The unknown creature Episode 6 & 7

( Hearts Of Light )
# Chapter 6
💎 Riley 💎
Reed and I were busy with our school work when Rainey ran in p@n-ting like someone who is being chased,,, I j£rked off immediately.
” Rainey, what’s happening?? ” I asked tou-ching her
She bur-st into tears,,
” What happened?? ” Reed asked moving closer
” I,,, I just killed someone ” she said bur-sting into more tears
” What???!!! ” Reed and I shouted
” How?? ” I asked getting scared alre-ady
” I don’t know,,,,, our hands t©uçhed,, and he died. Same thing happened to Tally,, I don’t know what’s happening to me ” she bur-st into another round of tears
” But,, I just t©uçhed you and nothing happened ” I said getting more confused
” Believe me,,, am sure something is wrong with me ” She said
” I don’t un-derstand anything ” Reed said pacing round the large living room
” What if,,, the cops are after me now?? I killed him, ” she cried
” It’s not your fault Rainey,,,, ”
” It’sfu-cking my fault and you know that!!! ” she yelled in tears
One p@rt of the room got destroyed,, we all stood up immediately. Reed and I faced each other and then back to Rainey who also look surprised
” Watch out!!! ” I gr-ab Reed before the concrete hit him
” What’s happening?? Am getting scared ” I said
” I nee-d to confirm something ” Reed said and went out
What is he planning to do???
I kept quiet as I watch Rainey breathing ha-rder than normal,, I sigh.
Soon,,, Reed c@m£ in with a puppy
” Where did you get the dog? ” I asked
” I bought it ” he replied and faced Rainey
” What are you planning?? ” I asked and stood up
He moved closer to Rainey,,,
” Carry this puppy ” he said
” What?? No,, I can’t afford to hurt this innocent dog ” Rainey said tearfully
” That doesn’t matter right now,, we have to confirm what’s wrong ” He said
He handed the dog over to Rainey,,, the moment the dog got to her. He died,,, I g@sped and covered my mouth with my palm
She threw the dog away looking more scared,,,
” this is more serious than I thought ” Reed said
” what are we gonna do?? ” I asked
” We have to tell mom about this,,,, it’s not safe for people to stay with Rainey right now ” He replied
” But,, how come she doesn’t have any effect on us?? ” I asked looking more confused
” maybe it’s because we are siblings?? ” he answered
” No,, I think something is weird about these ” I said and coll@psed on the sofa
” Then what ” Reed said and sigh
Rainey sat down on the floor weeping silently
” Riley look!! ” Reed shouted pointing at the broken p@rt of the room
” What? ” I asked
” See that,,,, it’s a shining stuff I don’t know ” he said moving closer to it
I pu-ll-ed him back
” Are you crazy?? Do you wanna die?? ”
” Am sure it’s the effect of what happened,,,, it’s not natural ” he said
” Reason why you can’t t©uçh it ” I snapped
Rainey suddenly started screaming,,, Reed and I turned to her.
I g@sped and moved back when I saw what’s happening,,,, fire??? Coming out of every p@rt of her b©dy??
” Riley..!!! Is she burning??!!! ” Reed asked looking scared
” I don’t know ” I cried
We both stood still watching her screaming as the fire got more tense,,,,
” We nee-d to save her ” Reed shouted and rushed inside
He c@m£ back with a bucket of water,,, he poured everything on Rainey. In the process, a wi-de wind blew him away throwing him r0ûghly,, he hit his head on the floor and lost conscious.
” Reed!!!!!!!! ” I shouted and ran to him
” Reed wake up!!! Reed!!! ” I shake him but he’s not waking up
I turned to Rainey in tears,,,, the fire is gone alre-ady. She stood up and ran toward us
” What happened to Reed?? ” she asked
” He hit his head on the floor thanks to you ” I snapped and turned back to Reed.
” Am sorry,,, I was not myself. I don’t know what’s happening to me right now ” She cried
I shook my head and t©uçhed Reed.
