The unpredicted love 2 Episode 1 & 2

Her room was dark and quiet, but she
could hear her mother preparing
breakfast in the kitchen when she woke
up. She quic-kly turned on the light and
everywhere bec@m£ bright. She wore
only a p@n-t which had different colours
without a br@ to support the slightly
fallen b—-t. One could see her n—–s
stood £r£¢tfeeling the coldness of the
morning and her fairy hair down her
abd0m£n. Her name is Melody Smith.
The books on the table reminded her
that it was a day she had been preparing
for, a day which she had waited for and
a day she kept special for the dream
she had that night. She quic-kly rushed
into the bathroom without thinking twice
and began to take her barth. She sang a
melodious christian song as she had her
b©dy we-t with soupy water. But she
suddenly st©pped and stared at the wall.
“I have never dreamt of a man in my life,
but here i was last night dreaming of a
man i don’t even know. This is weird”
she concluded in thought and
continued. Few minutes later, she
rushed out to see her mother dressing
the dining table.
“Good morning, Mummy” she greated
and the mother looked at her. She was
impressed to see her re-ady for school.
“Sit down my daughter” she said. “The
God who gave me money to register you
on this waec examination will make you
pas-s in Jesus name!”
“Amen, Thank you Mummy”
“Welcome. Just take your breakfast”
After a while, Melody entered the road to
her school without any bag but with a
Mathematical set. One could see the
shape of her un-derwears clearly and
looking very attrac-tive from behind. She
hurried into the school compound but
couldn’t believe her eyes. The school
was as quiet as a grave yard. Nob©dy
was there, then she bec@m£ surprise
and wondered what was happening. It
was a clear description of her dream.
“God, am i still dreaming?” she thought
and slowed down. She narrowed her
vision and saw a boy in uniform but his
face wasn’t clear. “I saw this same
thing in my dream. What is going on?”
she thought again and bec@m£ scared.
“Hi” a female voice startled her from
behind then she turned sharply and
breathing heavily.
“Thank Goodness you are here!” she
“Why are you so frightened?” Calista
asked her.
“Can you imaging nob©dy is in school”
“What did you expect? School is on
“But at least waec candid@t£s should be
here by now”
“But look at a waec candid@t£ there”
Calista pointed at the boy standing at a
“Do you know him?” Melody asked.
“We shall know when we get there.
Let’s go”
The boy stood in front of SS3A with his
two hands in his pockets looking
handsome. He barbe-d his hair in a
fashionable style and had dimples which
was only visible when he smiles. He had
a chocolate complexion with a pair of
shoes on his feet. He turned to Melody
and Calista when they c@m£ around.
“Hi, Good morning” he greeted.
“Good morning” they responded and
glanced at him. His face wasn’t familiar
which made them wondered who he
was. Melody could see how he stared at
her, then she withdrew her face looking
at other side.
“I guess you also c@m£ for the exam”
the boy said aloud.
“Yes, and who are you?” Calista asked.
“I’m an external candid@t£. My name is
Edwin Goodness” he stepped down.
“Oh, welcome and I’m Calista Jacob”
“Nice to meet you” they shook hands,
yet Melody looked uninterested to their
“Ehnm.. Hello” Edwin call her attention
before she turned and looked at his
handsome face. “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine” Melody gave a weak smiled.
“May i know your name too?”
“I’m Melody Smith”
“That’s a pretty name”
“Thank you”
Just at that moment, candid@t£s began
to arrive. They saw Mr Anuma’s car
from a distance and also saw Esther
looking beautiful.
“Hey, Mrs che-ster!” they exclaimed and
ran towards her then eventually hvgged
her at the very sight of Edwin.
“Come, this girls, is too early for this
hvg and jokes. Which one is Mrs
che-ster again?” Esther asked smiling.
“Are you not Mrs che-ster?” Calista
“She cannot deny it” Melody added.
“Crazy girls!” Esther smiled and they
began to move into the hall. Melody
could see Edwin still staring at her as
they were moving, then she bec@m£
nervous and neglected him.
Few minutes later, the hall was
populated with students and the day
was brighter than before. che-ster and
Wisdom had come but were with Mr
Anuma who gave them an instruction
before they went into the hall at the
same time.
“S.P!!” some students shouted and
Wisdom began to smile. che-ster
gradually left the floor for him and sat
beside Esther who smiled at him
“Good morning, handsome” she
“Yes, that’s your new name”
“Wow, thank you”
“I hope you prepared very well for this
“Of course, yes” Esther replied. She
crossed her hand on his arms and
placed her head on his shoulder.
“Good morning my fellow students!”
Wisdom began.
“Good morning, S.P!” students
Before he continued, Jennifer slowly
walked in and everyb©dy stared at her…
A total silence took over the
examination hall when Jennifer entered,
then external candid@t£s wondered who
she was and why the sudden quietness.
