The unknown creature Episode 9 & 10

🌌 The Unknown Creatures 🌌
( Heart Of Light )
Chapter 9
💎 Rainey 💎
I looked up only to find Gavin starring back at me,, I swallowed into nothing still lost in his eyes.
” Am sorry ” I said and shift backward so I can pas-s the other side
” Wait ” the sweet voice said and I st©pped and faced him
” Can you come closer? ” he asked
” You heard what the woman,,,,,,,,,, ”
” Omg!! What are you doing??!! ” I shouted in fear as I see myself lifted from the ground,, and then moving closer to him. Our faces just a few inches from each other.
He sm-irked and that was when I noticed that his eyes were green,,
” Hey,, how did you do that? ” I asked still up in the air
” My eyes ” he smiled out dimples
” Okay,, can you bring me down now?? ” I asked
” Nope ” he said and smiled again,, I saw his eyes changed back to green, this time my long hair were flying in the air.
I felt like I was flying,,
” Wow!!! This is amazing!!!! ” I shouted in enjoyment
” Am gonna bring you down right now ”
” No!! Don’t st©p!!! ” I screamed and he laughed
” No ” he said and I was on the ground again
I pouted sadly
” Am glad I made you laugh ” he said
” That was fun,,, ” I smiled
” Feel free with me okay?? Am Reed’s friend ” he smiled and wanted to t©uçh my hair,, he immediately st©pped
” Am sorry,, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings ” he said and I nodded
” It’s fine ” I managed to smile
” I will be going now,, it’s alre-ady late ” He said
” Okay bye ” he smiled ma-king my hair fly again
I only laughed watching the hair,, he ran off and as soon as he’s gone. My hair c@m£ down,,,,
I walked into the room,, Linda and Lily were awake. Waiting for me I guess,, I smiled and sat down on my own be-d ma-king sure there is no contact.
” Is he really your b©yfri£nd?? ” Lily asked
” Why do you look so concerned about it? ” I sm-irked
” Because,,,, he’s just too cute. I’ve been having my eyes on Gavin,, but now,,, your b©yfri£ndc@m£ and,,,, ”
” Okay,,, he’s my brother ” I said
” Really!!!!!! ” she shouted and started jumping around the room
” Are you crazy?? You should know he’s mine ” Linda said
” Just keep quiet,, ”
” Guys st©p!! Don’t fight on my brother,,,, who knows maybe you are his type ” I muttered and la-id on the be-d
” I am definitely his type,, ” Lily smiled while Linda and I continue laughing
” I think it’s love at first sight ” Linda said
” That’s it ”
” Damn,, I haven’t done my as-signment ” Lily suddenly rushed to her backpack,,
” Don’t you dare ask me for help, do you get that ” Linda said and closed her eyes
” Sis,, plea-se, just this once. I can’t possibly crack my br@in tonight,, it’s filled up alre-ady ” Lily pouted in a way that I could not control my laughter
” It’s filled up with Reed right?? ” Linda snapped
” plea-se,,, just this once ” Lily pleaded again
” Fine,, just this once ” Something shone on her eyes and the blank space bec@m£ filled.
The as-signment was done alre-ady,, I really admire this type of power.
” I think I will be nee-ding this more recently,, I hate maths. So you can be of help ” I win-ked
” In your dreams ” she muttered
” Too selfish ” I said and closed my eyes
” plea-se wake up earlier tomorrow because we won’t be able to wake you,,, I can’t t©uçh you ” Lily said and I nodded
” Am gonna use my power on her, don’t worry ” Linda sm-irked
I only shook my head and closed my eyes again.
💎 Riley 💎
” What do you mean by there are some people with dark power?? ” I asked curiously as they all talk
” You will un-derstand soon,, but these dark people are dangerous and if we are not careful,, they can make us become p@rt of them ” Angelica said ma-king me scared
” How? ” I asked
” When they are able to connect with your thought,, then the person is gone alre-ady ” Joyce answered
I sighed out loud,, I hope they won’t appear anytime soon.
” Come on Riley, don’t be scared ” Mira said and t©uçhed my hair,, I nodded and closed my eyes
After taking my bath,, though I was the last person. I ru-b my lotion and put on a black short go-wn and a white snickers,, I packed my hair in a ponytail and smiled at myself in the mirror.
” You’re so pretty,, am jealous ” Joyce said and I smiled lightly
” Yeah she is,, but Rainey is more pretty. I really admire her beauty,, but it’s sad no one can t©uçh her ” Angelica said and I scoff
Rainey, prettier than me??
” Yes,, you are right ” Mira replied
” Let’s leave am done ” I said and carried the small bag walking out of the room
” Hey wait up! ” they shouted running after me
We all continue walking,,, my eye caught with some group of boys chatting and laughing. Reed was among,, and then the one next to him,, what the h**k??
