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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The unpredicted love 2 Episode 5 & 6

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Esther wore a jean trouser and a red top walking to and fro in her room with a phone on her ear. Her face looked charming and beautiful in her red wetlips and white powder. “Oooh! i just called him few minutes ago and now he’s not picking my calls. What is the problem nah?!” she murmured and dialed the number for the second time.



Chester’s phone rang again as her mum and Maria stared at him quietly. He looked at his mother and glanced at Maria who gave him an attractive smile.


“Pick your call, son” the mother told him before he gradually pick it.


“Why did you refuse to pick my call?” Esther asked on the phone.


“I’m sorry, i’m in the middle of something”


“You got me worried”


“I’m sorry dear”


“Are you still coming?”


“Yes, I’m coming”


“Okay, I’m waiting” the line went dead then Chester stood up and said, “Mum, i have to..”


“But we have not done talking” the mother interrupted him.


“We have talked about this before, Mum”


“I think Maria is in a better position to talk to you. Don’t prove stubborn” the mother concluded and went upstairs leaving both of them behind. Maria stood up in her classic and beautiful appearance. Her voice alone can drive men crazy.

She gently walked up to Chester and both stared at each other…



Kingsley entered into his classroom without smiling or looking at anybody. He sat down on his seat with his face bent downward. Vivian monitored his movement and that of others from the back of the class but she was unaware that Linda was also staring at her. When she turned and saw her, she shouted, “What’s your problem?! Why are you staring at me like that?!”


Linda didn’t say anything rather she withdrew her face from her. Her voice brought the attention of the few students inside the classroom but none said anything rather they minded their businesses. Just then, Tochi entered.


“Kingsley, Mr Anuma wants to see us immediately” she said and glanced at Vivian. Kingsley stood up instantly and followed her. On their way, he said, “It seems like we have a troublesome student in this school”


“Who could that be?” Tochi asked with looking at him.


“The new girl


“Yes, that’s true”


“I wonder what could be the cause of it”


“You know some people are troublesome right from birth and her case is no different”


“I think you are right” they giggled and Kingsley admired her with the corner of his eyes. Of course Tochi noticed it but pretended not to see him.



Maria took another step forward and said, “How can a handsome boy like you choose to school here in Nigeria than abroad when you have all the opportunities you need? Moreover, it will be a good time for us to know

each other”


“I make the choice of my institution, so you can’t decide for me” Chester replied and took a step backward.


“You have to listen to me and your mother. Don’t make yourself equal with local people” she looked into his eyes.


“I’m sorry i have to go” Chester said and walked towards the door.


“We shall be leaving in the next two weeks. Think about it” Maria concluded before he finally went out.



Esther was outside when Chester arrived. She glanced at their door and the roadside to notice her parents presence. When she finally saw they weren’t around, she hugged Chester happily.


“I can’t believe you are this happy” Chester reciprocated.


“Believe it oh” she disengaged herself instantly. “Please, come inside” she added.


“Are your parents around?”


“No, they aren’t”


“Let’s sit outside”


“Why?” she asked but Chester didn’t respond rather he moved to a cemented area. He sat down there and also told her to sit.


“Why don’t you want to come inside?” Esther was still inquisitive.


“Nothing, i prefer this place than inside” he replied.


“Okay” she said happily and showed him her new phone. But she noticed his mood changed after sometimes, so she asked, “Is everything aright?”


“No” Chester responded. “My parents are on my neck” he added.




“They want me to school abroad”


“No nah, i thought we agreed to school together in the institution we applied for. Please, don’t go anywhere i beg of you” she became sad.


“I have told them but my mum won’t let me be until i agree”


“Please, talk to them again. You can’t leave me all alone here”


“I’m not leaving you, okay?” Chester looked into her eyes.




“I promise not to leave you my dear” he replied and they smiled at each other. Just then Mr Godwin, Esther’s father drove in and they stood up immediately with their hands folded downward. Esther ran to welcome him when he came down from the car while Chester also moved slightly forward.


“Welcome sir” he greeted.


“Thank you, who are you young man?”


“Daddy, he’s the one that checked my result. He’s my classmate” Esther defended.




“Yes, Daddy”


“What’s your name?” Mr Godwin turned to Chester again.


“I’m Chester Silva” he replied.


“Silva Luis?”


“Exactly sir”


“He’s a popular business man”


“Yes, sir”


Hearing that, Esther smiled and glanced at Chester..





Vivian came out of her classroom watching students moved up and down to their various ways. Due to her weird character nobody talked to her or tried to make friend with her. She saw Tochi and called her with a low voice.


“I guess you are the head-girl” she said.


“Yes” Tochi replied.


“What is your name?”


