Melody who suppose to go home immediately school closes stood back waiting for a response from Wisdom about the gift she kept in his locker. She was actually looking for him but didn’t see him.


On the other hand Jennifer and Calista were ready to go but Jennifer wanted to see Wisdom before going. They were just coming out from their classroom when they met Melody at the door.


“Have you seen Wisdom?” she asked.


“No, we are looking for him too” Calista responded.


“You have never looked for Wisdom before, i hope all is well or are you eying him now?” Jennifer asked Melody.


“Please, do not insult me this afternoon. Anyways, are you people going home?”


“Yes” Calista replied.


“Then Let’s go” they walked semutanuoisly with their bags on their backs. They looked matured and neat swinging their buttocks to and fro thereby making boys to wonder what could be inbetween their legs through the visible shape of their panties.

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Meanwhile, Chester and Esther stood at their usual position waiting for Wisdom to come back from Mr Anuma’s office. They stood like couples with the same body complexion-but Esther was a bit yellowish. Chester glanced at her occasionally and wished to turn to Wisdom and capture the heart of the beautiful damsel standing before him.


“Chester” Esther interrupted his thought. “You have not told me how you went with our plan”


“Yes, that’s true”


“So tell me, what did he say?”

Chester stared at her looking speechless.


“Say something nah!” Esther persuaded.


“Wisdom said he likes you” Chester began. “But he’s hiding something from me”


“What’s he hiding?”


“His feelings”

Esther became speechless and stared at him without smiling.


Chester continued, “He said that he’s following his heartbeat”


“Then who is his heartbeat?”


“I don’t know” Immediately, Esther mind went to Tochi…



Tochi saw how confused Wisdom was looking and suddenly became quiet, then she gently held his hand which made Wisdom stood still and stared into her eyes.


Just at that moment, Jennifer, Calista and Melody who were passing saw them in such position. They made their presence unknown and watched them.


“Are you okay?” Tochi began. “Or don’t you want to go home with me today?”


“No, just that…” he paused.


“Oh, now i remember, Esther is waiting for you because both of you agreed to go home together” she disengaged her hand from his. “Is okay, i will go alone. Maybe i will show you our house next time” she began to walk away…


Seeing that, Jennifer couldn’t stand it. She wanted to go for a fight or diabolical display but Calista prevented her.


“Come on, lets go home. Don’t go there, i know what you can do”


“Oh God! I must teach this girl called Tochi a big lesson!” Jennifer swore. Calista dragged her and they began to go home. Melody remained quiet and was also jealous but didn’t show it.



“No, come back!” Wisdom ran and grabbed Tochi’s hand. “We all will go together” he said.


“You mean with Esther?”




Tochi smiled and thought for a while. “Okay, let’s go” she said.


“But i have to close all the classes first”


“No problem”


Wisdom smiled, he released her hand, then they began to walk out semutanuoisly.



Esther and Chester were still waiting for Wisdom without saying anything again. She couldn’t stop thinking about Tochi as the girl Wisdom’s heart is beating for. Her gesture came to reality when she saw both of them walking semutanuoisly like husband and wife towards them. Then she glanced at Chester in a way that explains: Are you thinking what I’m thinking..?


Everything was clearly seen and understood by Esther and Chester as they watched Wisdom and Tochi walking to them in such a suspicious manner. They were walking fast but to the eyes of Esther it seemed they were in slow motion.


“Isn’t Tochi his heartbeat?” Esther asked Chester.


“Do you think so?” he threw back the question.


“Isn’t it obvious? I can remember the type of eyes Wisdom looked at her this morning”


“We shouldn’t just conclude like that. Though i will find out from him”


Just at the very eyes of Esther, Tochi and Wisdom arrived.


“Good day seniors” Tochi greeted but Esther didn’t respond. Only Chester responded.


“I’m sorry for keeping you waiting bro” Wisdom shook hands with him. He noticed that Esther wasn’t happy but he pretended not to see her.


“Can i talk to you, bro?” Chester requested and they adjusted to a distance leaving only Esther and Tochi who looked at each other.


“Esther, you are not happy” Tochi broke the silence. “What is the problem?” she added.


“Nothing is the problem. Why have you not gone?” she folded her hands.


“Wisdom said i should wait for him”


“Really? And when did you start calling him by his name?”


“I’m sorry, i mean senior Wisdom”


“Why did he tell you to wait for him?”