He opened his eyes,,,,,,,
” You’re awake ” I smiled and hvgged him
” What happened?? ” he asked standing up
” You can’t remember?? ” I asked
” I remember holding a bucket of water,, and then,,,,,, I don’t know ” He said tou-ching his head
” We nee-d to act fast before she start hurting everyone,,,, where do you think mom went to?? ” I asked
We all faced each other looking confused,,,,
💎 Cella 💎
” You should know they are up to the age right now,,, you have to do all your best to protect them. They have the rarest power in them,,,, the power we’ve been searching for is in them,,,, but it’s only when they are in unity. They have to join hands together to bring out the Scath we want ” The leader said
” But I don’t want them to get involved in this,,, they are too innocent for,,, ”
” It’s their destiny Cella ” He interrupted
I sigh,,
” You should tell them before it’s too late ” he added
I nodded and got up
” Am leaving ” I said and walked out of the mansion.
I appeared in front of ours ma-king sure nob©dy finds out,,,, I walked in.
” Mom!!! ” Riley shouted rushing to me while Reed only la-id on the couch. What’s wrong??
I t©uçhed Riley’s cheek,, she smiled but I noticed that she have been crying
” Riley, what happened?? ” I asked
She turned to Reed who struggled to sit up,,
” What happened to your head? ” I rushed to him
They both kept quiet
” And where is your sister?? ” I asked but they kept quiet
I closed my eyes and traveled out of time,, I saw everything causing me to g@sp
” Mom,, are you okay?? ” Riley asked tou-ching me
” Tell me where your sister is ” I said
” her room ”
I immediately ran upstairs,, she was laying on the be-d innocently. I sat down on the be-d stro-king her hair,, a tear dropped from my eyes.
I promised your mom to take good care of you,, now what’s happening?? Why must it be your destiny to do things like that?? I don’t want you guys to end up like Harry and I who hide ourselves,, right now you’re in trouble for killing someone.
What do I do??
” Mom,, don’t t©uçh her!! You may get hurt!! ” Reed shouted running to me
In that process,, Rainey woke up. She moved away from us like she’s scared,,
“‘it’s okay baby.” I said holding her hand
” Mom,, you should have seen what happened while you went out,, ”
” I know everything that happened kids,, it’s my fault. I should have explained to you ” I said wiping my tears
” What do you mean?? ” Rainey asked
” Can you all sit down so I can explain?? ”
Reed and Riley sat down immediately I said that,,, I cleared my throat and started
” 17 years ago…………
” What?? So you mean,,, you’re not our mother? ” Rainey asked looking shocked
” Don’t say that,, she’s our mother no matter what ” Reed replied
” We,,, are not humans?? ” Riley asked almost tearing up
” Am so sorry ” I said
” So,,, what happened to Rainey is gonna happen to us?? But what if it’s more worst than hers?? What if we get into trouble?? ” She cried and ran out
” I will talk to her ” Reed said and went after her
” Mom,, it’s fine. I know you did everything because you love us ” Rainey said and hvg me.
How do I tell them their destiny?? Will they ever accept to hurt the enemies?? They are too innocent to do that,, they are still young to do all that. Help me lord,,,
💎 Riley 💎
I sat down and wipe my tears slowly,, I still find it ha-rd to believe,, our father was an inhuman?? But my mother was human,, so why can’t I just take over like my mother? Why can’t I be a human?? . I felt a pres£nce beside me,,
” Hey sis ” Reed said sitting down beside me
” Am having some bad feelings Reed,,, I have a feelings that. I will be worst than Rainey,,, I just can’t get it straight ” I said
He smiled and pe-ck my cheek,,
” You can’t say that yet,, just cheer up ”
” Okay,, what if Rainey continue hurting people around?? We will be in big trouble ”
” That’s the problem ”
” Hey guys,,, Am so sorry for what happened,,, ” Rainey said sitting down next to Reed
” It’s not your fault,,, just forget it ” Reed said,, I only scoff. He always take everything lightly
” How about your head?? What will you do about it?? Thank goodness it wasn’t me ” I rolled my eyes
” Don’t talk that way ” he said
” Am so sorry,, I will be more careful next time ” Rainey said alre-ady tearing up
Just what I hate about her,, crying over everything little thing,, it’s annoying.
