The unpredicted love Episode 21 & 22

EPISODE 21 /22
“Desmond!” he called.
“Yes, sir!”
“I hope Wisdom is doing a great job?”
“Yes sir!”
“Heeehhh!” the students shouted looking at Tochi and Wisdom.
“Sir, what type of job is he doing?” a female student asked.
“Shut up there, you mind corrupted succubus!” Mr Anuma replied with smiles and stepped out. Everyb©dy began to wonder the type of job Wisdom was really doing with Tochi even Esther, che-ster and Melody.
“Esther, dismiss them plea-se” Wisdom instructed.
“Okay, the job dealer” she replied smiling while Wisdom also gave a weak smile.
Inside SS3B, Melody was with Esther having a funny conversation when che-ster entered and stood before them. Seeing that, Esther stood up immediately in a hurry, “Let me collect a book from a friend” she said and walked out but che-ster prevented her by gr-abbing her hand which made her turned sharply staring at him with a fast rate of heartbeat. Melody looked at their jointed hands and the ro-mantic look on their faces, then she stared at them feeling jealous.
“St©p running away from me” che-ster told Esther.
“I’m not” she replied.
“You are. I wanted to talk to you before as-sembly period but you ignored me. Now you are going away because of my pres£nce. What have i done to you?”
“You have not done anything… I mean I’m ignoring you… Sorry, I’m actually saying that I’m not ignoring you, okay?” she replied looking woozy. che-ster stared at her and gradually re-leased her hand, then she briskly walked out.
“Wow!” Melody exclaimed. “What is going on?” she asked..
“I don’t know what her problem is” che-ster replied Melody and sat down looking disappointed. He placed his hands on the locker which demarcation both of them and stared at the door.
“She behaves as if she’s shy of something” Melody said.
“Yes, that’s how girls behave when they are shy”
che-ster thought for a while remembering the k!ssthey had the previous day, so he smiled.
“Why are you smiling?”
“Nothing” he stood up and walked to his seat. Just then Esther walked in briskly without looking at him. She sat down looking unstable at the sight of Melody.
“What’s wrong with you?” Melody asked her.
“I’m okay”
“No, you are shy of something. Talk to me or am i not your friend?”
Esther bec@m£ stable and stared at her because she really got her.
“Can i trust you?” she asked.
“Of course you can” Melody replied curiously…
Linda could see Tochi smiling uncontrollably at her locker and sometimes opened the pages of her English textbook.
“Is there something you are not telling me?” Linda drew closer.
“Something like what?” Tochi looked at her.
“Something like Wisdom doing a great job and you smiling for no reason”
“First, Wisdom is preparing me for the quiz as instructed by Mr Anuma that’s why he asked if Wisdom was doing a great job. Secondly, I’m not smiling for no reason”
“Wow! Then what is the cause of this sparkling smiles?”
“He is the cause”
“You mean Wisdom?”
“We are finally d@t!ng” she brou-ght down her voice.
“Really? No wonder!”
“And we…” she paused.
“And what?” Linda was curious…
Melody stared at Esther to tell her the reasons of her shyness while Esther stared at che-ster who sat alone on his seat spacing out.
“che-ster actually k!$$£d me and proposed to me yeterday” Esther said with a very low voice.
“Wow!” Melody exclaimed looking happy but jealous inside. “And what did you say?”
“I said nothing”
“How can you nothing?!”
“I was so shy, i wasn’t expecting that from him. It just c@m£ unexpectedly!”
“So are you ignoring him because of that?”
“I can’t behold his pres£nce anymore”
“But do you love him?”
Esther remained quiet but gradually nodded her head positively. “I think so” she replied.
“You are lucky” Melody gave a weak smile.
Linda stared at Tochi’sl-ips as she replied and said, “We had our first k!ss”
“You don’t mean it!”
“Ssshh.. why are you shouting?”
“Hmm, girl you don enter oh. I’m happy for you sha”
Suddenly Mr Anuma entered without a book. All the clas-s greeted and bec@m£ quiet. He wrote on the board, Biology and turned.
