The unpredicted love 2 Episode 13 & 14

Tochi had avoided everyb©dy even Linda. She sat at a lonely place with a book on her th!ghs which she couldn’t concentrate on because she was totally heart broken. She began to reason who told Wisdom that she was d@t!ngKingsley then closed her book and stared at a place in thought.
“Tochi” Kingsley interrupted her.
“What are you doing here?” she asked then Kingsley gradually sat beside her. “Can i ask you a question?” Tochi continued. “How would you feel if you are accused of what you don’t know anything about?”
“I will feel very bad” Kingsley replied.
“Kingsley, who told Wisdom that both of us are d@t!ng?” she asked staring at him with a heavy heart. “I believe someone is hurting me secretly. Do you know how heartbroken I feel right now?” her eyes began to circle with tears. “I can bear the fact that Wisdom chose Vivian over me but i can’t bear to hear him accuse me wrongly telling me that I’m d@t!ngyou..”
Kingsley could see the tears rushing out from her eyes and the way she tried to clean it bitterly then he pitied her.
“Wisdom didn’t choose Vivian over you” he said then Tochi stared at him.
“What do you mean?”
“Vivian is actually the one forcing herself to Wisdom. She only made you believe that she’s d@t!nghim so that you will get out of the way for her to finally have him. She’s also the one that lied to Wisdom that we are d@t!ngso that he will break up with you..” he paused and looked at Tochi piteously as tears ran down her eyes. “plea-se, you have to forgive me because i am also involved. I made her snapped us picture which she s£nt to Wisdom to convince him the more” he added.
“What?!” Tochi shouted. “So, you and Vivian are behind this illusion. I can’t believe this! What have i ever done to both of you?!” she stood up angrily looking woozy. “Oh, God, so i accused Wisdom wrongly. I just hope he forgives me. Where is my phone?!” she asked in a hurry then remembered that she left it at home. She wanted to run home but c@m£ back to Kingsley. “plea-se, you will help me tell Wisdom the truth. Abeg you in the name of God!”
“No problem” Kingsley replied before she ran out but c@m£ back again.
“plea-se, don’t allow Vivian to know, plea-se” she said.
“Okay” Kingsley replied. She ran out but c@m£ back for the third time.
“Even Linda, don’t tell her or she will fight Vivian instantly, okay?” she pleaded.
“Okay” Kingsley replied again before she finally ran home to get her phone.
Kingsley sat alone at the lonely place feeling like a betrayer. But he couldn’t bear Tochi’s tears which was actually the reason why he told her the truth. Suddenly, Linda arrived.
“Have you seen Tochi?” she asked him without smiling.
“She has gone home” he replied without smiling too.
“I can’t tell you”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean exactly what i said”
Linda disdained him and sat beside him spacing out to another angle then hissed. Kingsley glanced at her occasionally feeling her anger on him probably because he had been a closed friend to Vivian.
Few minutes later, Tochi arrived. Her heart skipped when she saw Linda because she knew what she can do if the information get to her.
“Why did you go home?” Linda stood up.
“To collect my phone” Tochi replied without looking at her as she dialed Wisdom’s number. She flashed him then he called back instantly before she handed the phone to Kingsley. Linda was confused when both watched Kingsley talking to Wisdom.
“O-girl what is it nah?” Linda asked Tochi curiously.
“Calm down” she replied then they listened to Kingsley as he explained everything to Wisdom.
“Which girl is Kingsley talking about?” Linda asked.
“Vivian” Tochi replied.
“Can you explain more?”
“Calme down”
“Oooh, why are you telling me to calm down?!” she hit her feet angrily on the ground. Suddenly Kingsley c@m£ over and handed the phone to Tochi. She took it to a distance while he stood beside Linda.
“Wisdom?” Tochi called. “plea-se, I’m sorry for..”
“No, don’t” Wisdom interrupted. “I should be the one apologizing. I actually met Vivian in their house when i got there with Mr Anuma for a p@rticular signature. From there she took a selfee with me behaving strange. I didn’t have anything in mind”
“I un-derstand you. plea-se, forgive me too”
“Is okay, i promise nothing will ever separate us again”
“I promise you too”
“I love you so much” Wisdom said then Tochi looked around to check the pres£nce of teachers before she replied, “I love you too”
“Most of all, take your studies seriously”
“I will, you can call me with this line”
“You now have a phone?!”
“Of course, I’m now a big girl” they laughed before the line went dead. She went to Kingsley when she saw Linda hurrying out.
“What did U tell Linda?” she asked.
