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The unpredicted love 2 Episode 9 & 10

Vivian, knowing that Tochi and Wisdom
were [email protected]!ngshe began to look for a way
to get her linked up with Kingsley so that
she will totally be Wisdom’s. She sat on
her seat staring at the wall. “I will make
him love me” she began to think. “I
must make him believe that Tochi is
cheating on him, then when i finally gain
his trust, after my waec i will meet him
in London..”
“Vivian! Vivian!!” Tochi interrupted by
shaking her. “What are you thinking?!”
she asked.
“Don’t mind me dear, seat with me” she
replied then Tochi sat down. “How
much do you know Kingsley?” she
“I have known him right from my SS2.
Why asking” Tochi looked at her.
“Nothing much, just that the guy is
“That’s true”
“Don’t you like him?”
“I like him” Tochi smiled and looked at
her again. “You are sounding strange.
Xup with you?”
“He really loves you”
“Kingsley, i mean that guy is crazy
inlove with you” Vivian replied but Tochi
kept quiet with a frowned face. “I think
you should give him a chance” Vivian
“No, i have a b©yfri£ndalre-ady”
“Who? Wisdom?” Vivian wanted to be
“Who told you?”
“Do i need someone to tell me? Of
course i saw how you were crying this
morning because of him”
Tochi smiled. “Well, that’s true, i love
him so much” she said smiling.
“You don’t know what he will be doing
there with girls or maybe forget about
you totally when he sees pretty girls
there. So you better give Kingsley a
chance too” Vivian persuaded.
Hearing that, Tochi’s heart began 2 beat
fas-ter. She stared at her in thought
blinking her eyes occasionally.
“No, Wisdom can’t do such a thing. I
trust him” she said.
“Really?” Vivian asked but she didn’t
reply rather she walked out.
che-ster went home and found his
parents gone so he thought that would
be a good time to invite Esther over,
then he jumped on the be-d with his
phone on his ear.
“Hello sweetheart!” he shouted smiling.
“Hmm, when did you start calling me
sweetheart?” Esther asked from the
“From today”
“Thank you”
“Can you plea-se come over to my
“But i don’t know your house”
“That’s the reason why you should
Esther thought for a while and said,
“s£nd me the address”
“Okay, sweetheart” the line went dead.
che-ster did as she requested and few
minutes later Esther began to knock at
the gate. The gateman, Shehu let her in
after che-ster instructed him to do so.
“Wow!” Esther exclaimed admiring the
furnitures in the sittingroom. “You mean
you are the only one in this big house?”
“Yes, is no big deal” che-ster replied and
told her to sit down.
“What can i offer you?”
“Nothing oh, you have offered me
enough by allowing this AC to cool my
b©dy temperature” Esther replied and
they laughed. Just then, they heard the
horn of a car at the gate-Mrs Silva and
Maria were coming..
Esther wore a ti-ght red go-wn with a red
w€tli-ps. She was startled and glanced at
the door when she heard the sound of
the car at the gate, then her heart began
to beat fas-ter to the extent she stood up
from her seat. Of course che-ster noticed
her fear so he told her to stay calmed.
Meanwhile, Mrs Silva and Maria walked
majestically from the car into the house.
They were looking [email protected] and beautiful.
Maria wore a blue fairy go-wn with a blue
hair on her head, even her bag had the
same colour. They entered into the
sittingroom then Esther stood up
“Good day ma’am” she greeted with her
hands folded downward.
“Good day” Mrs Silva responded and
looked at her up and down. Maria also
disdained her before sitting down.
“Welcome, Mum” che-ster also greeted
standing close to Esther.
“Thank you. Who is she?” the mother
asked with a leg on the stairs waiting to
climb up.
“Mum, her name is Esther. She’s my
friend and also my [email protected]
“Okay” she replied and took two
stepped up the stairs but turned again.
“Who are your parents?” she asked
“They are Mr And Mrs Godwin, ma’am”
she replied feeling her heartbeat.
Mrs Silva waited for a moment before
she said, “I hope you know that your
[email protected] will be traveling abroad in
few days..?”
“Mum..” che-ster interrupted.
“Shut up!” the mother rebuked him and
turned to Esther again.
“Yes, Ma’am, i am aware” Esther replied
and bent her head downward.
“Okay, that’s good” Mrs Silva said.