Wisdom expected her to greet or take
permission before entering but she
didn’t, rather she walked quietly to a
lonely seat feeling less ashamed.
Calista and Melody stared at her while
Esther and che-ster also looked her but
they couldn’t st©p smiling!
“The examination will commence very
soon” Wisdom continued. “According to
Mr Anuma, external candid@t£s should
be aware that there will be no
malpractice and if any implication is
found among any of us, the victim will
be penalized..”
As Wisdom spoke with all boldness and
intelligence, Jennifer couldn’t st©p
staring at him remembering all she
pas-sed throu-gh in his hands and that of
Tochi, then she exhaled de-eply and bent
down her face on the locker. Esther
pitied her when she saw her and
glanced at che-ster.
“I feel so pity for her” she told him.
“That means you have a good heart and
my children will be pampered a lot for
any little thing even when they are
wrong” che-ster replied.
“What does that mean? And what
children are you talking about?”
“Our children”
“Come on, you silly boy” Esther hit him
gently on the shoulder and gr@bb£d his
arms again smiling. “But you are
heartless oh” she added.
“Why saying that?”
“Why can’t you pity someb©dy?”
“You mean Jennifer?”
“Why should i pity her?”
“Abeg go, you men are heartless joor”
Esther concluded and che-ster smiled at
her words.
Suddenly Mr Anuma entered with the
examiner and the students greeted with
their feet up.
“This examination shouldn’t be
ponderous otherwise you will suffer
from rheumatoidarthritis” Mr Anuma
began with a hand in his pocket. Just
then, some students who knew him
began to giggle at his grammar. Even
Edwin smiled hearing the unfamiliar
words, so he folded his arms and
adjusted in his seat re-ady to hear more
of them. Melody turned immediately and
their eyes caught together but she
withdrew her face instantly.
Mr Anuma continued, “The green horns
here who are unaware of the substantial
value this school has across the state
should plea-se, behave themselves in
other not to bring it down substantially
with criminal behaviours. un-derstood?!”
“Yes, sir!” the students Chorused and Mr
Anuma’s eyes caught with Jennifer’s.
“Mbakwe!” he called moving closer to
her. “Welcome back. I hope you
prepared very well for this exam”
“Yes, sir” she replied with a low voice
without smiling or looking at him. Mr
Anuma stared at her for a while and
ignored her.
Few minutes later, the exam began.
Everywhere was quiet and calmed as the
students made use of their pen and
br@in looking very serious. Only the
footsteps of Mr Anuma and the
examiner were head. Melody turned
occasionally to take a look at Edwin
who was writing as fast as possible,
then she wondered how intelligent he
would be.
Tochi la-id on her be-d imaging how
successful the term ended and what
Wisdom was actually doing at the
moment. She took a thought back to the
quiz day and smiled…
SS2 students rejoiced round the school
with Tochi at the front for few minutes
after school dismissed then Esther,
Melody and Calista cornered her and
hvgged her happily.
“Now i know the type of job Wisdom
was doing with you” Esther told Tochi.
“Yes oh, he really did a great job!”
Melody added.
“Hmm, I’m so happy for you oh!” Calista
hvgged her again and collected the price
from her. Suddenly Wisdom c@m£
“The job dealer is here” Esther said.
“plea-se, let’s give them some privacy”
she added before they left.
Wisdom and Tochi stared at each other
for a while glowing with smiles. Before
Wisdom could say anything, Tochi
hvgged him without minding the
pres£nce of anyb©dy.
“Thank you very much” she said and
dis£ngaged herself immediately.
“I’m so proud of you” Wisdom began.
“You can even do better next time in
your SS3”
“But you won’t be around by then” she
bec@m£ sad.
Wisdom held her on the shoulder with
his two hands looking into her eyes. “I
might not be around but always
remember that I’m with you” he said.
“Will i ever see you again?”
“Of course you will, where am i going…?”
Tochi smiled and glanced at the table by
the corner full of books, then she
remembered Wisdom again. “Will it ever
be like this?” she began to think. “What
if he enters university and forget me?
Probably he will meet girls more
beautiful and intelligent than me, then
he will just forget me” she bec@m£ sad
and walked out wearing a short white
jean Sk-irt.
The examination lasted for two hours.
Student went outside the hall to wait for
the second paper but Jennifer remained
inside folding her question paper
gradually. She slightly turned when she
heard Calista and Melody’s voices who
said, “Hi, Jennifer”. She didn’t respond
to them rather stared at her locker.
“I’m sorry, my parents prevented me
from seeing you” Calista began..
Melody watched silently as Calista
spoke to Jennifer with all sincerity. But
she quic-kly turned to someone who
tapped her on the shoulder gently. It
was Edwin.
“Hi, Melody” he said.