“Tochukwu Desmond”




Tochi walked out but suddenly turned and asked, “Can i know your name too?”


“I thought you wouldn’t care to know”


“I’m sorry”


“I’m Vivian Luster. My Dad works in waec office”


“Really? That’s good”


“According to him a student from this school made 9 As which is actually the reason why he registered me here”


“Yes, that’s true”


“What’s his name again? It’s all over the television and radio”


“His name is Wisdom Caleb”


“Exactly, how i wish i can see him” Vivian smiled.


“Excuse me? Why?” Tochi became curious.


“Nothing actually” she replied and adjusted her bag. Suddenly, a car drove in and she walked inside it without even saying good bye to Tochi who stared at her in thought of her wish to see Wisdom. She stared at the car until it vanished.



Edwin’s resident was a beautiful bungalow with flowers around it giving it an attractive appearance. He had only a father who was working as a cleck in a company. He closed the outside door and walked out wearing a jean trouser and a T-shirt. He brought out his phone and placed it on his ear.


“Hello, I’m on my way” he said.


“Okay, please, follow the address i sent to you” Melody replied on the phone…



Jennifer was in front of their compound washing clothes when Calista walked in like a ghost again. She moved behind her without her knowledge and startled her.


“Jeez! What is wrong with you?!” Jennifer nearly threw away the clothes in fear. “Please, stop doing that!” she warned and continued washing.


“I’m sorry” Calista apologized.


“I thought your parents prevented you from seeing me”


“I snicked out”


“Good for you”


“Have you heard that Wisdom won a scholarship to study abroad?”


“Yes oh, is all over the news. He’s very lucky”


“Very very lucky. Tochi is also lucky to have him” Calista said but Jennifer kept quiet without smiling. “Are you upset?” she asked.


“For what?” Jennifer replied without looking at her. “I’m only praying to get admission that’s all” she added.


“Yes, that’s true. We shall get admission, okay?” Calista concluded and began to help her dry some clothes.



Melody stretched her head East and West in front of their compound anticipating to see Edwin coming from a distance. She wore a light gown with bumshort inside. Her hair dangled around her neck and face which she occasionally packed backwards. Suddenly, she saw Edwin coming into the compound, then she ran and hugged him.


“I have been waiting for you!” she disengaged herself instantly.


“I’m sorry, your house is a bit difficult to locate” Edwin replied.


“I’m happy to see you. Come inside”


They walked inside, into the sittingroom. Melody could see how he looked at the pictures on the wall and other material after she came back with a cup of water.


“Where is your mother?” Edwin took the water from her and began to drink.


“She’s at work” she replied smiling then collected the cup from him.


“You have a nice place”


“Thank you”

They stared at each other silently.


“I heard that Wisdom will be traveling abroad very soon” Edwin broke the silence.




“I’m so happy for him”


“Me too. But I’m happy you aren’t traveling abroad too”


“Jeez! Why saying that?” Edwin asked smiling.


“So that you will be close to me always”


“You are not serious!” they laughed happily.


“Don’t worry, we will also get admission in one of the best schools in Nigeria” Melody said with a romantic and caring voice.


“Yes, for sure” Edwin replied.


They stayed and chatted for a while before he left.



*5 DAYS LATER 5:00pm*


Tochi had not seen Wisdom neither had Wisdom seen her or visited. Now, it remained only a day for his trip to Oxford University London, but he planned to see her that night before traveling. He had already prepared waiting for Mr Anuma in front of their compound. Suddenly, he drove in.


“Good evening, Sir” Wisdom greeted.


“Caleb” Mr Anuma called. “Where are your parents?” just after he asked, Mr and Mrs Caleb came out and they greeted.


“Wisdom and i have to see one of the waec workers for a particular signature before his trip tomorrow” Mr Anuma told them.


“No problem, you can go with him” Mr Caleb permitted and they drove out immediately. They went to waec office but only to discover that the person they were looking for had gone home. So they were directed to his house. The house was an upstairs with a fence. They were let into the sittingroom after a verification by the gateman.


“Are you Mr Anuma?” Mr Luster asked coming out from his room. “And you are Wisdom, the smart and intelligent boy!” he added.


“Exactly, sir” Mr Anuma replied smiling.


Hearing the name Mr Anuma and Wisdom, Vivian who was in her room came out…




Mr Anuma was surprised to see Vivian.

She wore a bumshort and a singlet

which she tucked in properly. Her butt

was round and attractive even her

thighs, talkless of her beautiful face.

Wisdom didn’t know her and didn’t

bother to know but when Mr Anuma

called her name surprisingly he was

forced to stare at her.


“Good evening, sir” Vivian greeted with

smiles on her face.

