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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The unpredicted love 2 Episode 11 & 12

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Tochi went inside the classroom again as Vivian and Linda stared at each other. She was surprise to see them looking angry and quiet. None of them even behaved as if they noticed her presence talkless of looking at her, then she stood beside both of them.


“Hello!” she shouted but none of them said a word. “Girls, what is going on?” she asked.


“Nothing is going on” Linda replied and faced the window.


“You can’t tell me nothing. Look at how you both look so angry and you are telling me nothing”


Suddenly, the phone began to ring again. Linda turned sharply to see the caller, she saw the same name ‘My Boo’ then looked at Vivian who was confused whether to pick the call or not. Even Tochi watched as both of them behaved as if they had some secrets. Vivian wanted to pick the call but Linda prevented her saying, “You dare not pick that call again!!”


“And if i do?”


“I will take that phone from you and smash it on the floor in your presence!” Linda stood up angrily.


“Whoa whoa whoa” Tochi blocked her. “Come on, what is going on?” she asked again.


“Ask this b—h what she has been doing with Wisdom”


“You are a b—h too!” Vivian

defended. “Do you know how long i have been dating Wisdom even before he met Tochi?” she added.


Tochi turned gradually to Vivian. She still didn’t understand what they were talking about then she turned back to Linda again.

“Please, explain to me what you said” she told her.


“Vivian has been dating Wisdom for how long i don’t know. She has his pictures on her phone which they snapped together and the person calling her now is Wisdom” Linda explained.


“I can’t believe this” Tochi said bitterly and turned, “Vivian, is what Linda said true?” she asked.


“Well, I’m sorry, Wisdom and i have been dating for a long time even before he met you” she replied boldly. Then Tochi became speechless feeling her eyes wet with tears.


“I can’t believe Wisdom could do this to me” she said and the tears finally dropped. She cleaned it instantly and went out followed by Linda.


Throughout the day, Tochi became dull and her eyes couldn’t stop circling with tears. Kingsley noticed it just few minutes before school closed then he went to her seat.


“You are looking dull again, talk to me, what’s d problem” he asked but Tochi kept quiet. “Who hurt you?” he asked again.


“Just get out of here or i will give you a slap” Tochi replied in a low voice but with anger. Kingsley stared at her for a while before he went back to his seat.





Tochukwu didn’t even wait for the bell to be rung, she flung her school bag on her

back and headed home angrily. But Mr Anuma called her from his office when he saw her.


“Desmond, you are nothing looking happy. What’s the problem”


“Nothing, sir”


“But even your eyes have turned red”


“Fly entered into my eyes, sir”


“Oh, sorry for that” Mr Anuma brought out a paper. “Wisdom said i should give you this number. You can reach him with it” Tochi collected it and left immediately.



On the other hand, Kingsley cornered Vivian in a hurry.

“What’s going on?” he asked.


“What do you mean?”


“I’m talking about Tochi, she looks devastated”


“That’s becoz she has found out that Wisdom is cheatin on her”


“Jeez! How do you know?!”


“I made her think so”


“How?” Kingsley was still inquisitive then Vivian told him everything even showed him the pictures.


“So, you want Wisdom to yourself that’s why you are doing all this?” Kingsley asked again.


“Yes, and i won’t stop until i see Wisdom finally becomes mine. Listen, this is the right time for you to win her heart. It is now or never!” she concluded and went out briskly rendering Kingsley speechless with an open mouth.


“This girl is a devil oh!!” he murmured silently in surprise.



Mrs Desmond wasn’t around when Tochi returned. She changed her uniform instantly and collected money from her bag then went out immediately. She wore a black leggings and a white top shaking her butt involuntarily. She got to a call centre to call Wisdom then she collected the cell phone instantly. She dialed the number waiting patiently for him to pick.


“Hello, whose this?” Wisdom asked on the phone.


“Is me Tochi” she replied feeling her heartbeat again.


“I have been trying to reach you. I’m so happy to hear from you”


“Spear me that nonsense, Wisdom! How long have you been dating Vivian?”


“Excuse me? What are you talking about and Who is Vivian?”


“Vivian Luster, the one you are dating!”


“No dear, you are mistaking. I was actually trying to reach you through her phone”


“Lair! So this is the promises you made to me” her voice began to break in cry. “How do you explain your pictures on her phone? How do you explain how she got your number and even met you? So you have been deceiving me all these while? Well, thank you, i don’t believe in your promises anymore” she cut the call angrily.