Tochi knew that she couldn’t disclose the main reason, otherwise it will cause a big problem. Then she replied and said, “He only decided to go with me”






“Are you sure there is nothing going on between you and him?”


“No oh”, Tochi exclaimed, then Esther moved closer to her and placed her hand on her shoulder.


“Tochi my friend” she began. “You know that it will break my heart to see Wisdom with you. Please, never allow him to do that. Even though he propose, reject it, okay?”




“Now i need that your former suggestion”


“What suggestion?”


“I want you to make Wisdom realise that i love him. Can you do that for me?”


Tochi nodded her head. “Yes, i can” she replied..


On the other hand, Chester brought down his voice and said, “Guy, to be frank with you, Esther loves you very much. Just give her a chance”


“What are you talking about, bro?”


“I’m just telling you the truth”


Wisdom, being wise and intelligent understood that Esther must have been the one who sent him to convince him.


“By the way” Chester broke the silence. “I want to ask you again. You and Tochi are becoming suspicious. What is going on?”


“Nothing is going on bro. We are doing nothing, i haven’t even told her anything about my feelings”


“There i got you!” Chester exclaimed. “Now, do you have feelings for her or not? I mean do you love her?”


Wisdom remained quiet for sometimes staring at him.


“Guy, is a crime?” he asked and continued, “I’m beginning to have strong feelings for her. Is it my fault that i don’t feel anything for Esther or any other girl?”


Chester became dumb hearing Wisdom confessing his feelings to him. Then he exhaled deeply.


“This is really unpredicted love” he said.


“Yes bro, and i can’t hide my feelings forever. I have to let her know how i feel”


“But it gonna be disastrous. Remember what Jennifer did and said today. You and i know that Tochi will be in a very big trouble for this journey you are about to embark”

Wisdom remained quiet.


“Well, i wish you good luck” Chester concluded and shook hands with him again. He waved at Esther and Tochi with smiles on his face and went home.


Wisdom returned to the two girls and both followed him until he locked all the classrooms. Then they began to go home…



Jennifer angrily kept her bag and folded her arms. The mother came out, she tied a wrapper and bathroom slippers were on her feet. On her head was a grey hair and a black hair. And in her hands were a bunch of leaf with a knife.


“Jennifer, what is it? Who offended you?” she asked but Jennifer didn’t respond.


“Is it your teacher?”


“No” she groaned.


“Then who put you in this mood?”


“Nobody, my friend only betrayed me”


“How? And who’s your friend?” she waited for an answer but didn’t get one. “When you are ready to talk, you let me know” she concluded and went to the backyard.



Just at the place the rain met Tochi and Wisdom the previous day, Esther held Wisdom’s hand and flung it to and fro. Tochi remained quiet pretending not to be jealous.


“When are you going to visit me?” Esther asked Wisdom.


“You really want me to visit u?”


“Yes, at least you know the house of your future in-law” she smiled looking at him.


“Yes, that’s good” Wisdom glanced through Esther to see Tochi and their eyes caught. Tochi wasn’t smiling, rather she stared at the tree they stayed under the previous day and she smiled.


“Why are you smiling looking at the tree?” Esther asked her.


“Nothing, it only reminded me of someone” Hearing that, Wisdom listed carefully.


“Who’s that person?” Esther wanted to know.


“A guy in my former school”


“Hmm.. Okay oh. Take it easy, it seems you are falling inlove with that person, aren’t you?”


The question made Tochi and Wisdom looked at each other..

The gentle wind made the eye contact between Wisdom and Tochi more romantic when Esther added a question tag to her sentence but she was so blind to see it.


“Are you inlove with the guy that the tree reminded you of?” Esther asked Tochi again.


Wisdom was expecting her to say yes because he knew Tochi was indirectly referring to him and that would have given him a clue on how to tell her his feelings, so he listened very attentively.


“No, i don’t love him” Tochi replied and Wisdom was disappointed.


“But you smiled when you remembered the person” Esther told her and continued, “When you remember someone and smile it shows that you are inlove with the person”




“Yes, so follow your heart my dear” she concluded and held Wisdom very closely.


Few minutes later, they got to where Esther had to depart and leave both of them to continue.


“Okay, have a nice weekend” Wisdom told her.


“Just like that?” she question and Tochi looked at her.


“What next?” Wisdom threw back the question.


“You should at least give me a hug” they smiled.


Wisdom gently hugged her, and through his shoulder Esther looked at Tochi in a way that explains: Remember what i told you. Then they disengaged themselves and she departed.