“I never knew Vivian is your child” Mr

Anuma turned to Mr Luster.

“She’s my daughter” he replied.

“How are you Vivian?”

“I’m fine sir” she replied and stared at

Wisdom. “Daddy, is he the one that

scored 9 As?” she asked.

“Yes, he’s Wisdom” the father sat down.

He also told Mr Anuma to sit for him to

sign the papers. Wisdom wanted to sit

also but Vivian rushed him.



“Please, can i have your autograph?”

she requested.

“Autograph?” Wisdom repeated

surprisingly. He never knew that he had

become so famous that someone could

ask for his autograph. He glanced at Mr

Anuma and Mr Luster who were very

busy without noticing or care about their

conversation then he gave Vivian her

request and smiled at her.



“Can you also write down your phone

number too?” she requested again with

a low voice glowing with smiles which

Wisdom also complied.

“Please, wait, let me get my phone”

Vivian ran inside her room and came

back with a smart phone. “Please, can

we have a selfee?” she asked.


“Thank you” she interrupted

immediately and placed her hand on

Wisdom’s shoulder, then snapped

several pictures with him. Hearing the

sound of the Camera, the father turned.

“Vivian, what are you doing?” he asked.


“Nothing, Daddy” she replied and

disengaged herself immediately. At that

time, Mr Anuma stood up and shook

hands with Mr Luster before they went

out. Wisdom noticed a sexual and

attractive movement Vivian was making

towards him but pretended as if he never

saw her.

On their way back home in Mr Anuma’s

car, Wisdom asked, “Sir, who was that


“Oh, you mean Vivian? She’s a new


“In our school?”

“Yes, i never knew she was the daughter

of Mr Luster” Mr Anuma smiled while

Wisdom kept quiet.





The day was already getting dark when

Wisdom returned home. He quickly

rushed out again even When his mother

was calling him. He wore a white boot

with a jean trouser and white and back

T-shirt. Tochi had already been

disappointed in him for not coming to

see her for the past five days. She was

at the backyard in the kitchen trying to

arrange somethings before going inside

while her mother was already in her

room catching a rest. Tochi wore a jean

trouser and a white top when she turned

and saw Wisdom coming in through the

passage. She stared at him with a frown

face until he came closer.

“Good evening” she greeted unwillingly.

“Tochi” Wisdom called with a low voice.

“I will be leaving tomorrow” he said then

Tochi stared at him angrily.

“You can leave” she replied and wanted

to move inside but Wisdom stopped her.

“What is the problem?!” he asked.


“For five good days you never bothered

to see me or talk to me. Only for you to

come this evening telling me that you

are leaving tomorrow without minding

how i feel! How fair is it, ehn? Tell me!

What do you expect me to do? To hug

you or to clap for you?!” her voice began

to break with eyes full of tears.

“Please, I’m sorry” Wisdom apologized.

“I haven’t forgotten you or how you feel,

and i will never do that, please,

understand me”

Mrs Desmond listened to them from her

room but kept quietly making use of her

ears only.

Tochi looked at Wisdom again with

tears and said, “Now you are traveling




“London” Wisdom helped.

“ London leaving me behind. What

will be my fate? What will happen to us,

i mean our relationship?”

“Distance is never a barrier if only we

stay close to the heart. If we trust and

believe each other nothing will ever

happen to our relationship” Wisdom

placed his two hands on her shoulder.

“Do you trust me?” he asked but Tochi

remained quiet.

“Should i trust you?” she returned the


“Yes, you have to trust me. I will never

forget you, just concentrate on your

education and i must come back for



“I promise you. But can i trust you too?”

Wisdom asked.

“Yes, you have my trust” she replied

and they hugged.



“Promise me another thing” Wisdom



“That you will never joke with your


“Yes, i promise” they hugged again and

stared at each other. Of course Tochi

knew the next thing he wanted to do so

she glanced at her mother’s window

before she gently kissed him.

“I have to be going now” Wisdom

disengaged himself.

“Bye, safe journey” Tochi replied with a

heavy heart. “I will miss you” she


“Me too. Tell your mother that I’ve

gone” Wisdom replied from the passage

then went out.



Vivian laid in her bed with her legs up as

if she was in the labour room. She went

through the pictures admiring Wisdom’s

handsomeness. “He’s so cute!” she

concluded with smiles on her face




Tochi’s room had a hurricane lamp on

the table which reflected her shadow as

she laid in the bed with her face up. One

could see tears gushing out from her

eyes and her chest pumping up and

down. Anyone who sees her will surely

know that she was passing through

emotional pains.


