The unpredicted love Episode 7 & 8

Tochi suddenly bec@m£ speechless when she heard the unexpected from Esther.
“Which of the wisdom are you talking about?” she asked.
“The s£nior prefect”
“Hmm, i don’t know what to say”
“I just wish he notice my love for him”
“Do you want me to help you?”
“You, help me get Wisdom?” Esther laughed.
“I can do that oh”
“Don’t worry my dear”
“But i want to tell you something”
“What’s it?”
“Someone once told me that the boy you love must love you back otherwise the relationsh!pwon’t work”
Esther thought for a while and said, “With time, he will realise my love for him and love me back”
“Okay oh” Tochi smiled.
che-ster was always seen with Wisdom either patrolling or sitting at a point observing students and at the same time having conversation. They sat on a fallen electric pole without wire.
“Guy” Wisdom began. “If you see the embarras-sment and disgrace i received from Tochi and Mr Anuma this morning you won’t believe it”
“What happened?” che-ster listened.
“Can you imaging Tochi used a grammar on me probably taught by Mr Anuma when i wanted to punish her..”
Before he could finish che-ster began to laugh.
“Guy, why you dey laugh nah?” Wisdom lowered his voice for the pigin English.
“I told you that girl will supersed you in this school”
“Never! She can’t try such a thing. The most annoying p@rt of it is that Mr Anuma re-leased her when i wanted to punish her”
“Guy, st©p ma-king enemity with this girl. She’s harmless and beautiful for that matter”
“And so what?”
“Just make her your friend”
Wisdom gared at him and hissed. At that moment, Jennifer, Calista and Melody arrived at the same place.
Tochi and Esther saw them and stared at them from a distance.
“Hi, my love” Jennifer began. She sat beside Wisdom while Calista sat beside che-ster.
Wisdom neglected her greetings and looked at Melody who stood alone.
“How are you Melody?” he asked.
“I’m fine, thank you” she replied smiling. That’s what she had never done before.
“You look happy today”
“I have always been happy”
“What is going on here?” Jennifer interfered. “I should be the one given attention here not Melody” she hissed.
“Hmm, Jennifer easy oh” Melody exclaimed. “I’m not taking your prince charming away”
“You better not!”
“And who is her prince charming?” Wisdom asked.
“What does that suppose to mean?” Jennifer frowned and they smiled…
Esther was totally jealous and Tochi could see it in her eyes.
“I hate her so much!” Esther said.
“That girl Jennifer”
“Me too, i don’t like her. She was the one that supported Wisdom to punish me”
“Is okay”
“Desmond!” Mr Anuma called from his office. Then Tochi turned.
“Sir, you called me?
“Yes, call Wisdom for me and come with him”
Hearing that, Tochi and Esther looked at each other.
“Go and call him” Esther told her and smiled. After Tochi left, Linda replaced her and sat with Esther.
“Good afternoon, s£nior” she greeted.
“Welcome” Esther responded still looking at Tochi who was going to meet Wisdom in the pres£nce of his friends.
“Where is she going to?” Linda asked.
“Mr Anuma s£nt her to call Wisdom”
“Eh! Wahala!” she exclaimed and also watched to see what will happen.

Jennifer frowned her face immediately she saw Tochi standing before them.
“Good day s£niors” Tochi greeted and threw away her face.
“Eheh? What is it?!” Jennifer interrogated angrily.
“I’m looking for Wisdom.. sorry, s£nior Wisdom”
All of them stared at each other. Only che-ster was smiling.
“Mr Anuma s£nt me to call him” Tochi added.
“Look at Wisdom in your pres£nce. Talk to him” che-ster interfered still smiling.
“Just go I’m coming” Wisdom replied with a low voice.
“No oh, he said you should come with me”
“As what? Husband and wife?!” Jennifer asked angrily. “Come on get out of here!” she shouted but Tochi stood still waiting for Wisdom to follow her.
Wisdom gently stood up and followed her. They walked semutanuoisly towards the office.
“Wonders shall never end!” Jennifer was still exclaiming cl@pping her hands.
Esther waved at Tochi and Wisdom when they pas-sed and Linda greeted them.
“I can’t believe my eyes!” she said surprisingly.
“Is nothing, i like it” Esther replied.
