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April 23, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The unknown creature Episode 8

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🌌 The Unknown Creatures 🌌
( Hearts Of Light )


Chapter 8




💎 Reed 💎

” Here we are ” The lady said
I smiled and nodded, she waved at me with a wink and went back.

I opened the door and three eyes starred back at me,,
” New guy?? ” one of them asked
I nodded and walked in,,

” Wow,, finally!!! ” another ran to hug me almost choking me
” I can’t breath ” I whispered
” oh, sorry about that ”

The others laughed,, I moved deeper into the room checking it out. It look more large and beautiful than I expected,, wow. Five bed in the room which was painted with white all through,,,

” This is amazing ” I smiled
” Yeah,, what’s your name?? ” one of them asked as I sat down on a bed
” Reed ” I replied still looking round the room even though it’s not as big as my room back at home, but I love it.

” Nice name,, I am Rafael ”
” Am Janie ”
” And I am Handy ” The last one said

” Nice meeting you ” I said
” There is another person,, he will be here soon I guess ” immediately he said that, the door opened

and a guy came in

He look handsome than the others,,, but is he handsome than me?? I don’t think so,, 😂

” Hey Gavin,, you’re late ” Rafael said
” Oh,, I got to help someone ” he replied and faced me
” New guy ” Janie said like he reads his mind

” You’re welcome,, why do we have three new students today?? What’s happening? ” He asked and sat down
” Actually we are one ” I said and they all faced me

” One?? I saw another girl,, and I heard some students whispering that there’s another girl. And now you?? So how are you one?? ” Gavin asked
” We are triplets ” I said and they gasped
” Wow,, triplets?? I can’t wait to meet your sisters,, am so jealous of you ” Handy said

” I already met one,, ” Gavin faced me
” Who? ” I asked
” Rainey,,,, but she’s kinda weird ” He said and lick his lips a little
” Why do you think she’s weird? ” I asked

” I wanted to shake her,, but she refused ” he replied
” Is she a nerd?? ” Janie asked
” My sisters are not nerds ” I snapped
” Then why?? ” Gavin asked moving closer like he’s curious

” Actually,,, it’s part of her powers which she can’t control,, it all started three days ago and that’s why we are here.. Whenever she touch someone,, the person is gonna,, die ” I said and they

all gasped

” What?? That’s scary!!! ” Rafael screamed
” But,, does it have effect on you and your other sister? ” Janie asked
” No it doesn’t ” I replied

” How about you? What power do you have?? ” Handy asked and the others nodded in agreement
” I don’t know yet,,, but three days ago I found myself becoming invisible ”

” What the f**k!!!! Invisibility!!! ” Handy shouted
” Can you do that now? I wanna see ”
” I don’t think I can,, it just came,, I don’t know how to use it,, maybe it’s only one or not, I don’t know ” I sigh

” What if we show you ours?? ” Gavin winked and I suddenly smiled
” I will be glad!! ” I shouted happily
” Who will start?? ” Gavin asked
” I will ” Janie winked and smiled

I wonder what he’s trying to do,,,,

He suddenly pointed his hand to one of the chairs and it started burning,,,

” Omg!! ” I screamed and moved back
” Calm down ” he laughed and pointed his hand to the burning chair again,, this time, water came out and the chair stopped burning.
But the chair was destroyed,,

He smiled and pointed his hand again,, the chair came back to normal.

” What the f**k just happened??!! ” I shouted
” Fire, water, and then,, you brought the chair back to,,, I can’t believe this right now ” I said in amazement

” My turn ” Handy said, I nodded waiting for it.
He stood up and walked to the window,,, I don’t know what he did but suddenly there was a loud thunder,, I freaked out.

I suddenly remembered something,,,

” Handy?? ” I called
” Yes? ”
” When you cry,,,, will there be a thunder strike?? ” I asked

” Yeah,,, I always noticed but I don’t think it’s something serious ” he replied
” No,, it’s serious. I know someone who posses that type of power,,,, ” I said

” really?? ” they all asked in surprise
” Who? ” Gavin asked and I sigh
” My mom ” I replied and they gasped


I remember fully well,,, there was a day I wanted to enter mom’s room. She was starring at something like a picture, I can’t even see who the person is. But she was weeping slowly and wiping the tears off trying not to make it Fall. A tear dropped on the floor by mistake and there was suddenly a loud thunder,, she immediately cleaned it causing me to gasp.