“Everything” Kingsley replied.
“Oh! I told you not to tell her!” they pursued her instantly
Meanwhile, Linda had met Vivian in d clas-sroom where she was operating her phone. She tapped her nd gave her a h0t sl@p immediately she turned.
Vivian stood up angrily to react on the h0t sl@p but Linda gave her another one and pushed her to the wall before students gathered around and held Linda as she wanted to give her another provocative sl@p. Tochi and Kingsley arrived. As the s£nior prefects, student expected them to take the rightful action. However, Vivian had no idea why Linda picked up a fight with her, she said, “Linda, you sl@pped me?!”
“And i will still sl@p you again you shameless s–t! Your evil plans have been expo-sed. How can you be so wicked and heartless to hurt someone’s feelings because of a boy?!”
“Heeehhh!” students shouted but none of them had a clue of what or to whom Linda was talking about except Tochi and Kingsley. Just then Vivian un-derstood that she had been betrayed. So she looked at Kingsley angrily who immediately acted as a s£nior prefect otherwise he would be reported for not standing up to his responsibility.
“Both of you go on your knees!” he shouted, yet Vivian and Linda were still standing.
Mr Anuma, who heard their noise while going to the principal’s office c@m£ around.
“Kizito” he called.
“Yes, sir” Kingsley answered.
“What’s the cause of this haphazard catastrophe?”
“Sir, Linda and Vivian were caught intending to fight and have also refused to obey my commands”
“Oh, Lala!” Mr Anuma looked at them and adjusted his eyeglas-ses bending like an elder. Seeing his action, Vivian and Linda went on their knees immediately then he asked them the cause of the quarrel but none of them answered before he turned to Kingsley again.
“Kizito” Mr Anuma began. “I’m giving you the carteblanche to flogg out hyperventilation in them. And never you st©p until you experience carpaltunnel syndrome because i believe the reason of their mute is hanky-panky”
“Okay, sir” Kingsley replied smiling at the grammar.
“Sir, what is hanky-panky?!” a male student shouted from the door but Mr Anuma didn’t replied as he moved towards the door too. He stared at the boy for a while angrily then smiled.
“Make use of your edutainment” he replied and walked out.
“Hmm, you are confusing me the more, sir” the boy murmured into the clas-s where Vivian and Linda were expected to receive their punishments by Kingsley. Tochi told him to forgive them but he refused and allowed them to remain like that.
Vivian went to Tochi where she was parking her books to leave.
“Listen” she began but Tochi didn’t look at her. “I promise i will never st©p until Wisdom becomes mine. Moreover, be re-ady to travel to London because I’m going there to meet him after my waec. I know you can’t afford a cab not to talk of an airplane, even if you sell everything your family has” she hissed and walked out. Then Tochi stared at her feeling her eyes we-t with tears for her mockery words. Just then Linda arrived.
“What did she say?” she asked.
“Nothing” Tochi replied and flung her bag on her shoulder then went out briskly with Linda.
As they went outside they saw Vivian arguing went Kingsley.
“..Seriously, you nee-d to st©p all these nons-en-se. It doesn’t make s-en-se!” Kingsley shouted.
“Well, i just know the type of person you are for betraying me” Vivian defended.
“But i had to!”
“Bcoz of what you just did, you can never win Tochi’s heart again and you have shown me that you are not man enough, nons-en-se!” Vivian concluded and walked out. Kingsley watched her feeling the bitterness of her words.
“Me, Kizito Santo, not man enough” he murmured bitterly.
Kingsley was lonely. Vivian’s words couldn’t get off his mind and the thought of Tochi not showing him love broke his heart. Now, he was all alone without Tochi or Vivian. He sat quietly in the clas-sroom with his back leaned on the edge of another locker behind him. Vivian hissed as she pas-sed ma-king him feel more devastated. When Linda saw how quiet he was, she gently walked to him.
“Hi, you have been sitting here quietly leaving all the work for Tochi. Why?” she asked but Kingsley kept quiet with his hands folded. “I admire your courage for saying the truth yesterday” she added.
“Thanks” Kingsley replied reluctantly.
“That makes you a man. A man should be truthful and stand by his words and that’s exactly what you did. br@vo to you”
Hearing that, Kingsley felt less devastated or heartbroken so he let out a smile which Linda saw and smiled too.
“I actually thought that I’m a disgrace to man-hood” he said.
“No! Who told you that?”