” Hey girls,, who is that guy over there? ” I pointed
” Oh,, the one with the blonde hair?? ” Mira asked and I nodded
” Gavin, why are you asking? ”
” Omg,, he’s so handsome!!! ” I screamed and continue starring at him
” Well, I guess he’s handsome. But to me,, Reed is more handsome, ” Angelica said
” No Gavin is more handsome ” Mira replied
” No, I agree with Angelica, Reed is more handsome ” Joyce said and they keep on with the argument
” Guys st©p,, the two are handsome but I can’t possibly admire Reed okay? ” I said and watched as the guy smiled
” Why can’t you admire Reed?? ”
” He’s my brother,, don’t you get?? ” I snapped
” Omg!!! Reed is your brother?? Can you plea-se introduce me to him??!!!! ” Angelica shouted and gr-ab my hand
” Are you crazy?? Why will she do that?? ” Mira rolled her eyes
” No,, I will do it. I think that’s an opportunity for me to talk with Mr Handsome ” I sm-irked
” I love your br@in ” Joyce smiled
I nodded and we started walking toward them
” Hey brother ” I smiled and hit him pla-yfully
” Hey Riley,, is this a miracle?? ” He sm-irked
” Sort of ” I smiled
” Who is she?? ” One of the boys asked
” Use your br@in Janie,, she’s Reed sister ” Gavin said and I smiled
” Hi,, am Riley. Reed’s elder sister ” I said bringing my hand for a shake
” What?? Elder sister my foot ” Reed yelled
I chuckled
” Am Janie ” the first one said
” Rafael ” The second one smiled and I nodded
” Am Handy,, Gavin elder brother ” he smiled
” What?? He’s your brother?? ” I asked turning to The cute Gavin
” Elder brother in stupidity, am just a young person with br@in ” he sm-irked causing everyone to laugh
Handy faced Gavin angrily
” You won ” he said and laughed
” I told you ” He sm-irked and I nodded
” Hey Riley,, have you seen Rainey?? I somehow missed her ” Reed said and I scoff
” You know the way to her room right?? ” I said
” Block head ” He whispered
” She’s here ” Handy said and we all turned our faces to the back.
She was with her two friends which I guess are twins,,, she was some distant away from them.
She wear a hood covering every p@rt or her b©dy and then a trou-ser,,,, with a hand glove. Her long hair flying as she walk,, why is she pretty even with the baggy clothes?? I suddenly felt jealous,,
” Wow she’s so h0t ” Janie said
” Don’t you dare crush on her,, do you get that ” Reed said
” You’re not gonna d@t£ her right?? Idiot ” Handy said
” am getting back to you ” Reed scoff
” Hey Rainey ” Reed ran to her and hvgged her
I faced Gavin,, he was starring st them.
” Guys let’s leave ” I said
” Hey sis ” Rainey waved and I waved back at her
” Don’t you think that’s too far for the greetings? ” Mira asked
” Don’t wanna talk ” I snapped and we All went into the clas-s on silence.
Soon everyone got settled,, I was so lost on starring at Gavin,, how can someone be as cute as this??
Chapter 10
💎 Rainey 💎
After the chemistry clas-s, we all walked out of the clas-s. I should confess, I really enjoy this school more than the previous one. Just that am no more the same person again,,, I sighed until I felt a Hand on my shoulder. I looked back and smiled.
” Hey ” I said
” Do you have any idea where we are going? ” Reed asked and I chuckled
” General clas-s ” Lilly replied,, Linda is an art student so she’s probably in Riley’s clas-s. And talking about Riley,, I think something is wrong with her because she changed a lot, maybe I should ask Reed after school.
” What’s general clas-s? ” Reed asked
” You’re going to be taught about your powers and how to control them ” She replied
” Sounds like fun ” Reed smiled and t©uçhed my hair
” Hey leave my hair,,, st©p flir-ting with me and get a girlfriend okay? ” I snapped
” you just broke my heart ” he said holding his che-st
” Well,, I think Rainey is right,, I almost thought you’re her b©yfri£nd” Lily said and I laughed inwardly.
Just tell him you are crushing on him alre-ady,,
” Hmm” I said clearing my throat
” Really?? She’s my only girlfriend,,, ” Reed said pushing my head
” Is that how you’re going to treat your girlfriend? ” I said
” I love something like that ” Lily cut in and we both faced her.