“che-ster, you need a time with Maria”
she added and went upstairs then Maria
stood up gently. She wanted to t©uçh
che-ster but he withdrew himself.
“Just seat down!” he commanded her.
Meanwhile, Esther had took off to the
“Esther! Esther!!” che-ster pursued her.
But before he got outside he saw her
running towards the gate. She opened it
and vanished instantly…
Kingsley quic-kly rushed Tochi when he
saw that she was re-ady to go home.
Meanwhile, Mr Anuma had called
Wisdom’s parents and informed them
that he had reached his destinations.
They were so glad to hear that.
“Can i talk to you, plea-se?” Kingsley
asked Tochi.
“About what?” she asked and adjusted
towards a palm tree.
“About us” Kingsley began. “You need
to un-derstand how i feel for you. I really
“Kingsley, it cannot work” Tochi
“But why? I love you so much”
“You should know why because you are
not new in this school. I have to go
plea-se” Tochi walked out.
Kingsley went back to his [email protected]
sluggishly. He sat down quietly gazing
at the floor. He sometimes looked out
throu-gh the window to see if there would
be anything that would drive away the
sadness in him. Suddenly, Vivian arrived
with her bag on her back.
“Hi” she said.
“Haven’t you gone?” Kingsley asked
looking at the window.
“No, still waiting for my driver”
They remained quiet then Vivian took a
“Did you talk to her?” she asked.
“Yes, but.. but..”
“I un-derstand, just try to s£nt her a
pres£nt” Vivian interrupted.
“Yes” she smiled.
“I will do anything just to hear her say
she loves me”
“Then push on, I’m at your side” vivian
stood up and walked out when she saw
her driver.
che-ster angrily walked back inside the
house. He found his mother coming
down the stairs while Maria sat on the
cushion with her legs crossed.
“Where is your [email protected]?” Mrs Silva
asked from the stairs.
“She has gone, mum”
“So soon? Well, you should st©p
mingling with lowlife girls and
concentrate on your education” she
gradually sat down. “I have prepared
your papers” she added.
“Paper? For what?”
“For your trip”
“Mum, plea-se, don’t do this to me”
“che-ster, st©p sounding like a local
child” Maria interfered.
“Shut up there!” che-ster shouted
pointing his f!ngersat her which started
both her and her mother.
“che-ster, have you gone nut?!” the
mother exclaimed.
“Mum, i don’t like what you are doing?”
he stood up to walked out.
“Don’t you dare walk out on me!” he
st©pped without looking back. “Whether
you like it or not you are leaving this
country in the next few days! Do you
un-derstand me?!”
che-ster entered into his room without
Esther ran into her room with tears in
her eyes. She cleaned it occasionally
but it was still pouring out. Suddenly,
she saw her phone ringing but refused
to pick it even when she knew it was
che-ster. But when he persisted, she
picked up.
“plea-se, forgive me” che-ster pleaded on
the phone.
“Is okay, you haven’t done anything
wrong. I should be the one apologizing
for interrupting you and your guest”
“She’s not my guest! She’s my mum’s!
plea-se, don’t take it that way”
“I need to be alone now” Esther
concluded and cut the call.
Vivian couldn’t wait for Wisdom to put
her call when she dialed his number.
She stood in front of a standing mirror in
her room admiring her attrac-tive n-ked
b©dy as she waited, but there was no
response. She dialed the number again
for the second time before Wisdom
picked… she smiled when Wisdom
finally picked the call.
“Hello, plea-se, who am i speaking
with?” Wisdom asked from the other
side of the phone.
“It’s Vivian” she replied smiling.
“Yes, have you forgotten me so soon?”
“But i don’t know you”
“Remember the girl you gave your
autogra-ph and phone number even had
a selfee with?”
“Oh, sorry, your name is Vivian?”
“Yes, Vivian lvster”
“I was made to un-derstand you school
in my former school”
“Do you know Tochukwu Desmond?”
Wisdom asked but she remained quiet
with a frowned face.
“Can we not talk about her? I mean, i
don’t know her. So tell me how’s
“I will soon meet you there”
“Yes, even though it will take my blood
to see the one my heart beats for, i will
gladly surrender it”
“Huumm..” excuse me?”
“Never mind, i will give you a call
tomorrow, bye” she cut the call with
smiles on her face and brou-ght the
phone closer to her che-st-inbetween her
b—-t. She quic-kly dressed up to the
sittingroom and found her father sitting
on a cushion. He wore a singlet and a
black trou-ser. On his eyes were
[email protected] and on the table before him
were papers which he occasionally
arranged at a sp©t.