At Mr Anuma’s office, Tochi and Wisdom entered without looking at each other’s face or exchange words. They stood before Mr Anuma.
“Caleb Wisdom” Mr Anuma began. “I call you regarding the quiz between your clas-s and SS2. I want you to get the list of the p@rticip@n-ts to me before school dismisses today”
“Okay, sir” Wisdom replied.
“And you Desmond, do the same thing and give the list to Wisdom or you bring it to me yourself after school”
“Okay, Sir”
As Tochi raised her head, her eyes caught with that of Wisdom…
Such an eye contact was unexpected. Wisdom saw Tochi’s real beauty from it, then he disconnected his eyes from hers. Even Tochi saw the reason why girls flock around him but she regarded herself as not worthy to compete with them just to have a handsome s£nior. “I’m only an SS2 illiterate” she thought.
“Desmond” Mr Anuma broke the silence. “I believe you won’t be able to p@rticipate on the quiz, right?”
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“No oh!” Tochi exclaimed. “Sir, i should even be the first person on the list. I will make sure i beat the SS3 students even..” she glanced at Wisdom and continued with a low voice. “..even this one standing here”
“You mean Wisdom?”
“Yes, i can win him”
Mr Anuma began to laugh while Wisdom smiled quietly at her boldness and her funny way of talking Like Mercy Johnson inside *DUMEBI GOES TO SCHOOL*.
“Desmond” Mr Anuma called. “Wisdom here is very intelligent that’s why he was made the s£nior prefect of this school. So there is no way you can beat him intellectually”
“Sir, just wait and see, i will study very haaaarrd and with the small small grammar I’m learning from you, i will win him”
Mr Anuma laughed again. He had never seen a student with such boldness and zeal to learn. Wisdom didn’t smile at the second time because the word ‘grammar’ Tochi used reminded him of the one she used on him that morning.
“Okay then, lets see what you can do” Mr Anuma concluded. “Wisdom you can put her throu-gh on how to go about with the list” he added.
“Okay, sir” Wisdom replied.
“You may go now”
Wisdom waited for Tochi to lead the way, then followed her. Their height was perfect like fitted couples. Tochi was quite tall but Wisdom was taller as they walked semutanuoisly towards where they c@m£ from. They were flowers on the road that led to the office and dwarf palme trees circulated everywhere which made people not to have a good view of them. Wisdom expected Tochi to walk fas-ter than him but she didn’t rather she followed him right by his side-but was a bit far.
“s£nior” Tochi broke the silence, then Wisdom looked at her without responding. “Why is your friend so mean to me? I mean that one.. I have forgotten her name”
“Jennifer?” Wisdom helped.
“Yes, Jennifer! Sorry, s£nior Jennifer” she lower her voice. “I don’t like her. s£nior Esther is MORE GOOD..”
“Wrong English” Wisdom interrupted.
“What do you mean?”
“You don’t say Esther is MORE GOOD. There is no English word like MORE GOOD”
Tochi st©pped and looked at him. “Then tell me the correct one” she said.
“You can only say Esther is BETTER”
“Hmm, s£nior thank you for teaching me oh” she gave an attrac-tive smile.
“You’re welcome” Wisdom replied. “Just don’t disobey Jennifer, with time she won’t be harsh on you” he added and they continued walking.
“Okay” Tochi glanced at him again. “s£nior, don’t you like s£nior Esther?” she asked.
“Pardon?” Wisdom gared.
“I’m sorry”
“You better be! You are crossing your boundary”
“I’m sorry” she began to walk fas-ter leaving him behind. Wisdom saw her attrac-tive bu-ttocks again but neglected the feelings.
Tochi went back to Esther and Linda while Wisdom to his friends.
“How did it go?” Esther asked in anticipation.
“Mr Anuma gave us an as-signment”
“Is that all?”
“Did s£nior Wisdom talk to you?” Linda questioned.
“That means both of you are now friends” Esther wanted to know.
“No oh”
“What do you mean?”
“We are not friends, he even shouted at me at last”
They kept quiet. Immediately the bell rang.
Break was over and all the students entered into their clas-srooms. None of them made noise enabling the singing of distance birds and sound of distance vehicles to be heard.
Few hours later, the bell was rung again for school over. Meanwhile, Tochi and Wisdom got the list of the quiz p@rticip@n-ts re-ady only wanting to get back to Mr Anuma.
