The unpredicted love 2 Episode 19 & 20

che-ster neglected the call at first k!ssing
and R0m-ncing Esther seriously but the
phone rang again. He wanted to ignore
it for the second time but Esther quit
and told him to pick it before he
reluctantly picked the call laying side by
side with Esther who stared at hisl-ips
and eyes admiring his handsomeness.
She could see beards sprouting out from
his cheek and jaw then she began to
t©uçh them while he talked on the
“Honey, where are you?” Maria asked on
the phone.
“What is your problem?”
“I want to see you”
“For what?”
“Just tell me where you are”
“I traveled”
“To where?”
“It doesn’t matter” che-ster cut the
called and exhaled de-eply looking at
Esther. He expected her to asked who
the caller was but she never said a word
as she t©uçhed his cheek.
“Are you betrothed to her?” she finally
asked with a low voice.
“To who?”
“To the person that just called you”
che-ster kept quiet. “Is Maria, isn’t she?
Are you betrothed to her?” Esther was
still in quisitive.
“No, I’m not”
“I think your parents preferred her than
any other girl”
“What do you mean by that” he began to
t©uçh her hair too but Esther kept quiet.
“You nee-d to stand me and trust me.
I’m not gonna leave you, okay?” che-ster
concluded then she nodded her head
positively and adjusted closely into his
arms in a way her head rested on his
che-st. While che-ster r0m@nç£d her back
and went down to her bu-ttocks then
finally wanted to move inbetween her
legs but she startled and re-moved his
“You know what?” she said. “I was
taught by my mother to keep my
relationsh!pholy” she added without
looking at him.
“I un-derstand what you are talking
about. You mean you don’t want to
have S-x in this relationsh!p, right?”
che-ster asked but she didn’t replied.
“Are you upset?” she asked.
“No, I’m not”
“Let me get you something to eat” she
stood while che-ster watched her with
smiles on his face. After eating and
having a lovely time with her, he gave
her some money then dep@rted.
Few days remaining for Kingsley to
leave Nigeria and he thought of nob©dy
but Linda who la-id quietly in her room
thinking about him too and how he
miraculously saved her life. She tied only
a wra-pper across her che-st and her hair
looked scattered. Suddenly, her phone
rang-Kingsley was calling.
“Hello, good evening, Kingsley?”
“How are you?”
“I’m fine..” they remained silent.
Kingsley didn’t know how to tell her that
he would soon leave Nigeria and of
course, Linda noticed it but didn’t say a
word too.
“Can i see you at the school premises
next tomorrow by 5pm?” Kingsley
“Because you will be leaving the
following day, right?”
“Yes” he replied but Linda kept quiet.
“Listen, don’t be sad, okay?” he added.
“No problem, bye” Linda replied and the
line went dead.
As Linda and Kingsley were preparing to
meet at the school premises, so as Mr
lvster was on his way to the police
station to re-lease his daughter, Vivian.
When he got there, Vivian was re-leased
for him. He could see her looking dirty
and hungry. One could ha-rd ly recognize
her. Without saying a word both entered
into the car and drove home.
“Take your bath and eat something” the
father said keeping his car key on the
“Thank you, Daddy” she replied with a
low voice.
Few minutes later, after she took her
bath and ate something. She walked
quietly into the sittingroom where her
father was watching a television
programme. She stood at a distance
ru-bbing her two palms together. When
the father noticed her, he ask, “Why are
you standing there?”
“Daddy, I’m sorry” she said but the
father kept quiet. “I’m really sorry” she
“Vivian” the father sat up and turned
down the volume of the television.
“Where did you get the heart of taking
another person’s life?! I’m still
Just then Mrs lvster entered and was
surprise to see Vivian. So she sat down
silently listening to both of them.
“Daddy, i didn’t know what i was doing,
plea-se forgive me” Vivian replied.
“I still wonder if you are my daughter! If
you were really formed in my scrotum”
Hearing that, the wife wore a disdainful
“You better change!” Mr lvster
concluded. “As for the abroad, you are
going nowhere again” he added and
turned up the volume of the television.
While Vivian turned back in tears to see
her mother coming to meet her. She
placed her hand on her shoulder then
they went inside.
The school premises was lonely when
Kingsley waited patiently for Linda.
Suddenly, he saw her coming in a short
red Sk-irt and a white t©p with red
designs on it. Then he smiled and
hvgged her when she finally c@m£
“You look beautiful” he said.