“Vivian, for ex-posing her”
“Don’t mind her, you did the right thing. She’s a disgrace to woman-hood for forcing herself to a man”
“I actually like the way you sl@pped her yesterday. Mehn, you are an action and iron lady!” Kingsley sat up and they laughed. “I never thought you are this strong!” he added.
“I’m not, just that i hate injustice. The girl is so annoying abeg”
“Thanks” Kingsley stared at her.
“For what?”
“For putting a smile on my face this afternoon”
“Is okay” they stared at each other..
“Why are you staring at me?” Linda and Kingsley asked at the same time and smiled. Just then Tochi entered seeing them together which had never happened for a long time.
“What’s going on here?” she asked.
“Nothing?” they replied at the same time again.
“Hmm, but i have never seen both of you together like this oh. Anyways, Kingsley will make a good husband to the iron lady”
“What does that suppose to mean?” Linda asked.
“Did i call your name? Or is your name iron lady..?”
Kingsley couldn’t st©p smiling as he listened to both of them with his hands folded.
“The principal is calling you, kingsley” Tochi told him
“Why?” he asked.
“I don’t know”
“Alright” he stood up and went out immediately.
Few minutes later, the bell rang and all the students were gathered in front of the principal’s office. They knew an important information wanted to be pas-sed out to them anytime they are summoned that way. Mr Nelson and Mr Anuma stood on the higher pavement looking at all the noisy students.
“Quiet, plea-se!” Kingsley shouted before it gradually died down then Linda admired him while Vivian disdained him.
“Good afternoon, students!”
“Good afternoon, sir!”
“A better and a useful information has to be pas-sed out to every student in Nigeria” the principal began. “The federal government has approved that any student who is able to score nine As on his or her waec examination, and can also defend it after he or she is called at the waec office will be given a scholarsh!pto study abroad” the students began to rejoice.
“Quiet!” Mr Anuma shouted before everywhere remained calm again.
The principal continued, “This will enable students to study ha-rd and improve educationally. I am proud that one of my graduated students was able to get nine As and defended it. So I’m urging you to study ha-rd too so that you will be like him. Do you un-derstand?!”
“Yes, sir!” the students chorused.
The principal went inside the office and left the floor for Mr Anuma as usual then students began to giggle when he adjusted his eyeglas-ses and put his hands inside his pockets.
“Sir, plea-se, don’t murder us with your grammar oh!” a male student shouted from the crowed.
“Sir, take it easy plea-se” a female student added.
“Quiet” Kingsley shouted then everywhere bec@m£ quiet.
“I’m not surprise at your vulgarization” Mr Anuma began. “The information which has been given to you tantalisingly, no matter how vivacious, voracious, even cadaverous and wanderlvst your are, if you don’t make your books your first priority then you will end up precipitously”
“Heeehh!” the students shouted. Then Mr Anuma smiled and went into the office too.
“Sir has finally murdered me after all the pleading” the boy said bitterly and smiled.
Kingsley stood before all the students. He was actually given the order to dismiss them immediately after the information, so he called on Linda to lead them in prayer which she did reluctantly and everyb©dy went home except Tochi and Linda who met Kingsley at the junior section where he was locking the clas-srooms.
“Kingsley, you looked for my trouble today oh” Linda started.
“What have i done?” he asked smiling.
“Why would you call me to lead the prayer?”
“Because he loves you” Tochi interfered.
“Bia, this girl, take time oh” Linda warned pointing at her with smiles on her face.
“Are you going home now?” Kingsley changed the t©pic.
“Yes, should we wait for you?” Tochi asked.
“I will only do that for a reason” Linda said.
“What reason?” Kingsley asked.
“For the reason that she loves you” Tochi interfered again and ran away, then Linda pursued her while Kingsley smiled at them. They waited for him to close the clas-srooms before they went home happily and cracking jokes.
SS3 waec candid@t£s began their exam. A day before that, Wisdom called Tochi on the phone at night when she was in her room.
“Promise to make me proud once again by pas-sing your exam” he said.
“I promise you, of course i studied ha-rd . Don’t worry, i will soon meet you there” Tochi replied then Wisdom laughed.
“How sure are you that you will make nine As?” he asked.
“I’m very sure oh!”
“Well, i wish you good luck”
“Thank you”
“Bye, i love you”
“I love you too” the line went off.
Vivian, whose calls had been rejecting by Wisdom s£nt him a message that same night: WEATHER I MAKE MY WAEC OR NOT I’M COMING OVER TO SHOW YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU..
On the examination day, candid@t£ waited outside. Some were re-ading their books while some didn’t care but believed that manner would come down from heaven or probably the answers to the questions will be seen on the ceiling.