“Daddy” Vivian called and sat beside
him with a hand on his shoulder.
“Why haven’t you sle-pt?” the father
asked without looking at her.
“Nothing, Daddy”
“So what’s your problem?”
“plea-se, will u s£nd me abroad to
school there, London precisely after my
The father kept quiet concentrating on
the papers.
“Daddy, plea-se!” Vivian persuaded.
“Yes, i will s£nd you to London” he
“Really? Thank you, Daddy!” she
[email protected] him. She stood up to go but
the father called her, he re-moved his
[email protected] and looked at her.
“I will s£nd you to London in one
condition” he said seriously.
“What condition, Daddy?”
“In a condition that your result comes
out terrific”
“Okay, Daddy, i will make sure i study
my books”
“That’s my girl” he concentrated on his
papers again while Vivian rejoiced into
her room.
As Kingsley was in his be-d with his face
up thinking about Tochi, so as Tochi
was in her be-d with her face up thinking
about Vivian’s very words: He will surely
forgets you when he sees prettier girls
than you over there, so you have to give
Kingsley a chance…
“Can it be true?” Tochi thought. “No,
Wisdom cannot do such a thing” she
concluded and adjusted her wra-pper
which covered her whole b©dy.
Vivian and Linda sat un-der an
ornamental crop suggested by Vivian
with books on their th!ghs for Linda not
to be an obstacle to Kingsley who
wanted to have a pri-vate time with
“Can you tell me more about Wisdom
and Tochi?” Vivian requested but Linda
disdained her.
“Asiri aguwalagi” she used igbo
language. “You want to gossip abi?”
she added.
“No oh!”
“Then mind your business”
“Hmm, you are too harsh oh”
“Too harsh indeed! Abeg lets study our
books and st©p pucknosing on other
people’s affair” Linda concluded.
On the other hand, Kingsley met Tochi in
the [email protected] resting her head. He
gently t©uçhed her hair before she raise
up her head.
“Hey, you look so dull. What’s the
problem?” Kingsley asked.
“I just needed a rest”
“A s£nior prefect doesn’t rest”
“But you are the s£nior prefect”
“I can’t be the s£nior prefect without my
@ssistance by my side” Kingsley
defended and they smiled. “I brou-ght
you this?” he handed a package to her
which she collected and opened.
“You bought a wrist watch for me?”
Tochi asked surprisingly.
“Yes, is for you”
“Thank you” she said staring at him.
“What is it?” Kingsley asked.
“Why are you giving me a gift?” she
“Because you are my friend or my
[email protected] in school responsibilities” they
“I’m sorry, i can’t take it” Tochi rejected.
“But why?”
“Nothing, i can’t just accept it. I’m
“But is from my heart”
“I know!” she gradually handed the gift
back to him then went to met Vivian and
Linda. Kingsley was heartbroken.
As Esther was in the kitchen with her mother preparing and wanting to ask her some questions, so as che-ster and his father were in the sittingroom having a final discussion about his education.
“Son” Mr Silva began. “You made mention of your friend schooling abroad. Why can’t you join him there or better still go to Australia with Maria? It will do you no harm and you will be well lectured than Nigeria here, plea-se, son. Remember you are to control my businesses after i join my ancestors and you need a quality lecture for it, plea-se, son”
che-ster had never seen his father so calm and gentle while talking to him. He couldn’t reject his father’s pleads so he responded and said with a heavy heart, “Okay, Dad, i will do exactly as you have said”
“That’s my son!” the father exclaimed happily.
Esther thought of how she will bring up a t©pic of what happened the previous day to her mother while in the kitchen then she looked at her. “Mummy?” she called..
“Yes my dear” Mrs Godwin, Esther’s mother replied Esther in the kitchen. She waited for her to continue but Esther suddenly kept quiet thinking how she will discuss her love-life with her mother for the very first time.
“I thought you wanted to tell me something” the mother persuaded.
“No, Mummy, i have forgotten what i wanted to tell you” Esther replied without looking at her mother who knew very well that she was lying.
“Remember i told you that you can talk to me about anything at anytime. I am your mother” the mother said, yet Esther remained quiet feeling her heartbeat, but she suddenly suspended the okra which she was cutting and look at her mother who was still staring at her too.