“Thank you, and you too”
“I know. You are leaving tomorrow”
Linda interrupted.
“I’m so sorry, i promise not to forget
“Is okay, i wish you success”
“But will you forget me?”
“Mbanu, i dey craze? I will not forget
you, dear?” she replied and they smiled
then had a long k!ss..
All the students in Nigeria who were on
scholarsh!phad different d@t£ and
countries they were gonna travel to.
Luckily to Kingsley, he traveled the next
day to a country other than London after
having a lovely time with Linda at the
school premises.
On the other hand, Tochi also prepared
to her trip to Germany the following
week. On that week, as she was getting
re-ady, che-ster drove to Wisdom’s
house. The house was local but neat.
He could see the windows and doors
made of ha-rd wood as he drew closer.
He knocked at the door and waited
patiently. When Wisdom opened it, they
shouted surprisingly and embr@ced each
“What a surprise visit, bro!” Wisdom
exclaimed. He wore a three quarter jean
trou-ser and a white singlet which he
tucked-in smartly.
“I planned to surprise you, bro” che-ster
replied smiling. They went into his room
and the next thing he did was to la-id on
the be-d regardless of its local quality
then Wisdom stared at him.
“Bro, what is it?” che-ster asked.
“Are you comfortable in that be-d?”
Wisdom replied.
“What is wrong with everyb©dy?! Esther
asked me the same question when i
visited her. Now, you are asking me too.
Come on, bro, I’m not that clas-sic you
Wisdom smiled and took a seat.
“I heard your babe is traveling to
Germany” che-ster said.
“How do you know?”
“Of course i will know.
The news is all
over the place. Though, Esther told me. I
can’t believe the girl made it!”
“Tochi is very smart in learning”
Wisdom began. “She gr-abs anything you
teach her and put it to practice.
Moreover, she had the zeal and pas-sion
to learn”
“Wow! She’s also lucky too, otherwise
that girl you told me about would have
killed her by now”
“You mean Vivian?”
“Yes, o-boy, some girls are heartless
“I become speechless whenever i
remember it” Wisdom smiled bitterly.
“Though, i believe by now she must
have learnt her lessons”
“That’s right, bro”
They discussed as close friends for a
while. Just as che-ster wanted to leave
they heard a knock at the door. Wisdom
opened it and hvgged the person.
“Wow, Tochi!” che-ster exclaimed and
looked at Wisdom.
“You never told me
she would be coming” he said.
“Good evening, che-ster” Tochi greeted
smiling and looking beautiful as she
held Wisdom round the w@!st wearing a
pair of leggings and a t©p. “How about
Esther?” she added.
“She’s fantastic!” che-ster replied and
left after shaking hands with Wisdom as
they went outside. While Tochi sat
quietly alone in the room. When Wisdom
entered and saw her looking worried
then he sat beside her. He didn’t nee-d a
prophect to tell him the cause of her
“I know you are traveling tomorrow” he
began with his hands on her shoulder. “I
will miss you but your education matters
most to me, okay?”
Tochi nodded her head positively and
looked at him. “Should i be scared?” she
“Of what?”
“Of losing you”
“Listen my love” Wisdom held her two
cheeks. “You will never lose me, no
matter what! Okay? Trust me, i love you
so much”
“I love you too” they smiled and k!$$£d
each other for a long time to the extent
they fell on the be-d k!ss!ngand
“There is no way I’m gonna marry
Maria, mum!” che-ster yelled at his
parents in the sittingroom. He had a
shaved beards round his cheek down to
his jaw. He wore an expensive black suit
and shoes looking handsome.
“Son, listen to us..”
“I’m not gonna listen to you, mum!” he
interrupted angrily and breathing heavily.
“You chose a choice of institution for me
which i obeyed and followed. Now, you
want to choose a wife for me?! No, is
not gonna happen!” he began to walk
out with a car key jingling in his f!nger.
“che-ster, come back here!” the father
“I’m sorry, Dad” his voice echoed at the
door. He unlocked the car with a remote
and entered angrily then Shehu, the
gateman opened the gate immediately
and he drove out.
Jennifer, Calista, Melody and Edwin all
were on their youth service at different
places in Nigeria.