Only Vivian was seen alone but as time went on other close friends of hers met her un-der a tree and started a conversation.
Tochi and Linda also were at another angle thinking of how the examination will be while Kingsley was with Mr Anuma. Few hours later the examination kicked off…
It was the last day of the waec examination. All hands were on deck by the candid@t£s to make sure they c@m£ out with an excellent result. After the end of the last paper, students suddenly grew wings shouting and ma-king noise in the hall. Vivian was seen at a corner laughing and chatting with some group of girls while Linda and Tochi also sat closely together on a locker near the window.
“I can see you are missing someb©dy” Tochi broke the silence.
“I’m not missing anyb©dy, I’m missing something” Linda replied.
“And what could that be?”
“My result of course. And who were you talking about?”
“Kingsley of course” Tochi replied but she kept quiet spacing out throu-gh the window.
“Why should i miss him? We aren’t d@t!ng” she finally said.
“But you love him, right?”
Linda nodded her head positively and said, “Yes, but i don’t think he’s interested in me too, if not, he would have proposed by now”
Tochi wanted to say something but the pres£nce of Mr Anuma and Kingsley who just walked in prevented her, then all the students composed themselves by taking their seats and less£n the noise. Kingsley’s eyes caught with Linda’s and they smiled.
“Let me believe that this haphazard noisy hall is caused by external candid@t£” Mr Anuma began with a hand in his pocket. “Well, we have come to the end of this examination and I’m expecting you all to at least get a C if not a B..”
“Sir, i will get an A!” a male voice shouted from behind ma-king students to look back.
“Who is that c0ckatoo?! I know you won’t even see a ‘D’ not to talk of a C” Mr Anuma said and students giggled. “So, as i was saying before that clown interrupted me, you are expected to come to the school premises for your results when it shall be re-leased officially. un-derstood?”
“Yes, sir!”
“You may now go to your various habitats” he gently walked out and students began to troop outside. Just at the door, Vivian turned to see the person beside her to be Tochi who she was actually holding on the shoulder to support her locomotion. She withdrew her hand instantly and they glanced at each other without saying a word until they finally made it outside then Vivian hurried up.
“Vivian!” Tochi called her before she st©pped and turned with a frowned face. Tochi c@m£ closer looking into her angry eyes.
“Yes? What’s it?” Vivian asked.
“plea-se, let’s put out differences aside. Must we keep on quarreling over nothing?”Tochi said bitterly.
“plea-se, excuse me!” she hissed and walked out shaking her bu-ttocks voluntarily and ex-posing her attrac-tive steps as Tochi stared at her.
Meanwhile, Kingsley had cornered Linda in an empty clas-sroom unexpectedly to her. Her uniform was still neat and shiny. Some p@rt of her plaited hair dangled around her cheek which brou-ght out her real beauty. She blink her eyes continuously as she stood closely with Kingsley at the wall staring into his eyes. It was actually her first time of standing ro-mantically with a boy. Therefore, her heart began to beat fas-ter….
On the other hands, back in Austria, in Maria’s ap@rtment. There was nothing local or dirty in the beautiful ap@rtment. She wore a short red fairy go-wn which one could even see her un-derwears. Suddenly, a handsome guy with an attrac-tive beards round his cheek c@m£ in then she quic-kly hvgged and k!$$£d him.
“Whoa Whoa Whoa, take it easy baby” the guy said.
“But i miss you”
“That’s right, baby, i miss you too” he gently carried her to the be-d as he was k!ss!ngand undressed her too. He stimulated her n—–s by su-cking them pas-sionately and also stimulating her c——s with a hand, while Maria scream ro-mantically feeling the tinkling s-en-sation.
“Uuhhmm” she screamed when the guy finally found his way into her v—-a with his tallest f!nger before his d–k followed. One could see him humping gently up and down on her with hisl-ips still on her n—–s.
che-ster, who had been suspecting Maria lately even though they weren’t d@t!ngopened her door to their shock. Maria was astonished with an open mouth when she saw him.
“I’m sorry” che-ster said. He quietly closed the door and went away but never prevented the guy from satisfying both himself and Maria.
Still in the clas-sroom, Kingsley held Linda’s hands and said, “I don’t know how you will feel about this but.. but.. i love you. You have been the one my heart actually wanted but i was so blind to see it. plea-se, tell me you love me too”
Linda waited for a while. Kingsley could see her che-st pumping up and down nervously along with external respiration.
“Kingsley?” Linda called looking at him. “Yes, i love you too” she replied then they stared at each other for a while smiling.