“Mummy?” she began with a low voice and swallowed a saliva feeling her heartbeat. “Mummy, if someone you love wants to travel abroad what will you do?”
“I will do nothing but feel bad” the mother replied and got busy with her cooking pot while Esther also resumed her work.
“Are you inlove?” the mother asked staring at her with the corner of her eye, then Esther nodded her head positively looking at her in the same way too.
“Who’s the person?”
“Is che-ster, Mummy”
“So, he wants to travel abroad”
“No, but his parents are forcing him to do so”
The mother kept quiet for a while and said, “There is nothing you can do about it, you only have to wish him success in all things. If he loves you, he will surely come back for you if truly he is meant for you, okay?”
“Okay, Thank you Mummy” they smiled.
“But remember to put God first in everything. Keep yourself pure and keep your relationsh!pholy, i hope you know what i mean”
“Yes, Mummy, thank you very much” Esther replied feeling like she had been relieved from a heavy burden.
Tochi joined Linda and Vivian un-der the ornamental tree with a frowned face which got them worried.
“Bia, o-girl, what is it?” Linda asked her.
“Is Kingsley! He will never allow me to rest”
“What has he done?” Vivian questioned.
“He pres£nted a gift to me but i rejected it”
“Why would you reject it?”
“Why wouldn’t i? So that he will tie me down with it, abi?”
“Come on girl, i have told you this before, Kingsley loves you so much. Don’t be surprise when Wisdom will come back here and disappoint you..”
“Hey!” Linda interrupted her angrily. “What type of nons-en-se advice is that?! So this is what you have been feeding her with all these while. Bia, Vivian, take your time oh!” she warned.
“But is true!”
“What is true? Abeg, st©p discouraging this girl!!” Linda turned to Tochi who was looking confused. “Listen my dear, don’t mind, Vivian, follow your heart and wait for Wisdom”
“But I’m so confused and scared” Tochi replied bitterly feeling her eyes w€t with tears.
“Don’t be confuse dear..”
“But you can be scared” Vivian interrupted.
“Bia, won’t you shut up?!” Linda rebuked her. Just then the bell rang and all went into their [email protected] except Tochi who resumed her duty with Kingsley. She couldn’t look at him again or go near him. She always made sure she stays few metres away from him which Kingsley also noticed.
As Vivian had just finished calling Wisdom which she had been doing, so as che-ster was on his way to Esther’s house. He knocked then Esther opened.
“Good evening” she greeted without smiling.
“Are your parents around?”che-ster asked.
“No, come in”
che-ster sat down looking woozy without knowing how to start telling her that he would be travelling but Esther noticed it and said, “Don’t worry, you can go?”
“Go where?” che-ster asked.
“Abroad. I know that’s what you want to tell me”
“How do you know?”
“It doesn’t matter”
They remained quiet staring at each other.
“I’m really sorry, my dad..”
“I said is okay” Esther interrupted him. “Just promise me one thing” she added and che-ster waited to hear her out.
“Promise me you will not forget me and will still come back for me”
“I promise you” che-ster held her hand. “I will never forget you” he added.
“Okay, i wish you safe journey and success in all that you do”
“Thank you” they stared at each other silently again trying to have their second k!ssbut che-ster’s phone rang then he picked instantly.
“Who’s this, plea-se?” he asked the caller.
“Is Maria”
Hearing that, che-ster glanced at Esther. “How did you get my number?” he asked.
“It doesn’t matter, i am at home with your parents but you are nowhere to be found. plea-se, come back”
che-ster cut the call immediately without saying anything.
“Who was that?” Esther asked him.
“Hum.. A friend of my mum” he replied but Esther kept quiet. He gradually k!$$£d her then stood up, he walked towards the door with her gently, but turned just to see her cleaning tears from her eyes.
“I will come back, okay?” he @ssured her again holding her hands while Esther nodded her head positively in tears.
“I will miss you, che-ster” she said.
“I’ll miss you too” che-ster replied and gradually [email protected]
che-ster went home but found a different car parked outside. Then he called Shehu, the gateman.
“Whose car is this?” he asked.
“Walai, oga me i no know oh” Shehu replied.
“Is okay” che-ster went into the sittingroom. He saw his parents, Maria and her father sitting and chatting.
“Good evening, sir” he greeted.