Jennifer went throu-gh
a book as she la-id on her be-d looking
more matured but never ceased to be
beautiful. She wore a transparent
pejamas which made her un-derwear
visible. Suddenly, her phone rang.
“Hello, baby girl!!” Calsta shouted
happily on the phone.
“Hmm, this one you sound happy
tonight, what’s the secret?”
“Guess what!”
“James has proposed to me!!”
“Oh my God, I’m so happy for you!”
“Thanks, darling. I will give you a call
“Okay” Jennifer cut the call smiling. But
she suddenly bec@m£ sad staring at the
ceiling because she wished to be like
her but no man was coming her way.
Then she tried so ha-rd not to be jealous
but finally did.
As che-ster drove fas-ter to Esther’s
house after leaving the house, Maria,
who was in her room before a l@pt©p ran
into the bathroom to vomit. She wore a
bu-mshort and a handless t©p. She
couldn’t tell how she felt but it was
obvious that she was pregnant.
“Oh my God!” she exclaimed in the
Mr Henry’s house, Maria’s father was a sto-rey building with a triangular roof that had a red zinc. Maria moved down the stairs that led to the sittingroom wearing a clas-sic and expensive dress-a fairy red trou-ser and a t©p which hands dangled around her elbows. On her eyes were a pair of eyeglas-ses with a red vision. She occasionally slid her head to put her dangled hair in place as she moved down the stairs with a red bag in her arms. She quic-kly entered in a her car then drove off to a hospital.
On the other hand, che-ster knocked at Esther’s door then she opened. Of course she knew what was going on between Maria, che-ster and his parents so she didn’t show a sign of happiness when she opened the door for him.
“Good evening” she greeted and turned back to a cushion.
Without responding to the reluctant greeting, che-ster quietly sat beside her and staring at her.
“What are you doing here?” Esther asked with a hand on her cheek looking away from him. She had a coiled black hair which some dangled around her face.
“Esther, you nee-d to listen to me” che-ster began. “You nee-d to stand up for me. You and i know that we are meant to be together and…”
“But your parents don’t know that” Esther interrupted. “I think you should accept the woman they want for you”
“No, how can you think of such a think?! You are the one i love! plea-se, my sweetheart” he brou-ght down his voice and knelt down. To Esther’s surprise, he brou-ght out a ring and said, “plea-se, be my wife and i will always love you”
Esther slid her hair backwards and stood up staring at him in amazement. Just then, her mother c@m£ in. She stood at the door looking at them in such position but che-ster didn’t care.
“plea-se, marry me” he added looking at Esther who glanced at her mother speechless then looked at the ring again.
“I’m sorry, che-ster, i can’t compete with another woman” she ran inside her room and began to shed tears.
che-ster was disappointed with his head bent downward, then Mrs Godwin gently help him up.
“You have to let her be for now my dear” she told him before che-ster gently walked out.
With the excellent result made by Vivian, she gained admission in one of the best universities in Nigeria, university of Nigeria Nsuka (UNN) where Linda was also schooling.
Linda was regarded as the Sharon stone due to her rugged dressing and attitude. Of course she had been seeing Vivian but had nothing to do with her even when she had called her severally to make peace with her but she ignored her. She just c@m£ back from lectures with a gum in her mouth. As she wanted to undress her clothes, her phone rang then she picked it up.
“Hello, darling” she said smiling.
“How are you my love?” a male voice asked.
“I’m fine”
“Can we see tonight? I mean in my ap@rtment”
“Uh.. Okay, i will be there” she cut the call and bec@m£ quiet staring the door. She knew exactly that she was cheating on Kingsley which was the reason of her quietness. “I’m sorry, Kingsley” she murmured and activated the gum in her mouth again.
Maria sat before the doctor’s table anticipating to hear the outcome of her pregnancy test. She sat up when the doctor finally c@m£ in.
“Doctor, what’s the outcome of the test?” she asked curiously.
“Uh.. Miss Maria, your test proved positive. You are a month and two weeks pregnant” the doctor replied handing the result to her. She collected it surprisingly and drove straight to che-ster’s house. On her way, she could remember the very guy that impregnated her a month ago then she glanced at the result again which was visibly seen in her bag. “I think i have a plan” she began to think. “I will s£dûç£che-ster in order to make him believe that he’s responsible for the pregnancy” she concluded and shuffled the pregnancy result into the inner p@rt of her bag.
