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The unpredicted love Episode 17 & 18

Tochi’s legs began to vibrate gradually and her sympathetic nervous system activated than before making her heartbeat increase like she was about to o—-m through sex. Her lips shook gradually and eyes fist on Wisdom’s handsome face. She couldn’t think of anything or anybody but Linda’s statement: “Better reject him if he propose unless you want to die. I know what Jennifer and her mother can do just to get what they want”
She also remembered Jennifer’s recent statement: “You don’t know how extreme i can go just to win Wisdom’s heart, so better stay away from him”
Her mind diverted to Esther, “God, what will she say or do?” she thought. As she reasoned all these things, Wisdom saw tears dropping from her eyes.
“Why do you shed tears my love?” he began to clean it. “Please, say yes to me and i promise to be with you forever”
“Wisdom?” Tochi called. “I must be lying if i say i don’t love you. My heart beats when i just think of you, i feel the same way you feel but what about Jennifer and Esther?”
“You alone i have choosen and nobody else”
“I’m scared!”
“Nothing will happen to you!”
“I’m sorry Wisdom, i can’t do this. I can’t face these people especially Jennifer and feel like a betrayer or boyfriend snatcher to Esther” she wanted to walk out but Wisdom held her back.
“Please, don’t leave without saying yes to me”
“I’m sorry Wisdom, i have nobody to fight for me”
“I will fight for you! I will always be there for you? Please, don’t break my heart”
“I’m sorry” she disengaged his hands and ran out.
“Tochi! Tochi!!” Wisdom called bitterly stretching his hand forward.
It was a disastrous day for the two lovers. In all his life, Wisdom had never been rejected by a girl or feel heartbroken for once but here he was battling with the feelings. He sluggishly opened his room, sling his school bag and laid on the bed.
“Akunauche” Mr Caleb, his father called and opened his room. He actually calls him in igbo language than English. “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine, Daddy!” he replied with his face on the bed.
The father noticed that something was bothering him but didn’t want to dig into it. “Tell your mother i have gone out when she comes back” he said and closed the door without Wisdom responding.
On the other hand, Tochi also went straight to the backyard where her mother was. She stood at the door with heavy eyes and greeted.
“Tochukwu” the mother called. “Why are your eyes red and swollen up?” she asked.
“Are they?”
“Yes!” the mother stood up to get closer but Tochi interrupted her.
“Mama is nothing, an insect flew into my eyes”
“The two eyes?”
“Yes, mama” she turned immediately and went into her room.
“Lekwanum aya oh!” the mother exclaimed and went back to her seat. “I rebuke that kind of insect in Jesus name oh” she added.
Jennifer went home just to met her mother with a handsome young man who was actually demanding for a love charm, then she stood at the window and taking a glance of what was going on in the main room.
“You only have to use these leaves” Mrs Mbakwe, her mother began and handed some leaves to the young man. “Make sure you squeez one of them first thing tomorrow morning after calling her name three times, use the same hand and robbed the girl’s face, she will automatically become yours”
“I hope it works only on her”
“Yes, that’s why you must call her name before doing it” the young man smiled, he collected the leave, paid some money and went out just to see Jennifer at the window.
“Hey girl?” the man said.
“Good afternoon” Jennifer greeted and walked in shaking her buttocks which the young man glanced and smiled biting his lips. Jennifer greeted her mother and watched her keep part of the leaves. “I have actually seen what i wanted” she thought and couldn’t wait for the next day
Melody was really worried as a young 19 year old teenager who wasn’t given attention by boys. As usual, she was the only one at home meditating in her room with a Biology textbook before her. She wore a white top with only a pant sitting on a long stool. One could see her fresh thighs and belly looking very attractive. “I guess Chester is secretly in love with Esther” she thought and concentrated.
On the other hand, at Esther’s resident, the house was a bungalow but fashionly designed without a fence. Mr Godwin, her father’s car was parked outside but wasn’t at home. Esther was in her room with a physics textbook. She was actually trying so hard to get over everything that happened but couldn’t. She wore a jean trouser and a bra, but when she heard a knock on the door she put on a T-shirt. Meanwhile, her mother hand gone to open the door. She opened it and saw a young boy looking classic and handsome standing at the door.
“Good evening, ma’am” Chester greeted.
“Evening, who are you?” Mrs Godwin asked.
At that moment Esther came out and her eyes caught with that of Chester. Then her heart skipped.
“I’m Silva Chester” Chester introduced himself…
Mr Godwin’s sittingroom had furnished equipments-flower on the centre table, pictures on the wall, a plazma television and totem of heavenly things. It was a typical chatholic resident.
