The unpredicted love Episode 13 & 14

Wisdom was the first person to arrive at school looking neat as the s£nior prefect. He walked around the whole premises with his hands in his pocket. He occasionally glanced at the road where Tochi suppose to come throu-gh if he would see her walking towards him with an attrac-tive smile on her face. Few minutes later he saw a beautiful female student coming throu-gh the road but was not visibly seen due to morning dew, then he stared..
The more she walked the more beautiful she appeared. She wore the correct ironed uniform-white lone sleeve shi-t and green Sk-irt. And on her head was a green barrette which some p@rt of her hair c@m£ out and dangled around her cheek. Her black shoe fitted perfectly with the white stockings. She hung her one-handed bag across one of her shoulder with a white handkerchief in her hand. Immediately she saw Wisdom she began to smile. Wisdom could see p@rt of her yellowish th!ghs from the short Sk-irt she wore looking very attrac-tive and S-xually aro-se.
“Wow!” he exclaimed still with his hands in his pockets.
“Good morning” Tochi greeted and smiled in his pres£nce but suddenly bent down her head.
“You look absolutely exquisite” Wisdom used the exact grammar Mr Anuma used on him.
“Chei! Are you abusing me? The grammar is too much oh”
“My dear you look beautiful”
“Thank you. You too”
“And you are too early today. Why?”
“I promised you never to come to school late again”
“That’s good” they bec@m£ quiet smiling at each other, then Tochi gently pas-sed him in a way her arm t©uçhed his. She walked into her clas-s without looking back, then Wisdom smiled. Few minutes later he went to her clas-sroom and saw her rehearsing what they learnt on Saturday.
“Come lets take a work” Wisdom suggested.
“But I’m busy”
“Just stand up” he held her by the hand and took her up.
They walked neatly around the school compound like couples.
“I want to ask you something” Tochi began. “Do you know how it feels to be inlove?”
“Yes, why asking?”
“Because someone is having the feelings and dying to hear you say you love her”
Wisdom bec@m£ surprise at her words. He was actually thinking that she was indirectly telling him that she loves him. So he asked, “Who is this girl you are talking about?”
“It is Esther”
Wisdom st©pped and stared at her. He was disappointed for the second time without knowing what to say.
“Yes, Wisdom” Tochi continued staring at him too. “She’s madly inlove with you. Why can’t you give her a chance? She’s my friend and I’m to be by her side always, plea-se, give her a chance”
“But i don’t have any feelings for her!”
“Then develop it”
“I can’t! I have tried severally. My heart beat for only one woman. She’s the person i dream of day and night. How do you expect me to neglect my feelings?”
Tochi’s heart began to beat again as she stared and listened to him.
“Who is the woman your heart beat for?” she asked.
Wisdom wanted to respond but the pres£nce of Jennifer who stood in their pres£nce prevented him. She looked at Both of them angrily and hissed, then she walked away.
“plea-se, i have to go” Tochi also walked out but Wisdom held her back.
“I’m sorry, leave me alone” she added but Wisdom wouldn’t listen, then she get his hand off by f0rç£ and walked into her clas-sroom. She tried to think of how she feels for Wisdom, how girls flock around him, how she wasn’t in the same category with them and tears dropped from her eyes.
All the responsible students arrived including Esther, che-ster, Melody and Calista. Just before the as-sembly was due, che-ster went to Esther’s locker where she was bringing out her hymn book and startled her.
“Hi, good morning” he greeted.
“Good morning” Esther smiled at him and continued looking for the book. She thought of why che-ster c@m£ to her that morning because it was unlike him.
“Can you give me your attention, plea-se?” che-ster requested, then she turned and smiled again. Her we-tli-ps and powder made her beauty sparkle.
“I want you to have this” che-sted handed a package to her.
“What is this?” she gently took it smiling.
“It is for you and you alone”
Esther gradually opened it and couldn’t believe her eyes-a Samsung Galaxy cell phone!!