At the resident of Mr Silva, Maria drove in, she c@m£ out looking extremely beautiful as she walked into the sittingroom where Mrs Silva was sitting then she greeted and sat beside her like an angel.
“Mummy, is che-ster around?” she asked in a low voice.
“Yes my dear, he’s in the room”
“Can i meet him there, plea-se?”
“Of course you can! After all both of you will soon bee in one room” Mrs Silva replied and they giggled.
che-ster la-id in the be-d with his face up thinking about the unexpected disappointment from Esther. He didn’t know what do or say then he adjusted bitterly and hissed. He wore only a trou-ser and a singlet. One could view his attrac-tive beards from the door which Maria knocked and opened instantly.
“What are you doing here?!” che-ster asked her in a hurry.
“I have come to see you” she replied moving towards the be-d then che-ster stood up standing before her.
“I want you to leave my room right now!” he shouted.
“Just relax” Maria wanted to r0m@nç£him but he pushed her off.
“I said leave my room right…” che-ster paused when she saw Maria str!pped herself completely n-ked looking se-duc-tive..
che-ster could see a fairy hair down Maria’s pvb!c p@rt and her b—-t standing upright. No man would have resisted the attrac-tive b©dy. He gradually brou-ght down his hand as she s£dûçt!velywalked towards him b!tt!g herl-ips gently. She began to r0m@nç£him ma-king sure her b—-t t©uçhes his che-st which increa-sed his heartbeat.
“What are you doing?” che-ster asked.
“I love you so much, plea-se, show me that you love me too” she k!$$£d him and gr@bb£d his d–k throu-gh his trou-ser which was alre-ady erect, re-ady to function.
Meanwhile, in the sittingroom where Maria left her bag beside Mrs Silva, her phone began to ring inside it. Mrs Silva quic-kly put her hand inside the bag in order to bring out the phone and finally take it to Maria. But in the process, the phone c@m£ out with the pregnancy result then she kept the phone aside which st©pped ringing immediately. She re-ad the paper severally but couldn’t believe her eyes. She tood up immediately still looking at the result as she walked to che-ster’s room. However, che-ster had not suc¢v-mbe-d to Maria’s se-duc-tiveness. He quic-kly pushed her off then Mrs Silva opened the room and saw her n-ked.
“What is going on here?!” she shouted then Maria covered herself.
“Nothing is going on, mum. She started it! She wanted to s£dûç£me!”
“Maria is that true?” Mrs Silva asked her. “By the way, i mistakenly found this in your bag. Can you explain it?”
“What’s that, mum?” che-ster quic-kly flung the paper from her and began to re-ad it. “A month and two weeks pregnant?!” he shouted looking at Maria who was alre-ady shivering and covering her n-kedness. “Mum, I’m not responsible for this!”
“Then who is?”
“Ask her!”
“Maria, who’s responsible for your pregnancy” Mrs Silva asked but she kept quiet. “I should have known. I’m so disappointed in you! Now get out of my house! Out!!”
They watched Maria dressed up before she finally left the house in shame. Before that, che-ster threw the paper on her face then stood close to his mum.
“This is what i have been saying!” he shouted angrily.
“I’m sorry, son” the mother concluded.
Linda dressed up looking beautiful to meet her b©yfri£ndas she promised. Just outside, Vivian c@m£ around. She wore a short Sk-irt and t©p which matched the colour of her footwear.
“plea-se, listen to me. You have been avoiding me for years now. plea-se, I’m sorry. I am a changed person now. I beg of you!”
Linda ignored her moving forward but she gr@bb£d her by the hand.
“What is it nah?! Leave me alone!” Linda shouted.
“I’m only begging for forgive”
“Fine, i have forgiven you. But i don’t want to as-sociate myself with you”
“Okay, thank you” she replied with a low voice and bent her head down. “But what about Tochi? I want to beg her too” she raised her head up but Linda had alre-ady gone far. Though, she heard her but decided not to respond.
At her b©yfri£nd’s ap@rtment, she sat down quietly on the ha-rd be-d with her hands placed on her th!ghs. Suddenly, the guy c@m£ in with a plate of food and drinks. He wore a singlet and a short. One could see hair from his th!ghs down his legs. He placed the food on the table then sat beside Linda and held her on the shoulder.
“You are quiet, what’s troubling you?” he asked.
“Nothing” Linda replied.