Esther stood beside her mother squeezing her fingers together and wondering what Chester was doing in their house.
“Who do you want?” Mrs Gowin asked Chester.
“I want to see Esther” he replied staring at Esther, then Mrs Godwin traced his eyes and turned to see her standing.
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“Mummy, he’s my classmates” Esther stepped forward. “He actually want to collect a book from me” she added and looked at Chester angrily.
“Oh!” the mother turned to Chester. “Which one is your surename?” she asked.
“It sounds familiar. Silva Luis?”
“Exactly ma”
“Okay, come in”
“No Mummy” Esther interrupted. “We will talk outside”
“Talk? I thought you said he needed a book”
“Yes, that’s true, let me bring it” Esther turned.
“I also want to talk to you” Chester said allowed.
“Then come inside” Mrs Godwin added.
Esther briskly walked into her room and brought out a book. She saw Chester sitting on the cushion looking at the parlour, then she sat on the same cushion-but gave a distance.
“What are you doing here uninvited?” she lowered her voice,
“I came to collect a book”
“Which book?”
“The one you suggested”
“You and i know that you didn’t come because of the book. I just made it up”
At that moment, Mrs Godwin came out and told Esther that she was going out.
“Okay, Mummy” she replied. They waited for her to walk to a distance before they continued their conversation.
“Now I’m listening, talk before my Daddy comes back”
Chester adjusted closer. “I want us to talk about you and Tochi” he said.
“Yes, for my sake please forgive her. I came all the way from my house to yours just to tell how important it is to me”
Esther became moody staring at him. Then he continued, “She’s an innocent girl. Yes, i admit the fact that Wisdom unexpectedly fell inlove with her but that shouldn’t bring demarcation between both of you. Please, i beg you”
Esther thought for a while and said, “Is okay, i have heard you, i will reconcile with her tomorrow”
“Wow! Thank you so much!
“No problem”
“I also want you to keep moving regardless of the fact that Wisdom…”

style="text-align: left;">“No, i don’t want to talk about it” Esther interrupted.

“Is okay, but i want you to know that someone somewhere is loving you”
“Someone” they stared for a while. “I have to take my leave now” he added.
Esther didn’t say a word but silently stood up and walked him to the door.
“Thank you” she said at last and Chester went home.
Very early in the morning, Mrs Mbakwe, Jennifer’s mother went out and Jennifer dressed up for school. All her mind was on her mission to use the love charm on Wisdom. She quietly brought out the leaves, squeezed it in her palms forgetting that she has to call Wisdom’s name three times after that. Just then, she heard a noise and a voice which seemed like Calista’s. “Calista!” she called and began to walked out. “Calista is that you?” she called for the second time and opened the door. She saw Calista standing quietly outside.
“So you are the one behaving like a ghost, Calista!” she called for the third time. That means the charm can only work on Calista not Wisdom anymore if robbed on her face.
“I wanted to scare you a bit” Calista told her and looked at her hands. “What’s that stain?” she asked.
“Never mind” Jennifer replied and went back inside to properly prepare.
All students came to school as usual even Wisdom who wasn’t happy. Immediately the bell was rung for assembly he came out of his classroom just to see Tochi and Linda also coming out. He passed them without saying a word.
“S.P good morning” Linda greeted, then he turned.
“Good morning” he replied.
“Good morning, S.P” Tochi also greeted without looking at him but Wisdom didn’t respond for calling him S.P.
“Is everything okay?” Linda asked Tochi but she didn’t say a word too.
Just as students trooped into the assembly ground, Mr Anuma also drove in still monitoring them from his car. At the same time Jennifer and Calista walked in rushing to the assembly ground too. There was no much casualty between the students but Chester noticed that Wisdom wasn’t looking happy and wondered why. Few minutes before the assembly was over, the principal came out with Mr Anuma and other teachers, then Esther gave way for him to give an impromptu speech.
“Good morning students!” the principal began.
“Good morning sir!”
“Just remaining few days for the quiz…” as the principal was giving his speech, Calista began to rob her face. When Jennifer looked at her, she saw improperly robbed power and particles then she robbed her hands on Calista’s face to remove them. Immediately, the charm affected her and she looked at Jennifer romantically and brought her face closer to kiss her.
“What are u doing?” Jennifer asked silently..
“Esther!” Wisdom called. “Please dismiss them (assembly)” he ordered.
Esther didn’t respond rather she quietly carried out the instruction.
The whole school wasn’t stable anymore. Each classroom talked about the very act of Jennifer and Calista. Some criticized them and concluded that they were lesbians while some pitied them and wondered what caused the act.