I never understood what happened until now,,


” Wow ” Handy said
” Is that the only one?? ” Gavin asked
” I don’t know,, I found this out by mistake ” I said

” I have the same power with Janie ” Rafael said and we all faced Gavin

” Okay it’s my turn,, ” he was about doing something when we heard a loud bell rang.
” What’s that?? ” I asked
” We all have to go to the large hall right now,, I think it’s an emergency ” Rafael said

” Emergency?? ” I asked and they all faced me
” How did you know? ” Janie asked
” But,, Rafael said it just now ” I replied and they turned to each other and then to me

” No,, I didn’t say anything ” Rafael said
” What?? I beard you saying we have to go to the large hall right now, I think it’s an emergency ” I repeated what I heard
” No he didn’t ” Gavin shook his head and I suddenly felt a strong headache.

” Okay,, let’s forget this ” I said and we both walked out of the room

💎 Rainey 💎

” Come on, don’t be slow ” Linda shouted, she wanted to hold me but then she stopped,, she smiled at me while I nodded

The room I was directed to was filled with only two girls,, Linda and Lily,, they are twins but not identical. They are both friendly and I already told them about me so non of them will make any mistake of touching me.

” Everything will be fine okay?? ” Lily smiled and I nodded again

We finally got to the large hall,,, it was filled with different teenagers. I wish I will see Reed and Riley,, am missing them already.

” Hello everyone!! ” A woman in her early 40s spoke up with a mic
“Hello mam ” They all chorused even though I am not interested
” We brought an important warning to you all ” she said and they all kept quiet.

I also faced her because I was curious to know,,

” Rainey Jully?? ” She called and I became shocked
What?? Why is she calling my name??

Everyone was looking for who Rainey Jully is

” Please come out where ever you are,, and make sure you all leave some space for her to avoid contact ” she said calmly
” Go on ” Linda said
I nodded and walked out,,, all eyes followed me. Damn I hate attention.

” You look beautiful ” the woman whispered
” Thank you mam ” I replied and faced the students

My eye caught with the guy I met in the morning, Gavin. He was starring at me with no expression,, beside Him was my Brother but why can’t I see Riley??

” The reason for this urgent meeting is because of our safety,,, our pretty Rainey here,,,,,, you all have to give her some space if you wanna be her friend. Am sure you all wanna be her friend,, she’s pretty right?? ” I noticed she was trying her best not to make me feel bad and I love her for that

” You are not allowed to touch any part of her body,, especially her hands ” he said and the students seem to be confused
” Bring it ” she raised her hand

And they brought a cute puppy ” oh no,, not again!!!

” Am going to show you something ” She said and took the puppy from the young student
” Rainey can you carry this?? ” she said
” Am sorry,, I can’t ” I said in tears

” Oh little Rainey,, you don’t have to cry ” she said

Now it’s more worst, even when I cry. No one can comfort me,,,, am just a loser.

I agreed and carried the puppy which died the moment it got to me.

The students gasped and started murmuring among themselves,, am sure nobody wanna be a friend with a killer.

” Please,,, make sure non of you get too closer to her. You can be friends without contact right?? And one more thing,, I don’t want you guys to stay away from her just because of this, remember its not her fault. And no matter what,……. ”
” Love conquers all!!!! ” They all chorused and I find myself crying,, I closed my face with my palm feeling embarrassed.

I felt a hand around me,,, I opened my eyes and it’s Reed. I immediately hugged him crying on his shoulder.

The meeting was called off and everyone started going back,,,,,,

” Thanks ” I said taking the handkerchief from Reed
He used his thumb to wipe the slow tears,,
” have you seen Riley? ” I asked
” I saw her some minutes ago, she seem carried away with her new friends ” he replied as we continue walking

Linda and Lilly joined us,,

” omg!! Who is this hottie?? Your boyfriend?? ” Linda asked and I turned to Reed with a smirk which he understand
” Yeah, am her boyfriend ” He said and wrapped his arms around my neck
” Wow,, you must really love her alot that you don’t get hurt after touching her ” Lilly said

” Yeah, we really love each other, am I right babe?? ” Reed winked
” Yeah, that’s right ” I smiled

Linda and Lily ran off,,,,

” You should get going ” I said
” okay see you tomorrow ” he pecked my cheek and walked back to wherever the boys dorm is

I smiled and continue walking,,, I bumped into someone and I looked up only to see Gavin starring back at me.




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