The road was too lonely for Wisdom and Tochi as they walked semutanuoisly without exchanging words to each other. They could see birds flying across their heads and hearing the sound of distance vehicles. Tochi saw herself being more gentle and humble. One could tell from her appearance. She had an attractive steps and body totally. She couldn’t just stop thinking of the dream she had with the same person beside him.


“Who is the guy?” Wisdom broke the silence without looking at her.


“Which guy?” she looked at him.


“The one the tree reminded you of”

Tochi smiled and kept quiet.


“I mean the one from your former school” Wisdom clarified and then looked at her.


“He was my senior just like you” Tochi replied.


“What’s his name?”








Wisdom kept quiet and thought for a while. He understood that she was indirectly referring to his own Wisdom, then he smiled.


“Then why don’t you love him?” he asked.


“Nothing” Tochi replied without looking at him. “Though, i also dreamt about him yesterday night” she added.


“Really? Can you tell me about it?”


“OK, I……..





“What’s his name?”








Wisdom kept quiet and thought for a while. He understood that she was indirectly referring to his own Wisdom, then he smiled.


“Then why don’t you love him?” he asked.


“Nothing” Tochi replied without looking at him. “Though, i also dreamt about him yesterday night” she added.


“Really? Can you tell me about it?”


“I saw exactly what happened under the tree with him”


“And what happened under the tree?” Wisdom stopped and looked at her in anticipation..


“The Wisdom in my former school ehn” Tochi began. “He took me under the tree when rain was falling, he was so nice to me that i even slept in his arms”


“That was a romantic dream” they began to walk again smiling. “But that should be a reason why you should love him” he added and listen to hear a response from her but Tochi never said a word. They walked quietly like that till just a few metres away from Tochi’s house.


“That’s our house over they” she pointed.


“Oh, i have seen it. I will come tomorrow by 4:00pm”


“Okay” they stared at each other and smiled before Wisdom gently left, then Tochi began to miss him already. She couldn’t stop looking backword to see him for last time.


“Wisdom!” she exclaimed from a distance, then Wisdom stopped and turned. “Please, don’t disappoint me. Make sure you come tomorrow oh!” she added.


Wisdom didn’t say a word but smiled at her and nodded his head positively.



Jennifer’s house was far from Wisdom’s but close to Calista’s, Esther’s house was close to Chester’s but far from Wisdom’s, Melody’s house was closed to Wisdom’s but far from Chester’s. While Tochi’s house was close to both Wisdom and Melody’s house but far from others.


Melody was in the kitchen preparing lunch. She wore a blue short skirt and a brown top without bra. Her n—–s could be seen through the top as if she was sexually arose. She had a mother who was not always at home and their house was a bungalow. She was taught to be responsible and have the fear of God in her, that was actually the reason why she found Jennifer’s and Calista’s behavior towards boys very repulsive. She imagined if Wisdom saw the gift and the note she kept in his locker or not. “Should i go and meet him later in the evening?” she began to think. “No, that will be awkward. Why am i even thinking about him? But could it be that Wisdom has his eyes on Tochi of all the girls in Winners International Secondary School (WISS)? Hmm, i can’t believe it and i wonder what Jennifer’s reaction will be if what I’m thinking is true” few minutes later, she neglected the thought and began to sing a Christian song.



Just on the way to her house, Tochi branched at their neighbour’s to borrowed a dictionary from an old educated man. He sat in front of his house with just a wrapper tied around his waist. One could see white hair on his chest.


“Good afternoon, papa” Tochi greeted.


“Eah! Tochi! the Tochi!”


“Yes, papa”


“You look serious with this ur new school”


“Yes, papa” she smiled..


Tochi didn’t know how to express her request to the fogey old man, so she began to scratch her head and smiling at the same time. Being a wise old man, the man understood her strange attitude.


“I know you want something from me that’s why you are acting foible” the man began. “Listen my daughter, you have to be folksy to me all the time. Now tell me, what’s your demand?”


“Papa is because of this your big big grammar that made me to come here oh. You are no different from our teacher Mr Anuma”


The old man laughed. “So you want me to teach you grammar or what?” he asked.


“No, i want to borrow your dictionary so that i will be checking all this grammar you and my teacher speak”


“That’s so good of you” the man dusted his legs and went inside. He came out with an oxford dictionary and handed it to Tochi. “You can keep it” he said.