“No, you are misunder… Hello… Hello, Tochi!!” Wisdom shouted in vain and became heart broken…


Wisdom called back bitterly but Tochi had already gone home with tears in her eyes. She laid on her bed crying bitterly too.



Just as Vivian was entering into their house, she met her mum coming out with a car key. Instantly, her phone began to ring but she cut it because she knew her mother would have been mad at her for taking her phone to school. She greeted and went into her room before she picked the call.


“Hello, Wisdom” she said.


“Please, you need to stop all this. I thought you said Tochi wasn’t in school today. Then how did she find out that i called you? By the way, why did you give her the impression that we are dating when you know that’s a lie?”


“But i love you so much”


“Hell go with your love!! Now listen to me, i want you to go back to Tochi and tell her the truth, please!”


“Why are you wasting your time on a girl that doesn’t love you?”


“What do you mean?” Wisdom asked.


“Tochi is cheating on you. She’s dating a boy called Kingsley and you are here dying for her” she replied.


Wisdom remained quiet for sometimes and said, “I don’t believe you, just stay out of our way!”


“Well, you will soon believe me when i come over to London”


“Please, a-a-abeg you, ju-just talk to Tochi for me. I can’t afford to lose her” he stammered bitterly.


“No need because she doesn’t love you” the line went dead.





Calista ran into Jennifer’s compound shouting happily which made Jennifer ran out from the house wearing a long gown while she wore a skirt and a top.


“Why are you shouting my name?!” Jennifer asked curiously.


“I have gained admission!”


“Heeehh!” they shouted at the same time and hugged each other.


“I need to go and check my own admission status too” Jennifer ran inside and came out with a money then they hurried out.



Melody sat alone in front of their house on a long bench wearing a black skirt with an ear-piece in her ears. She shook her head rhythmically to the music playing through the cell phone, but she suddenly picked a called that came in.


“Hello Edwin” she said with smiles on her face.


“Guess what? I have gained admission!”


Melody jumped up shouting with a loud voice. “Please, check for me too” she requested.


“Alright, send your details to me” Edwin replied.





Tochi had not bothered to call Wisdom again or even associated herself with Vivian. She sat alone at the back of the classroom lost in thought before Kingsley came around. He never wanted to give up on her so he gently sat beside her.


“You have been avoiding me close to a month now. I have no bad intention towards you. Wisdom, cheating on you is a clear sign that you both are not meant to be. I will not break your heart, i won’t cheat on you, i will love you with all my heart. Please, just give me a chance”


Tochi glanced at him and bent down again. “Just leave me alone, you men are just the same” she said without looking at him.


“I’m different, just give me a chance” Kingsley held her hand and she stared into his eyes. Just then, Vivian snapped them with her cell phone through the window unknowingly to Tochi. Immediately Mr Anuma summoned her from his office.


“I need to go” she stood up walking away but she suddenly turned and said, “I can’t give you a chance. I’m sorry” she hurried out.


Kingsley stood up and went to Vivian smiling seriously with her.


“Did it work?” he asked.


“Perfectly! Terrific!” Vivian replied and showed her the picture she snapped him and Tochi recently.


“So what next?”


“I will just send it to Wisdom and convince him the more that Tochi is cheating on him. Then after that, she will come begging you to accept her after Wisdom break up with her” they smiled.





Wisdom’s room had a thick high bed with a white bedshit covering it. He just came out from the bathroom tying a white towel round his waist showcasing his attractive fair body complexion. He saw his phone bling then picked it up only to see Tochi’s picture sitting romantically with Kingsley then he called Vivian immediately.


“What’s the meaning of this picture you sent to me?” he asked.


“Is for you to see and believe that Tochi is cheating on you and never loved you”


Wisdom sat on the bed with a broken heart and remained speechless.

“Please, don’t be sad darling, i will love you no matter what. I guess she doesn’t value you that’s why she’s doing this to you. But i promise you that i will be faithful to you” Vivian said.


“Thank you for the information” Wisdom cut the call and flung the phone angrily back to the bad. He felt his eyes wet with tears and his heart break into two then he rubbed his head vigorously with his hands bitterly trying so had to prevent the tears from dropping but it finally dropped. “No!” he shouted in a loud voice.







Esther also got admission just like others and all were in their higher institutions doing their clearance and eventually started schooling. Calista and Jennifer got admitted in the same institution..



