The unpredicted love Episode 1 & 2

Mr Anuma was known to be a teacher that explore students with grammars and good discipline. He had an average height with a big stomach. On his head was no hair and his shoes had no comparison.
He stood in front of his office spacing out with his hands in his pocket. He wore a big brown trou-ser and a long sleeve shi-t which he tocked in. There were flowers in front of the office giving it a perfect beauty.
Students hung around at different angles of the school premises, though they appeared in Mr Anuma’s eyes but he wasn’t seeing any of them because he was lost in thought. But he suddenly realised himself to the voice of a familiar student who greeted him. He turned and looked at him.
“Wisdom!” he called and adjusted his eyeglas-s.
Wisdom wore a correct uniform of white and green. He never hesitated to tock-in properly and combe-d his hair. He had an attrac-tive complexion which drives girls crazy ma-king them to have fantasies about him before going to be-d each night.
“Morning, Sir” he greeted Mr Anuma again smiling seriously.
“You look absolutely exquisite in your uniform”
Wisdom scratched his head for the unexpected grammar.
“You know what, Wisdom?” Mr Anuma continued. “I don’t want you to ex-postulate on the obstreperous students disturbing this school this morning because that shows you’ve deviated from your responsibilities”
“Thank you, Sir”
“No, the response isn’t efficacious. You should be apologizing”
“Oh, I’m sorry sir”
“You may go, now”
Wisdom smiled out after apologizing for what he didn’t know about.
“Na me carry my problem come greet this man this morning oh. MM. I for just waka pas-s. Now he has finished me with grammar” he thought in pigin English as he walked towards the junior section.
He could see students doing their morning duties and other s£nior students like him hanging around with their friends-male and female. Many admired and greeted him, especially Jennifer who had been looking for a way to capture his heart. She was with her two friends, Calista and Melody un-der a palm tree discussing about their previous holidays. They were on a green Sk-irt and white long sleeve shi-ts. They plaited their hair which fell on one side of their cheek. Anyb©dy who sees them will think they are sister due to how they relate with one another.
Melody could see how lvstfully Jennifer was staring at Wisdom.
“O-girl take it easy oh!” she exclaimed.
“Don’t mind her, she behaves as if she hasn’t seen a boy before” Calista added before Jennifer turned to them.
“You won’t un-derstand how i feel whenever i see him” she said with a low voice and her friends stared at her.
“How i wish he feels the same way for me” she added.
“Come on, girl! You can’t str!p yourself so low to him” Melody said.
“I’m re-ady to ask him out”
“Jeez!” Calista exclaimed. “Don’t even try such a thing!”
“But i love him!”
“Love gbakwa uko!” Melody shouted angrily and dragged a palm leave down. She began to plug them off one after the other.
Jennifer still wanted to pour out her feelings but the sound of the bell put back the words into her mouth.
“Hey, go to the as-sembly ground!” Wisdom’s voice echoed from a distance…
Mrs Desmond, Tochi’s mother was at the backyard of her local house draining water from a drum when Tochi c@m£ out. She wore oversize Sk-irt and a black t©p without a br@. Her b—-t dangled when she jumped down the stairs. Her hair was unkept and on her feet were bathroom sli-ppers. She looks beautiful but her dirt overshadowed her beauty.
“Good morning, mama” she began to scratch her bu-tt.
The mother brou-ght out her head from the drum and turned.
“I thought you have gone to school. I have alre-ady talked to the principal and he said you can start school”
“You mean Winners International school?”
“Okay, mama!” she rejoiced and rushed into the bathroom.
Student gathered on the as-sembly ground. They sang and prayed waiting for the principal to come and addressed them. But before then, the s£nior prefect, Wisdom climbe-d up looking charming. Jennifer’s heart melted into her stomach.
“Hey!” Mr Anuma shouted at a student from a distance and all their concentration went there expecting to hear the next grammar that will come out from his mouth.
“Your voluminous Sk-irt should be weeny. Then after your punishment, you explain to me unequivocally why it is so!” he completed and all the students on the as-sembly ground laughed. Even Wisdom couldn’t help it.
“Silence plea-se” he said and all attention was given to him.
He continued, “As we wait for the principal to come up, i will like to use this opportunity to welcome you back to a new term…”
“Welcome too!!” Jennifer interrupted from the crowd.
“Thank, you” Wisdom smiled at her and she gave him an attrac-tive wi-nk. Of course she was good looking and beautiful to be admired..
Mr Nelson, the principal c@m£ in and Wisdom gently stepped down for him still admiring Jennifer’s beauty but he pretended as if nothing was going on. Even Mr Anuma arrived and stood beside the principal who wore black ironed trou-ser and shi-t.
