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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The unpredicted love 2 Episode 17 & 18

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Back in the resident of Mr Luster, girls

and boys drank and shook their waist to

the Timaya music blasting out of the

speaker. Yet Tochi had not taken her


“You are not drinking. Drink your wine”

Vivian told her.

“Okay” she replied and put the cup

towards her mouth.



The poisoned wine was just at the tip of

Tochi’s lips when her phone vibrated

which prevented her from drinking it,

then she kept the drink on the centre

table and went outside to pick the call.

At the same time, Linda’s phone rang,

she looked at Vivian and gave her a

smile. “One second” she said and also

kept her wine closed to Tochi’s on the

same table before going out too.

“Wisdom” Tochi called on the phone

outside. “You don’t sound happy, are

you okay?” she asked.

“I don’t know how I’m feeling” Wisdom

replied. “Where are you by the way?” he


“At a party, the one i told you about”

“The one with Vivian?”



“Okay..” he paused. “But i hope you are

okay” he added.

“I’m fine”

“Alright, be careful”

“I will” the line went dead then Tochi

turned to Linda who was operating her

phone angrily.

“Madam, what is it again?” she asked




“Is not a stupid wrong number that

called me. I was even thinking that it

was Kingsley!” Linda replied angrily.

“Sorry for that, let’s go back inside”

Linda hissed and followed her back into

the sittingroom.

Now, due to their glass

cup were closed to one another and had

the same quantity of wine, they couldn’t

identify their wine anymore. So Linda

took Tochi’s wine while Tochi took

Linda’s. Even Vivian was confused

because she couldn’t recognise the

exact glass cup of Tochi, so she stared

at them breathing heavily. When Tochi

drank her wine, she turned to her and

said, “You look scared. Is anything the


“No” she replied.


“Wisdom called” Tochi drank another

quantity of wine.


“Yes, though he sounded strange. I

couldn’t just understand what was

wrong with him”

“Maybe he’s missing you” Vivian replied

and they giggled looking at Linda who

concentrated on her phone with the

drink in another hand.


She had not

taken it and people who shouted as they

were dancing distracted her the more.

So she glanced at the very boy who

shook his waist closely to another girl

and smiled. The girl sometimes felt

boy’s d–k on her butt as they were

dancing. Even Tochi, who Vivian was

expecting to fall at any time vomiting

blood and eventually die couldn’t stop

smiling as she watched the dancers.

She also shook her waist gently to the

music. “I concur.. My head too big i

concur..” she sang and shook her




Linda got tired of the phone, so she

flung it on the table and joined Tochi

and Vivian. She wanted to drink the

wine but a voice shouted from the door,

“Linda, don’t drink it!”. Then she turned

sharply to the voice just to see Kingsley

breathing heavily. His loud voice

distracted all the people even the DJ

who stopped the music instantly.

“Don’t drink the wine” Kingsley said

again and came down as everybody

stared at him.

“Kingsley?” Linda called and glanced at

the wine.

“What is the problem?” she


“Yes, why are you interrupting the

party?” Tochi supported.


“Kingsley, what?” Vivian added.

Without responding to their questions,

Kingsley took the drink from Linda and

kept it on the table. “I think the drink is

poisoned!” he said and people shouted.

“What?!” Linda exclaimed.

“What are you talking about?” Vivian

approached forward in fear.

“I said, i think the drink is poisoned”

“By who?”


“Who else except you?” Kingsley replied

boldly with Linda in his arms.

Tochi remained speechless staring at


Meanwhile, some people had started

vomited believing that they also drank

the poison.

“Vivian is it true?” Tochi asked but she

kept quiet.


Without wasting time, Linda angrily

disengaged herself from Kingsley. She

picked up the drink from the table and

stretched it to Vivian. “Drink it!” she

commanded with her eyes burning in

anger as everybody watched her in

silence. “I said drink it if you know you

didn’t poison it!” she shouted again but

Vivian kept quiet with her head down.