Tochi came back from school and walked sluggishly straight into the kitchen where her mother was preparing lunch. She greeted as she took a seat spacing out, up in the sky.


“Tochukwu” the mother called and glanced at her. “Is there any way you have heard from that your teacher who is in Obodo Oyibo?”


“Yes, Mama” Tochi replied without smiling or even looking at her.


“How’s he doing?”


“He’s doing fine”


The mother kept quiet and glanced at her again then gently brought out a package. “Take this, so that you will always call him at anytime you want” she said and handed it to her. Tochi opened the package with joy when she saw that it was actually a phone, then she thanked and hugged her mother.



Esther’s phone rang while in school in her apartment. She wore a long stockings with a bumshort lying face down in her bed. She smiled when she saw the caller to be Chester then she picked it instantly.


“Hello, sweetheart” Chester sounded on the phone.


“Hello my heart” she replied raising up one of her legs smiling.


“Tell me you are working hard”


“Of course, I’m working hard if not i wouldn’t have been in the higher institution now”


“That’s my girl, i miss you”


“I miss you more! When are you coming back?”


“Anytime I’m through with my education here”


“By then i have given birth oh”


“I’m not disputing on that but make sure it will be my child”






They laughed seriously before the line went dead.





Calista was living in the same apartment with Jennifer. They actually started newly behaving like green horns. Only Jennifer was in the room on the bed with her face up thinking about her love-life. One could see a bunch of clothes in a basket and some other sexy clothes hanging in the wardrobe.


“I have not had a particular person i can call my boyfriend right from my secondary school. Wisdom, whom i had feelings for disappointed me and i ended up disgracing myself. Does it mean i will keep on moving like this? Hmm..” Jennifer was thinking but interrupted by Calista who just walked in wearing a mini skirt with a hand-bag in her arm.


“Hi, how was lectures?” Jennifer asked.


“Fine oh” she sat down. “O-girl, guess what?” she added then Jennifer sat up in anticipation.


“What is it?” she asked curiously.


“Can you imaging that boy is still disturbing me? He even bought something for me today” Calista replied.


“Which boy are you talking about?”


“James nah, James Israel”


“Hmm, don’t you love him?”


“Huumm..” Calista squeezed her mouth a bit. “Well, i love him but you know how we girls should behave nah” she replied.


“So, you are playing hard to get”


“Before nko”


“Well, your own better” Jennifer concluded without smiling and stared at the bed.


Calista noticed her quietness and a bit of her sadness then she bent her head piteously and asked, “Why are you so worried?”


“Me?” Jennifer raised up her head. “I’m not worried” she replied.


“Come on girl, is written all over your face”


Jennifer waited for a while then asked, “Do you have Wisdom’s number?”


“No, why?”


“I want to hear his voice. Only to hear his voice”


Hearing her polite request and voice, Calista pitied her. She stared into her eyes and asked, “Do you still love him?” but Jennifer kept quiet. “I will call Esther, i think she will get his number from Chester” Calista concluded.





Chester’s apartment was furnished beautifully with modern materials. He was with his books on the table when his phone rang-Esther was calling. He picked and gave her Wisdom’s number which she requested. After some minutes Wisdom also called him.


“Hello, bro” Chester stood up and laid on the bed.


“Chester, my heart is shattered” Wisdom replied.




“Tochi has been cheating on me”


“How do you know?”


“Her friend and her classmate told me even sent their pictures to me. Though, the last time Tochi called she told me that I’m cheating on her with that same girl that reported her”


“Guy, Something is fishy. What’s the name of the girl?”




“Guy, just be sure before you take any action” Chester said but Wisdom kept quiet. “Hello, bro”


“How can i get Jennifer’s number?” Wisdom requested.


“Jennifer? Why do you need her number?”


“For old time sake, bro”


“Hmm, well, you can get it from Esther. She just requested for your number few minutes ago”


“Okay, thanks”


“Be careful, bro” Chester concluded. Just then Maria activated the alarm door. He opened the door and walked back to his seat without saying a word.


“Good evening, dear” Maria greeted and placed her hand around his shoulder from behind.


“Welcome” Chester replied.


“Why are you behaving like you don’t miss me?”


“Well, i don’t miss you. As you can see, I’m busy with my books now”


Maria moved round and sat on his thighs touching his handsome face.