“Oh my God!” she exclaimed and looked at him. “Thank you” she said with a sad face.
“What is it?” che-ster asked.
“I know you can afford this regarding your background but i can’t accept it. My parents will ask questions” to her surprise che-ster brou-ght out another package and handed it to her.
“I knew you will say something like this that’s why i made it two. It is a novel for women written by Bliss, i hope you like it?” che-ster said.
“I love it!” she exclaimed and glanced at the title. “I like re-ading Bliss novels following Bliss Stories Thank you so much” she added.
“You are welcome” che-ster walked away.
“But che-ster!” she called him back. “Why are you giving me gifts?”
“Because you are my friend” he replied.
“Thank you once again”
“You are welcome once again” he smiled and dep@rted.
The bell was rung and students went to the as-sembly ground. Tochi saw Jennifer monitoring her and ma-king nefarious signs at her. She s-en-sed that she was in trouble or probably will be beaten up by her or group of s£nior students. Wisdom looked disappointed and refused to talk or go to the as-sembly ground. Esther and Melody occasionally looked at him and wondered what was goin on..
Linda noticed Tochi’s mood again to be dull and unprotected as they stood on the as-sembly ground, but she couldn’t ask her what the problem was because it would have caused noise ma-king. Even wisdom looked dull in the sight of Esther and che-ster and refused to show himself on the as-sembly ground as usual. Just before the as-sembly ended, the principal called him from his office and gave him instructions. After the national anthem everyb©dy expected to see the principal or Mr Anuma but none were pres£nt thereby causing a rising noise. Just before their very eyes Wisdom c@m£ out standing before 500 students without smiling.
“Silent everyb©dy!” he shouted and all attention was given to him. Tochi’s heart began to beat fas-ter again, Esther and Jennifer even all the students admired him.
“But he doesn’t look happy, why?” Esther thought.
“Good morning my fellow students”
“Good morning, s£nior!” they chorused and everywhere bec@m£ quiet.
“According to the principal” Wisdom began. “All SS3 students should get re-ady for their final year examination, WAEC because it’s fast approaching than expected. Secondly, the quiz between SS2 and SS3 will now take place in the next two weeks instead of four. So get prepared.. Thank you” he gently stepped down and walked out without any signal for Esther to dismissed the as-sembly as usual which got her more worried. So she quietly stood up and dismissed them.
Tochi rested her head on her locker and Linda noticed it to be unlike her, then she adjusted her seat and tapped her.
“You look so worried, what is it?”
“I’m okay” Tochi replied sadly.
“No, you aren’t. You can talk to me”
Tochi looked up. Her face was sparkling with make-ups-powder and we-tli-ps. “Linda I’m scared” she said.
“Of what?!”
“Of Jennifer! She saw me with Wisdom this morning and hissed. And i also saw her looking at me in a dangerous way this morning”
“I told you oh. Are you d@t!ngWisdom?” Linda asked but Tochi kept quiet staring at her and feeling her heartbeat.
“Do you love him?” Linda was still inquisitive, then Tochi gently nodded her head.
“Yes, i love him” she said with a low voice.
“Oh my God!” Linda exclaimed. “You better get rid of that feelings oh! For crying out loud, how do you intend to face all these girls flocking around him?!”
“That’s why I’m scared! Even Esther my friend will be against me. I don’t know what to do!” her eyes bec@m£ we-t with tears.
“But has Wisdom made a relationsh!pproposal to you?” Linda asked.
“No, but i believe he will any moment from now”
“You better reject him if he does”
“You heard me right. Unless you want to die”
Tochi kept quiet and went into a de-ep thought.
Wisdom had been noticing Jennifer’s character towards him to be mercurial and angry. She hissed occasionally whenever she pas-sed his locker and had not talked to him or even greeted him until break period when the principal s£nt him to an erran outside the school compound.