Then Linda smiled bitterly looking at the

wine. She raised her face and gave

Vivian a hot slap trying to force the drink

into her mouth but Tochi and Kingsley

held her back.


“Leave me alone!” she shouted

struggling to disengaged herself from

them. “She must drink this wine or

confess that she poisoned it oh!” she


“Yes, she must!!” the people shouted.

Meanwhile, Vivian was already in tears

and covered with shame without saying

a word.


“She’s not talking oh. Give me the

wine!” Linda moved forward again

before she said, “Wait, i will confess!”

“We are listening!” Linda replied with her

hand on her waist positioning the drink

ready to force it into her mouth at any



“The poisoned drink was actually meant

for Tochi” Vivian began then everybody

shouted and Tochi adjusted away from

her to Kingsley. “She suppose to be

dead by now but i think the drink was

mixed up with Linda’s that’s why she

isn’t dead by now”

“Jesus!” the people shouted and Tochi

held her chest.

Vivian continued, “So, i think the

poisoned drink is this particular one with



Vivian suddenly kept quiet shedding

tears in shame while everybody

remained speechless in silence.

“I can’t believe this?!” Tochi exclaimed

stepping out. “Why would you even

think of hurting me talk more of taking

my life after i forgave you? I’m so

disappointed in you! Now, tell me why

you choose to kill me. Is it because of

Wisdom?” she asked and Vivian nodded

her head positively.


“Heehh!” the people shouted.

“I can’t believe you are this heartless

and dangerous!” Tochi continued but

pause without knowing what else to say

or do, then she turned to Linda and

Kingsley. “Let’s get out of here” she

concluded walking towards the door.

“Aren’t we calling the police?” a boy

asked but nobody answered.

“You deserve to die, nonsense!” Linda

concluded and poured the wine on her

face. Then everybody began to leave.

Just then, Mrs Luster came back. She

was surprised to see people leaving the

house so soon.


“What’s going on?” she asked.

“Ask your daughter” one of them


Only the DJ remained in the sittingroom

trying to gather his appliances. He

managed to put them on his head and

walked towards the door to see Mr

Luster coming in.

“DJ, what is the ming in.


“DJ, what is the problem?” she asked.

“Madam, i no dey play again. Your

daughter tried to poison somebody” he

replied and adjusted his falling jean

trouser with a hand.

“You are joking, right?”

“Madam, i look like person wey dey

joke? See your daughter for there, ask

her. As for me, ana’m” he moved out

briskly towards the gate continuously

dragging the trouser up. As he tried to

open the gate, the trouser finally fell

down exposing his boxers.


“Hey, which kind music wey i come play

today that even the gate want to naked

me. Chai! Chukwu amamkwe!!” he

dragged it up and took the next

available cab to his house immediately.



Mrs Luster met Vivian still standing at

the same spot shedding tears, then she

asked, “Vivian, what am i hearing?” but

she kept quiet. “Is it true that you tried

to poison somebody?” yet, Vivian didn’t

say anything. “Who did you try to kill

and why?!” the mother shouted for the

third time and slapped her making her to

cry the more.

“Let’s see how your father will feel

about this” she brought out her phone to

call her husband then Vivian fell on her




“Mummy, please, don’t tell Daddy!”

“You must be stupid. For goodness

sake why would you take another

person’s life?!”

“Because of Wisdom”

“Who’s Wisdom?!” the mother shouted

then she began to explain..





Linda, Tochi, Kingsley and Mrs

Desmond sat quietly at the backyard

when Linda narrated what happened

recently. Mrs Desmond wanted to take

an action by going to Mr Luster’s house

but they prevented and calmed her


“How can a small girl like that think of

such a thing?” she had earlier said.

“But wait oh!” Linda looked at Kingsley.

“How did you know that the drink was

poisoned?” she asked.