Esther and che-ster c@m£ out with their bags followed by Melody.
“Hi Esther!” she waved her hand.
“Hi” Esther responded to her. “Are you going now?” she asked.
“Okay, bye!”
As che-ster stood with Esther, Wisdom arrived with a paper in his hand, then Esther smiled at him.
“Good day, Wisdom” she greeted.
“Good day my dear. Let me just submit this list to Mr Anuma, I’m coming back” he went out immediately, then Esther looked at che-ster.
“che-ster, can i talk to you?” she demanded.
“I hope no problem”
“Can you talk to Wisdom for me?”
“About what?”
“I know it seems awkward or weird, but I’m inlove with him”
che-ster bec@m£ dumb staring at her.
“plea-se, can you make Wisdom realise that i love him?” Esther asked emotionally. “I’m dying in silence, plea-se!” she added.
Just before che-ster responded, Calista showed up.
“Hi, che-ster” she placed her hand on his shoulder. “Let’s go home” she added.
“No, I’m in the middle of something. Moreover, we aren’t following the same way”
“Just let’s go”
“I said no!” che-ster exclaimed angrily before she disdained Esther and left thinking that it was because of her che-ster shouted at her.
che-ster looked at Esther again, he could see the love in her eyes…
Esther is a very emotional girl but physically strong that even Jennifer cannot handle her beating if they are to test their physical abilities. But at this moment, che-ster was only seeing the emotions in her eyes that made his heart sank into his stomach. From the way she looked, he thought, if only he could do magic or abr@cadabr@ for Wisdom to fall inlove with Esther, he would have done it immediately but he couldn’t, and the whole thing rendered him speechless.
“Won’t you say anything?” Esther broke the silence.
“Do you really want me to tell Wisdom that you love him?” che-ster wanted to be clarified.
“No, i want you to use your influence as his best friend and make him un-derstand that i love him indirectly”
“Oh, now i un-derstand. Don’t worry, i will do that”
“Thank you” she smiled.
Wisdom met Tochi at Mr Anuma’s office with her own list too. But she was standing at the door.
“Good afternoon, s£nior” Tochi prostrated.
“Why are you standing outside?”
“Mr Anuma isn’t in”
“Where is he?”
“In principal’s office”
Wisdom looked around. He knew he couldn’t just keep the list on his table, so he looked at Tochi and stretched the list to her.
“Hold it, i will be coming back. My friends are waiting for me”
Tochi gently collected the paper and he rushed out. But he suddenly st©pped and turned when he heard Tochi murmured.
“What did you say?” he asked.
“I didn’t say anything s£nior”
“But you soliloquized”
“Hey! s£nior when did you become Mr Anuma again. I don’t know the meaning of solilo…” she forgot the full pronunciation.
“I demand to know what you said now!” Wisdom cut out a flower as a cane and began to tie the br@nches together. Seeing that Tochi confessed.
“s£nior, i said you want to go and meet your friends, that means me, standing here is your enemy”
Wisdom stared at her, the more he looked the more her beauty enters into his eyes, mind and b©dy. He threw away the cane and said, “Kneel down”
“I said kneel down!”
Tochi gradually went on her kneels and raised up her hands, then Wisdom left.
Just as Wisdom was walking back to Esther and che-ster, Jennifer and Calista met him. Esther could see then from afar.
“I want to wait for you to close the clas-srooms today” Jennifer told Wisdom with her hands on his shoulder.
“Why?” he asked.
“So that i will be able to let the cat out of the bag”
“Is unfortunate that i have other things to do after closing the clas-srooms. We shall talk tomorrow” he dis£ngaged her hands from his shoulder.
“Okay, see you tomorrow then” They dep@rted.

Esther exhaled de-eply when Wisdom finally c@m£ leaving the annoying Jennifer as she thought. She smiled at him again.
“You always smile for no reason and i like that” Wisdom told her.
“I don’t know how to control it and thank God you like it” they giggled.
“Mr Anuma isn’t in his office, so i think you can go instead of waiting for me”
“No, Esther will go while i wait for you today” che-ster said and gave Esther an eye contact which shows that he wanted to carryout their plans.
“Yes, is true” Esther supported. “Buy!” she added and left.