On the other hand, Tochi had refused to go outside but she finally did when Esther summoned her. They were at their usual position sitting as best friends, then Esther noticed her sad mood and quietness.
“Is they anything bothering you?” she asked.
“No oh” Tochi gave a weak smile.
“You are acting wired just like Wisdom. What is happening?”
“Nothing, I’m okay” she smiled again.
“So tell me” Esther adjusted her seat. “Were you able to convince Wisdom?”
“Do you want the truth?” Tochi asked.
“Yes, I’m curious”
“Wisdom only like you as a friend but doesn’t love you” Esther frowned her face. “He said that his heart beat for only one woman”
“Who is this woman because i know it can’t be Jennifer”
“I don’t know” Tochi replied and faced her book. “He didn’t tell me” she added and Esther felt like crying.
At that moment Jennifer and Calista appeared with other group of strong-headed female students. Then Tochi’s heart skipped when she saw them.
“Good day s£niors” she greeted.
“Jennifer, what’s the problem?” Esther asked.
“Hey! Just hold it there!” Jennifer demonstrated with her hand angrily. “I didn’t come here for you. I c@m£ because of this idiot called Tochi who has crossed her boundary”
“s£nior, what have i done” Tochi asked with a shaking voice. Before she knew it Jennifer gave her a sound sl@p.
“How dare you ask me such stupid question!” she exclaimed, then Esther stood up angrily.
“You dare not t©uçh her again unless you want to fight me!” she said.
“Then asked her what she was doing with my Wisdom at Mr Anuma’s office on Friday after school hour!”
Hearing that, Esther looked at Tochi surprisingly.
“We didn’t do anything oh” Tochi replied.
“Shut up, you lair!” Jennifer shouted. “If i ever see you with Wisdom again, you are dead!”
Esther bec@m£ speechless staring at Tochi.
Beginning of war.
Battle line is drawn.
Hearing that, Esther looked at Tochi surprisingly.
“We didn’t do anything oh” Tochi replied.
“Shut up, you lair!” Jennifer shouted. “If i ever see you with Wisdom again, you are dead!”
Esther bec@m£ speechless staring at Tochi.
Linda saw what was happening throu-gh the window and ran outside but didn’t go near because she was only but un-der all the s£nior students. So she walked around and stood behind Tochi whose hand was on her cheek to reduce the pain of the h0t sl@p.
“We should deal with this girl eh!!” one of the s£niors said and made a move but Esther turned and pushed her out.
“You people should get out of here and leave her alone!” she shouted.
“Esther, you pushed me because of this rat!” the student shouted.
“I will do worst than that if you don’t get out of here!”
The student wanted to make another move but Jennifer prevented her.
“Listen to me, Tochi” she began. “Anywhere you see Wisdom start running because next time i will do worst than a sl@p! Nons-en-se!” she hissed and walked out angrily with her friends shaking their bu-tts vigorously. Just then, Melody and che-ster sighted Esther throu-gh the window shouting at Tochi.
“I never knew you are this deadly and wicked” Esther began. “How can you stab me at the back after all i told you?”
“I swear we didn’t do anything” Tochi said. “We are not even doing anything” she added.
“You disgust me!” Esther walked out angrily. She nearly pushed che-ster down unintentionally.
“Esther listen to me!” Tochi shouted and followed her. “s£nior! Esther! plea-se, hear me out!” she st©pped on the way and went into her clas-sroom trying so ha-rd to control her tears.
Melody and che-ster bec@m£ speechless wondering what was going on, so che-ster asked Linda what happened and she told him everything from A-Z.
“That girl Jennifer is so annoying!” che-ster said angrily and wanted to go and confront her but Melody held his arms.
“Don’t go there, you will make the issue worst” she said softly. “Just allow them be” she added.
che-ster’s mind gradually slowed down then he looked at Melody’s hands on his arm and she gradually dis£ngage her hands.