” Oh,,, I mean,,,, I,,,, like it,, how you pushed her head, ” she said nervously and ran off
” What’s wrong with her? ” Reed asked
” She’s in love with you ” I whispered and he choked
” Are you crazy?? How can she,,,, that’s not possible ” He said
” Hey brother st©p pretending,, you know she’s in love with you ” I said in a serious tune
” How will I know? Am I in her mind? ”
” I know you can re-ad minds ” I said and he immediately covered my mouth with his palm
” Let go of me ” I pushed his hand away
” You’re right,, but I can only re-ad minds when I want to,,, ”
” That means,, you’re alre-ady taking control of it. But why can’t I control mine?? Why do I have to posses destructive power?? ” I said in tears
” It’s not a destructive power,,, don’t say that to yourself ” he said and wipe my tears.
” But that’s the truth ” I said still in tears
He shook his head and gr-ab my hand,, we both walked into the clas-s. My eye met with Gavin’s own, I immediately looked away and faced Reed.
” I guess we are bond together ” He sm-irked as I sat down beside him
” You’re crazy brother ” I snapped
A woman c@m£ in,,, I guess she’s the one in charge of the general clas-s.
……….. An hour later……
” Wow,, the clas-s was fun ” Reed said to me before walking away,, my eyes followed him as he went to Gavin. Gavin hvgged him like he missed him alre-ady,, I rolled my eyes and went out of the clas-s.
I suddenly felt someone running toward me,,,,, I screamed out as he was about bu-mping into me,,, a hand pu-ll-ed me away before the person got to me.
I opened my eyes and it was Reed,, I sighed out loud.
” That was close, I should have killed a being ” I said still trying to get my heart back
” It’s okay ” he patted my back while I nodded continuously
” Hey Reed, let’s go have lunch ” a guy said behind us
” Let’s go together ” He took my hand
” Hey,, am Janie,, Reed’s friend ” He said with a smile
” I know your names,,, Reed told me actually ” I said as they all walked to us
” That’s cool ” Rafael smiled and I nodded
” Move closer to me ” Reed said and I did
” Trying to be protective right now? ” Handy sm-irked
” Okay, you can move closer to him ” Reed snapped causing me to chuckle
” No,,,,, it’s fine ” He said and they all laughed
” St©p talking like she’s some disease ” Gavin snapped like he’s angry
” Cool down,,, just kidding ” Handy said and I faced Gavin who only focus on where he was going,, he was the one beside me even though there’s a hvge space between us.
” Hmm ” Janie muttered and they all laughed
” Guys that’s okay,, let’s get something to eat ” Reed said
” Trying to act mature right now? ” I sm-irked
They all laughed,,,
” I should have known that you are a block head ” he pushed my head
” We are both blockheads ” I said and pushed his head
We entered the cafeteria and my eye met with a girl,,, I’ve been noticing her for a while now. She’s always alone and each time,, she’s always with a book and a pencil and I wonder why. Doesn’t she have any friend??
I walked closer to her,,,, she looked up and faced her book again. Maybe she doesn’t like talking,,
” Hi,, I am Rainey ” I said with a smile
” What do I nee-d your name for?? Get lost ” she snapped and faced her book
” Hey,, that’s not nice. You don’t treat a new friend that way ” I said
” Friend??? Who said I wanna be your friend? ” she stood up immediately
” Don’t ever appear in front of me again ” she said and walked away
I felt hurt,,, why is she talking like that?? I turned back while my eyes followed her as she walked out of the cafeteria. I was not able to get her name,, that’s sad. I really wanna be her friend.
” Hey sis,, come ” Reed waved at me and I joined them,,
I watched as they all eat,, they continue chatting while eating.
” Why are you not eating? ” Reed asked and all eyes c@m£ on me
” I lost my appetite,, I will see you later ” I said and carried my bag,, I walked out of the cafeteria
I don’t know what’s happening,, but I suddenly felt some h0tness in my b©dy. I ran as much as I can and went into the big garden in the school,, I dropped my bag and put off the hood I was wearing leaving the crop t©p,, damn when will I ever put on short clothes again?? The h0tness is just too much,,,
I immediately lose the hair band ma-king my hair fall freely,,,,, I closed My eyes and allowed the cool freeze b!ow all over me.
” Wow,, this feels so good ” I smiled with my eyes closed
i finally opened my eyes and there is a figure in front of me starring back at me,,
” omg,, you startled me ” I said tou-ching my che-st,,
It’s the girl who always draw things,,
” am not even here for you ” she rolled her eyes and sat down
” Hey why are you so ha-rd on me? I just want to make friends with you ” I said
” how can I make friends with a killer? ” she snapped angrily
” What??? What do,,,, You mean?? ” I asked alre-ady tearing up
” what do I mean?? Huh?? You killed my father!!! ” she yelled And ran off
Her father?? How?? I don’t even know who her father is,,,,
Who is the strange girl?
And who is her father?? 🤔🤔