“Ehn?! Papa, you mean i should take it without returning it?”


“Yes, is now yours”


“Hey! Papa thank you oh. God will bless you! But wait oh” she paused. “Which one will you use?” she asked.


“I have another one”


“Hey! Thank you so much. I must learn grammar by force. Grammar, here i come!” she rejoiced home while the old man smiled at her funny character.



*THE NEXT DAY 4:30pm*


Due to the presence of Melody’s mother she wasn’t able to see Wisdom as she planned the previous day. So here was another opportunity for her to go and see him. She dressed up wearing a jean trouser and a white T-shirt with a flat footwears. She opened the front door and couldn’t believe who she saw.


“Wisdom?” she called and stared into his eyes. She could see some textbooks in his hands and a pen.


“I was just going to your house” she added.






“Well, i have come before you” they smiled.


“Come inside” Melody opened the door widely.


“No, i’m rushing to somewhere. I’m already late”


“Oh, i see” she looked at the books again. “Are you having a private lesson with someone?”


“Yes” Wisdom knew she would ask who the person was so he jumped over to the main reason why he came. “I saw your note and gift, so I’ve came to say thank you”


“You are welcome” Melody smiled.


“I hope you paid the school fees”


“Yes, i did”


“Okay, bye”


“Alright, see you on Monday”


Wisdom left while Melody entered inside and admired him through the window.



It was 4:45pm and Wisdom was not yet at Tochi’s residents as they planned which got Tochi worried. However, she had told her mother about Wisdom whom Mr Anuma have instructed to help her study and she agreed. One could see a table she set outside at the backyard with books and dictionary on top of it but. She was actually with her mother in the kitchen separating vegetables and looking restless. She looked back occasionally at any little voice she heard to know if it was Wisdom. The mother noticed her mood to be unlike her and also glanced at the table full of books.


“Tochukwu nwam”




“You behave strange or is it because of the Wisdom you told me about?”


“No, Mama” she looked back again into the passage hoping to see Wisdom coming through it. “How can it be because of him?” she added.


“But you never behaved like this when you expect a visitor”


“Habah Mama!” they smiled. “How am i behaving?”


“As if you are expecting a suitor”


“Hey! Mama you have started oh!” they laughed. Suddenly, a voice came from behind and Tochi turned sharply. She saw Wisdom looking more handsome without his uniform. He wore a jean trouser and red polo with a fitted red and black palms on his feet. Her heart began to beat again and the vegetable fell from her hand.


“Good evening, ma’am” Wisdom greeted Mrs Desmond.


“Evening my son. Are you the Wisdom my daughter has been anticipating restlessly?”


“Yes, ma’am” Wisdom stepped down from the stairs smiling and Tochi looked at her mother in a way that shows: Mama stop!


“Now i know why she has been restless because you are more than handsome”


“Mama!!” Tochi exclaimed very loud and touched her.


“Onginidi?! Biko hapum aka!” the mother spoke in igbo language which means. “What is it?! Please, leave me alone!”


“Thank you ma’am” Wisdom said.


“Please, call me Mama and leave that Ma’am for now”


“Okay, I’m sorry mama”


“Now you come!”


Tochi became shy and hardly look at Wisdom which he also noticed. He looked at the table and said, “Tochi, i can see you are ready to study”


“Yes” she replied without looking at him, even her mother noticed the meaning of her behavior but trusted her daughter.


“Then lets go and start immediately”


“Okay” she replied walking briskly to the table and began to dust the seat making her buttocks look attractive involuntarily but Wisdom wasn’t carried away by it.


“Just seat down” Tochi told him.


“What about your seat?”


“I will go and bring it” she rushed out feeling so shy to look at him. She suddenly came back.


“Mama, sir Edward is here to see you” she told her mother.


“Okay, i have been expecting him” she went out and Tochi brought the seat and sat beside Wisdom..


Wisdom gently placed the textbooks on the table without looking at Tochi. He glanced at the dictionary and said, “I never knew you have a dictionary”


“My neighbour gave it to me” she replied, she took a bit glance at him and admired his fair handsome face. “Why did you bring all these textbooks?” she asked.


“They are for you”


“For me?”


“Yes or don’t you like them?”


“I dey craze? I like them, thanks” Wisdom smiled at her words and brought out a current affairs booklet.


“What are we doing with current affairs?” Tochi asked.


“In quiz, questions come from different dimension but we are going to start with English-spellings and meanings”


“Oh Lala!” she exclaimed.