Tochi was speechless with her hands folded staring at Linda who wasn’t surprise.
“I told you” she began. “That Jennifer is dangerous, she was up to something. Who knows if she was targeting you or Wisdom to be disgraced? We are going to find out the main cause of the act soon”
“Can it be that they are lesbians?” Tochi asked.
“Is that how lesbians show themselves?”
Just at that moment, a student came and interrupted them.
“I’m looking for Tochi?” he said.
“Is me, any problem?”
“Esther is calling you” the boy said and Tochi stared at Linda.
“Okay, I’m coming” she stood up and followed the boy.
Esther was actually with Melody at the window when Tochi walked in.
“Good morning seniors” she greeted, then Esther smiled at her which gave her hope and made her believe that things were well.
“I told you not to call me senior” Esther told her with smiles.
“I’m sorry”
“Just sit down” she brought a chair for her. “I’m in a good mood today, i want you to forget whatever that is between two of us, okay?”
“Okay, thank you very much” Tochi smiled.
“So let’s gist” she brought her seat closer. “Did you see what happened this morning?”
“Hmm, I’m speechless oh” Tochi smiled and they laughed.
Jennifer broke down in tears as she was on her knees while Calista was still demanding for more kiss and sex. She was actually in a teacher’s hand struggling to get off to Jennifer. Teachers round the office while the principal sat on his seat looking woozy.
“Mbakwe” he called. “Explain the meaning of this act
“Jennifer speak up!” another teacher added.
“Are you two lesbians or succubus?” Mr Anuma also asked.
“No oh, sir we are not lesbians”
“Then why this type of disgrace you have brought upon my school? Ehn?!” the Principal exclaimed.
“Speak up before i descend on you!” Mr Anuma shouted and raised his cane properly to flog.
“It is a charm, sir” Jennifer confessed.
“A charm?”
“Yes, love charm”
“Jesus!” the female teachers exclaimed.
“Was the charm meant for Calista?” Mr Nelson was still inquisitive.
“No, is was for Wisdom but i misused it”
“Oh Lala! What a wicked attitude from juvenile like you?!” Mr Anuma shouted.
“I think we need to consult their parents” the principal suggested. “Please, tell Wisdom to gather all the students in front of my office now” he told Mr Anuma…
*Less I forget, Back to assembly ground *
“Good morning students!” the principal began.
“Good morning sir!”
“Just remaining few days for the quiz…” as the principal was giving his speech, Calista began to rob her face. When Jennifer looked at her, she saw improperly robbed power and particles then she robbed her hands on Calista’s face to remove them. Immediately, the charm affected her and she looked at Jennifer romantically and brought her face closer to kiss her.
“What are u doing?” Jennifer asked silently..
There was an arising noise at the line where Jennifer and Calista were actually battling with each other which brought the principal and students’ attention. At that time, Calista had held Jennifer’s waist struggling to kiss her lips. As she struggled, she placed a hand under her skirt and raised it up at the very sight of all the students.l
“Hey! Aah!” everybody began to shout.
“Oh Lala!” Mr Anuma exclaimed. “What are my eyes beholding?!” he added moving forward. B4 he got there, Wisdom was already there as the senior prefect but what his eyes saw drew him back leaving the girls to handle it but none came close to them.
“Please nah, i love you so much just kiss me” Calista said aloud and everybody shouted, “Hheeeeeehh!”
“Lesbians oh!” a male voice came from the crowd.
However, Jennifer had realised that she misused the charm as she battled with her uniform trying to disengaged herself from Calista.
“Hey, both of you!” Mr Anuma pointed at two girls. “Go and separate them and cover them up” he ordered.
“No sir, we can’t do that oh” they insisted because they knew that such an act wasn’t ordinary. Nobody agreed to touch them until the principal and the female teachers grabbed them.
“Please, take them inside my office” he instructed and followed them angrily.
As the female teachers dragged them into the office, Calista was still shouting, “I love you so much, Jennifer, just kiss me or make love to me, please!”
“Heeeeehh!” the students shouted again.
“Holy Mary!” a female student added.
“Silent all of you!” Mr Anuma exclaimed angrily and placed one of his hands in his pocket.
Without being told, Wisdom picked up a cane to calm all the students down and made them stay in lines. Then everywhere became quiet.
“This nefarious act which my eyes has beholden this morning is unwittingly!” Mr Anuma began and the students shouted, “Heeehh!”
“It’s pernicious!”
“It’s Persontoperson!”