Chapter 7
💎 Riley 💎
Reed and I walked out of the house, Rainey is not going to school today,. That’s better anyway, what if she looses control of her power again?
” Am really gonna miss Rainey in school today ” Reed pouted as we entered the car
” But am here ” I said
” You’re not in my clas-s ” he replied without turning to me
” Anyhow ” I snapped
” You’re jealous ” he bur-st into laughter
” Jealous of what? ”
” Jealous, because I said am going to miss her. Come on,, I saw it on your face ”
” Idiot ” I muttered and looked away
” Am sorry okay?? ” he said but I only ignored him
Finally it’s lunch time,, I amfu-cking starving. I rushed out of the clas-s and went into Reed’s clas-s to call him so we can go for lunch together,, I can’t find him so where is he??
Did he left for lunch without me??
I sighed sadly and went to the cafeteria,,, I eye searched for him but he’s not here either. Then where can he be??
I ran out of the cafeteria and went into the libr@ry,,, it’s empty. Damn,, what thefu-ck is happening??
I went to the hallway,, I continue searching for him. I mistakenly bu-mped into someone,,
” Are you blind?? ” She yelled
” Am so sorry ” I said
” Keep the sorry to yourself!! Fool ” she hissed and walked away with her friends who keep on laughing.
They are lucky am not in the mood for that,,, I breath in and out to control my temper,,
I continue searching for my lost brother,, I can’t just think straight.
” Hey Riley,, am here can you see me?? ” I heard his voice and I turned back. I saw nothing,, I sigh and focus back in the searching
” Riley wait up,, am right behind you!! ” I heard the voice again and I turned back in fear
” What’s happening?? Why Is he in my head?? ”
” Riley,,, can you see me?? ” the voice spoke again
This time, I fell on the ground alre-ady shaking,,, I managed to speak up
” Re,,,, Reed??? ” I called looking around but I can’t see anyb©dy
What’s going on?
” Yeah it’s me ” the voice said
” Then why can’t I see you?? ” I cried
” Riley,, I don’t know,,, I suddenly bec@m£ invisible ” He said
” What??!! ” I screamed in fear
” How,, how come?? ” I asked and swallowed into nothing,,
” I just told you I don’t know ” He said
I saw a chair going up by itself,, I moved back
” What’s happening?? ” I asked
” I carried a chair ” he said
” No!!!!!!!!! ” I screamed and that was all I know
💎 Reed 💎
” No!!!!! ” She screamed and pas-sed out at once
Oh no what do I do?? I can’t possibly carry her,,, the students will freak out!! Damn,, can’t I just become visible now??
I looked around,, only few students are walking, maybe they are all in the cafeteria. I immediately carried her and ran downstairs,,,,,
” Oh my God!!!!!! What thefu-ck!!!!! ” Some set of girls screamed in fear when they saw Riley since they don’t even know that I was the one carrying her,,, I increa-sed my speed before she alert more students.
I finally got into the car, I dropped her and drove out of the school. Am never coming to this school,, even God knows that.
Many people on the road freaked out when they saw a car moving by itself,, thank God I managed to take her home,,,,
” Riley!! ” Rainey shouted and rushed to us,, she st©pped again
” What’s this?? ” she asked herself and clean her eyes
” Ahhhh!!!!!!!!! Mom!!!!!!! ” she screamed and fainted
” What is going on?? ” Mom asked rushing downstairs
” Reed!! What happened to you??? ” She asked tou-ching me
” Mom,,, you can see me?? ” I asked in tears
” What happened to your sister?? ” she asked referring to Riley
” She fainted when she saw me ” I replied
” This is more serious than I thought ” She sighed
” Take her to her room, I will take care of Rainey ”
I nodded and went upstairs,,, I dropped Riley on her be-d and discovered that am back to normal.
I walked out of the room and entered mine,,, what thefu-ck is happening to us?? What!!!!
” No!!!!!!! ” I heard screams and I immediately rushed into Riley’s room,,,,,, she was shaking on the be-d but everything in the room keep on getting destroyed,,,
She turned left and the wardrobe fell,, she turned right and the l@pt©p from the couch fell down,, everything keep on getting destroyed.