“Hey, Edwin” Melody replied and
concentrated on Jennifer and Calista
again. Edwin noticed she didn’t want to
give him attention so he walked outside.
Just at the door he turned and caught
her staring at him but she pretended
never to look at him.
“Jennifer” Calista Continued. “You
should be the one apologizing to me so
why behaving as if i am the one who
offended you?”
“Just go away, okay? I deserve to be
alone” Jennifer responded without
looking at her.
“No dear, we are still your friends”
Melody insisted walking towards the
other side of the locker. “Listen, we all
make mistakes, so lets call yours as
one of the mistakes people make. You
are not alone, okay?” she added but
Jennifer remained quiet.
“Jennifer, you nee-d to apologize to
Wisdom” Calista suggested but she
disdained her. “I have discovered that
you can’t get what does not belong to
“And what do you mean by that?”
“I’m talking about Wisdom”
“plea-se, just go away” Jennifer
Calista and Melody looked at each other
and went out. They could see che-ster
and Esther sitting on a fallen dried wood
in a way Esther was on his th!ghs.
“Hmm, Mr and Mrs che-ster, I’m hailing
you oh!” Calista shouted and they
laughed. Melody sighted Wisdom and
Edwin un-der a fruit tree giggling then she
tapped Calista.
“Oh girl, are you seeing what I’m
“Is that not Wisdom and..”
“Yes, does Wisdom know him?”
“I have no idea” they dep@rted to their
own way.
There was no sunlight un-der the tree.
Wisdom and Edwin looked as if they had
known each other for years even
che-ster wondered how they bec@m£ so
close like that.
“I am also a s£nior prefect in my
school” Edwin said.
“Really?!” Wisdom exclaimed
“Yes, and it’s not easy at all to take over
the responsibility”
“Yeah, it isn’t easy”
They remained quiet for a while.
Wisdom could see him staring at
Melody and Calista.
“Do you know them?” he asked.
“They are Calista and Melody” Edwin
“Wow, where did you get to know
“Here in the school. I don’t know why
she doesn’t want to give me her
“Who are you talking about?”
“The black one, Melody”
“It seems like you are admiring her.
Listen, before you fall inlove with any of
my students you have to pay ‘Love fee’”
Wisdom jokingly said and they laughed.
“That won’t be a problem, i will pay both
love fee and relationsh!pfee. Or do you
also nee-d the marriage fee?”
“No, that one goes to her parents”
Wisdom replied and they laughed again.
Wisdom was really happy to have
another friend who was just like him in
all things.
“Who was that girl that walked inside
the hall last?” Edwin asked.
“You mean Jennifer?”
“Is that her name?”
“Yeah, she’s.. she’s also my friend”
“But everyb©dy looks at her as if she’s
an outcast”
“Not really, she was expelled from
school for committing.. for doing
something bad”
“Like what?”
“I don’t think you nee-d to know, bro”
Edwin stared at him with smiles on his
face trying to get the answer from there
but couldn’t. Wisdom noticed that he
looked more inquisitive but didn’t mind.
“Can i talk to her?” Edwin requested.
“Yes, sure, but be careful”
“You sound as if she’s dangerous”
Wisdom smiled and kept quiet watching
him move inside the hall. Even Melody
saw him entering but didn’t show much
Jennifer was still on her seat going
throu-gh the questions once more when
Edwin entered and stood before her then
she glanced at him with no enthusiasm.
“Can we talk?” Edwin asked, yet she
didn’t say a word. He gr@bb£d a chair,
sat opposite her and placed his hands
on the locker.
“My name is Edwin Goodness. I can see
you are troubled. From what i gathered,
you were expelled for a reason i don’t
know and i don’t care to know. My
teacher once told me that, apology can
solve 95% of problems, so no matter
what you have done or how angry your
friends are at you, only your apology can
make things better, okay?”
Jennifer stared at him as he spoke with
intellectual abilities but didn’t say a
Melody and Calista were with Wisdom
while Esther couldn’t leave che-ster’s
th!ghs glowing with smiles.
“I hope you found the exam simple”
che-ster broke the silence.
“Of course, it was as simple as ABC”
“That’s the magic of being studious”
“Yes” they smiled.
Just then they sighted Mr Anuma
coming and Esther stood up from his
th!ghs immediately not knowing that he
had seen her alre-ady.
“Godwin!” Mr Anuma called from a
“Yes, sir!” Esther replied.
“You are not imperceptible so don’t
think I’m not seeing you”
“I’m sorry sir!”
“Good! Now everyb©dy should go into
the hall for the second paper!”
“Yes sir”
Students began to troop inside the hall
and when Melody saw Edwin sitting with
Jennifer, she began slightly jealous..