“Then let’s eat something”
“Okay” she stood up walking towards the table then followed by Sam, the b©yfri£nd.
Few minutes later, both were found in the be-d R0m-ncing each other. Sam gently took off her clothes and began to svçkher b—-t which erected immediately. He finally went down and pu-ll-ed her p@n-t. He could feel her c——s ha-rd and v—-a we-t as he inser-ted his f!nger gently into it then Linda let out a scream. She could feel his ha-rd d–k on her th!ghs getting re-ady to perform. Few minutes later, she finally felt the d–k into her v—-a for the third time then she screamed holding him across the w@!st..
Vivian sat near Linda’s ap@rtment refusing to go home. She was really sorry for her past actions. One could see her looking very sad with her th!ghs closed and her hands on it. When she thought of her friends who abandoned her because of her past actions, she began to weep bitterly. One could s-en-se that she was really lonely. Few minutes later, as she shed tears, Linda returned. She glanced at her then ignored her again. But she eventually c@m£ back and sat beside her without saying a word when her tears t©uçhed her heart.
“Hi” she said.
“Hi” Vivian replied and cleaned her tears. “I’m so lonely remembering how my friends left me” she added.
“I know how you feel, is okay” she placed her hand on her shoulder. “Even if i didn’t learn any other thing from Tochi, i learnt how to forgive, so you are still my friend, okay?” she added.
“Thank you very much” Vivian replied and placed her head on her shoulder in tears. “plea-se, i want to talk to Tochi” she requested and immediately Linda’s phone rang-Tochi was calling..
Linda smiled and glanced at Vivian when the call c@m£ in. “You called her name and now she’s calling” she said then Vivian smiled too. But as she wanted to pick the call the phone went off. “Ooh!” she exclaimed.
“What happened?” Vivian asked and dried her tears again.
“My battery is off”
“Use my battery, i think we are using the same phone” she brou-ght out her phone immediately.
“Let’s do that inside” Linda held her by the hand and they went into her ap@rtment. The ap@rtment was a complete resemblance of women’s ap@rtment. One can see a table full of books and make-up materials. At the corner were different types food stuffs, provisions and a bag of garri. Above were clothes of different colours. Vivian sat closely beside Linda in the be-d after giving her her battery then she flashed Tochi who called back immediately.
“Hello, German girl” Linda said on the phone.
“Iron Lady!” Tochi exclaimed.
“You can call me that again” they laughed while Vivian smiled.
“So, tell me, have you been hearing from your prince charming?” Tochi asked.
“Kingsley of course”
“Um.. Tochi, Vivian wants to speak with you” Linda changed the t©pic.
“How come?”
“Have you forgotten that i told you we school together?”
“plea-se, talk to her”
Tochi waited for a moment before she agreed to talk to her. When Vivian handled the phone, she didn’t know where to start so she said with a low voice, “I’m really sorry”
“Vivian?” Tochi called.
“plea-se, forgive me”
“This is the exact word you told me before planning to kill me”
“I’m really sorry, I’ve changed now. plea-se, forgive me. I beg of you. I nee-d your friendsh!pback”
Tochi waited for a moment and said, “What should i say? I will always forgive you”
“Thank you so much”
“You are always welcomed. Have my number on your cell phone and give me a call anytime, okay?”
“Okay” Vivian handed the phone back to Linda happily and feeling relieved.
“Hello, Tochi” Linda called.
“You haven’t told me anything about Kingsley. Is everything alright?” Tochi asked then Linda remained quiet feeling her heartbeat.
“Tochi, I’m sorry, i have disappointed you and Kingsley” she replied.
“What do you mean?”
“I’m cheating on him”
Hearing that, Vivian stared at her.
“What?! But why?!” Tochi asked. “Why couldn’t you wait for him?” she added.
“I can’t deal with distance relationsh!p, Tochi” tears circled her eyes. “I tried but i couldn’t. Though, i love him but.. i just.. i just can’t. Not everyb©dy is good on a distance relationsh!p, I’m so sorry” the tears finally dropped, then Tochi remained speechless. “Once again, I’m sorry, bye” she concluded and cut the call then Vivian brou-ght her head closer to her che-st.
People in the house, what can you say about distance relationsh!p?
Is it advisable to cheat, quit, or keep a long distance relationsh!p?
Can a long distance relationsh!psurvive?
You are loved beyond words