“I didn’t know” he replied then Linda

looked at Tochi. “I only assumed

because of what i inquired about the

dream i had last night” he added and

began to narrate his dream and inquiry…





Kingsley woke up that morning trying to

figure out the meaning of the dream he

had. He refused to take his breakfast

and remained indoor looking worried till

evening when his grandfather came in

then he went out to welcome him.

“Kizito” the grandfather called. “You

don’t look happy. By the way, where is

your father?”

“He has gone out, papa”

“I heard you past your exams and will be

going to obodo oyibo”

“Yes, Papa”


“Thank you, papa” Kingsley replied

without smiling sitting opposite his




“So, tell me what troubles you my son?”

“Papa, i had a terrible dream last night. I

saw my friend bleeding from the mouth

and shedding. It was as if she was dead

an suddenly she disappeared into the



The grandfather exhaled deeply and

touched his grey hair. Then he leaned

forward and said, “My son, god has just

reviled to you what is about to happen

to your friend. When you have such a

dream seeing blood coming out from

somebody’s mouth, know that the

person is about to be killed with a



Kingsley opened his eyes widely. “Papa,

i don’t understand” he said.

“See my son, God talk to people in

different ways. He has just talked to you

that your friend is about to be poisoned

by someone either through a drink or

food. But the question is: Who wants to

poison your friend?”

Hearing the question, Kingsley began to

think very fast. “Oh my God! Vivian!” he

shouted and rushed into his room to call

Linda but his phone was off then he ran

out quickly to Mr Luster’s resident.




“So that’s how i assumed that the drink

was poisoned” Kingsley concluded.

“I had the same dream!!” Linda

exclaimed. “I saw Tochi crying with

blood in her mouth!”

“Hey!” Mrs Desmond shouted while

tears circled in Tochi’s eyes. She

gradually went on her knees looking up

in the sky and said, “God i bless your

name. Thank you so much oh!”


If you love Tochi, help her praise the

Lord ….




“Esther!” Wisdom called. “Please

dismiss them (assembly)” he ordered.

Esther didn’t respond rather she quietly

carried out the instruction.



The whole school wasn’t stable

anymore. Each classroom talked about

the very act of Jennifer and Calista.

Some criticized them and concluded

that they were lesbians while some

pitied them and wondered what caused

the act.

Tochi was speechless with her hands

folded staring at Linda who wasn’t



“I told you” she began. “That Jennifer is

dangerous, she was up to something.

Who knows if she was targeting you or

Wisdom to be disgraced? We are going

to find out the main cause of the act


“Can it be that they are lesbians?” Tochi



“Is that how lesbians show


Just at that moment, a student came

and interrupted them.

“I’m looking for Tochi?” he said.

“Is me, any problem?”

“Esther is calling you” the boy said and

Tochi stared at Linda.

“Okay, I’m coming” she stood up and

followed the boy.

Esther was actually with Melody at the

window when Tochi walked in.


“Good morning seniors” she greeted,

then Esther smiled at her which gave

her hope and made her believe that

things were well.

“I told you not to call me senior” Esther

told her with smiles.


“I’m sorry”

“Just sit down” she brought a chair for

her. “I’m in a good mood today, i want

you to forget whatever that is between

two of us, okay?”

“Okay, thank you very much” Tochi



“So let’s gist” she brought her seat

closer. “Did you see what happened this


“Hmm, I’m speechless oh” Tochi smiled

and they laughed.




Jennifer broke down in tears as she was

on her knees while Calista was still

demanding for more kiss and sex. She

was actually in a teacher’s hand

struggling to get off to Jennifer.

Teachers round the office while the

principal sat on his seat looking woozy.

“Mbakwe” he called. “Explain the

meaning of this act”

“Jennifer speak up!” another teacher




“Are you two lesbians or succubus?” Mr

Anuma also asked.

“No oh, sir we are not lesbians”

“Then why this type of disgrace you

have brought upon my school? Ehn?!”

the Principal exclaimed.