“The bacteria which cause dead organisms to decay or decompose are called what?” he asked.
All the clas-s bec@m£ extra quiet ma-king use of their br@ins.
“They are called parasite, sir!” a male student replied standing up.
“No, you are wrong” Mr Anuma said. “Desmond, tell us” he ordered.
Tochi gradually stood up smiling. “Sir” she began. “The bacteria are called saprophytes. They don’t only make organisms to decay but also feed on them”
“A round of applause for her!” the students began to cl@p.
“Oh Lala!” Mr Anuma exclaimed. “Desmond, you are really trying”
“Thank you sir” she replied with all gratitude.
Students began to go home nd Mr Anuma monito-red each of them from his car as he drove off. He met Wisdom on d way then whined down his glas-s.
“Caleb” he called. “I can see your handwork. Keep it up!”
“Sir, i don’t un-derstand” Wisdom replied.
“Your lesson student will explain”
“Okay sir” Wisdom un-derstood and smiled. Just then, Tochi arrived looking happy and beautiful.
“Good afternoon, Wisdom?” she greeted.
“Afternoon, Mr Anuma just…”
“I heard him” Tochi interrupted.
“Yes, will you come today?”
“Yeah, and it will be the last day of the lesson”
“Okay, i will be waiting” they smiled and dep@rted.
che-ster walked out from the clas-sroom at the very sight of Esther who thought he would come to her at least to say good bye. He walked quietly and met Calista going home.
“Hi, che-ster” Calista c@m£ around and Esther monito-red.
“Hey, going home right?”
“Yes, do you want to follow me?”
“No, he won’t” Melody appeared and placed her hand on Calista’s shoulder to her surprise. “I want to follow you home” she added.
“Hmm, abeg free my shoulder oh before they call me l£sb!anagain” Calista said and they laughed.
“Bye, che-ster” she added and dep@rted with Melody.
“Okay, bye” che-ster responded.
Esther walked down the stairs moving slowly towards the road to her house-shortcut. che-ster turned and saw her walking alone. He wanted to call her but hesitated thinking that she will probably begin to run if he tries to talk to her, so he turned and headed to another road. At that time, Esther gradually turned and glanced at him feeling disappointed. “It will take me two days to see him again” she thought.
“I’m happy you’ve come to be my friend again” Calista told Melody as they were going home.
“Is nothing, just that Jennifer misled you” she replied and Calista bec@m£ quiet..
Though, it was afternoon but the weather wasn’t h0t. There was a gentle wind which took over the atmosphere. It blew at every angle and gras-ses ma-king them to stagger around as if giving thanks to God. The road was lonely nd quiet. Only the singing of the birds was heard by Melody and Calista as they walked simultaneously without saying a word. Actually, Melody thought her last statement she made to Calista about Jennifer was provocative so she looked her and asked, “Have i done anything wrong by saying that Jennifer was the one who misled you?”
“No, just that i can’t believe i wanted to k!ssand have S-x with my fellow girl” Calista replied.
“But it wasn’t your fault”
“I know, but isn’t it awkward to behave like a l£sb!anin the public?”
“Listen, everyb©dy knows that it wasn’t your fault and also innocent of Jennifer’s evil plans, okay?”
Calista kept quiet and adjusted her school bag. Only their footsteps were heard on the lonely road.
“Did che-ster laughed at me yesterday?” Calista broke the silence.
“I have no idea but i don’t think he did. Why are you even concern about that?” Melody asked.
“Are you sure? Or have you forgotten that i know you had your eyes on him?”
Calista smiled and adjusted her bag again. “Yeah, that’s true but i think he loves Esther” she said.
“Thank God you are the one saying it”
“It’s obvious”
They bec@m£ quiet again.
“Someb©dy told me that you can’t f0rç£ someone to love you just like Jennifer did but ended up disgracing herself” Melody broke the silence. “So we shouldn’t f0rç£ ourselves to people that don’t love us” she added.
