The unpredicted love 2 Episode 7 & 8

“Desmond” Mr Anuma called and
brou-ght out a paper. “I hope you are
aware of Wisdom’s trip to London?”
“Yes, sir” Tochi replied without smiling
which Mr Anuma noticed.
“Are you okay?” he asked.
“I’m fine sir”
“Okay, he said i should give this paper to
you” he stretched his hand then Tochi
collected it.
“Sir, you mean Wisdom gave it to me?”
“Yes, i don’t know the content but i
believe is something that will help you”
“How do you know, sir?”
“Because nothing irresponsible can
come from someone like Wisdom”
“Thank you sir” Tochi went out into her
clas-sroom just to see Vivian and Linda
having a conversation. She hid the
paper not knowing that they had alre-ady
seen it.
“What are you hiding inside your…”
Vivian paused and looked at Linda
smiling. “Better bring it out or i will put
my hand inside there oh” she added and
they laughed then Tochi sat with them
“It’s just a letter” she said.
“From who?” Linda asked curiously.
“From her b©yfri£ndof course” Vivian
“So you are now d@t!ngMr Anuma?!”
Linda said.
“No oh! How can you say such a thing?”
Tochi defended. “It’s a letter to the
principal” she lied.
“Then why did you put it inside your…”
Linda paused and looked at Vivian.
“..inside that place” she added and they
“Both of you are silly and n@ûghty”
Tochi concluded smiling.
“I wish the letter is from my b©yfri£nd”
Vivian said demonstrating with her
hands then Tochi and Linda stared at
each other.
“Your b©yfri£nd? From this school?”
Linda asked.
“No, he’s schooling abroad”
“And why didn’t you follow him?”
“Na condition make Catfish bend nah”
Vivian replied and they laughed again.
Mr and Mrs Silva walked down the
stairs at the same time arguing. Both
were in an expensive traditional attire.
che-ster who was in the sittingroom
stood up when he heard their voices.
“Why don’t you want to allow this boy to
have a quality education abroad?” Mrs
Silva asked her husband.
“I didn’t object to that but he decided
not to! Lets allow him make his choice”
he replied.
“Well, you should be the one to decide
for him”
“He’s grown up now to make his own
“Mum! Dad!” che-ster interrupted them
before they kept quiet. “What is going
“Asked your mother” the father replied
and walked out.
“Mum, calm down” che-ster moved
closer and held her on the shoulder.
“Why are you so enthusiastic to see me
school abroad with Maria?” he asked.
“Because that’s what befits you my son,
and also you will get to know her very
well. She’s from a famous family”
“Is that all?”
“Of course, son. Think about it” she
replied and went upstairs.
che-ster sluggishly sat on the cushion
and flung the television remote. “I can’t
believe this!” he murmured.
Still on break period, Kingsley sat quietly
alone outside at the very sight of Tochi,
Vivian and Linda who wondered why he
was such in a sluggish mood.
“Our S.P seems to be in a bad mood
today” Vivian broke the silence but they
didn’t say a word. “Let me go and find
out” she stood up while the girls stared
at her surprisingly as she walked to
Kingsley. She had an attrac-tive steps
which added to her beauty.
“Hi, S.P” Vivian said before Kingsley
looked up.
“Hi, Vivian” he responded.
“What’s troubling you?”
“Come on, i know that look. Has she
broken your heart?”
“Your babe”
Kingsley smiled and said, “I don’t have a
“Really? As handsome as you are”
“Well, I’m inlove but unfortunately i can’t
get that in return”
Vivian thought for a while. “Who’s the
lucky girl?” she asked then Kingsley
stared at Tochi. Vivian followed his eyes
and un-derstood.
“Is she the one?” she asked.
“Yes, i love her so much”
“Really? Don’t worry, i will link you up
with her”
“Can you really do that?”
“Trust me” she went out.
Vivian waved a goodbye hand to Tochi
and Linda. She had not told Tochi about
Kingsley’s feelings but planned to do
that the next day.
“Hi, Tochi” Kingsley arrived. “Can we go
together?” he requested.
“Why?” Linda asked.
“No problem” Tochi permitted him. After
he locked all the clas-ses, three of them
began to go home.