Only few students remained nd it was only remaining a clas-sroom to be closed by Wisdom, then he said, “Guy, d girl isn’t bad oh”
“I told you! So you are now admiring her”
“No, bro”
“That’s good, you should go for d person that loves you”
“Like who?” Wisdom looked at him.
“Like Esther, i think she loves you”
Wisdom remained quiet looking at him. “Esther is quite good but i don’t have any feelings for her. How did u even know she loves me?”
“Bcoz she always talks about you every minutes”
“Don’t worry, guy, we are just friends”
“Think about it oh, guy” che-ster shook hands with him and left.
Mr Anuma arrived at his office and saw Tochi kneeling down.
“Desmond” he called. “Why are you on your kneels?”
“s£nior Wisdom told me to do so”
Before Tochi answered, Wisdom appeared, then Mr Anuma turned to him.
“Caleb” he called. “What can warrant a juvenile like you who should juxtapose with elegant students like Tochi to put her in such nefarious condition?”
Tochi began to smile when the grammar scattered her head. Even Wisdom also smiled, so he had no option but to explain what happened.
“Sir, she soliloquized after i gave her an instruction”
“She did?”
“Yes, sir”
“You should have pardoned her. Sometimes your punishment should be justifiable”
“Okay, sir” Wisdom answered smiling even though he didn’t know the meaning of justifiable. “You can stand up, Tochi” he added, then collected the list from her and handed it to Mr Anuma.
Only Tochi and Wisdom remained in the school. As they left the office quietly, Wisdom asked, “Which road are you taking?”
“That road” Tochi pointed at it.
“Then we can go together. That’s the same road i want to follow”
“You mean two of us?”
“Yes, any p?”
“No oh, no p”
They stared at each other.
“Wait let me get my bag” Wisdom said and left..
Wisdom was still in his clas-sroom when Mr Anuma drove out and saw Tochi standing alone, then he whined down his glas-s and adjusted his eyeglas-s.
“Desmond!” he called. “What are still doing standing like an evacuee. You can see the weather is hundred percent egreglous”
Tochi smiled because she always enjoys his grammars.
“I’m waiting for Wisdom, sir” she replied.
As Mr Anuma wanted to whine up the glas-s, Tochi interrupted him.
“Sir!” she called smiling, and Wisdom saw her throu-gh the window how she was so conversant with Mr Anuma.
“Any problem, Desmond” Mr Anuma asked.
“Sir, i want to be like you oh”
“Yes sir. I enjoy your grammar”
Mr Anuma smiled. “For you to be like me, you have to become a Lexicogra-pher” he said.
“Ele ngini?!” Tochi asked in igbo language holding her ears closer to Mr Anuma and Wisdom smiled from the window.
“Lexicogra-pher!” Mr Anuma repeated.
“Nna sir, this one is too much”
“Just make use of your oxford dictionary my dear, sixth edition and above” Mr Anuma concluded and drove out, then Wisdom c@m£ out.
“Are you re-ady?” he asked.
“Yes” Tochi replied.
“Let’s go, the weather is bad”
They began to walk briskly towards the narrow lonely road. The more they walk, the more the weather changes. None of them said a word but only thought of how unbelievable it was for both of them to walk home together. Tochi occasionally glanced at him with the corner of her eyes. And sometimes if their eyes catch together they will smile.
Just at the middle of the road, rain began to fall and there was no nearby buildings.
“Oh Lala!” Tochi exclaimed. “s£nior is raining oh” she added.
“I know!”
“What are we going to do?!”
Wisdom raised his head and saw a tree that serves as a shelter.
“Let’s go to that tree and stay un-der it! Run!”
Tochi couldn’t run due to her bag and Wisdom collected it from her, then she stared at him in surprise
“Why are you looking at me? Run!” Wisdom shouted again before she realised herself.
They finally got to the tree p@rtially we-t and Wisdom saw Tochi breathing heavily with her hands on her kneels trying to regain lost energy.
“I’m tired” Tochi stood erect.
“Sorry” Wisdom said without looking at her but she stared at him.
“Can i have my bag?” she demanded.
“Sure” Wisdom handed it to her and they looked at each other straight into the eyes.
“I never knew you are this good” Tochi broke the silence. “You have been so mean to me lately”
Wisdom smiled, he kept his bag and began to unbot-tonhis shi-t.
