“Which girlfriend? I don’t have one”
“Thank God”
“Because i can’t stand and watch another girl take you away from me or i will kill her”
“Watch your words. You are too mean sometimes”
“I’m serious oh”
Suddenly, a teacher entered.
Tochi could see Linda very quiet without noticing her pres£nce, then she tapped her on the shoulder.
“Are we quarreling?” she asked.
“No, just that I’m beginning to feel uncomfortable around you”
“Is it not obvious? You are secrecy. You are hiding something from me. Tell me, what’s going on between you and Wisdom?”
Hearing the name ‘Wisdom’ Tochi’s heartbeat increa-sed, then she exhaled heavily as Linda stared at her.
“There is nothing going on between us” she responded.
“It better not be!”
“Any problem?”
“Do you know Jennifer?”
“Do you also know that she has her eyes on Wisdom?”
“I know her very well. Her mother is regarded as a strong witch, so be careful”
Tochi bec@m£ speechless, her heart skipped and returned beating fas-ter than ever.
Students scattered everywhere, a junior student rushed into the field and kick a ball upwards. Tochi went to Mr Anuma and found him locking his office.
“Good day Sir”
“Yes, sir”
“For what do i owe this unexpected visit?”
“Sir, i nee-d your help”
“What sort?”
“I nee-d someone to be teaching me pri-vately”
“Really?” he smiled. “I like your zeals. But I’m too occu-pied. Why can’t you talk to Wisdom? He will be a great help”
Suddenly, Wisdom appeared with a paper, Tochi turned immediately and their eyes caught. Her heart began to beat fas-ter again.
“The principal said i should give you this” Wisdom said and handed the paper to Mr Anuma, then he looked at Tochi who re-moved her face instantly.
“Okay” Mr Anuma responded and put the paper inside his briefcase. Wisdom glance at Tochi again and left.
“Caleb!” Mr Anuma called him back. “I want you to help this girl and give her a pri-vate lesson”
“You mean Tochi?”
“Yes, i can see she wants to win the quiz”
“Okay” he smiled and looked at Tochi, then Mr Anuma left.
It remained only Tochi and Wisdom at the entrance of Mr Anuma’s office. Both remained quiet for sometimes before Wisdom walked closer to her and stared into her eyes then Tochi melted in his pres£nce.
“Good afternoon, s£nior” she greeted and moved towards the wall.
“I told you not to call me that”
“I’m sorry”
Wisdom took two steps forward again.
“plea-se, st©p coming closer” Tochi pleaded.
“What is it? Are you afraid of me now?”
Wisdom took another step, he met her very close to the wall and gently took her by the hand. Tochi turned properly and stared into his eyes feeling her heartbeat and emotions stirred up.
“Don’t be afraid” Wisdom began with a soft voice. “I will help you achieve that which you so de-sire, okay?” he expected to receive an answer but Tochi was fully lvst and carried away with her feelings and his charming handsomeness.
“Tochi” Wisdom called before she realised herself.
“Yes, i heard you” she replied and dis£ngaged her hand from his, breathing heavily.
“Are you okay?”
“I’m fine”
“To day is Friday, i guess i will come to your house during the weekend to have the lesson with you”
“My house?!”
“Yes, any problem?”
“How do you know my house?”
“I don’t know it, i expect you to show me”
“That means we will go together again today”
“Yes, that will be great!” they smiled. But immediately Wisdom remembered that Esther said she wanted to go with him that day…
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