“Yes, because I’m also included” they stared at each other and smiled.
“Thank you for not re-sisting to be my friend. I’m so happy”
“You are welcome” Melody replied and they walked home smiling.
Esther met her mother in the kitchen preparing lunch. She wore a black short Sk-irt and a white t©p which expo-sed the hand of her black br@.
“Good afternoon, Mummy” she greeted and got busy.
“How was school today my dear?”
“Fine Mummy” she replied without looking at her or smiling. The mother noticed it and stared at her for a moment.
“Is there anything bothering you my dear?” she asked.
“No, Mummy, I’m fine”
“Did anyb©dy provoke you at school?”
“No, Mummy”
“Listen, i am your mother, you can always talk to me about anything. I know you have come of age and few months from now you will be 20 and find yourself in the university. So feel free my dear”
“Thank you Mummy, but I’m okay” Esther said, yet without looking at her.
“I actually fell inlove with your father in my secondary school days” the mother began then Esther looked at her. “Initially, i couldn’t believe it but i finally accepted him”
Esther was surprised to hear her mother saying that. She couldn’t just believe her ears.
“So my dear, are you pas-sing throu-gh emotional feelings?” the mother asked.
“No oh, Mummy” Esther responded and turned sharply. The mother looked at her and smiled knowing very well that she was hiding her feelings.
Mrs Desmond sat in the kitchen pounding with mortar and pestle. She tied a wra-pper across a black voluminous t©p and covered her head with a hair-tie. Suddenly, Tochi c@m£ out wearing a jean trou-ser and looking beautiful.
“Tochukwu nwam” the mother called.
“Yes, mama!” she replied and looked into the mortar. “Hey, mama is okay nah, st©p pounding!” she exclaimed.
“No, is not. Just sit down”
“I hope there is no problem”
“No my daughter” the mother st©pped pounding and looked at her. “It seems like you like that your lesson teacher” she said.
“Hey, Mama! Ibia kwa” Tochi exclaimed in igbo language which means. “Mama, you have come again!”
“Have you forgotten that i was a young girl like you? It is written all over you. You were totally down yesterday but immediately he c@m£ you bec@m£ strong and happy, so you can’t deny it. But what I’m going to tell you as a mother is to becareful and keep your pride”
“I have heard you Mama” Tochi replied smiling. She took the pestle from her and began to pound.
“But that boy is very handsome oh” the mother added.
“Oh, mama is okay nah!”
“Is not okay! Allow me to speak my mind oh!”
“Oya nah, speak, Mrs speaker”
Just then, Wisdom entered looking ever handsome in a jean trou-ser too which had the same ash colour with Tochi’s.
“Good evening mama” he greeted smiling and Tochi turned sharply.
“Evening my son” Mrs Desmond responded. “How are you?”
“I’m fine”
“Let me set the table and bring my books” Tochi told Wisdom. Due to she knew what her mother can do or say, she turned and looked at her in a way that shows: Don’t say anything oh!
After Tochi entered, Mrs Desmond called Wisdom closer. “Thank you very much for helping my daughter. She’s now very intelligent” she said.
“You’re welcome Mama” Wisdom replied.
“You are also kind and handsome too. I think you will make a good son in-law”
“Mama st©p oh!!” Tochi exclaimed from the room ma-king Wisdom to smile the more.
The lesson lasted for 1hr and Tochi esc-rted Wisdom as usual.
“Promise me you will make me proud next week” Wisdom told her but she didn’t answer rather she began to bite her f!ngernail.
“There is no reason to be scared. Just believe in yourself and you will make it, okay?”
“Okay, thank you” Tochi replied.
“See you next week, but make sure you keep studying”
“I will” they hvgged and dep@rted.
It was the quiz day. All students c@m£ to school as early as possible. The school hall was decorated with different colours of fabric and chairs arranged in order. A dim light shone at the centre of the place meant for the p@rticip@n-ts. Esther entered into her clas-sroom and saw che-ster keeping his bag.
“Good morning, che-ster” she greeted and pas-sed.