“You have been avoiding me lately but i think tonight you will have a change of mind” she said and began to kiss him gently. Chester could see her attractive b—-t through her gown…


Seeing the attractive b—-t, Chester was moved to reciprocate on the passionate kiss. He gently flung her hair backward and carried her to the bed in a way he was on top. He finally grabbed the b—-t which made her let out a scream. Maria had already undressed his clothes and also unbuttoned his belt. While Chester undressed her too leaving only her panties. He could clearly see her attractive b—-t and body even fairy hair down her abdomen. He finally undress the pant and found his way into her v—-a which made Maria held him tightly with her eyes closed….



Wisdom sat on his reading chair with a table before him. He couldn’t concentrate because he thought that Tochi was actually dating another guy. Then he stood up walking towards the wall and hit his hands continuously on it like a boxer. “Tochi why would you do this to me?” he murmured. He suddenly turned to his ringing phone and picked it instantly.


“Wisdom?” Jennifer called on the phone.


Wisdom was able to recognize her voice immediately.


“Jennifer?” he also called.


“How do you know it was me?”


“Because i have known you for years” they giggled and became quiet.


“How’s Tochi?” Jennifer broke the silence.


“Uh.. She’s… Tochi.. She’s fine. Yes, she’s fine” Wisdom replied.


“But you sound as if something is wrong”


“No, nothing is wrong” they became quiet again.


“I miss you” Jennifer said.


“I miss you too, i want you to concentrate on your studies, okay?”


“Okay, bye”


“Bye” the line went dead and Wisdom exhaled deeply.



Back to Australia, Chester laid side by side with Maria covered with a white bedshit and staring at the ceiling in regret. While Maria rubbed her hand romantically on his chest with smiles on her face.


“I never knew you are so hot” she said but Chester kept quiet.


“Who was that girl you brought into your house in Nigeria? What’s her name again? Esther?” she added.


“Is none of your business” Chester stood up and began to dress up. “Bear it in mind that what happened now is a mistake because we are not betrothed to each other neither are we dating” he added.


“And what does that mean?!”


“You know what it means”


“You must be joking! What do you take me for?! A prostitute?!” Maria shouted from the bed but Chester kept quiet.





Melody was schooling in the same institution with Edwin. They had been having a lovely time together and visiting each other. Melody just came out from the lecture hall when her phone rang then she picked it up smiling. She wore a tight jean trouser and a top with books in her hand. On her feet were black flat cover-shoes. After making the call, she headed straight to Edwin’s apartment. The apartment wasn’t furnished or modernized but was comfortable and conducive. Edwin gently gave her a hug and a quick kiss before returning to the bed.


“So, why did you call me?” Melody kept her books. “Don’t tell me you have finished the food i cooked yesterday oh” she added smiling.


“I have finished it” Edwin replied staring at her. He wore a white singlet and also a jean trouser.


“Now you are hungry again, abi?”


“Yes, but no”


“What do you mean by that?”


“I’m hungry of you” he stood up and began to touch her hair gently while Melody stared into his lovely eyes feeling her heartbeat. Edwin gradually pulled her on the bed kissing her gently and stimulating her n—–s. She was carried away with the feelings and stimulation but suddenly quit the whole thing breathing heavily.


“What is it?” Edwin asked.


“I’m sorry, i can’t do it” she replied.




“Because I’m scared. I have not done it before”


Edwin remained quiet for a while and smiled.

“Is okay” he concluded.





Tochi wore a bumshort and a bra. She laid in her room operating her new phone which light brightened the whole room. One could see her beautiful face with the help of the light from the phone. Sooner did she stop and began to think about Wisdom then she dialed his number which rang instantly.


“Hello, who’s this?” Wisdom picked the call but Tochi didn’t respond rather she cut it.


Wisdom called back severally before she picked.


“Wisdom?” she called with a low voice feeling her heartbeat. Hearing her voice, Wisdom stood up from his seat where he was sitting and was able to recognize her voice too.


“Tochi?” he called.


“Good evening”


“No, is afternoon here”


“I’m sorry, good afternoon” Tochi corrected but Wisdom didn’t respond.


“How’s Kingsley?” he asked.


“Excuse me?”


“I mean Kingsley the one you are dating”


“Who told you that..”


“Now i know you never loved me” Wisdom interrupted her. “You should have allowed me to explain before making yourself so cheap to other boys! You disgust me!!” the line went off.


“Wisdom i don’t know what you are talking about. And you are even shouting at me.. Hello.. Wisdom? Are you there?” Tochi said in vain and began to shed tears.

“What have i done now? What is happening?” she started crying bitterly and hardly had a good sleep throughout the night..


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