“And I’m so perplexed and woozy for this very act which has no aggrandizement rather make one to perpetrate! Oh Lala!!!”
“Sir fire on!!” a male voice shouted from the crowd.
“We are going to dig out the very cause of this act and i assure you, a serious action will be taken” he walked out angrily.
Wisdom quickly gathered all the students in front of principal’s office. They knew anytime they are summoned like that a serious information or punishment wants to be carried out. Some stretched their heads to look into the principal’s office while some, like Tochi admired Wisdom who stood on the higher cemented area meant for teachers alone. Esther saw how she was staring at him, then she tapped her.
“Isn’t he handsome?” she asked.
“Who?” Tochi asked.
“The person you are admiring and staring at”
Tochi smiled and bent down her head.
“Don’t be shy, feel free. I don’t have anything to do with him again. His love goes for only one girl” Esther told her then she raised up her head.
“Who’s the girl?” she asked
“Come on don’t pretend as if you don’t know. Do you love him too?”
The question made Tochi’s heart beat faster again staring at Esther. Though Melody was there but had no interest on their conversion. She was so enthusiastic and anticipated to see Jennifer and Calista coming out of the office.
Tochi gradually nodded her head in agreement to Esther’s question.
“Have he proposed?” Esther was still inquisitive and Tochi nodded her head again.
“And what did you say?”
I rejected him”
“I didn’t want to hurt you”
Esther remained silent staring at her thinking how truthful and sincere she was. “Come here” she gave her a hug.
“Both of you have started your own abi?” a male voice said from behind. “Let’s finish with these lesbians before you start yours” he added and the statement brought Melody’s attention.
“Won’t you close your hole there?!” she rebuked him.
“Don’t mind him!” Esther supported. She disdained the very boy and turned to Tochi again.
“Listen, you have to follow your heart, okay? Forget about me”
“Okay, thank you” Tochi was more than happy and started looking an opportunity to return her words to Wisdom. Just at that moment, the principal and all other teachers came out with Jennifer except the one who was with Calista in the office.
“Silent!!” Wisdom exclaimed and the noise gradually died down.
Jennifer was covered with shame, so she couldn’t look at anybody. Students could see tears dropping from her eyes and their ears were itching to know the actual cause of the abominable act.
“Students!” the principal began but nobody responded because they knew he doesn’t start a speech like that unless he’s very angry. “You want to bring down this school. I’m shocked on what my ears have heard and my eyes seen this morning. I will not say much but i want to give Jennifer Mbakew here chance to utter the cause of what happened this morning”
Everywhere became quiet that even a fallen pin could be heard.
“What’s she waiting for? speak up!!” Mr Anuma exclaimed and the tears began to pour like a rain from Jennifers eyes.
“I-i-i used a love charm meant for Wisdom on Calista mistakenly” Jennifer confessed with a low voice and the students shouted, “Heeeehhh!”. Immediately, Linda turned to look at Tochi while Wisdom quickly went down from the higher cemented area to Chester looking woozy.
“Tell us how you got the charm!” the principal shouted.
“Yes, tell us!” the students supported.
“I got it from my mother without her knowledge”
“Please, someone should go and call her mother and Calista’s parents too” the principal instructed and two boys ran out. “Look at what a teenager can do because of a boy. A student who suppose to be studious and prepare for her examinations!”
“Oh Lala!” Mr Anuma exclaimed at principal’s words.
“After this case is resolved i will have no other option than to take the rightful judgment. This should serve as a lesson to you all that are involved with diabolical or evil activities!” he angrily walked inside his office followed by other teachers and Jennifer leaving the floor for Mr Anuma.
“I am passing through acrimonious situation now” Mr Anuma began. “Because of this very act Jennifer has automatically become an acquaintance to you all”
“Sir what is acquaintance?!” a male student shouted from behind.
“Shut up your trap there! You that have refused to make use of your edutainments!” Mr Anuma replied and the students began to giggle. “Wisdom!” he called.
“Yes, sir!”
“Come up here” Wisdom stood beside him. “You are the one who would have fallen victim to this incredible and unfathomable predicament!”
“Heeeehhh! Sir easy oh!” the students shouted laughing at the same time.
Mr Anuma continued, “I believe that your accentuated complexion is the one causing all these and making girls to do the unbelievable, even still with this undernourished body of yours. Oh Lala!!”
“Oh Lala!!” the students repeated and Mr Anuma walked inside the office without smiling. Wisdom didn’t know what to say or do because the grammar got him confused. He could see Tochi and Esther smiling at him, then he said, “Pls, return 2 ur classes b4 you receive another grammar”
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