“Now tell me about the letter” Linda said
looking at Tochi.
“It’s from Wisdom” she replied then
Kingsley bec@m£ jealous.
“Wow, can i see it?”
“No, till tomorrow” they giggled.
“Wisdom wrote a letter to you?” Kingsley
“Yes” Tochi replied without looking at
“That’s good” he concluded feeling
As Tochi la-id in her be-d preparing to
re-ad the letter so as Vivian was in her
be-d trying Wisdom’s number which
wasn’t going throu-gh. At the same time,
Mr Anuma sat in his sittingroom
watching CNN news. He adjusted his
eyeglas-s when he saw a plane crash
then a journalists stood with a
microphone and said, “A flight from
Africa to London crashed earlier today at
Santasu forest…”
“Wisdom!” Mr Anuma exclaimed..
Vivian stood up from her be-d and began
to move to and fro wearing only a p@n-t
without a br@. Her b—-t was standing
like an iroko tree without any slight fall.
She dialed Wisdom’s number again yet
it wasn’t going throu-gh. “Ooh!” she
exclaimed and hit her legs continuously
on the ground.
On the other hand, Mr Anuma also
gr@bb£d his phone quic-kly and dialed
Wisdom’s number. He tied a wra-pper
like men with a white singlet. As he
placed the phone on his ear his eyes fist
on the television which was still
broadcasting the painful death of
pas-s£ngers on the plane crash.
“No, this can’t be true!” he shouted
when the line wasn’t going throu-gh then
bec@m£ restless moving to and fro
without knowing what else to do. He
wanted to reach Wisdom’s parents but
slowed down. “I can’t give them such
information otherwise another thing will
happen” he thought and listened to the
journalist again: This p@rticular plane is
said to take off this morning from one of
the most populated African country,
Nigeria. Almost all the pas-s£ngers
Hearing that, Mr Anuma picked up his
phone again to call but the response
proved negative.
Tochi quietly opened the letter while in
be-d. She covered her n-ked b©dy with a
wra-pper but her big and attrac-tive b—-t
was visibly seen. She gave out a smile
when she began to re-ad the letter thus:
No matter where i am or where i go, you
will still be the woman i love. I can’t wait
to see my generation coming forth from
you having your lovely smiles and
beautiful face because that’s what
keeps me going. So my love and my
hope, even if you won’t see me for a
very long time just keep smiling for me.
I’m alre-ady missing you, wish i could
hold you one more time in my arms…
Tochi couldn’t st©p smiling and
shedding tears as she re-ad the letter,
she folded it and flashed back on the
lovely time she had with Wisdom:
“I’m sorry for being so mean to you..
Sleep in my arms… Just keep the
jacket… Make me proud… Of course you
will see me again, I’m not leaving you..”
Tochi couldn’t explain why she kept
shedding tears and smiling as she
remembered them.
“I love u so much too, Wisdom” she
said loudly and sle-pt off with the letter in
her hand.
Mr and Mrs Caleb got worried for not
getting any information about their
son’s journey. The wife c@m£ out at the
frontage adjusting her wra-pper with a
long face while the husband also c@m£
out at the same time with a cell phone.
“plea-se, call his teacher, Mr Anuma
maybe he knows something” the wife
suggested from the bench where she
was sitting.
“Hello, good morning sir” Mr Anuma
sounding on the phone.
“We want to know if Wisdom has called
you” Mr Caleb told him.
“Hum.. He hasn’t called but.. but i
believe he has reached his destination
by now”
“But why has he not called?”
“Maybe he’s finding it difficult to call”
Mr Anuma replied and the line went
“Nothing should happen to my son oh!”
Mrs Caleb shouted and adjusted her
wra-pper again.
Tochi dressed up for school, seeing the
phone number Wisdom wrote on the
letter she went to the backyard to meet
her mother.
“Haven’t you gone to school?”
“I will soon go, Mama”
They bec@m£ quiet. From the way she
behaved the mother knew that she had
something to ask her but doesn’t know
how to say it.
“Is anything the problem?” she asked.
“No, Mama, but..” Tochi paused.
“But what?”