“Evening, how are you?” Mr Henry, Maria’s father asked. He wore an expensive agbada with a big stomach just like Mr Silva.
“I’m fine, sir” che-ster replied and got sitted.
“che-ster, where have you been?” the mother asked.
“I went to see a friend, mum”
“che-ster” the father began. “I’m happy that you have decided to make me proud. Mr Henry here, which is also my friend is Maria’s father. He’s here to discuss your trip with his daughter. I hope you are re-ady”
“But dad, i haven’t decided if i will school in the same country with her”
“It doesn’t matter, son” the mother interrupted instantly. “You are doing it so that both of you will know and cooperate with each other very well. She’s studying the same thing you are studying, okay?”
“Listen my boy” Mr Henry sat properly. “Just as you are the only son of your father so as Maria my only daughter. And both of you are expected to take over from where we are going to st©p. That’s why both of you need to work [email protected], okay?” “I never knew your son has grown so big like this” he turned to Mr Silva.
“As you can see, he’s really pumping up” he replied and they laughed. Even Maria smiled admiring che-ster who wasn’t laughing or smiling.
che-ster had alre-ady taken off with Maria to Australia. That same morning, Kingsley [email protected]£ to school as early as possible. He never gave up on both Tochi and his studies. Students gathered outside immediately after the @ssembly because it was a P.E day. The junior students ran around the whole field while the prefects tried to control them.
“You vagabonds should stand according to your houses with your locomotive organs which don’t want to be static!!” Mr Anuma shouted at them from a distance. Meanwhile. Linda and Vivian sat alone inside the [email protected] watching the activities throu-gh the window. Suddenly, she brou-ght out her phone to Linda’s astonishment.
“Come, why did you bring phone to school?” Linda asked her.
“I am expecting a call”
“From your b©yfri£ndschooling abroad, abi?” she said disdainfully.
“Before nko” Vivian replied. Just then she was summoned by one of the teachers so she handed the phone over to Linda instantly and hurried out. At that same time, Tochi walked inside the [email protected] to her locker just to take a paper for students’ names but she was surprise to see Linda with a phone.
“Hey, whose cell phone is that?” she asked.
“It is Vivian’s” Linda replied and began to go throu-gh her pictures. She [email protected]£ surprise when she saw Wisdom and Vivian’s selfee. She quic-kly closed the app immediately Tochi [email protected]£ over.
“What is it? Why did you close those pictures?” Tochi asked.
“Did you see them?” she returned the question curiously.
“No, not really, it wasn’t clear”
“Okay, there are p©rnogra-phic pictures”
“Is a lie! Let me see”
“No oh, it will corrupt your mind”
Just as they were dragging the phone a foreign number called and they could see the name of the caller: My Boo.
“That must be her b©yfri£ndcalling from abroad” Tochi said with smiles.
“Is true” Linda replied but believing that it was Wisdom since his pictures were also on the phone.
“Let me pick the call” Tochi suggested.
“No, don’t”
“Because is not your phone”
Just then, Vivian rushed in and [email protected]£d the phone by f0rç£. She picked the call walking towards the back of the [email protected] Then Tochi went out to resume her duty behaving like nothing concerns her.
“Hello, it took you time to pick, why?” Wisdom asked on the phone.
“I’m sorry, i left it inside my bag”
“Can i talk to Tochukwu Desmond, plea-se?”
“But she’s not in school” Vivian replied and glanced at Linda who was staring at her suspiciously.
“Why is she not in school?”
“I don’t know. I miss you so much”
“Thanks, i will call back tomorrow” Wisdom cut the call.
“Okay, i love you!” Vivian shouted to the hearing of Linda before she went back to her and found her staring suspiciously.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” she asked.
“Vivian” Linda called. “Who called you on the phone?” she asked.
“My Boo”
“From where?”
“From Nigeria”
“But that’s a foreign number”
“Because he’s not in Nigeria”
They remained quiet staring at each other. Vivian was beginning to s-en-se that she must had gone throu-gh her pictures. So she [email protected]£ more inquisitive.
“Why are you asking me all these questions? How long have you checked my phone? Where and where did you enter?”
Linda kept quiet staring at her with all anger. “How long have you been [email protected]!ngWisdom?” she asked.
“Which Wisdom?” Vivian asked.
“The one that just called you and the one whose picture is on your phone. I mean your Boo!!” she replied but Vivian [email protected]£ speechless…
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