“Speak up before i descend on you!” Mr

Anuma shouted and raised his cane

properly to flog.

“It is a charm, sir” Jennifer confessed.

“A charm?”

“Yes, love charm”

“Jesus!” the female teachers exclaimed.

“Was the charm meant for Calista?” Mr

Nelson was still inquisitive.

“No, is was for Wisdom but i misused



“Oh Lala! What a wicked attitude from

juvenile like you?!” Mr Anuma shouted.

“I think we need to consult their

parents” the principal suggested.

“Please, tell Wisdom to gather all the

students in front of my office now” he

told Mr Anuma…


“Good morning students!” the principal



“Good morning sir!”

“Just remaining few days for the quiz…”

as the principal was giving his speech,

Calista began to rob her face. When

Jennifer looked at her, she saw


improperly robbed power and particles

then she robbed her hands on Calista’s

face to remove them. Immediately, the

charm affected her and she looked at

Jennifer romantically and brought her

face closer to kiss her.

“What are u doing?” Jennifer asked




There was an arising noise at the line

where Jennifer and Calista were actually

battling with each other which brought

the principal and students’ attention. At

that time, Calista had held Jennifer’s

waist struggling to kiss her lips. As she

struggled, she placed a hand under her

skirt and raised it up at the very sight of

all the students.


“Hey! Aah!” everybody began to shout.

“Oh Lala!” Mr Anuma exclaimed. “What

are my eyes beholding?!” he added

moving forward. B4 he got there,

Wisdom was already there as the senior

prefect but what his eyes saw drew him

back leaving the girls to handle it but

none came close to them.

“Please nah, i love you so much just

kiss me” Calista said aloud and

everybody shouted, “Hheeeeeehh!”

“Lesbians oh!” a male voice came from

the crowd.



However, Jennifer had realised that she

misused the charm as she battled with

her uniform trying to disengaged herself

from Calista.

“Hey, both of you!” Mr Anuma pointed

at two girls. “Go and separate them and

cover them up” he ordered.

“No sir, we can’t do that oh” they

insisted because they knew that such

an act wasn’t ordinary. Nobody agreed

to touch them until the principal and the

female teachers grabbed them.



“Please, take them inside my office” he

instructed and followed them angrily.

As the female teachers dragged them

into the office, Calista was still shouting,

“I love you so much, Jennifer, just kiss

me or make love to me, please!”

“Heeeeehh!” the students shouted


“Holy Mary!” a female student added.

“Silent all of you!” Mr Anuma exclaimed

angrily and placed one of his hands in

his pocket.

Without being told, Wisdom picked up a

cane to calm all the students down and

made them stay in lines. Then

everywhere became quiet.


“This nefarious act which my eyes has

beholden this morning is unwittingly!”

Mr Anuma began and the students

shouted, “Heeehh!”

“It’s pernicious!”


“It’s Persontoperson!”


“And I’m so perplexed and woozy for

this very act which has no

aggrandizement rather make one to

perpetrate! Oh Lala!!!”



“Sir fire on!!” a male voice shouted from

the crowd.

“We are going to dig out the very cause

of this act and i assure you, a serious

action will be taken” he walked out



Wisdom quickly gathered all the

students in front of principal’s office.

They knew anytime they are summoned

like that a serious information or

punishment wants to be carried out.

Some stretched their heads to look into

the principal’s office while some, like

Tochi admired Wisdom who stood on

the higher cemented area meant for

teachers alone. Esther saw how she

was staring at him, then she tapped her.

“Isn’t he handsome?” she asked.


“Who?” Tochi asked.

“The person you are admiring and

staring at”

Tochi smiled and bent down her head.

“Don’t be shy, feel free. I don’t have

anything to do with him again. His love

goes for only one girl” Esther told her

then she raised up her head.