“I’m sorry” she said but che-ster didn’t say a word, then they walked into their clas-sroom while Linda also went into her clas-sroom just to see Tochi with her head on her locker shedding tears.
“Is okay” she began. “You have only one option for this tears not to linger. Just stay away from Wisdom. I’m telling you as a friend who knows what Jennifer and her mother can do to get what they want” she placed her hand on her shoulder.
Esther’s eyes were we-t with tears too but wasn’t crying. She spaced out throu-gh the window since her locker was beside the window. Her heart was p@rtially broken when she decided to let Wisdom know her feelings by herself instead of s£nding people like Tochi whom she believed that betrayed her. Just then Melody and che-ster walked up to her.
“Esther is okay” che-ster gradually t©uçhed her shoulder. “Tochi is innocent. She’s not having any relationsh!pwith Wisdom” he added but Esther didn’t look at him.
Seeing that, Melody gradually went out to Jennifer and her friends. She met them laughing seriously at the entrance of the clas-sroom.
“Just look at how you are disgracing yourself!” she told Jennifer.
“Wait, na who get this one way you talk now?!” Jennifer asked in pigin English.
“You heard me, how could you do such a thing to that innocent girl?”
“Come, you don smoke weed, abi?”
“Don’t mind her?” Calista added disdainfully. “Come, i saw you holding che-ster’s arms. I hope you are not eying him or you will also receive sl@p” she added.
“Both of you disgust me! I cease to be your friend from today” Melody walked out shaking her attrac-tive bu-tt involuntarily.
“And who cares?!” Jennifer shouted. “Gerara heeaar!” she added and they laughed.
Break period ended, yet Wisdom wasn’t back from the important and difficult erran. Just ten minutes before school over, he arrived and found everywhere quiet and organized. Tochi saw him walking into principal’s office throu-gh the window and she re-moved her eyes instantly. But that wasn’t constant. She kept glancing at the office to know when he will come out looking admirable. Suddenly, the bell rang for school over.
Just as Wisdom was walking to che-ster’s clas-sroom, he saw Tochi and Linda going home with their bags.
“Tochi!” he called but she didn’t answer him. “Tochukwu!” yet, no response.
To his very eyes, Melody and Esther walked out and headed straight to the road of their homes without even saying ‘Hi’ as usual, then he wondered why.
“Guy, what is going on?” Wisdom asked che-ster who met him. “Why is everyb©dy behaving formal to me?”
“You mean Esther and Tochi?”
“Jennifer got into a fight with Tochi because of you, in Esther’s pres£nce and you know what that means”
“But why would Jennifer do such a thing?”
“Guy, i can’t believe you are the one asking this question! She said she saw you with Tochi at Mr Anuma’s office on Friday”
“And so what?! I think that girl is over reacting. What nons-en-se is that?! I’m going to teach her a lesson!”
“Guy, calm down”
Wisdom saw Jennifer and Calista at that moment, then he hurried to meet them..
Though fighting was prohibited in WISS especially when it comes from a prefect like Wisdom who suppose to show good example, but the rules vanished from his head as he walked with all anger to Jennifer. che-ster pursued him trying to st©p him. “Wisdom st©p, you are ma-king a mistake!” he said.
Being a man and also a wise person, Wisdom knew that it will be against him and uncall for if him, a boy fight or quarrel with girl unnecessarily so he made it look like an offence. Before Jennifer could notice what was happening, Wisdom sp@ñk her back ha-rd ly and cut out a flower as a cane.
“Wisdom what is it?!” Jennifer asked.
“Get on your kneels!” Wisdom instruction preparin the cane very well. Seein that, che-ster stood aside.
“Excuse me?!”
“I said get on your kneels!”
“For what?!”
“For bullying an innocent girl, Tochi. And u know that’s against the school rules, so get on your kneels now!” Wisdom had never been so serious and annoyed. MM. che-ster wanted to st©p him but he looked at him and said. “Stay out of this!”