I immediately wake her up,,,,
” What happened to my room?? ” she asked
” It was you ” I said
Mom c@m£ in with Rainey,, they were holding hands. She alre-ady got to Plastic Hand glove for her so she won’t keep on hurting other people,, she doesn’t even know how to control her power yet.
” I have a solution to all these ” mom said
” What do you mean?? ” We all asked curiously
💎 Rainey 💎
We All bade mom a goodbye as the person taking us to the so called school arrived
” Behave well” she waved at us with tears all over our eyes
She told us that,, where we are going right now, we are going to learn different things about our powers and mostly, how to control and use them. But who said am interested in using thisfu-cking and deadly power of mine??
My power is like a curse,, i can’t even hold anyone right now aside my siblings?? This is crazy,, I looked down at the thick plastic handglove on my hand and I sighed.
” Everything will be fine ” Reed said taking my hand
I smiled,, it’s like he’s the only one who can always cheer me up when am sad,,,
We finally arrived at the school,,, it was a large school. The building inside are uncountable,, well what do I expect?? It’s a boarding school,,,
” So,, every student here posses powers like ours? ” Reed was the one who asked the man as we all approach the school with our bags,,,
” Different powers,, different ones ” The man replied
” I am just gonna learn how to control mine and am out ” I said
” I hope it help ” Reed said
Riley only kept quiet as she starred at the buildings
Some set of girls pas-sed us,, their bags were following them alone, while they chat in front of them.
” Wow ” Escape myl-ips
” That’s amazing ” Reed said and I nodded in agreement
” Here we Are,, the woman will give you the number to your room and how to get there,, she will also give you your timetable. Wish you good luck ” The man said turning back
” Are we going to see you again?? ” Reed asked
” I don’t know ” he smiled and went off
” I guess you guys are new here ” The woman said with a light smile
We all nodded
” Are you siblings?? ” she asked
” Triplets ” Reed said
” Wow,,,, you guys are so lovely and beautiful ” she t©uçhed my cheek
” Thank you ” I said
” Okay,, give me a minute ” she said and soon handed some piece of paper to each of us
” Open them and tell me what’s in yours ” she said and we started opening it
” Girls dorm Room 107?? ” Rainey said
” Girls dorm Room 30″ I said
” Boys dorm Room 130 ” Reed said
” Cool,, that’s your rooms. You will be staying there from now ” she said and called there ladies to take us to the dorm
,, damn why can’t we just stay together?
” Here are your timetable ” she gave us
We all bid goodbye to ourselves,,,, I really wish we will stay together.
” Don’t miss me too much,, I know you can’t live without me ” Reed whispered into my ear before leaving with the lady
I only smiled and shook my head,,,
The lady was in front while I followed still checking the school,,,
” That’s it over there ” she pointed at a building
” Oh thanks ” I said
She smiled and went off,, I guess am left alone. I sighed and started climbing the stairs,, so stressful with bags!!
I suddenly loosed my balance,,, thank God I quic-kly hold unto the stair
” Careful!! ” A voice shouted from the back,,,
I turned and met the real shock of my life!
It’s a guy,, brown eyes, blonde hair, tall,, cute, poutedl-ips,, damn am lost.
” Are you okay?? ” he asked and I c@m£ back to reality
” Oh,, yeah,, am fine, thank you ” I replied taking my eyes off him
” You’re new here? ” he asked looking at the bags
” Yeah ” I replied trying not to be nervous
” Your name? ” he asked
” Rainey ” I smiled
” Am Gavin,,” what a nice name!!!
” Nice meeting you ” he smiled out dimples stretching his hands for a shake
I immediately moved back,,,,,, I took my hands to my back. He seem shocked,,
” What’s wrong? ” he asked
” Am,, am sorry I can’t,, you can’t,, you can’t t©uçh me ” I said trying ha-rd not to cry
” Why?? ”
” Am gonna hurt you,, am so sorry ” I said
” I don’t seem to un-derstand you,, but it’s cool. Am still gonna help you with your stuffs ” he smiled and carried two out of the three
” Thank you so much ” I said and followed him
He’s so nice,, not just handsome for nothing. But am curious, what type of power does he have??