“Who’s the girl?” she asked

“Come on don’t pretend as if you don’t

know. Do you love him too?”

The question made Tochi’s heart beat

faster again staring at Esther. Though

Melody was there but had no interest on

their conversion. She was so

enthusiastic and anticipated to see

Jennifer and Calista coming out of the


Tochi gradually nodded her head in

agreement to Esther’s question.

“Have he proposed?” Esther was still

inquisitive and Tochi nodded her head


“And what did you say?”

“I rejected him”



“I didn’t want to hurt you”

Esther remained silent staring at her

thinking how truthful and sincere she

was. “Come here” she gave her a hug.

“Both of you have started your own

abi?” a male voice said from behind.

“Let’s finish with these lesbians before

you start yours” he added and the

statement brought Melody’s attention.

“Won’t you close your hole there?!” she

rebuked him.

“Don’t mind him!” Esther supported. She

disdained the very boy and turned to

Tochi again.

“Listen, you have to follow your heart,

okay? Forget about me”

“Okay, thank you” Tochi was more than

happy and started looking an


opportunity to return her words to

Wisdom. Just at that moment, the

principal and all other teachers came

out with Jennifer except the one who

was with Calista in the office.

“Silent!!” Wisdom exclaimed and the

noise gradually died down.

Jennifer was covered with shame, so

she couldn’t look at anybody. Students

could see tears dropping from her eyes

and their ears were itching to know the

actual cause of the abominable act.



“Students!” the principal began but

nobody responded because they knew

he doesn’t start a speech like that

unless he’s very angry. “You want to

bring down this school. I’m shocked on

what my ears have heard and my eyes

seen this morning. I will not say much

but i want to give Jennifer Mbakew here

chance to utter the cause of what

happened this morning”

Everywhere became quiet that even a

fallen pin could be heard.


“What’s she waiting for? speak up!!” Mr

Anuma exclaimed and the tears began

to pour like a rain from Jennifers eyes.

“I-i-i used a love charm meant for

Wisdom on Calista mistakenly” Jennifer

confessed with a low voice and the

students shouted, “Heeeehhh!”


Immediately, Linda turned to look at

Tochi while Wisdom quickly went down

from the higher cemented area to

Chester looking woozy.

“Tell us how you got the charm!” the

principal shouted.

“Yes, tell us!” the students supported.

“I got it from my mother without her




“Please, someone should go and call

her mother and Calista’s parents too”

the principal instructed and two boys

ran out. “Look at what a teenager can

do because of a boy. A student who

suppose to be studious and prepare for

her examinations!”

“Oh Lala!” Mr Anuma exclaimed at

principal’s words.

“After this case is resolved i will have no

other option than to take the rightful

judgment. This should serve as a lesson

to you all that are involved with



diabolical or evil activities!” he angrily

walked inside his office followed by

other teachers and Jennifer leaving the

floor for Mr Anuma.

“I am passing through acrimonious

situation now” Mr Anuma began.

“Because of this very act Jennifer has

automatically become an acquaintance

to you all”



“Sir what is acquaintance?!” a male

student shouted from behind.

“Shut up your trap there! You that have

refused to make use of your

edutainments!” Mr Anuma replied and

the students began to giggle. “Wisdom!”

he called.

“Yes, sir!”



“Come up here” Wisdom stood beside

him. “You are the one who would have

fallen victim to this incredible and

unfathomable predicament!”

“Heeeehhh! Sir easy oh!” the students

shouted laughing at the same time.

Mr Anuma continued, “I believe that

your accentuated complexion is the one

causing all these and making girls to do

the unbelievable, even still with this


undernourished body of yours. Oh Lala!!”

“Oh Lala!!” the students repeated and Mr

Anuma walked inside the office without

smiling. Wisdom didn’t know what to

say or do because the grammar got him

confused. He could see Tochi and

Esther smiling at him, then he said, “Pls,

return 2 ur classes b4 you receive

another grammar”




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