“Morning, welcome” che-ster replied looking at her. But she st©pped and turned.
“How was your weekend?” she asked.
“It was fine. And you?”
They stared at each other. che-ster could see her glowing with smiles and beauty.
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“I’m sorry..” both said at the same time and paused still smiling.
“I’m sorry for acting woozy the other time” Esther said.
“Is okay, i un-derstand. I’m also sorry for.. k!ss!ngyou”
“No, you shouldn’t be. It was actually nice” she smiled.
“Really? Does that make us friends?”
“No, that makes us more than a friend” she replied and smiled out looking charming.
che-ster couldn’t believe it! “Yes!!” he exclaimed silently and walked out.
The as-sembly and other school activities ended very well. Now was the time for the quiz. The bell was wrong and all the students began to move into the hall. Melody and Calista met Esther on her way to the hall too and they gave her unexpected hvgged.
“Come on, girls, what’s this hvg for?” Esther asked smiling. “I hope you are not planning to kidnap me”
“Yes, we want to kidnap you” Calista replied. “After all che-ster is capable of paying a ransom” she added and they laughed.
“You girls are not serious”
“You look beautiful today oh. Tell us the secret” Melody requested.
“Yes, tell us” Calista supported.
“It seems like they s£nt both of you to tempt me this afternoon. Well, lets go and win the quiz, after we talk about that” Esther replied and they smiled out like big friends holding hands together. Just at the entrance of the hall, Tochi met them.
“Good day s£niors” she greeted smiling.
“Hey Tochi!!” all shouted.
“I hope you are going to make us proud” Esther said.
“Aren’t you supporting your clas-s?” Tochi asked.
“Forget about our clas-s. We are supporting you” Calista said.
“Thank you!” she exclaimed smiling and they walked in.
The hall was populated with more than one thousand students. Mr Anuma and the principal’s with other teachers walked to the front of all students. Wisdom, che-ster and the other prefects walked around with canes to keep everyb©dy calm.
“Good afternoon students?!”
“Good afternoon sir!”
Mr Nelson began with a microphone in his hand. “Today is the day we all have been waiting for. The p@rticip@n-ts are required to come up here if they hear their names”
Mr Anuma began to call the names. As he called, students cl@pped. When Tochi was called, she looked at Wisdom who smiled at her broadly and her heart skipped.
Few minutes later, the quiz commenced. As brilliant students, SS3 was winning the SS2 with one point but just at the end, SS2 met up with them with the help of Tochi who answered several questions and Mr Anuma couldn’t believe it! Only a question was remaining.
“SS3, what is the meaning of the word ex-posTULATE?”
The hall bec@m£ quiet anticipating to know the winner. SS3 p@rticip@n-ts couldn’t think of the meaning of ex-posTULATE.
“It means to move from one place to another” one of them answered.
“Wrong! Bonus to the SS2”
Hearing that, students bec@m£ more quiet.
“Come on Tochi!” Wisdom exclaimed in his mind. Then Tochi stood up at the sight of everyb©dy and said, “ex-postulate means to argue or disagree about something”
There was a thun-derous cl@p and shout in the hall and without wasting time prices were given to d SS2 p@rticip@n-ts especially Tochi.
“I’m very impress for the performance of the SS2 students..” the principal narrated and gave Tochi microphone to say something, then all the hall bec@m£ quiet. Before she started tears ran down from her eyes.
“I thank you all who supported and show me kindness. I thank Mr Anuma for his help, even Wisdom who sacrificed to make sure i win this quiz. I was once regarde as personanongrata but they accepted and made me believe in myself. I also say a big thank u to my friends, Linda, Esther, che-ster Melody and Calista, even d principal. Thank u all!” everyb©dy began to cl@p. Wisdom’s eyes caught with hers and they smiled again.
Jennifer never hesitated to study her books. She sat outside with a book before her remembering all her friends and past actions in school, then tears ran down from her eyes.
Will Jennifer take the shame and lie low or she will return with mighty hand?