On his eyes were a pair of eyeglas-ses and a paper in his hands.
“Good morning, students!” he began, “This is another term, a term that you all should work ha-rd for your examinations especially the SS3 students…”
All the students were quiet with their eyes and ears opened but Jennifer never st©p eying Widom. Melody and Calista noticed it but kept quiet. Suddenly, Esther, a s£nior prefect too walked to the quiet as-sembly ground and stood beside Wisdom. They looked at each other and smiled as a way of saying ‘Good morning’
Seeing such an eye contact and smiles on their faces, Jennifer bec@m£ jealous and frowned her face.
“..Put away any negative thought and concentrate on your studies. un-derstood?!” the principal concluded.
“Yes sir!” the students chorused.
After that, Mr Anuma climbe-d up and the students stared at him in silence. They were expecting nothing but a grammar from his mouth.
“Good morning students!”
“Good morning sir!” some started laughing alre-ady even when he had not even spoken a word.
“Some of you are alre-ady perspicacious of my perversion” Mr Anuma began and all the students began to laughing. “In other words, you un-derstand my behavior which you believe to be abnormal simply because you are unable to comprehend my grammatical structure” Mr Anuma paused, his attention and that of the students went to a girl that walked into the as-sembly ground without a uniform-Tochi. She wore a big Sk-irt nd a red t©p. One hand of her br@ was seen and on her feet were sandals.
“Hey, come back here!” Wisdom took an action walking briskly to her.
Tochi st©pped and turned.
All the students even Mr Anuma watched to see what will happen.
“Who are you and why did you dress like this to school?” Wisdom asked.
“My name is Tochukwu” she turned angrily and began to walk again.
“Hey I’m talking to you, you aren’t throu-gh with my questions!” he dragged her back on her fairy and elastic cloth in a way her br@ was openly seen by everyb©dy.
“Hey! Hey!!” the students began to shout.
Meanwhile, Tochi had given Wisdom a h0t sl@p and gr@bb£d his uniform. Students gathered around.
che-ster, Wisdom’s friend quic-kly stood behind him trying to dis£ngage Tochi’s hands from his uniform but he couldn’t.
“Hey! All of you should get into your clas-ses now!” Mr Anuma shouted walking towards the scene with a fat cane and all the students ran into their clas-ses leaving only Wisdom and Tochi.
“Get your hands off me!” Wisdom shouted at her.
“You are the one that look for my trouble this morning oh. Me, i will not leave oh!” she replied shaking her b©dy in a way her brea-sts flung up and down.
“Hey, leave him alone” Mr Anuma said holding Tochi’s hand. “Don’t prove stubborn, just leave him alone!”
“But sir, he n-ked me. I will not leave him oh!”
Mr Anuma didn’t know how to deal with such issue and stubborn girl. So he turned just to see the principal coming probably because of the noise he heard.
“What’s going On, Mr Anuma?” he asked.
“Just a little misun-derstanding, sir”
The principal looked at Tochi and recognized her. He asked again but Tochi narrated that Wisdom n-ked her.
“Just leave his shi-t, first” the principal suggested before Tochi dis£ngaged her hands from his shi-t.
“Both of you follow me to my office” he added.
Wisdom adjusted his rumpled uniform angrily and they followed the principal.
Meanwhile, students were alre-ady peeping throu-gh the windows, especially Jennifer and her friends.
“Na this kind girls fit that Wisdom of a boy eh” Melody started.
“Hey, hollam there!” Jennifer harangued. “Don’t speak of him like that in my pres£nce again”
“If i do, what will happen?!” They gazed at each other angrily.
“Hey, girls, make una takam easy oh” Calista stepped forward. “The very question now is; who is that girl that Wisdom str!ped n-ked?” she asked but none of them answered…
In the principal’s office, Wisdom stood beside Tochi. Both looked angry facing the principal’s table.
“Wisdom, what happened?” the principal asked.
“She disobeyed me, sir”
“And does that warrant you to n-ked her in public?!”
“It wasn’t intentional, sir”
Mr Nelson bec@m£ quiet for a while and ru-bbe-d his pen on his jaw looking for the rightful judgment.
“Now, i apologize to her” he said.
At first, Wisdom hesitated.
“I said apologize to her!” the principal shouted.
Wisdom gradually faced Tochi and said, “I’m sorry, it will not happen again” but Tochi didn’t even look at him.
“Is okay” the principal began. “She’s only a new student that’s why she isn’t on our uniform” he looked at Tochi and continued, “And you Tochi, this boy here is the s£nior prefect of this whole school and you must respect him. un-derstood?!”
“Yes, sir”
“You may now go” They walked out……..