“So because of Tochi that’s why you are acting this way” Jennifer hissed and walked out but Wisdom flogged her with the cane still insisting that she kneel down. Jennifer gr@bb£d him on the cloth re-ady to fight which attra-cted several students, even Tochi saw them from a distance and wanted to go and separate them.
“Where are you going to?” Linda asked her.
“plea-se, i want to go and make peace”
“No, you are going nowhere!” Linda held her hand. “Let’s go home” she added.
“Linda, plea-se nah!”
“I won’t allow you go there!”
“Okay, but let me see what will happen” Linda re-leased her.
Meanwhile, Jennifer suddenly re-leased Wisdom when Mr Anuma appeared.
“Caleb, what’s going on?” he asked.
“She bullied an innocent girl and refused to adhere to my instructions”
“She did?”
“Yes, sir”
“Jennifer, you have to obey the s£nior prefect now!” Mr Anuma ordered.
“Get on your kneels!” Wisdom instructed again before she sluggishly knelt down, then Mr Anuma walked away.
Seeing that, Linda dragged Tochi home.
Jennifer remained like that un-der the sun planning how she will take her revenge. While Wisdom went to close the clas-srooms with che-ster.
“Guy, you nee-d to forgive her”
“But why would she l@yher hands on an innocent girl for no reason?”
“Remember you did the same thing to Tochi before she bec@m£ your friend”
“But with a good reason, she refused to show respect!”
che-ster bec@m£ quiet. Few minutes later, they went back to Jennifer. Meanwhile most students had gone except others and Calista who sat aside waiting for Jennifer to be re-leased.
“You may stand up” Wisdom told her with a low voice. “I’m sorry but you are over reacting. Tochi has done nothing to you” he added.
Jennifer stood up and dusted her kneels looking at him.
“You did this because of Tochi abi” she said. “Well, you’ve not started because i won’t watch that girl take you away from me”
“Jennifer st©p this madness! You’re acting crazy!”
“You are yet to see madness, just get re-ady!” she hissed and walked away followed by Calista.
Tochi sat before her table full of books. She couldn’t concentrat because she expected Wisdom to come. Even her mother noticed it.
“Tochi, is you teacher not coming today?” the mother asked.
“I don’t know mama” she replied.
Suddenly Wisdom appeared. He greeted Mrs Desmond who responded to him very well and he walked down to Tochi.
“Good evening” she greeted without smiling.
“Evening” Wisdom gr@bb£d a current affairs and they began without any casualty.
5:50pm, Wisdom was set to go, he walked out expecting Tochi to esc-rt him as usual but she didn’t.
“Tochi won’t you go and esc-rt him?” the mother asked.
“Mama, i don’t want to”
“Biko nwam, is not good after helping you like this you allow him go like that. Just go and esc-rt him”
Wisdom had alre-ady loosed hope that she won’t be esc-rting him but to his surprise Tochi walked beside him without saying a word.
“I thought you won’t esc-rt me today” he broke the silence.
“I saw you punishing Jennifer” Tochi changed the t©pic.
“You shouldn’t have done that”
“Though i apologized to her and re-leased her. But she shouldn’t have la-id her hands on you”
“She thinks we are d@t!ng” she smiled.
“I’m sorry dear”
“No problem. But do me a favour” she st©pped and stared into his eyes.
“What favour?” Wisdom asked.
“I want you tell Esther tomorrow that we aren’t d@t!ngand that you love her”
“But why?!”
“For me to free my conscience. She thinks that I’m taking you away from her just like Jennifer!”
Wisdom remained speechless.
“plea-se, will you do that for me?” Tochi asked.
“I guess i should be going now” Wisdom walked out without looking back. Though, it pained Tochi, she felt her eyes we-t with tears but she couldn’t do anything. She was only trying to make peace and free herself from trouble. She watched Wisdom walked until he vanished, then the tears finally dropped…