She cleaned her tears

occasionally but the more she cleaned,

the more they pour out. “I’m already

missing you, Wisdom. I love you so

much, i just hope you keep to your

promises” she thought and dried her

tears again. Her mother, who had gone

to the kitchen and found her food

untouched stayed at her door when she

heard her sniffing in tears. Of course she

knew why she was in that mood but

gently returned to her room.



On the other hand, Wisdom laid in his

bed. A lamp stood before him as he

made use of a pen and a paper. As he

wrote, he smiled occasionally feeling his

eyes wet with tears. He wore only a

singlet and a boxer. He suddenly kept

the pen and turned upward looking at

the ceiling. “I will always bring you

close to my heart never to forget you.

Please, keep to your promise” he




At the same time, Vivian couldn’t stop

smiling or admiring Wisdom’s pictures.

She occasionally kissed it and said, “I

must surely meet you wherever you are.

Can’t you see I’m loving you already?”

few minutes later she slept off.




As Wisdom, his parents and Mr Anuma

were on their way to the airport, Tochi

was dressing up for school. Her mother

noticed that she had not said anything

but just good morning, so she called her

from the kitchen where she was.

“Tochukwu nwam”


“You’re still young to go through painful

emotional feelings”

“Mama, what are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about how you have been

feeling since last night. You are still


Tochi kept quiet and adjusted her school




“I heard everything you and that your

lesson teacher discussed yesterday

evening” the mother continued. “Only

the person who God has kept for you

will always stay. The person not meant

for you can not stay.

So stop feeling

this way and concentrate on your future.

Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Mama” Tochi replied without

smiling but feeling shy. “I’m off to

school” she added.

“Okay, my daughter” she walked out





Kingsley arrived at school very early, but

it was time for assembly yet, Tochi had

not come to school. Students gathered

on the assembly ground waiting for her

but since she was nowhere to be found,

Linda took over her duty. Kingsley

sighted her walking sluggishly from afar

then he walked up to her.

“Why are you behaving like this?”

“I’m sorry, i couldn’t sleep last night

that’s why i woke up late”

“But why? You look so dull, what is the


“Never mind”

“Can you share it with me, at least as a


“No, is doesn’t concern you” Tochi

passed him. Immediately she saw

Vivian coming down from a car but

didn’t say anything.




Before Wisdom entered an airplane he

handed a paper to Mr Anuma at the very

sight of his parents.

“Please, give it to my student,

Tochukwu Desmond” he said.

“It shall get to her my boy” Mr Anuma

replied smiling.



Meanwhile, Mrs Caleb, his mother was

already in tears thinking of how she will

miss her only son. Wisdom hugged and

consoled her while his father shook

hands with him.

“You will go safety and return safely.

You are the true son of your father! Ije

oma, nwam” the father wished him a

safe journey. They watched the airplane

from the tarmac until it took off, up in

the sky.




Tochi and Linda sat quietly inside their

classroom. Of course all the students

had been told about Wisdom’s strip

which took place that day so Linda

didn’t need a prophect to tell her why

Tochi had been speechless.



“Did both of you talk before he

travelled?” Linda asked Tochi.

“Yes” she replied without looking at her.

“What did he say?”

“Nothing much, we only made promises

to each other”

“Just that?”


Suddenly, Vivian arrived in their mist.

Linda glanced at her, she disdained her

and hissed loudly.

“Can i join your conversation?” Vivian


“No, you can’t” Linda replied.

“Well, i wasn’t talking to you!”

“It doesn’t matter, so get out of here!”

“Hey, Linda stop!” Tochi interfered.



“Allow her to join us. She’s only trying to

be friendly” she added. Just then, a boy

came and informed Tochi that Mr

Anuma was calling her. After she left,

Linda also wanted to leave but Vivian’s

voice prevented her.

“Why are you behaving as if we are

quarrelling?!” Vivian asked her.

“Well, you started!”


“Yesterday, when you yelled at me for

just looking at you!”

“Is okay, I’m sorry, is part of me.

Forgive me please”

Linda stared at her angrily and gradually

returned to sit down with her.



Mr Anuma’s office was just.. Mr

Anuma’s office. Dictionary and other

heavy books were seen on his table as

Tochi stood before him waiting to get

the reason why she was summoned…

“Desmond” Mr Anuma called and

brought out a paper. “I hope you are

aware of Wisdom’s trip to London?”

“Yes, sir” Tochi replied without smiling

which Mr Anuma noticed.

“Are you okay?” he asked.


“I’m fine sir”

“Okay, he said i should give this paper to

you” he stretched his hand then Tochi

collected it.

“Sir, you mean Wisdom gave it to me?”

“Yes, i don’t know the content but i

believe is something that will help you”

“How do you know, sir?”

“Because nothing irresponsible can

come from someone like Wisdom”




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