Edwin smiled at Jennifer. He stood up
from her seat when students were re-ady
for the second paper. He glanced at
Melody and smiled at her even though
she pretended not to see him. Everyb©dy
was re-ady except Jennifer who was lost
in thought of what Edwin told her but
she c@m£ back to her s-en-ses when a
question paper was dropped on her
locker, then she began to fill her
personal data.
The exam lasted for another two hours
and students began to troop outside.
Before then, Mr Anuma stood in front of
them all and said, “Those of you who
have turned this school to a love or
ro-mantic garden should be careful..”
Hearing that, Esther giggled looking at
che-ster because she knew he was
indirectly talking to her.
Mr Anuma continued, “You are here to
put down what you have been taught
throu-ghout the years not taking plea-sure
on someone’s th!ghs. un-derstood?!”
“Yes, sir” the students responded.
Jennifer was the last person to leave the
hall. Nob©dy talked to her or walked
with her. She moved outside and saw
Edwin standing with Wisdom un-der the
same tree then she shamefully walked
to them.
“Good day” she greeted with her face
down. Wisdom was surprise, he actually
thought the greeting was meant for
Edwin but realised it was for him when
Jennifer greeted again saying, “Good
day, Wisdom”
“Good day, how are you?” he
“I guess I’m fine”
Edwin kept smiling as he watched both
of them. He could see Jennifer glancing
at him occasionally feeling shy to say
something or apologize for something.
“I..i..i..” Jennifer began slightly looking
at Wisdom and glanced at Edwin again.
“I’m sorry for what i have done to you
and Tochi. plea-se, forgive me” she said.
Wisdom couldn’t believe his ears. “Is
okay, dear. You were only carried away”
he replied.
“Does that mean you have forgiven me?”
“Of course”
“Thank you”
They smiled at each other. Jennifer
looked at Edwin and found out that he
was staring at Melody and Calista at a
“plea-se, excuse me” Edwin said and
went out to meet them. Just at that
moment, che-ster and Esther arrived.
“Hi bro” he shook hands with Wisdom
without looking at Jennifer.
“Hi, Jennifer” Esther said standing very
close to che-ster with her hands across
his arms.
“Hi” Jennifer replied. “Do i nee-d to
apologize to you too?” she asked.
“Apologize for what?” che-ster asked.
“For my past actions. Listen, I’m sorry
for whatever i have done to you and for
disgracing myself in the public”
“Is okay” che-ster said.
“Oh my dear, come here, i really missed
you!” Esther gave her a hvg.
“Thanks” she replied from her shoulder
“But promise me you won’t be
troublesome again”
“I promise” they giggled and hvgged
again while che-ster and Wisdom
couldn’t st©p smiling.
Just at a distance from the entrance of
the hall beside a palm tree, Edwin meet
Calista and Melody discussing.
“Hi” he interrupted them.
“Hi” Calista replied and glanced at
Melody who also greeted.
“plea-se, can i have a word with you? I
mean Melody”
Calista smiled. “I think you both nee-d
some privacy, but stay away from Mr
Anuma’s sight” she said and went out,
then Melody stared at Edwin feeling her
Calista was surprised when she saw
Jennifer and others un-der the tree
laughing and chatting then she quic-kly
moved closer.
“What is going on here?” she asked
letting out a smile.
“And what does it seem like is going on
here?” Jennifer replied smiling too.
“We are turning the school into a
ro-mantic garden” Esther replied and
they laughed.
Jennifer hvgged Calista and said. “I’m
sorry for..”
“Is okay, i un-derstand”Calista
interrupted. “I’m so happy to have you
back” she added.
“I’m happy too” they smiled and joined
the conversation.
Melody had never found herself in the
position where she stood with Edwin
beside the palm tree. She could s-en-se
unspoken words from him, probably one
of those preaching boys do just to win a
girl’s heart.
“I have been trying to catch your
attention” Edwin began with a smile.
“How did you see the exam?”
“It was fine” Melody replied and gave
out a smile too. “I saw you talking to
Wisdom. Do you know him” she asked.
“Not really, i just made him a friend
when i discovered that he has my
“What do you mean?”
“I mean he is a s£nior prefect like me
and reason like me too”
“Wow, s£nior prefect of which school?”
“Intellectual Academy s£nior Secondary
“I think that makes us friends too”
“But i don’t have your personality”
“Does it really matter?”
“Sometimes it does”
“Not in this case” they smiled and
bec@m£ quiet. “Can i have your
number?” Edwin requested.
“Sorry, i don’t have a phone”
“Then have mine” Edwin gave her his
number and they smiled out to Jennifer
and others.
“What is going on here?” Calista asked.
“We should be asking you what you are
doing with a handsome guy” Esther
replied and they smiled.
Jennifer apologized to her and Wisdom
introduced Edwin to Esther and che-ster,
then they went away discussing like big
To be continued after comments