“I’m so happy to hear that” Kingsley broke the silence.
“Me too” she replied and they giggled in silence again before Kingsley held her closely around the w@!st and drew her closer. Then raised her face up and k!$$£d her…
che-ster kept his books on his desk. He wore a white canvas, white trou-ser and a white shi-t with black str!ps on it to match the nature of his hair and wrist watch which sparkled when the light from an electric bulb reflected on it. He sat quietly on the be-d thinking about what his eyes saw in Maria’s ap@rtment. Few minutes Later, Maria opened his door gently. He glanced at her and concentrated while she stood before him speechless.
“I’m sorry, che-ster” she said with a low and a piteous voice,
“Sorry for what?” che-ster asked without looking at her.
“About what happened today”
“Is none of my business” he said then both remained quiet. “I want to asked one thing from you” che-ster added.
“I want you to run a pregnancy test today and show me the result”
“But why?”
“Maria, I’m not stupid!” he stood up. “I want that pregnancy test to be done today before you come one day telling me you are pregnant for me thereby giving me the responsibility of another man!!”
“Is that what you think?!”
“What else should i think when u have multi-ple S-xual p@rtners?! Now, go out there and bring me the pregnancy result before nightfall” che-ster concluded looking at her and stretching his hands towards the door.
“I don’t blame you” Maria walked out angrily looking S-xy in her bu-mshort and high-heel shoes.
Linda actually told Tochi everything and how she felt when she had her first k!sswith Kingsley. “It was amazing!” she had said as they were going home.
Calista had been d@t!ngJames who she accepted long time ago. She had actually been having a lovely time with him and enjoying the relationsh!p. Jennifer was the only girl who was disappointed by several guys. As Calista sat on a chair re-ading a book, she c@m£ in looking angry and disappointed. She kept her bag and sat on the be-d with her hands folded.
“Jennifer, ongini? What is it?” Calista asked looking at her from the chair.
“Can you imaging Roland has broken-up with me?”
“But why?”
“I don’t know, i didn’t even do anything. I offered everything to him even my b©dy..” her voice began to break then she started crying. “I can’t believe this is the fifth guy breaking up with me in less than two months. Ehn..?” she looked at Calista with tears in her eyes. “Or am i not beautiful enough? Ehn.. Calista tell me, where did i go wrong? Right from my secondary school i have always been disappointed by men..”
Calista felt her pains and tears so she stood up and embr@ced her.
“You are more than beautiful my dear. Don’t worry yourself so much about it. It simply means that the right man has not come your way. plea-se, st©p crying” she consoled her…
Melody wore Edwin’s singlet with a jean trou-ser. One could see the hand of her black br@ along side with the hand of the singlet. She sang a song as she was in the kitchen preparing dinner while Edwin battled with her as-signment.
“This as-signment is a bit difficult oh!” he shouted.
“Bitter do it oh. And you must finish it before I’m done with this food” Melody replied from the kitchen then Edwin smiled at her command.
Few minutes later, Melody serve a plate of rice before him with two spoons and they began to eat happily.
“If your food is tasty like this, i wonder how sweet you will also taste” Edwin said smiling.
“You have started again, n@ûghty boy” she smiled too pretending as if she didn’t know what he was talking about and they fed themselves occasionally. Few minutes later, they la-id side by side in the be-d looking at each other in the eyes.
“I can see you in my future” Edwin began. “I just hope we end up together because i love you so much”
“Yes, i love you too. We should concentrate on our studies so that we will have a brighter future, okay?” she began to t©uçh his cheek smiling.
“Okay” Edwin replied smiling too and tou-ching her hair. He gradually la-id on t©p of her and began to k!ssher stimulating her breat also which made her n—–s stood erect. He occasionally wanted to go inbetween her legs with his hand but she re-moved it instantly. The r0m@nç£got so s-en-sitive that she didn’t know when she was left with only her p@n-t which he wanted 2 undress to find his way into her v—-a.
“Wait!” Melody shouted.
“What is it?”
“I’m scared”
“I won’t hurt u my love”
“No, I’m scared of pregnancy”
“U won’t be pregnant, trust me”
“What if i become mistakenly?”
“Then i will have a girl to take to the alter” Edwin replied and they smiled. Without being reminded, he continued from where he st©pped. He k!$$£d her pas-sionately and gently undressed the p@n-t which she hesitated at first but re-leased her hands for him to have his way into her v—-a and practically break her hy-men. It was a feeling she had never experienced or expected, so she reciprocated reluctantly until they were satisfied.