“Can you plea-se buy a cell phone for
me, plea-se Mama?”
“You want to be calling that your lesson
teacher, abi?” the mother replied then
Tochi smiled. “I will get you a phone
very soon” she added.
“Hey! Thank you Mama!” Tochi rejoiced
and hvgged her before she left for
Mr Anuma first went to Mr lvster’s
resident to confirm the news from him
before going to school. Tochi saw him
rushing into the principal’s office. She
had never seen Mr Anuma so serious
and fast in locomotion like the way she
saw him that morning. Just then, Linda
joined her where she was standing.
“Mr Anuma is behaving strange this
morning” Tochi told her.
“Yes, i have been noticing it. What could
be the problem?”
“I don’t know”
“Have you heard from Wisdom whether
he reached London successfully?”
“How do you expect me to know without
a cell phone? Well i will ask Mr Anuma
when he comes out”
“Okay” Linda concluded. Suddenly,
Vivian arrived in a car. She stepped
down in front of Tochi and Linda. They
could see her wearing a long face
without smiling.
“Come, o-girl, why the long face this
morning?” Linda asked her.
“Is that good morning or what?!” she
replied angrily.
“You have started again with this your
disgusting character!” “Well, get use to
it” she smiled and greeted them.
“Welcome, Vivian” Tochi replied smiling.
“Thank you” Vivian said and adjusted
her bag. “My b©yfri£nd’s number is not
going throu-gh” she added.
“The one schooling abroad?” Tochi
“So that’s why your face is like this
abi?” Linda asked.
Tochi smiled out to the principal’s office to pick a broom which the junior students will use for their duties, while Vivian entered into the clas-sroom to keep her bag. Just at the entrance of the office, Tochi over-heard Mr Anuma and the principal discussing. She listened from the door which was demarcated with only a cotton.
Mr Anuma took a seat sharply without even the permission of the principal who sat opposite him wondering what must have caused his curiosity and anxiety. He re-moved his eyeglas-ses instantly and hit the table bitterly.
“Mr Anuma what’s all these?” the principal interrogated.
“I think i have a bad news” he replied tapping his foot continuously, “Did you watch CNN news last night?” he asked.
“No, what happened?”
“An airplane from Nigeria to London crashed yesterday and Wisdom’s number isn’t going throu-gh”
“My Goodness!” Mr Nelson exclaimed while Tochi g@sped from the door with her hands on her mouth. Mr Anuma heard her voice then called her.
“What are you doing here?” he asked.
Tochi was alre-ady vibr@ting and her eyes began to we-t with tears but she tried very ha-rd to control it.
“Sir, i-i-i..want to take a-a-a” she stammered with her mouth shaking and the tears finally dropped from her eyes. “Sir plea-se, tell me Wisdom is not dead” she changed the t©pic in tears and the principal shook his head sadly.
“Desmond” Mr Anuma called. “You have to calm down and make sure nob©dy hears about this”
“Are you really saying that Wisdom is dead?”
“No! We don’t know yet until we confirm the truth! So st©p crying and keep your mouth shut not to scare people especially his parents, okay?”
“Okay, sir” Tochi replied and ran inside her clas-sroom crying with her face bent downward. Only vivian was inside the clas-sroom, so she quic-kly rushed her and asked, “Why are you crying?” but she didn’t get a reply.
Mr Anuma and the principal rushed out of the office, they entered a car and drove off with a high speed. Seeing that, Linda rushed inside the clas-sroom and found Tochi crying while Vivian stool by her side.
“Why is she crying? What have you done to her?” she shouted at Vivian.
“I didn’t do her anything. She c@m£ out from the office crying bitterly” she defended.
“Tochi, why are you crying?”
“Linda I’m finished” Tochi replied. “Airplane oh.. Airplane crashed oh… And Wisdom’s number is not going oh”
“Jesus!” Linda exclaimed.
“Which of the Wisdom are you talking about?” Vivian asked but nob©dy replied her. Meanwhile, Linda was alre-ady in tears too.
“I believe is not your own Wisdom. He can’t just die like that” she consoled Tochi.
“Can someb©dy tell me what’s going on here?!” Linda exclaimed curiously..