“Who taught you that?”


“Mr Anuma, he said it means Oh my God”


“I know, is a French language. Now, pick up your pen and book” Wisdom commanded with all seriousness and Tochi felt like a wife being instructed by her husband. Wisdom call many hard English words and told her the meanings. Sometimes, she tried to use the dictionary if she forgets any but Wisdom will prevent her making sure she remembers it. Sometimes they will drag the dictionary and laugh to the extent Wisdom hid the dictionary and if she fails any word he will hit her with the book romantically. Mrs Desmond, who came out few minutes later watched them from the door and shook her head negatively with smiles on her face.


“Spell EXPOSTULATE” Wisdom demanded, and Tochi look at him. She wanted to be carried away by his handsome face but she shook her head vigorously.


“EX-PO-STU-LA-TE” she stressed and began to spell. “E X P O S T U L A T” she concluded and looked at Wisdom.


“You missed a letter”


“That must be later ‘E”


“Yes, you are correct, and it means to argue or to disagree about something” as he explained Tochi wrote it down..



Jennifer’s house wasn’t modernized. The roof was made with zinc while the walls were made with mud. But nobody could believe or notice it from how beautiful it looked. She sat outside with a stool and before her was another stool with a book on it. She tied a wrapper across her waist on a white singlet. One could see her fresh b—-t through the corner of her armpit. Suddenly, Calista appeared wearing a tight black skirt and also a white top.


“You have come to do approko, abi?” Jennifer joked.


“Na you be chief of approkos” she glanced into house and took a seat. “Is your mother around?” she lowered her voice.


“No, u seem scared, why?”


“I’m afraid of your mother oh”


“Why is everybody afraid of my mother?”


“Are you telling me that you don’t know why? Isn’t it because she’s..” she looked around and lowered her voice the more. “..because she’s very powerful doin all these diabolical and traditional things. With just a leaf she will give you, you will go gaga”


“Abeg stop it!” Jennifer defended. “My mother is only against her enemies”


“Hmm, that’s by the way, i know you will not harm that girl, Tochi on Monday”


“Hey!” Jennifer stood up and adjusted her wrapper. “The girl don die for my hand! I must kill her! As for Wisdom, he must surely regret. I will make sure of that”


“But don’t conclude oh”


“What do you mean?”


“You don’t know if they are dating”


“I don’t care! I saw enough evidence yesterday! Because of that little rat Wisdom rejected me” she hissed.


“Hmm, take it easy oh” Calista concluded.





The day was getting dark when Wisdom was already through with the lesson and Tochi escorted him. They could see the light of vehicles and hear a music, #CONNECT by #PHYNO a popular igbo rapper playing at a nearby shop. A boy with a sagged trouser and handkerchief in his hand shook his waist and danced dramatically at the beat. They got to a lonely place where Tochi had to go back and Wisdom held her hand and looked into her eyes.


“I hope to see you becoming smarter than what i experienced today” he said.


“Trust me nah” she smiled and Wisdom saw it by the help of a light from a moving vehicle.


“Alright, i have to go” he said.


“Thank you very much” Tochi wanted to disengage her hand from his but Wisdom held it back, then she looked at him feeling her heart beating again.


“A friend asked me if i have kissed before” Wisdom broke the silence.


“Have you?”




“Neither have i”


They remained quiet again. Tochi held him very well and he pulled her closer.


“You need to start going” she told him and went back to her position.


“Yeah, that’s true”


“Good night”


“Good night”


They gradually disengaged their hands and gently walked away looking back occasionally.





Wisdom was the first person to arrive at school looking neat as the senior prefect. He walked around the whole premises with his hands in his pocket. He occasionally glanced at the road where Tochi suppose to come through if he would see her walking towards him with an attractive smile on her face. Few minutes later he saw a beautiful female student coming through the road but was not visibly seen due to morning dew, then he stared..


The more she walked the more beautiful she appeared. She wore the correct ironed uniform-white lone sleeve shirt and green skirt. And on her head was a green barrette which some part of her hair came out and dangled around her cheek. Her black shoe fitted perfectly with the white stockings. She hung her one-handed bag across one of her shoulder with a white handkerchief in her hand. Immediately she saw Wisdom she began to smile. Wisdom could see part of her yellowish thighs from the short skirt she wore looking very attractive and sexually arose.


“Wow!” he exclaimed still with his hands in his pockets.





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