“Such is school life, though I’m sorry for being so mean to you” he apologized, then Tochi kept quiet. She dropped her bag too and placed her hands across her shoulder gazing into the sky. Wisdom noticed that she was battling with cold, then he brou-ght out a jacket from his bag and covered her shoulder without her knowledge. Tochi bec@m£ speechless, she also watched him clear the ground and told her to sit. Without hesitation, she gradually sat down and Wisdom sat beside her with just a singlet, then they stared at each other…
Esther wore a jacket and a jean trou-ser at home. In her room, she walked towards the window and held the metal protector staring at the heavy rain. She couldn’t st©p thinking about Wisdom. “che-ster don’t disappoint me” she thought and brou-ght out her as-signment book.
On the other hand, Jennifer was alre-ady doing her as-signment. She didn’t put on anything but just a p@n-t and br@. MM. One could see the shape of her p—y throu-gh the white p@n-t. She suddenly kept her pen and raised one of her legs up. “Is time to tell Wisdom my mind since he can’t just notice it” she thought and gr@bb£d her pen back.
However, Calista had done her as-signment alre-ady. She wore a bu-mshort and a red t©p. She couldn’t st©p thinking of the way che-ster shouted at her at school, then she bec@m£ heartbroken and blamed Esther for it.
Moreover, Melody walked in2 her room wearing a long fairy go-wn without a br@. Her n—–s were visibly seen but she didn’t mind bcoz she was the only one at home. She wasn’t thinking of anyb©dy but the good deed Wisdom rendered to her couldn’t get off her memory. His handsome face appeared to her each time she closed her eyes.
Finally, at che-ster’s resident, he couldn’t just st©p thinking about Esther’s very statement: Just make Wisdom un-derstand that i love him, plea-se!
Tochi was carried away by Wisdom’s muscular b©dy. So she bec@m£ shy to look at him.
“Why did you pu-ll your cloth?” she asked.
“To allow it dry” Wisdom replied and they bec@m£ quiet again.
“Thank you very much for your kindness, s£nior” Tochi broke the silence.
“You’re welcome. But you can st©p calling me that”
“Calling you what?”
“But you are my s£nior”
“un-der a tree?” they smiled.
Tochi struggled to rest her back on the tree comfortably. When Wisdom noticed it, he placed his hand across her shoulder and said, “Rest in my arms”
Tochi smiled and sle-pt off in his arms..
The weather bec@m£ extremely cold but Tochi didn’t feel it because she was not only fast asleep and covered with jacket but was also slee-ping in Wisdom’s arms. She j£rked awake occasionally with her eyes closed probably to che-st away flying insects. But anytime she tries to do that Wisdom will kill the insect before her. Sometimes their hands will t©uçh together. He was experiencing what he had never thought in his life. He looked at Tochi and remembered the words of che-ster: The girl is harmless and beautiful. He could remember the words of Esther too: The girl is good and fun to be with. Wisdom reasoned all these thoughts but didn’t put any of them in mind. He was actually battling with his heart. He could feel it beating for the girl slee-ping in his arms. “What is happening?” he thought. “Am i really falling.. No no no, it can’t be true” he concluded and looked at Tochi. The more he looks the more his heart beats.
The rain lasted for more than forty-five minutes. It totally st©pped, yet Tochi was still slee-ping.
“Tochi” Wisdom called and shook her b©dy gently, then she woke and realised where she was.
“Did i sleep?”
“Yes you did, stand up lets go”
Tochi stood up, unknowingly to her, the upper bu-tton of her shi-t was opened and her br@ was clearing seen by Wisdom.
“Dress properly” Wisdom told her and bent to pick up their bags, then Tochi bu-ttoned up and smiled staring at him. He was actually not only handsome but kind and responsible. She admired him and wished she could be in the same level with him.
“Are you re-ady?” Wisdom handed her bag to her.
Tochi also gave him his jacket but he rejected it.
“Just keep it incase you nee-d it”
“But can i ask you something?”
“Go ahead”
“Why are you so nice to me now?”
Wisdom refused to answer rather he stared at her. “We should be going now, your mother must be worried” he changed the t©pic and led the way, then Tochi followed him.
Se u dey gr-ab……..