The same news was repeated that morning but che-ster was watching cartoon in the sittingroom. He didn’t bother to change the channel when his father c@m£ down.
“Good morning, Dad” He greeted without looking at him.
“Morning, son. I want to watch news”
“Okay, Dad” he quic-kly changed the channel to CNN. He listened carefully just like Mr Anuma did but he couldn’t believe his ears and eyes.
“Dad, when did this happen?” he asked looking at his father.
“It happened yesterday. Almost all the pas-s£ngers died” he replied.
“What?! But my best friend traveled to London yesterday. Does it mean that he’s dead?”
“Which airport and airplane did your friend board?”
“Lagos airport”
“This p@rticular one is from Abuja” the father replied then che-ster exhaled de-eply.
“Thank God?” he exclaimed and picked up his phone to call Wisdom. He entered inside the room when the phone started ringing.
“Xup bro” he shouted happily.
“che-ster!” Wisdom called on the phone. plea-se, I’m just putting on my phone now and you are the first to call me. I have been trying to reach my parents even Mr Anuma but there are not reachable. plea-se, help me go to the school and tell him that i have reached my destination”
“Okay bro, anything for you” che-ster replied. He dressed up and headed to WISS immediately.
Nob©dy had answered Vivian’s question to reduce her curiosity thereby ma-king her to imaging who this Wisdom is to Tochi that makes her cry uncontrollably. as-sembly was about to start and students who c@m£ to Tochi were given a wrong information. Suddenly, che-ster arrived. He went straight to Mr Anuma’s office but didn’t see him then he went to Tochi’s clas-sroom and found her crying. Vivian stared at him with her hands folded trying to know the root of the situation.
“Why are you crying?” che-ster asked Tochi. “I just called Wisdom now” he added and Tochi stood up sharply.
“You mean you talked to him?” she asked.
“Yes, he said i should inform Mr Anuma that he has reached his destination”
“But i heard Mr Anuma and the principal talking about plane crash”
“Yeah, but that wasn’t Wisdom’s plane. Is that why you are crying?”
Suddenly, Mr Anuma and the principal arrived from Airport where they went to inquire the rightful information and was told it wasn’t Wisdom’s plane..
The bell rang immediately for as-sembly and students began to form their lines on the as-sembly ground. che-ster greeted Mr Anuma and the principal when they c@m£ down from the car followed by Tochi. While Vivian and Linda were on their way to the as-sembly ground. They walked like teenage students they were shaking their attrac-tive bu-ttocks and looking beautiful.
“Is it Wisdom the one that won a scholarsh!p?” Vivian asked Linda.
“Yes” she replied.
“Is he a brother to Tochi?”
“Then why was she crying as if they are related?”
“Everyb©dy loves Wisdom especially Tochi”
“What do you mean? You mean they are d@t!ng?”
“So you thought you are the only one who has a b©yfri£ndthat is schooling abroad, abi?” Linda smiled.
“Hmm, i never knew they are d@t!ng” Vivian replied and gave out a smile but feeling both jealous and heartbroken. She un-derstood that it was the same Wisdom who she was crushing on but kept quiet.
“Now, you know they are d@t!ngso make sure you don’t snatch him away from Tochi” Linda jokingly said. “Anyway, where will you even see him?” she added and Vivian smiled unwillingly.
Mr Anuma exhaled with smiles on his face when he saw Tochi and che-ster. He stood behind with them while the principal went into his office thanking God.
“Finally, it wasn’t Wisdom’s airplane so calm down, Desmond ” Mr Anuma said.
“Thank you sir, che-ster here even confirmed it” Tochi replied.
“How?” Mr Anuma Looked at che-ster.
“I called him, so he said i should tell you that he has reached his destination successfully” che-ster explained.
“When did you call him?”
“Few minutes ago, sir. According to him, he was unable to reach you and his parents”
“Oh Lala!” Mr Anuma exclaimed. “I believe it must the en¢v-mbr@nce and insufficient network of this our country! This is so bad! I think this hocuspocus network of ours nee-ds exigency expansionism! God!” he concluded angrily then che-ster and Tochi looked at each other and smiled. Drop your comments